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Adam and the Devil

Adam was angry. Another contest. Another loss. At twenty-nine, Adam realized that his chances for a win were decreasing each year. He traveled the contest circuit, giving emphasis to smaller contests, where the competition could be expected to be less stiff.

Adam was a bodybuilder with a dream. The dream was to become Mr. Universe. Unfortunately, the reality did not live up to the dream. Oh, Adam was handsome enough: a lion's mane of auburn hair, a face lifted from a Greek statue. And he was muscular enough. The problem was Adam' belly he had one. No, not the killer beer belly carried by couch potatoes, just a small round belly he couldn't get rid of. At thirty-two inches, it was a small, round potbelly that he just couldn't lose.

He dieted. He starved himself. He followed every bit of advice other bodybuilders would provide. All to no avail. He though of liposuction but no respectable doctor would touch him. They told him to diet (smart-asses!). The contrast between his thick midsection and his otherwise muscular frame did him in.

Adam's other insecurity was more private the size of his dick. The kindest thing that could be said was that it was small. But a bodybuilder's thighs would dwarf even a normal dick.

Adam was despondent. As he watched the winner of the West Central Iowa Invitational (a homely kid with a poor tan) accept his award, Adam swore that he would sell his soul to make it big.

With the requisite cloud of smoke and a little brimstone, the devil appeared. Adam was more than a little scared. But the devil used his wiles to put Adam at ease. Adam shared his frustrations to a sympathetic devil, who offered to fulfill all Adam's wishes: a perfect body, a humongous dick, a contest win, a fortune for the mere price of his immortal soul. But Adam, a religious boy (and a great negotiator!) said that maybe his soul was too high a price, and removed that chip from the game. He went on to say that anything else was acceptable.

The devil, anxious to close the deal, decided to teach this handsome young mortal a lesson.

The devil drew up a contract. In return for a perfect body, a humongous dick (not less than 10 inches), a contest win, and a fortune, Adam would:

  1. Lose most of his hair, keeping just a fringe over his ears, and
  2. Gain weight after the contest.

Adam signed in blood.

After all, there were always hair transplants, and no one could force him to eat.

Adam was amazed at the rapid transformation. His belly disappeared in less than two weeks, despite an overall increase in his weight. His muscle mass was amazing. Everyone at his gym noticed the change. More successful bodybuilders assumed it was some new combination of steroids. Others assumed that it was a new diet. But everyone who knew Adam saw that his star was on the rise.

A year later, Adam found himself in the Mr. America contest. Needless t say, he won. Hands down. And part of the sweetness came with the award for "Best Abs". This year the title also came with a special reward: very lucrative, long-term, ironclad contract with the manufacturer of Weight On to act as spokesman for the company's product. The devil was able to produce altered photographs that showed Adam as a former "ninety pound weakling" which convinced the Weight On people that he was the answer to their prayers. Actually, Adam gained weight easily. In fact, the prospect of bulk and size were what attracted Adam to weightlifting in the first place.

It seemed to be a match made in heaven. Or hell.

A week after winning the title, Adam noted that his pants were a little snug. "Gotta get back to the gym," he thought.

Weeks Pass

He stumbled into the shower, still half asleep. The warmth of the water did little to waken him. The hot water soon filled the shower stall with a warm gray mist. As he worked the liquid soap into a lather, he remembered the night before. Cocktails, appetizers, a working dinner, more drinks, home, a late night snack in front of the tube, bed.

Today held more of the same. It was nearly noon. Too late for breakfast at most places. Maybe IHOP. Waffles, a couple eggs then work.

Work wasn't hard. Just boring. His role as spokesman consisted of little more than photo shoots, product endorsements and personal appearances. But the personal appearances were murder. Too many drinks, too much rich food. Too many glasses on Weight On. Too little time to call his own. He had only gotten in one short workout last week. So far this week, none. The home gym he had purchased did little but gather dust.

His hands dropped to lather his crack, his balls, his cock. His noticeably bigger cock. Still growing. He grinned. The bastard was true to his word. The contest a bigger dick less hair and. . .something else. Who cares about hair? And what was that last thing?

