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The Road to Gainsville
194 pounds

It’s only been three days since Owen and I moved to Gainsville. It wasn’t difficult to move here after Uncle Victor died. My parents died a few years ago, and I don’t have any siblings. Besides, I was always "Little Marc,” my uncle’s favorite nephew. He left me everything, so Owen and I quit our jobs in New York as personal trainers to move down here to Florida. We get Victor’s mansion, his money, everything!

Everyone’s been really nice. Gainsville’s small, only about 10,000 people, but it’s a wonderful town. Odd thing, I haven’t seen any women around, just men. Not that I’m complaining. Owen and I seem to have more admirers than we can count. Seems like all the men have stopped by to wish us well or give us gifts, usually large amounts of food. Not that they seem to miss it…they’re all very well fed. Even the smallest man here is carrying an extra 20 pounds around. All around us are huge, round bellies and ample bubble butts.

I have to admit that the food here is delicious. If Owen and I aren’t careful, we’ll be getting a little thick around the middle ourselves. At least we have the Bowflex machines to counterbalance all that rich, delicious food. Can’t have ourselves going to pot!

MAY 24
202 pounds

Already a month. We’ve settled into Gainsville nicely. I think I’ve gained a little weight, only a few pounds, though. My jeans seem to fit a little tighter, and I think my six-pack is getting a little less noticeable. Owen doesn’t seem to mind. He’s as horny as ever, and no matter how much we fuck around, he doesn’t seem to get enough. Strange thing, he gets really horny after dinner. 

Owen says that my ass seems a little rounder than before. He’s always loved my ass, but now he goes crazy for it. He says it looks a little plumper than when we arrived. It does seem to jiggle more when I walk, though. Can’t say I don’t like it. It feels great! I’ve always been proud of my butt, but now it looks good, starting to fill out those baggy jeans I like wearing.

Not like Owen shouldn’t talk. He looks a little off-season, but he’s still as hot as ever. In fact, the hornier he gets, the hornier I get. I swear, sometimes after a big meal, he gets so horny that we fool around for hours. Maybe it’s something in the food.

211 pounds

I’ve definitely been getting a little plumper. I can’t help it! The food here is so good! I’m starting to develop a small gut, even. I stepped on the scale…I’ve gained almost 20 pounds in 2 months. Owen’s getting a little wider as well. We’ve been eating more, it seems. The guys in town seem to enjoy it, though. Seems like the more we eat and the more we gain, the more attention we get. 

My ass is definitely getting fatter. It jiggles when it gets slapped, and Owen can’t stop eating it in bed. He says I’ve never been hotter, and I have to admit, that even with an extra 20 pounds, Owen is the hottest stud I’ve ever seen. He’s always horny after dinner, and once or twice, I’ve even sucked on his huge cock while he’s been stuffing his face.

We went to the beach for the first time, too. Our Speedos fit tighter than we remembered. The fabric seemed to shine more than we remember, too, making our butts and our packages more present. It actually feels kind of good to get out in the sun like that. There are some men around here who wear Speedos even skimpier than ours, their massive bellies and sack-like pecs on display for all. It’s like a beach full of bloated, sensuous whales!

236 pounds

OK, I’ve gotten fat! I’ve gained over 40 pounds since we got here, and I can’t stop. Owen and I are eating more and more, and we’ve discovered the bountiful buffets here in town. They’re larger and more impressive than any I’ve ever seen, and with good reason. Some of the men that go there eat enough to feed an army!

I’ve begun to beef up, I guess. I’ve gone from a lean, striated body to a soft, undefined, off-season hunk. Owen, particularly, looks great, especially when he’s eating. He eats a lot, and when he eats, he goes all out. I can’t count the number of belly rubs I’ve given to ease his stomach. Of course, his gut isn’t the only thing that gets hard when he stuffs himself. 

