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The Demon and the Slob
The Demon and the Slob

By Doughtub, 2005

Jim sat down on his overstuffed couch with three large pizzas. The cushions sank deep and rose up around Jim as his giant ass weighed down heavily in the middle of the old couch. At the age of 27, he wasn't the prime example of a "good" man. He had dropped out of college, tired of having to learn about becoming a chef. After all, 'why learn to be a cook when others can cook for me?' he thought.

After dropping out, his father supported him, and his expanding waistline. He laid around the house all day, watching TV and eating fast food. His once hefty body went from 270lbs to around 400lbs in a matter of a year and a half. When his father, who was also an obese man, ate himself to death one night while watching the game with Jim, Jim didn't grieve but thought about the large inheritance he was expecting. His father's heart attack was a blessing to Jim, giving him a healthy 1.4 million dollars after inheritance taxes. Since his mother had passed on when he was a young boy, and being an only child, the entire fortune went to Jim.

Jim popped in a porn DVD and sat back, hoping to devour an entire pizza before the action started up. The DVD menu came up, with the title of "Barnyard Pig". This was his favorite porno. A young hot jock wanders onto the farm of a big bear daddy and gets locked up in the barn while the bear tortured and fucked the unwilling jock. Jim bit down into a big slice of pizza, loaded with extra cheese, pepperoni, bacon, ham, sausage, and hamburger. The grease was puddled on the top, and when his fat mouth stuffed the slice in, the hot grease and fat spilled of, onto Jim's huge wife beater top. The white fabric soaked up the fat quickly, just like his body did with the pizza.

He hated being careful while eating, and would simply cram his mouth full of fattening foods and let whatever remains plop down onto his belly. All of his clothes were stained by food, but once a week, he would order a delivery for new shirts and jogging pants. The delivery was supposed to happen today, but it never came. Jim didn't care, he just ordered pizzas instead and set in for an evening of gazing at the jock pig on the screen. He would imagine fucking the jock every night, cumming in the fold of fat that had buried his cock years ago. All he had to do was pour some lube into the fold and jerk his hips while he watched the jock and ate his food. The friction would slowly build him up to a great orgasm every time.

He grabbed the bottle of lube from the end table next to the groaning couch and used his greasy, plump hands to pull back his jogging pants' tight elastic band and squeezed a big glob down onto the fold. His gigantic thighs jiggled as he slumped his body down and let the slimy lube work it's way through the soft rolls to his small cock. When he could feel the wetness touch his cock, he snapped the waistband back under his flabby belly and picked up two pieces of pizza and crammed them in his face. While chewing and feeling the grease drip from the corners of his mouth and over his fat chin, he reached over and pressed 'play' on the remote control, smearing it with pizza sauce and grease.

He chewed wildly at the pizza, groaning as his taste buds took in all the delicious flavor. He chuckled a bit as he thought about the poor pizza delivery boy who gave the usual look of disgust when Jim had answered the door. Jim's belly was hanging out of his shirt, his face was red and sweating from the effort of waddling twenty feet to the door. He paid the boy with exact change and gave no tip to the kid - he never did.

Jim chucked the empty pizza box to the floor and tore into the next one. This time, he grabbed a handful of pizza with his fist and shoved it at his mouth. The pizza slopped at his obese face, pieces of meat and cheese slowly sliding down his cheeks and onto his shirt, gleefully chewing like a hog.

The phone rang. He groaned, and lifted the grease and sauce smeared phone to his face.

"Hello?" he sputtered, food still stuffed in his greedy face.

"Hey Jim, it's Andrew. The boys and I are going to Todd's for wings and beer while we watch the game. You comin'?" his buddy asked.

"Fuck off, I'm busy," Jim could barely say through the food he was chewing, and turned the phone off.

The dirty phone slid down the couch cushions and got wedged between his blubbery ass and the couch. He hated getting annoying calls from his loser friends while he was eating and jerking off. The only time he liked hanging with them was at his place, when they'd bring food over and keep quiet while he watched the game.

He put his attention back on the porn, watching as the jock as he struggled against the big bear. Jim watched the jock's muscles strain against the fat bear. He looked at the jock's perfect physique squirm against such a powerful bear's big body.