He raised his hands to soap his receding hairline. With a start, Adam recognized taloned hands touching the hollow of his back, tracing the arc of his waist, moving slowly to his cock, then rising to cup his belly. He felt a familiar hot breath against his right ear.

"Ooooh. . .you're making me proud, Adam, so proud! At least two pounds since yesterday." The imp squeezed the firm swell of flesh that had recently formed beneath Adam's navel. A considering pause"Maybe more."

Adam turned to face the imp. His soap slickened body turned easily in the other's encircling arms. The fat of his belly and chest pressed against the devil's solid warmth.

The imp flashed a handsome smile. Adam caught a brief glimpse of sharp white teeth. The imp rubbed himself seductively against Adam's distended belly. He crooned, "Your belly makes me hard, Adam. It's getting so big and round. Those nasty muscles buried under a thick layer of fat. You're so much bigger now. Just like I promised." Adam could feel the devil's cock pressing hot against his belly. He pulled himself free of the devil's embrace. His hands dropped to his soapy belly. He knew the imp's words were only too true.

Adam glared at the belly bulging beneath his pecs. He sucked it in, wishing it would go away, knowing it wouldn't. He had gained close to forty pounds since the contest. Most of it in this thickening waist an a round gut. He was afraid to measure, but he guessed his 27" waist was a cool 37" by now. The spandex tummy control T-shirt and briefs (designed for the "temporarily out of shape" man) recommended by his agent had worked for awhile, but not any longer. He was out of control.

Adam reached around his tormentor, turning off the shower. He grabbed the towel from the bar outside the stall. The devil took the towel fro Adam's hands. "Oooooh, let me! I love touching your body."The imp, already dry, began to towel Adam down. Gently at first, but with increasing roughness as he reached Adam's midsection. "So firm, so round, so fully packed, " cooed the imp, as he roughly stroked Adam's belly. Adam's fat jiggled as the imp played. Adam began to feel himself becoming aroused at the imp's attention. His newly ample flesh bouncing, jiggling, and creasing as the imp kneaded and massaged. It was strangely sensual, this new and bigger body. More erotic. He began to grow hard.

Suddenly, everything snapped back into focus. He was getting hard to the feel of his own jiggling fat! Disgusting!

"NO!! STOP IT. . .NOW!!" Adam broke away, erect dick flailing in the empty air.

"You like it, fat boy. Your dick tells the tale!"


Adam retreated to the bedroom. He was surprised to find the clothes for today's photo shoot neatly laid out on the bed. A pair of posing brief (from the contest?) and one of the T-shirts bearing the Weight On logo.

He struggled into the posing briefs. He raised the shimmering fabric over slightly bigger thighs, a bigger, rounder ass. The briefs barely covered his ass. No amount of effort could get them to his waist. But at least he could still wear it things couldn't be that bad. There was hope.

"I've been thinking," Adam said as he reached for the shirt, raising hi arms to slip into it. "This weight I've gained Hell, I can lose it in no time. I just won't eat. If I don't eat, I've got to lose. So there's nothing you can do. I win. Take the hair, who cares?" By now Adam realized the shirt was going to be a tight fit, and he began to struggle. His head appeared through the T-shirt neck at last. His nipples were dark circles under the taut white fabric. However, it wouldn't drop to cover his belly. "Goddamn thing must have shrunk in the washer," he mumbled. Turning his attention back to his tormentor with a arrogant smile, he said, "So fuck you."

"Big mistake, Adam."

A dark smile crossed the devil's face a smile capable of curdling milk and withering plants. "So, it's that simple! You just won't eat! How intelligent; how bright!" The smile worsened. "But you WILL eat. From this moment forward, the sight and smell of food will be absolutely irresistible. If food is offered, you won't, you can't refuse. You'll finish what is given you, then beg for more. You'll soon begin to appreciate your growing belly the way I do the shape, the size. Bigger is better. Biggest is best. The feeling of having your belly stuffed to the bursting point will become unimaginably erotic. Addictive. Only after you're stuffed to the limit can you have sex. Only then will you be satisfied."

