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Balloon Boys
So these 2 boys who just turned 21, go into a bar for their first drinks. They sit at the far end of the bar and ask the bartender for two beers. After asking for their ID’s, the bartender brings them two beers in large steins. 
"How much?” says one of the boys. 
"First one’s on the house,” says the bartender. 
They think, COOL, and guzzle down the beers. In a few minutes it’s time for another. They order and get their beers, bartender says, "second one’s on the house.” 
COOL, they think. After a few more uncharged drinks, the two boys begin to get suspicious. Is the bartender up to something? Is he trying to get them drunk? Is he gay?? 
Who cares, they think. Free beer! 

After their sixth beer, they both started to feel funny. Their stomachs started to blow up! Like balloons! Their bellies inflated until they each looked like they had swallowed a beachball. 

They didn’t know what to do, their bellies ACHED with fullness, but they both hid their swellings until the bar closed and they were alone with the bartender. The bartender locked the door, then looked at the boys at the end of the bar. 
"You boys doin OK? You look like you’re in pain or somethin” 
One of the boys stands up and said, "Look what happened. What was in that beer?” 
The bartender’s eyes bugged out, he was shocked. "What the heck happened to your belly, boy?” 
Then the bartender realized that the other boy must also have a beachball-looking belly. So he walked around the end of the bar and saw that the boys bodies look exactly the same. 
"Shit! What the — waaait a minute. I think I know what happened." He goes behind the bar and looks at the keg he had been serving them from. "Yep! That’s it, you boys been drinking liquid helium. Sorry about that. No hard feelins?” 
The boys are shocked. They look down at their stomachs, swollen up into perfectly round spheres of flesh, the skin is stretched and shiny, making their guts look like they’re about to pop open like full balloons!! Their shirts stretched tight across their ballooned midsections. 

"We’re going to the police,” said one boy and they both started to slowly waddle toward the door. 
"Hold on there,” said the bartender, "let’s not send me to jail tonight.” 
"Well is there anything you can do about this?” said the second boy, pointing to his tightly compacted stomach. 
"Come with me, I know just what to do, "said the bartender and he walked into the back room. They followed him, having to squeeze their bellies through two doors, the second of which, they barely made it through. 
In the back room they found the bartender digging through an old cardboard box in the corner. 
The room was pretty sparse except for an old mattress on the floor, a sofa and a few chairs. 

"Aha, here we go!” He holds up a small vile of fluid. "This here’s the antidote to that liquid helium you drank. He helps each of the young men to drink half of the vile. They gulp it down then are told to sit and wait for the effects. Their bellies aching far too much for them to resist, they both plop down on an old sofa. 
The bartender stands and watches. In a minute or so, both boys start to feel a tingling in their bellies. They look at each other with relief, but then the relief turns to horror as their bellies start to ache even more! They look down to see that their bellies are growing again! They flail and kick, but there’s nothing they can do! But this time it’s not just their stomachs growing, their asses are blowing up, their chests, arms, thighs, calves. Every large body part is swelling up rounder and fuller! Buttons are popping, seams are straining. In a few minutes the swelling slows down and eventually stops. 
But by now they look like human helium balloons. 
The bartender says "whoops, looks like I gave you the wrong thing again. It looks like I just gave you...” he squints at the label, "liquid helium concentrate! Clumsy me!” 

They realize that they’re starting to float up off the couch! They’ve been filled with so much liquid helium that they are floating up toward the ceiling. Their clothes are as tight as they can get, stretched thin across their blimpy bodies. They reach the ceiling and float there, looking at eachother. 
One boy feels a tug at his shoe, the bartender pulls him off of the ceiling and tethers him with a string around the ankle to the couch. After doing the same to the other boy, he stands back where they can see him. He holds up a large, sharp needle. "Now, you boys have any idea what’ll happen to you if I prick you with this needle?” 
The boys turn their heads and look at each other. 
"Well? I want you to tell me. What will happen to you if I prick you boys with this needle?” 
"We’d pop?” said the first boy. 
"That is right, you will pop. Now, since I’m assuming neither one of you wants to be popped, I suggest you do exactly as I say.” 

The bartender grabbed a pair of scissors and came toward the first boy. He carefully cut the boy free of his clothes. Everything except for his shoes and socks. As his body was freed of the restricting clothing, his body parts bloated up even more! Once he was completely naked, he had swollen up, adding about a third more to his size! Each body part was round and full, sticking out like balloons. 
He did the same to the second boy, and they were both naked and inflated as full as they could get. 