"Yeah, pig... bet you'd squirm under all this..." Jim groaned aloud as he slapped his monstrous belly. It jiggled in waves, along with his sagging tits... and his arm fat, his buttery thighs, double chin, and extremely soft underbelly. He grabbed up the rest of the pizza with his fat hands and shoved it in his ravenous mouth in one sloppy move.

That's when the doorbell rang.

"Oh fuck..." Jim groaned, ignoring the bell.

Again it rang.

"FUCK OFF!" He hollered through his stuffed mouth.

Again it rang.

"FUCK OFF, YOU FUCKIN' SHITHEAD!" Jim yelled and grabbed the third pizza.

He turned up the volume on the TV and let the groans and muffled yells of the jock blare through the house. He heard the doorbell again, but under the sound of the jock screaming for help, it was almost inaudible. Jim grinned as he lifted the pizza box up to his mouth and sunk his face into the overstuffed pizza. He took a few more bites before throwing the box on the floor, and left the warm gooey pizza rest on his belly. He took big handfuls and stuffed his piggy face until the pizza was gone - except for the remaining cheese and bits of meat that were staining his formerly white shirt.

Jim was so busy with pleasing himself that he didn't hear his front door open. Footsteps lightly plotted their way through the front hallway, and made their way to the living room, where the TV's glow lit the greedy blob of a man on the couch. The porn was blasting loudly, and Jim was groaning as he let his cock slide back and forth.

Jim heard a rustle of a plastic bag and whipped his head around to see the hottest jock he had ever laid his eyes on. The jock was grinning wickedly and looking down at the blubbery slob in front of him.

"Who the fuck are you?" Jim blurted out.

"I brought your delivery," the jock said, resting a big bag of over-sized clothes on the floor. He took out one of the shirts and whistled.

"Looks like this won't fit you, fatty..." the jock glared at Jim.

"Go to hell," Jim glared back.

The jock just grinned and walked over in front of Jim's belly, letting his knees press into the very soft underbelly.

"I plan on going there soon enough, but I want to take someone with me," the jock grinned.

"What the fuck?! Get the fuck out of my house!" Jim hollered, unable to get up out of the couch with the jock standing directly in front of him.

"I brought food, piggy," the jock nudged closer, his legs pressing into the bloated belly.

"What?" Jim snapped.

"You're out of food, and I have some for you... and you're going to eat every last bite of it," the jock sneered.

"I'm calling the police," Jim decided, no matter how tempting the idea of more food was.

"How are you going to call, when the phone is buried under all that juicy flab?" the jock leaned in close.

Jim realized that the lump he felt under his ass cheek was his cellphone, but how the fuck did this guy know that?

"You've been a bad boy, Jim. You're going to pay for it now... I'm going to give you everything you've ever wanted, but then you're going with me when I leave," he stared into the blob's eyes.

"Get out!" Jim screamed.

"Only when you're completely satisfied, Pig," the jock poked the huge belly before him.

Jim was scared, he had no idea what was happening.

"You're going to go where you deserve... you've lived on the deadly sins and now you're going to live up to the consequences," the jock reached out and grasped the sides of Jim's bloated face.

"Wha?" Jim could barely speak.

"You're proud of yourself... too proud. You love yourself and every aspect of your life, and you don't care if you hurt others. You didn't even care when your own father died while you were in the room with him. You're so greedy about that money, and you're greedy with how you spend it... aren't you, hog? Now, let's see... Lust. From what it looks like, you've watched this porn star every night for well over a year - fantasizing that he's yours... Anger, you've got quite a bad temper and you've hurt lots of people with it... You're an envious pig too, yes? You've been envying all those fat men who have a slave don't you? A sex slave for themselves - that's the only thing you're missing in your selfish life. Well, I'll give you that tonight, and then you'll be mine forever. I'm not even going to mention your gluttony and sloth, that pretty much speaks for itself..." the jock grabbed the massive belly and gave it a shake.

Jim was stunned. He had no idea what this guy was up to.

"GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY HOUSE, YOU SHIT FACE!" Jim hollered and pushed back at the jock.

The jock grinned and suddenly morphed his image into the porn star on the TV. Flames licked up around the jock and a horrible boom of vicious voices filled the room as the jock's eyes glowed red. Quickly, the jock returned to normal... in the appearance of the jock on the TV. Jim was horrified, paralyzed with fear.

