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The job part 2
When I woke up the sun was glistening through the blinds. When I got up my belly was no longer a big tight ball instead a thick layer over my belly I got up and walked to my scale in the bathroom. I stepped on and it read 280lbs. I put on 30 pounds in one night I said stumbling out of the bathroom and into the kitchen. I stood there holding my belly and feeling it all around doing clock terns around it then I noticed the card on the table. I walked to it and read it agin. Come by tomorrow? What dose that mean like right now? Or the same time as yesterday. I decided to go now so I took a shower and put on the same dress shirt and I noticed the 1000$ bill in the pocket I forgot about it, and all the buttons are gone and there's food stains everywhere. I decided to throw the shirt out judging on how discussing it was and I put on a t shirt instead. The shirt was almost skin tight but I managed.

I got in the car and drove to the restaurant. I parked it and when I got inside the man was there I figured he was the manager. You came!?! He said and hugged me. So here is what I wanted you to be here for come follow me he said turning into his office. I followed and we sat at the same places. Ok so why I hired you is because, at lard burgers our motto is that our food is always fresh so we make all the food in the morning and put them in these things called heated capsules they keep the food fresh for 12 hours, so we make about 1000 burgers a day. He said same with everything else. So then if there's extra we can't throw it out the world would kill us the police have charged us to many times so that's why your hear. To come after we close and eat the leftovers and lock up like you did yesterday. He said. So you want me to eat like I did yesterday everyday!?! I said.

No not everyday because some days you won't have anything to eat think of it as if we have a good day of business then you have little to eat then when we have a slow day and you have tuns to eat said the manager. So here 1250$ for last night he said handing me the money. Wow thanks I said taking the money looking at it. You earn 500$ every hour and you already have half an hour ready to go he said. Ok I said. Your free to go just be back at 10:30 he said. Ok I said getting up and heading out the door. I drove home and I thought of what would happen to my body would I turn into a blob? But for 500$ and hour I would turn into a blob ten times bigger.

I heard a rumble it was my stomach I was hungry. But it was only 2:30 to early to go to lard burgers so I figured why not spend some of the money and buy food at the grocery store. I ran to my car and drove to the store and when I got in I took a cart and drove it straight to the candy isle. I had a hunger for sweetness. So I started grabbing everything on the shelves from chips to candy bars to gummy's I took a lot then I went to the freezer isle and took almost every flavour of ice cream and cakes then I saw it my favourite food as a child bacon wrapped chicken nuggets. I grabbed 5 boxes of 50 and I headed to the cashier. She checked out the items and it came to 150$ I paid her and drove home and started to shovel the food in my body. I almost ate all of it before passing out.

I woke up at 10:00 oh shit I said getting up and feeling my belly stretching the tight shirt it's now skin tight!!!! I ate all this I said looking at the mess in the living room. About 60 rappers on the floor and all over the room. I saw 2 empty boxes of bacon wrapped chicken nuggets. I ate till I passed out. I went to the bathroom and took a piss and after that I stepped on the scale. It read 286lbs I gained 6 pounds from that buffet. Well at least I slept it off because I am hungry. Good thing my shift is in 30 minutes I said. So I showered and then I put on my pants they would not button! Have I gained that much that in 2 days I gained so much weight that all my clothes are either to tight or skin tight. I'll have to tell my manager.

So I just didn't button my pants because they would bust anyway and my shirt well it only covered a little more then half of my expanding belly and it looks like I lost muscle weight and switched it with fat. Because my arms are more flabby and everything else for that matter. So I got out of my apartment and into the car and drove to the burger joint. When I got there I saw the figure of the big man that I knew was the manager. I entered and he was just sitting there and turned to me and said clothes a bit too tight? He said. Yes I need to buy a new wardrobe for this buddy I said shaking my big hairy belly. Oh look we pay for all of your essentials clothes new furniture and if it comes to It a new house said the manager with a smile. Really I said. Ya I forgot to tell you this morning he said. Oh I never told you my name i said. I know your name said the manager, but you don't know mine he said. It's Jim he said. Ok well John get eating Jim said and I walked to the kitchen where the feast would lay. It was like half of the food then last nigh but I didn't complain I just sat down and started to eat.
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