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The growing project. Part 2.
Andy's Body had significantly changed, more fat, more hair and it looked great with his tanned skin. His chest laid perfectly right over his tight growing ball belly. Andys legs were thick and powerful and his arms were more defined somehow. Being around Ryan seemed to make Andy grow it seemed. Why had he been smaller when they first met?
Andy had Ryan get into doggy and Ryans belly propped him up on the bed. Andy fingered Ryan for a bit and teased him with some licking, then he went to town. Before Ryan knew it his belly was on the bed pressing at his legs till he gave way and layed on his large beanbag sized belly swaying as Andy thrusted his large cock in him. This was the best day of Ryans life. He was about 600lbs and growing evermore.

Moaning and feeling the warmth and tingle of pleasure in his face, he felt of his body as much as he could. His face was swollen, his tits were round, his body hairy, he had a thick double chin, his gut was the right amount of tight and soft and his arms were tight with fat. Just then Andys belly ploped down on Ryans back. Ryan couldnt help it the swaying and fucking and fat made him cum. Andy was still going and eventually he climbed over Ryan turned him over and they 69'd. Was Andy taller? How was that possible? Their bellies were almost equal and They both loved there weight touching, the expanding was hot. Ryan was suprised because yet again he shot cum and finally so did Andy.

After that they both were tired which was reasonable since They had been going for 4 and a half hours. Without thinking they went to sleep.
When Ryan woke up all he could see was his gut, chest and his very hairy body. He barely lifted himself up and was instantly filled with excitement but also fear, he was huge! Andy wasnt in bed when he awoke. Ryan got up and saw a large scale and a massive mirror. Andys room was huge. Ryan huft and puffed over to the scale and it read 1235lbs. How was he even able to walk? Ryan realized why Andy didnt have a door. He would have been stuck. Ryan smelt something great down the hall.
He arrived in the kitchen and as a suprised there was a feast enough for literally 200 men. Standing there was Andy in a way to small apron. His body looked like the hulk if the hulk went to a buffet everyday! His butt was round and each were the size of a 300lbs ball gut and his belly behind the apron he was wearing was to die for. It was such a turn on for them both as Andy fed Ryan.

Ryan thought half would go to him but he ate everything and was still hungry. Then unable to walk Andy helped him to a massive metal chair that would move him around. Andys house was big with tall ceilings and massive rooms. Even at Ryans current size he felt like a doll. They went to the living area and when the chair stopped a voice said ¨current weight, 1749lbs.¨Ryan was surprised it had only been and hour. Andy got a hose from the floor and gave it to Ryan. "try it you'll love it!" Instantly he loved it, it was creamy and sweet but not to rich to have to stop. Andy got one as well and eventually they talked.
"So the subjects do they do this to?" Ryan asked. "No they are in that white building They want to be thin again." said Andy. "do you know what causes this yet?" said Ryan. "No but we believe its not from Earth. Even dome of the plants around here grow bigger and taller because of it. It seems to turn all of the food into energy and mutates are dna causing us to grow and grow. Fat, hair, muscle, bone and even skin cells that keeps us from exploding. Basically everything grows even your cock. Eventually Youll be a immobile 30ft tall man. If you keep eating like that!" said Andy.

"How come you weren't bigger when I saw you first? said Ryan. "This is actually my first day back." It was embarrassing to enter the real world again but I hid in a bunker to thin down a liitle before leaving. I was 4000lbs at the bunker and 500 by the time I left the place. "To be honest meeting you I just felt something I never have before." said Andy while the chair Ryan was in stated "3200lbs." It had only been twenty minutes talking so Ryan was worried." Am I gainging quicker?!? I dont want to gain much more!¨ said Ryan. "Do you want to go to the test site? I might have something for you. To help with the weight." Andy said with a odd smile.

Part 3 next!

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1 Alex   (2014-05-26 10:03:27)
AMAZING!!! I came so many times

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