"Now, you're going to do what you want to do... because I know your cock is still hard under all that delicious fat..." the demon jock glared at Jim's underbelly and made Jim become extremely horny. His cock suddenly was dying for attention. He needed release, and more food, and this demon to play the role he always wanted someone to be. He looked up at the gorgeous hunk who had stripped off his clothes and was standing naked, his buff body glistening with sweat, his massive cock hard and dropping a thick stream of precum.

"I'm hungry," Jim panted, a bit of drool seeping out of the corner of his mouth.

"Mmmmm, yes... you need more food. A LOT more food... so much food that you can't move... getting so fat that you can't walk, can't move, can't even bring food to your own lips... so fat you can't even live. You're going to be mine, you fat hog... but for now, I'm yours," the jock swooped down and licked Jim's tit through the grease soaked shirt.

With that, Jim felt some strength in his legs.

"Get up, fat man," the jock whispered in his ear.

Jim stood up with a lot of effort, huffing and puffing. His out of shape body hoisted itself up and stood in front of the jock.

The jock suddenly had a stick of butter in his hand, and quickly shoved the soft stick into Jim's hungry mouth. The stick slid down into his greedy belly quickly. Then there was another stick, and another, and another.... Ten minutes of time passed, and Jim wasn't feeling sick or full. He was, however, alarmed at the amount of fat that was growing on his body. His pants were so tight they hurt. His shirt was ripping up the seams, his tits bulging out from the armholes - his belly hanging down almost to his knees.

"More," Jim squeaked.

"You'll get more, but first you're going to sit all this blubber on me. Crush me. I want you to crush me with your massive ass, Hog," the jock pleaded.

Jim watched as the jock maneuvered behind him, and sat down on the couch.

"I'm going to flatten you, you fuckin' tiny jock," Jim growled, so turned on that he felt like he was going to cum any second.

Jim bent over, his flabby ass spreading in front of the jock. He felt all the seams rip and pop in his pants, and the jock soon had a bare ass spread wide in front of his face. The smell of the giant ass made the jock squirm and moan. He leaned in and licked Jim's giant ass crack with a strong, fat tongue. Jim groaned in pleasure as he then lowered his now 490lb body down onto the awaiting jock. What Jim didn't expect was the beer can-thick, 11 inch cock that sank deep into his blubbery ass crack. He paused for a second, but the jock took his strong arms and pulled Jim down onto his huge cock with one hard pull. Jim hollered with all his voice as a bolt of pleasure and pain rammed up his asshole.

Jim sunk deep into the couch, crushing the jock beneath him. He felt the jock begin to pump his massive cock in and out of his hole, and felt a giant wave of ecstasy flood his obese body. Jim could feel strong arms brush by his sagging love handles and up over his soft nipples to his mouth. The jock suddenly had handfuls of cake and pie for him. He took huge bites and swallowed each piece whole, feeling it slide down his throat into his ever-expanding belly.

The supply was endless. This demon was amazing... he couldn't get enough. Faster and faster, the handfuls of fried chicken, fries, burgers, sausages, butter, cake, cream cheese, pie, cookies, lard, bacon, icing, pancakes, steak, buttery mashed potatoes, eclairs, pizza, onion rings, donuts.... anything Jim could imagine would be in his belly in seconds. With every new piece of food in his belly, came new fat on his fast growing body.

His shirt's remains tore off, and his belly steadily crawled to the floor. His tits were ballooning up so fast that they were pinning his arms down to his sides. Within an hour, he was well over 850lbs.

Jim could feel the jock squirm beneath him, being crushed by the weight of his enormous body.

"You like that, PIG?" Jim wheezed.

He heard a muffled reply and a quickening pace of the little pig's massive dick ramming the insides of his blubber filled blob of a body. Jim was wheezing and sweating as though he just ran a mile, but it took so much effort to breath now. He was gasping for breath constantly, but wanted MORE! He NEEDED more. There was no stopping now, and he didn't care of the outcome, he was going to live this dream to the fullest.

His love handles pushed against the armrests of the couch, his belly was now resting on the floor. He could feel the carpet and pizza boxes on the floor being covered by his sweat covered flab. Every thrust from the jock in his asshole caused his entire body to sway, ripple, and jiggle like jelly. His tiny buried cock was oozing precum constantly, soaking his underbelly and the couch cushions beneath him. His ass cheeks grew so huge that they completely swallowed up the jock beneath him. The warm, damp ass crack wrapped around the jock's lap, making him fuck harder. Jim's gigantic fat rolls on his back pressed hard against the jock's face. He couldn't reach Jim's greedy mouth anymore, and Jim was becoming impatient.

