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Eric wakes up groggy and hungry in a cold steel floor. "What the fuck?" He asks himself. "Where the hell am I?" He and fifty other naked men slowly wake up and realize that they are trapped and have no memories except their names and that they are starving. But there is no food or water to be seen. Eric and all the other men sit in silence until they hear a voice over an intercom "Hello my piggies." Says a deep and soothing voice that has him instantly hard, "Welcome to your new home. All of you will put on a harness or you will be punished." At that moment a wall slides up to see row upon row of different sized harnesses. Everyone scrambled to slide and tighten the harnesses around their naked bodies. "Good... good." Said the voice. Here are the rules obey them or be punished.

1) you will eat all the food that is provided
2) you will not run from the claw
3) you will not try to escape

Punishment is death. That is all.

The men panicked. What was the claw? Death? What's that about? The hubbub continued until fifty tubes descended from the dark ceiling and a large claw appeared.

"Everyone find a tube. Now. Fifty-one men tried tried to get a tube and all but one, a small Asian man, found one. The remaining man looked terrified as the claw descended and hooked his harness. He was lifted up and placed on a small platform in front of a conveyor belt.


A loud dinner bell sounded and slop started to come down all the tubes. Eric closed his mouth around his tube and felt a wave of pleasure pass over him as he sucked and sucked and sucked. No matter ow much he got he wanted more. This strangely aroused him. He looked around and ssaw nothing but rock-hard dicks dripping with precum. He realized that this massively turned everyone on. Bit he had to stop looking around because he was starting fall behind on his sucking and he wanted all he could get. When the slop stopped flowing an hour later no one was standing anymore. They had all lay down moaning in ecstasy and started to jerk off to relieve their bulging dicks. The Asian man was lowered back down and everyone saw that his dick was now as long as a baseball bat and just as fat. Everyone asked what happened and he said the conveyer belt was full of strange little berries and doughnuts and that every berry made his dick grow.

After another five seconds of silence, no one could restrain themselves anymore, they all started to fuck like there was no tomorrow. They all fucked each other until the floor was slick with fifty-one different man's cum. They were all so hungry and horny still they got on all fours and lapped up the cum with their mouths. Once it was all gone, they passed out. They awoke starving again and were quickly satisfied by sucking each other off for cum streams that seemed to never end.

The dinner bell rang again but instead of the tubes only the claw descended and picked up a man. The conveyor belt started and the man hungrily ate all the food. The men on the ground started to complain of thunder until it happened. It started raining food. The men started to eat it all with nothing to wash it down with but the pools of cum on the floor. They all ate and slept and ate the food. Occasionally stopping to fuck each other. But the food never stopped raining. The men never got overwhelmed by the torrential downpour of food. They were never full. They always needed more cum and they always needed more food. That was their life.

After a month the smallest man was 800 pounds, but the berries kept everyone horny, hungry, and huge. All of their dicks were like extra limbs! They let out rivers of cum every time their bulging dicks got touched. Then, one day, the food stopped flowing. The men, now all well over a ton, were shocked. Their gluttonous mouths were empty for the first time in years. They grew to be feral and attacked after less than an hour without anything. They were in packs that would attack and eat the others ALIVE! Ripping off chunks of fatty flesh and shoving it down into their wanting mouths. This event on until one remained. Now over two tons and without any others to eat a tube came down from the ceiling. The final man's grabbed it hungrily and started to suck like a baby. He sucked non stop for two whole days until he dozed off 500 pounds later.

All this was watched by the cruel man. He had planned to remain feeding the group of men but he changed his mind. Only the most hungry, most gluttonous pig would do. He cut them off so only the best piggy could live.

The pig woke up again, and tried to let go of the tube to find it attached to his mouth force feeding him even whose he slept. He also saw a thin, middle aged man in a suit walking up. "Good piggy, keep eating! We don't want you any smaller." He said the pig couldn't reach his dick anymore and it had been a month since he last came. His hard, 6 foot long dick needed only to be grazed for him to cum. The man tutted disappointingly "not yet piggy. You need to be bigger before I can do that." The pig tried to protest but the man started to massage him and the waves of pure ecstasy rolled over him and he forgot all about that.

Another year later and the pig was so fat and his eyes, nose, and ears were so unused they faded away leaving a blob with a mouth and an enormous dick. He was a complete slave to his hunger and lust. All he did was eat and moan with the pleasure of the constant massages.

On the tenth anniversary of the pig's capture, the man decided to leg him cum. He walked up to the no longer even humanoid blob's juicy 15 foot dick. He massaged the blob around it and, after an hour of massaging, ran his hand up his dick and let him cum. The cum came out so fast and with so much force bis dick exploded as the cum filled the warehouse to the brim, drowning the man and his beloved pig.

The end

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