I’m getting thick all over, and it actually makes me kind of excited. When I cram my soft, round ass into my tight jeans, it makes me hard. Owen’s hands kneading my soft but firm pecs and shoulders drives me crazy. There seems to be spots Owen’s found on my big butt that keep me hot for hours. It makes me hungry…

270 pounds

I popped a button today! Owen and I were at the buffet, pigging out as usual. I mean, the more we gain, the more we eat, and we’ve gained almost 80 pounds! Anyway, I was stuffing my face across the table from Owen, our round, full bellies pressed against the table, and I popped! A little piece of flesh appeared, as if saying hello. Owen’s eyes got wide, and he grabbed my hand. We ran out the door and drove home as fast as we could.

As soon as we stepped in the door, Owen began tearing the tight clothes off my bloated body, our tongues trying to wrap themselves around each other. He took me to the bed and plunged his thick cock into my big, fat, round ass. He held my thick thighs in the air as he pumped, his round belly wedged in-between them. He was horny as hell, and his thrusts were fierce and quick. 

I jiggled with every movement, my swollen, round body shaking. I twisted the enlarged, unbelievably sensitive nipples on my beefy pecs as I got pounded, my hard cock throbbing incessantly. Owen came with a mighty yell, his thick semen filling my insides even more. I came all over my gut, the cum coating it like sticky frosting on a cinnamon bun. He leaned forward to kiss me, and the feel of his weight and bellyfat on top of me made me hard all over again.

343 pounds

We’re eating non-stop, and it shows. We’ve become huge, almost twice the men we were when we arrived! And in only six months! The men of town are more than happy to help us, however. We’ve hosted several parties here, and the main event always seems to be dinner! A lot of the larger men have taken it upon themselves to fatten us up, too. We seem to gain five pounds a sitting with those massive hunks of men feeding us…stuffing us...

I love my body. The contours drive me crazy. The sluggish wiggle of my butt makes Owen hornier than he’s ever been. The thought of a hand or a tongue caressing my large, round gut makes me hard. My pecs have started to become tits, and the nipples grow larger and more swollen with every pound, begging to be sucked on. My thighs have grown together, and with every step they rub together, a constant reminder of how much of a pig ex-jock I have become. When Owen and I make love, our humongous guts rub together and we shake live fleshy gelatin, bouncing and shaking with every thrust and movement.

When we eat, it’s an event. We eat five to six meals a day, and each one makes us stuffed and horny. Sometimes, we have to help each other undo our zippers…both to free our swelling bellies and unleash our rock-hard cocks.

355 pounds

The holidays have been good to us. Our Christmas party was a huge success, ending with an orgy of over-stuffed, over-sexed fat men, some barely able to move! 

Tonight, I had a dream. Owen and I were sitting across from each other, two feet of space in-between the borders of our guts. We began to swell without warning, our bodies inflating like balloons. We watched each other fatten up, gaining dozens of pounds a second. Our bellies soon touched, planetoid spheres of smooth fat. Our ass grew wider and wider, and our lovehandles began to flow over the sides of our ever-thickening thighs. Our tits grew larger and became more and more pendulous, matching the rapidly increasing heft of our arms and shoulders. Our chins seem to multiply in number, and our faces became like small moons.

Within minutes we weighed 1,000 pounds each, the chairs we were sitting having long-since destroyed. Our flesh began to flow toward the ground, plentiful rolls of sensuous and pliable flab. Our growth didn’t stop, and soon we weighed a ton each, our liquid-like fat flowing into each other until we were like one massively fat stud surrounded by a sea of beautiful, soft, unbelievably smooth fat!

I awoke in a sweat, and in a pool of my own cum. I looked over at the bloated, well fed form of my massive lover and smiled. I kissed his full lips lightly and raised my heft out of the bed. I began working on breakfast for the first day of the new year…a new year of growth, of food…of fat.


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1 Growrnshowr   (2012-09-11 20:52:59)
One of my all time favourite stories. I have lost count of the times I have read this! biggrin

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