Adam smirked. "Sure."

The devil laughed. "Yes, I'm sure!" and gently turned Adam to face the full length mirror on the back of the bedroom door. Adam's lips mouthed a silent "Oh". His eyes grew wide, and he walked dreamily to the mirror. He was enraptured with the vision of his fattening body stuffed like a sausage into clothes grown too tight. In an incredulous voice Adam exclaimed, "Shit! Look at the size of this gut!" He repeatedly ran his hands over the big belly. "It's goddamn beautiful!" He couldn't get over the sight of that gut the shape, the curves. He stood in profile. See how it bulges here. . .and here. He inflated it with air, admiring the enhanced size from every angle.

From behind came a voice, "Yes, I know. I told you, didn't I? Care for some breakfast, handsome?"

Adam turned. A cake materialized in the devil's hands from nowhere. A cake dreams are made of: double chocolate, four layers, covered in butter cream frosting. Adam's eyes grew wide. Next to his belly, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. A trickle of saliva dribble from the corner of his mouth. In a weak voice, he pleaded, "Please, please. . .let me eat it. I'm so hungry." The devil materialized a chair, placing it several feet in front of the mirror. Adam sat. The devil placed the cake in the big man's lap.

"Then, eat, my handsome friend. Eat as much as you want."

Adam looked up at the imp. "But I don't have a fork!"

"Ah, but you don't need one."

Adam didn't have to be told twice. His eyes positively glowed with pleasure. He reached his hand deep into the cake, covering it in chocolate. He raised his loaded fist to his lips. He shoved the whole handful into his waiting mouth. His body shuddered with pleasure. His eyes rolled momentarily back into his head, and he moaned as if in pain His gut rumbled loudly; cum shot from beneath the plate. Adam licked the chocolate from his fingers, his tongue angling for every morsel.

Then he attacked the cake a second time.

The imp smiled.

Adam raised the cake plate to his lips. With a single moment, the devil separated Adam's knees with his hands. Adam's cock bounced beneath the curve of his belly. His thighs were moist. The smell of his flesh was sweaty and inviting. Adam groaned at the devil's lips touched his hard cock. Another cake materialized, followed by another, and another, and another, and another...

Adam ate for a solid hour, his stomach struggling to keep pace with his appetite. The last cake finally disappeared. Adam felt strange so different, so full. His head fell back; he saw the ceiling. He was alone. His hands massaged his belly, filled to bursting. Much bigger now. Rock hard. Stretched and smooth. . .Now that he wasn't shaving for contests, the hair would begin to grow back. He imagined his belly bigger and bigger. A beach ball covered with silky black hair. The pain and the swelling would subside. But he had to keep eating. He had to get bigger.

For two weeks, the world brightened. Inexplicably, the crime rate plunged. Wars ended. Peace talks broke out all over the planet. The devil was occupied elsewhere.

For two weeks, Adam received the imp's undivided attention, as the devil inextricably wove together Adam's desires for food and sex. The devil appeared in many guises. First, as Adam's first high school crush (Mike, a high school track star), who challenged Adam to a pizza eating contest. Adam won easily. His high school love gave up after a single pizza. Always a good sport, though, he helped Adam eat five more, encouraging him on, feeding him until his cheeks were full, playing wit his erect nipples, his stiff dick, massaging his swollen belly.

Mike was followed by a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, who begged Adam to suck his cock. Adam was overjoyed to find that, in place of cum, Arnold's dick produced half and half in an endless stream. Adam sucked for hours.

The devil arranged a feeding tube, so Adam could still eat while he slept; waking fuller than when he went to sleep.

And Adam begged for more.

He grew visibly fatter every day. Each morning, as Adam took his place at the dining room table, the devil loosely tied a new piece of string around the seated man's fat gut. As Adam ate, he could feel the twine tighten across the bulge of his stomach. As it tightened, he knew his stomach would be stretching. He know that tomorrow, he would eat even more!