"MORE FUCKING FOOD!!" he hollered.

The demon fucked him harder and harder, ready to cum as soon as he thought Jim was ready for it.

"I NEED MORE!! FUCK!!!!" Jim screamed.

With that, the jock started to cum. But it wasn't like any cum Jim had ever felt. The jock's huge cock burst with a thick, heavy stream of cum that kept pouring out. Jim could feel his intestines fill up with the hot creamy flow of cum, his body swelling up faster with the gallons of cum draining into him. The demon's cum was making Jim fatter and fatter, and it wasn't going to stop any time soon.

Jim felt his face being pushed up with blubber, his eyes squinting from the pressure of all his flab. His lips pouted out as his cheeks filled up with pounds and pounds of soft, warm fat. His chin grew down his chest, hanging with 50lbs of loose blubber. His tits now were spilling out on top of his love handles, his nipples stretched out almost a foot across each. His love handles spilled out over the top of the couch's armrests, his belly pouring out six feet in front of him, his belly button wide enough to shove a fist into. His ass crack had grown so fat that the jock was encased in it, every move from the crushed guy sent a tingle through Jim's gargantuan body. His legs were buried under his belly, a thick stream of clear precum oozing down them, the fat packed under the skin pushing his limbs out and immobilizing them. His fingers were even too fat to move.

He was gasping for air, taking huge breaths, trying to feed his lungs with air. He was sweating so much, making his entire body slick and shiny. His heart was racing, having to pump blood to the over a ton of flesh that was sprawled out on the couch. His cock was dying to burst with cum, but he couldn't move at all... it was buried deep inside of him now, well over an arm's length to reach it - IF you could find a way to lift his belly up out of the way. This was the last step for the demon.

The jock used all his strength to push his arms up through the back fat that was burying him. He grabbed the back of the couch and pulled his tight, muscular body up and out from underneath the slob. Setting himself free from under the blob, he slowly walked around in front of this massive hog. Jim was no longer recognizable as a person, he just looked like a pile of blubber with some facial features barely visable in a bloated pile of flesh.

"Well, well, well.... look at what you've turned into, you fat pig," the jock laughed.

Jim couldn't even talk because of the fat burying him.

The jock's eyes glowed with fire, a wicked grin crossed his face.

"Looks like I've fulfilled your every wish in life, except one thing..." the demon whispered to Jim.

The demon got on all fours and pushed his way through the soft, liquid-like fat of Jim giant belly. The slick precum made it easy for the demon to reach up under the jelly-like underbelly. Jim's cock twitched anxiously for the demon to make him cum.

"I don't think you'll be able to handle an orgasm, tubby. Your body is struggling to survive under all this fat you've put on yourself... Once you cum, you'll be going to hell with me, PIG."

Jim moaned, not caring... he needed to cum, NOW.

"I'm going to enjoy having you down there with me... you'll be MINE forever and I can't wait to do all the things I've been dying to do to you. I've had my eye on you for a while, and now the day has finally come where I'll have my immobile piggy to play with," the demon chuckled.

His arm pushed back a big roll of fat, and a glob of wetness poured out. He wrapped his strong fingers around Jim's tiny cock. One jerk was all it was going to take...

"Ready Butterball? You're MINE!" the demon roared.

He gave a tight jerk to Jim's cock head. Jim's body tensed up, a huge burst of hot sticky cum pumped out of his cock. He felt his toes clinch up as the pressure released from his dick. That's when he felt a huge wave of pain mix with the pleasure. His eyes opened the tiny amount his fat face would let them, and he saw the demon with a huge teeth-baring smile on his face.

"Welcome to Hell, FAT PIG! You're my slave forever, PIGGY!" the demon cackled.

Jim watched as his fat body swelled even more as his living room dissolved into a fiery cave, the demon's jock body dissolving into a huge, brutal looking demon, his red glowing skin pumped with muscles. In each hand he held a big slop of melting butter.

"Open up Pig, my fun is just starting..."
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1 Gregory   (2014-02-08 03:37:02)
If that's what hell is really like, then that's where I want to go. Woot!

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