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The growing project. part one.
Ryan is a 21 year old man from Modesto, California. Everyday since he was 15 years old he has worked out to stay thin. Ryan hated fat people and secretly it was because he wanted to be big but wasnt brave enough. Outwardly to his friends it was, "they are just fat lazy slobs!" Ryan was a rail thin man at 6ft and 180lbs with brown hair and brown eyes. Every morning Ryan forced himself to get up, make a protein shake, take a semi cold shower and go jogging at a barrin nature trail. It seemed odd that Ryan never saw anyone on the trails because it was such a beautiful place. What Ryan didnt know was that every morning he was running through a restricted area. This area that used to be a nature trail was now a private testing facility. And Ryan was about to be there next test subject!

One morning everything seemed to be a bit off. He woke up late, ate a semi large meal and forgot to shower unlike what he normally did. Ryan didnt even dress himself in his usual short shorts, wife beater, jacket and running shoes. Today he was wearing a loose hoodie and baggy sweats with sandals. He didnt even bother to shave. Ryan was excited about the new trail he found the other day and was eager to see where it went. He didnt get to explore it much because of the weather. When he got to the trails a mile in he felt like the trails were a endless journey.

"What's wrong with me?" He would often find himself saying. Then by mile 2 he was totally on his back and breathless. While resting he realized he had a bit of a belly and his clothes werent so baggy. He panicked but the more he played with it he secretly loved it. After playing around he was worried it might get bigger so he started to run again. By mile 3 he finally and surprisingly saw someone on the trails. This made him a little uneasy but He jogged towards him and really had to hold his dick down as he saw this sexy man up close. The man was a thick muscular military looking man. Blonde hair, Thick mustache, big muscles like a professional weight lifter but had a hard ball belly. He seemed to be about 40 and was very hairy. The mans blue eyes staring at Ryan surprised. The man was 5'11 and looked about 250lbs. "Hey! You cant be here this is a restricted area!" The man shouted as Ryan ran past him.

Ryan stoped and turned apologizing and saying he didnt realize. The man was starring at him and then he smiled. "Well since you're here I might as well show you around!" the man said still smiling. Ryan didnt realize the man was looking at the clothing that was now tight on Ryan and his newly formed ball belly was poking out a bit. The man brought him to a massive, white, mordern, artistic looking builing. that went into the hillside. "This is a testing facility. The gate you run past every morning is to keep people off the land. Here on the grounds we are researching the plant life and soil and testing humans and animals as well." Said the man. "What's wrong with the soil and plants and what not?" asked Ryan.

"Nothing really but something in this area causes mass weight gain and growth in general in a short period of time. Some go back to normal leaving the land but most stay big and keep growing even after leaving." the man said. By then Ryan was looking down at his big ball belly and was convinced he was in a dream. His clothing was so tight they were ripping. His crotch was outlined, his butt was outlined, his face was puffy and his belly was huge! He was growing hair as well. He now had a small beard and his body was furry like a hairy gay bear. His head hair didnt change much and his only concern was his ballooning body.

"Woah hey there's no need for the gun show, handsome!!" Ryan looked down to only find he had a hard on. The man laughed and took Ryan to the place where he was staying. Ryan found a scale and it said 350 and slowly went up another pound and another and another. He cried but the but the man came in and was blushing. "Its kind of hot isnt it?" Ryan was shocked at the mans words! "No! Its terrible! it's fucking terrible!" Ryan shouted! "Your body big hard cock tells me something different!" He was right Ryan was still hard, blushing and would often moan in sexual pleasure. The man went over to Ryan and softly placed his hands on his belly and rubbed it. Ryan could feel his belly expand outward and Ryan asked softly and curiously "whats your name?" The man smiled and said. "Anthony, but everyone calls me Andy."

The pleasure of Ryans expanding got to him. His body was warm and a vibrating sensation filled his entire being. Ryan moaned again still standing on the scale. His pants riped off and he looked down. The scale read 430 and was climbing. Ryan couldn't take it any longer. He was so horny! "Kiss me." Ryan said softly. Andy reached over Ryans massive belly placing his hands on his gut and they made out. Andy would play with Ryans expanding chest and eventually found there way to Andys room slapping Ryans fat ass. Andy kissed Ryan at the foot of his bed and went down on him. Ryan stood there moaning and looking at his belly. Ryan loved this feeling and He started playing with his tits and fat and started fingering his fat ass. Andy was sucking away when Ryan felt his belly start to lay on Andy's head! Ryan was clearly 480 by now and when Andy got up he was balooning as well....

Part 2 next!

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1 Newcub45   (2014-05-30 06:10:35)
Really looking forward to part three.

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