Adam continued to gain most of his weight in his gut, now grown big and full. It swelled roundly, resting on the seated man's smooth thighs.

Since Adam no longer shaved, the dark hair was coming back quickly. Hi pecs, now rounded and soft, were covered with a furry mat. Adam carried most of his weight front to back. From behind, his body still retained the "V" shape, although the base of the V had widened with the plump, thick love handles that flanked Adam's sides. The devil's work was best admired in profile, as the man stood to retrieve another platter of brownies. Adam's stomach exploded from beneath a thick, barrel chest.

Of course, his bubble butt and thighs had grown, too; but no more than necessary to support his increasing weight up top. As Adam pushed the sour cream brownies into his mouth, groaning in gluttonous pleasure, the devil smiled.

Someone was at the door.

The people at Weight On's corporate headquarters didn't know what to think when Adam missed his first scheduled appearance. They called him home. No answer. They left a message on his answering machine. Then another. After three appointments were missed, they canceled those remaining, telling people Adam was sick.

They wrote a letter to his home. No answer.

After two weeks, the promotions department decided something drastic needed to be done. Adam was supposed to act as a broadcast commentator for the Mr. Olympia contest coming up soon. The promo manager picked one of his staff members, Frank, to make the two-hour drive out to Adam' house and to bring Adam in to the office. The drive provided a welcome break from Frank's normal routine. It was an easy drive up the coast, and he really didn't expect to find any sign of Adam. Frank speculated the guy was holed up in some gym, preparing for Mr. Olympia. He'd surface sometime before the broadcast. Frank, who had seen Adam two weeks earlier, though the guy was obviously trying to lose some of that gut he had acquired over the past couple of months.

Spotting Adam's jeep in the driveway, Frank felt relief that at least h wouldn't have to check the gyms, just collect the guy and bring him back. As he approached the front door, Frank noted that it didn't look like anybody was home: the mailbox was filled to overflowing. Fourteen newspapers lay in a heap at the front door. Frank rang the bell.

No answer.

He knocked. Again, no answer.

He tried the door. Unexpectedly, the knob turned in his hand and the door opened. Frank stuck his head in the door. "Adam?" He knocked again. "Anybody here?" He entered the foyer. Louder,"Anybody home?"

Frank heard faint sounds from the back of the house. He followed the noise through the living room. Nothing unusual here. A pair of jeans and a T-shirt lay crumpled on a stack of empty pizza boxes. The dining room held more of the same. . .with a trail of boxes and cans that went up to the door leading into the kitchen. Frank mumbled to himself, "Well, one thing's certain. . .this guy's a slob! Look at this mess!".

There came a noise from the kitchen.

Frank waded through the trash that spilled from the kitchen door. He stopped, mouth open in astonishment. Someone stood facing the open refrigerator, the refrigerator light silhouetting him in the darkened room. This guy stood knee-deep in the remains of what looked like the party to end all parties. Empty bags of junk food littered the floor.

An empty pony keg was upended by the door. Empty pastry boxes were stacked on the table.

One thing was obvious: this fucker was BIG. He was also buck naked.

His hands were raised; their contents hidden from view by his back, neck, and a balding head. The guy had a powerful physique, but smoother than a bodybuilder. Huge rolls of fat bulged above his hips.

Who was this guy? A friend of Adam's? An enormously fat brother?

As he dropped his arms, an empty carton of cream fell to the floor, followed by an enormous belch. The man turned in the light, tearing a fistful of chocolate cake from one sitting on the refrigerator shelf.

He shoved it into his mouth, groaning in ecstasy. Frank's gaze was drawn to the swollen belly that protruded beneath the powerful chest.

huge dick bounced stiffly, against the swell of the belly. The guy had a roaring hard one.

Their eyes met. The unidentified man wiped the chocolate from his bearded face.

"Holy SHIT!"

It was Adam.