Then the bartender went out through the back door, leading to his outside patio, and came back in holding a garden hose. He pulled the first boy down and put the hose into the young man’s mouth. 
"Now, get ready to drink,” he said as he reached outside and turned on the water. He turned it on slowly at first, holding the hose to the boy’s mouth, forcing him to drink. 
The boy’s arms stuck straight out at his sides, he had no choice but to obey. He gulped and gulped as fast as he could and the bartender soon turned the water up more and more, slowly. The boy belched and farted up the helium as his body began to fill up with the water. 
In about half an hour, all of the helium had been replaced by water and the boy was ready to topple over. He was so heavy, he could barely stand upright. He hunched forward so his belly could hang down in front of him, yet it was still very round. His arms and legs looked like link sausages, his ass looked like two enormous beer bellies. 
The bartender helped the boy to waddle slowly toward the mattress on the floor. He walked the boy backward toward the mattress, and as soon as the human water balloon boy stepped on it, he lost his balance and fell onto his ass, bouncing up and down like a water balloon does. His enormous stomach sat on the mattress in front of him. 
The poor helpless 21 year old boy watched as the same thing was done to his friend. 
When both boys were full of water and were sitting on the mattress together, the bartender pulled up a chair to watch them. 

"Now I want you two boys to kiss each other for me.” 
The boys looked terrified, but knew they had to do as he said unless they get popped. So they leaned toward eachother, but were both too full and too fat to touch lips. They looked back at their captor. 
"Well? Don’t give up! Keep tryin till you kiss!” 
The boys wriggled and shifted their huge bodies around on the mattress and were finally able to get their faces together, where they gave eachother quick kisses on the cheeks. 
"Not like that, like this,” said the bartender, and he walked up to the first boy and held onto the sides of his face. Their lips met and they French kissed for about five minutes, the bartender teaching the boy with his tongue just how he liked the kissing to be. Deep and lustful. 
Then he did the same to the second boy. The bartender sat back down and said "OK, now you two do it.” 
The boys leaned in toward eachother again and kissed eachother the way they had been taught. 

The bartender did not let them stop until he was aroused beyond control. He rolled the first boy up, so that the only body parts on the mattress were his stomach, knees and feet. His hands gripped his tight, full belly. The boy’s ass cheeks were sticking out like two pumped up balloons. The bartender helped the second boy up onto his feet, where he stood in perfect view of the first boy. He pulled a chair up to the front of the standing boy. He began to lick and feel the swollen up belly. He probed the navel with his tongue and he rubbed the sides of the enormous ball-like stomach. The boy on the bed watched as his friend’s stomach got pummeled by this strange man. They were utterly helpless. 
He was so tired, he thought he was going to pass out, but kept himself awake out of fear. He did not want to fall asleep around this man. There’s no telling what he would wake up to. 

That night, the two boys, who only wanted to go out and have a few beers, found themselves making love to each other for a good long time, while their captor barked out orders. They were poked, pumped, suckled, inflated and stroked by the bartender and each other at his command. 

After the bartender shot his load, he handcuffed the two boys together, then handcuffed one of the boys to a sturdy nearby water pipe and he left them that way. They lay on the mattress together, so fat that their bodies pressed together. "What do we do?” said the first boy. 
"Can you break that water pipe?” 
He strained, but it wasn’t budging. They tried everything they could think of that night to get loose, but finally, exhausted, they gave up and fell asleep. 

The next morning the bartender came back, he had no doubts about them still being there. He was smiling and carrying an air pump. The boys watched him as he locked the door behind him and walked toward them. 
He undid their handcuffs, then helped the first boy to stand upright. The boy was barely able to stand upright. He swayed back and fourth to keep from falling over. If he fell over, he might rupture or burst, so he did his best to keep balance. 
The bartender sat in the chair behind he boy. The boy could feel the man reaching deep in between his ass cheeks. The man found the boy’s anus and inserted the end of the air pump. 
He stepped to the side of the boy and said lustfully into his ear, "you’re going to feel a little pressure. Relax and let it fill you. Otherwise, you’ll burst.” 
The boy started to feel panic as the bartender disappeared out of his view. He heard a Hisssss sound and at the same time, felt air enter into his ass. Then another Hisssss sound. Then another and another, each one, pumping more and more air into his colon. Since he was so full of water, he could feel the air bubbles moving around inside of him. He felt the air end up in his stomach. His stomach filled with air while the man continued to pump air into his ass for about 20 minutes. 

Afterward, the bartender stood the other boy up and did the same to him. Their bellies had swollen up rounder and tighter with the forced pumpings. He rubbed baby oil onto their bodies, slicking them down from their necks to their ankles. Then he stood the boys together, facing eachother. 
"Now rub your bellies together for me,” said the bartender. 
The boys had decided last night that maybe if they resisted, he would let them go. So they stood there, nervously doing nothing. 
The bartender saw what was going on in their minds and he stood up. He walked toward where he had left the needle the night before. He picked it up and walked back toward the boys. He slowly aimed the needle at the first boy’s aching belly. 
Before he was popped, he started to rub his belly against his friend’s belly. The oil made it easy for their bellies to slide together. Their navels rubbed together as they went back and fourth, up and down while the pleased bartender sat and watched, smiling.

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