Frank called the office, telling an incredulous tale to a doubtful manager. Frank was instructed to clean Adam up and bring him in. Adam totally wiped from a two week, nonstop eating binge could do little to help. Frank started to clean him up, seating the fat man Buddha-like in the tub. It was a tight squeeze. As he scrubbed the food from the man's beard, Adam put Frank's index finger his mouth, sucking it like a straw and groaning. "Shit, man. . .you trying to eat me, or what?" Frank swore later he heard Adam chuckle.

He toweled Adam off, amazed at the size of the gut. He shaved the fat man's jowls and wrapped him in a terry cloth robe found hanging behind the door. Trying to tie the belt around Adam's gut was a wasted effort.

Frank left Adam in the bathroom as he searched for clothes. He knew better than to try to squeeze this fat guy into jeans. He found a pair of sweat pants in a dresser drawer. He grabbed a shirt and a pair of socks and then took the clothes to the bathroom, but Adam was gone.

Frank found him in the kitchen, busily stuffing Snicker's bars into his mouth in rapid succession. For a second, Frank didn't think Adam was alone. He thought he heard someone say, "Just one more, babe. . .just one more!"

With considerable effort Frank, managed to stuff Adam into the sweat pants, which rode low beneath the swell of his ponderous, hairy belly.

The fat man's enormous dick pressed against the cloth. Frank had not noticed the larger man's endowment before. He whistled softly in admiration. How the hell had he ever squeezed that monster into posing trunks? Frank managed to get the T-shirt over Adam's head, but no farther. Although the muscles of his chest and shoulders were still there, they were buried under a deep layer of fat. The pillow-like pecs jiggled softly as Frank tried to cover them in cloth. Adam looked like 10 pounds of sausage stuffed into a five pound casing. The dark aureoles of his nipples showed prominently through the thin white cloth as did the pattern of his chest hair. But no amount of effort could force the shirt down any more. The cloth bunched tightly above the protruding gut. It had taken Frank close to an hour just to get Adam dressed.

It would have to do. Adding socks and shoes, Frank managed to entice Adam into his van with the remaining Snicker's bars. Noting how fast they were disappearing, Frank stopped a neighborhood Circle K, purchasing the entire rack of candy from a bemused clerk.

Frank walked Adam through the Weight On executive offices. The sight of a partially clothed man of Adam's proportions was enough to cause mass confusion. Those who recognized Adam as their reigning spokesman were astounded by the transformation. How could anybody get so fat in so short a time?

It took less than 30 minutes for Frank's bosses to determine that the enormous fat man seated before them was not the ideal spokesman for their product. He was a living monument to weight gain, true enough, but very few of the 90 pound weaklings that bought their mix did so with the hope of achieving a 50 inch waist! As his bosses discussed Adam's fate, Frank turned his attention to Adam, seated, sated, and dozing noisily in a leather chair, his hands resting on the bare and enormously round belly that bulged between his legs. Frank sent his secretary out for the largest T-shirt she could find. She returned half an hour later with a T-shirt emblazoned with the word "BABY" and a downward pointing arrow. With her help, Frank cut Adam out of the chocolate stained T-shirt and slipped him into the amply cut pregnancy shirt, with little room to spare.

Shortly thereafter, the bosses decided to pay off Adam's contract in full, and award his title to the runner up. They woke him up, presented him with a check, and showed him the door at 2:00 p.m.

At 7:00 p.m., Frank left the building, heading for his van, which was parked in a garage across the street. As he passed the street level shops, something caught his eye. Seated at a table behind the window o an "all you can eat" place was Adam. Frank crossed the street at a trot.

The waitress was more than willing to tell Frank what had happened. She had first noticed Adam about 2:15 with his nose, hands, and belly pressed against the window. Before the manager could go out to tell him to move on, Adam was at the buffet table, loading his plate with mashed potatoes and fried chicken. The manager told him the cost of the buffet was $9.95, please pay now, sir; and Adam handed him a $100 bill, telling the manager to leave him to eat in peace.

Adam had been eating for nearly five hours. The T-shirt, which had some give in it earlier that afternoon, was tight against the huge, swollen belly.

Despite his best efforts, Frank couldn't get Adam out of the restaurant until the buffet was broken down at 8:30. He finally succeeded in luring Adam back into the van with a doggie bag supplied by the grateful owners. Frank drove Adam home, convinced he was fatter than when Frank saw him that morning.

Once again, Adam found himself in the darkened kitchen, eating by the light of the open refrigerator, which had mysteriously restocked itself in his absence.

He was not alone.

The devil approached Adam from behind, noting with pleasure the much larger rolls of fat that now encircled Adam's waist. The naked imp's dick rested against the plump twin moons of Adam's once small ass. The devil gently stroked what remained of Adam's waist with his taloned hands, noting the firmness of the fat below the taut skin. He reached under Adam's T-shirt, around the fat man's waist, delighted that his hands barely touched. He lifted one hand, cupping a breast-like pec, squeezing the diamond-hard nipple. Adam continued to eat.

"Come, my fat friend. We must talk." Adam groaned as he was led away from the refrigerator, a half-eaten chicken taken from his hands. The devil led Adam into the dining room, where he released Adam from the spell, and turned the fat man to view himself in a full length mirror.

With a clear mind, Adam viewed the big bellied fat man looking out at him.

True to the original agreement, Adam had lost most of his hair, and his once pitifully small dick now bulged hugely against his swollen thighs.

Adam saw that he was fat. No, the word "fat" didn't do the bodybuilder justice. His gut was massive. Enormous. Dominating. His belly growled, demanding more food. Adam saw it and felt it clearly for the first time. He'd always wanted size. . .bulk. . .that's why he'd taken up bodybuilding. But now he knew bodybuilding was a dead end. The only way for him ever to be happy was to live the life of a glutton. His goal: to become as fat as he could be.

He admired himself in the mirror, seeing where the extra pounds had settled, imagining himself larger, fatter. Adam turned to face the imp With a tremor in his voice, he begged the imp, "More."

The imp grinned broadly. He turned Adam to face the mirror. With his hand, the imp slipped the sweat pants off around the big ass. His arms encircled the fat man's waist, and he pressed against Adam, tightly. With a sudden mix of pain and pleasure, Adam realized that the devil had entered him. He could feel the hot throbbing member within him; the heat of the devil's breath on his neck. He could feel the devil's hot palms as they stroked his swollen belly, as they cupped and gripped his hairy fat pecs.

Adam moaned a strangled, insistent plea, "Moorrrrrrrre......"

He felt the devil thrust against him. A burst of pleasure. He felt his belly grow beneath the devil's hands, straining against the already tight T-shirt and the front of the sweat pants. The devil's lips caressed his neck. . .a little nip. . .another thrust of his member. Adam could feel the fabric of his T-shirt strain against the gut made suddenly larger and rounder.

Another thrust. . .through eyes slitted by sheer pleasure, Adam could see the changes taking place in his now immense body. In the mirror, h could see his belly swollen huge within the confines of the shirt, which was now unable to cover the huge gut, its hairy swell poking about the waistband of the sweats.

Another thrust. Wet with sweat, Adam heard the sound of ripping cloth, as the weight of his fat man's breasts finally overpowered the shirt. Another rip, and his magnificent belly sprang free, sweat streaming over its immense swell.

Another thrust, and Adam came. One more thrust, and the devil came, bloating Adam, filling him as a balloon fills with water.

Adam's legs trembled, weak from pleasure and from supporting the additional 75 pounds the devil had put on him. The devil admired his handiwork as he led the exhausted man to his bed.

A truly evil imp would have denied Adam his happiness. But the devil cared for Adam in his own special way. He arranged for Adam to meet Mike, a millionaire owner of a chain of donut shops, and another of the devil's fat disciples.

Adam and Mike came to truly love one another; their love reinforced by constant feedings and encouragement. Although the passion between the two of them never equaled what either had felt with the devil, it was enough.

And with each other's encouragement, and under the devil's watchful eye . .they both continued to grow. . .and grow. . .and grow. . .

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