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"There he is!" I pointed out a guy I had seen at the bars to one of
my friends. I was beautiful. 6'
tall about 200# of pure muscle. You could tell he worked out.

"God isn't he about the most hansom man you have ever seen?"

Derek looked at me a bit strange.

"Don't look at me that way he's beautiful."

"I know that but I didn't think that you did. Whats the matter,
change your preference?"

He was right. I don't normally go for that buff Greek God look.
Short hair, stubble beard. He
could have been in a movie or advertised swim wear. He had the body
for it and boy did he
maintain it.

"Maybe I have. I don't know but I really do like his looks."

All my life I had looked at the heavier men and gotten aroused. But
now it was happening with
the beautiful man. Maybe I have changed as I was growing older.

"Want to meet him?" Derek asked. "he's a friend. But don't be put
off if he doesn't take to you
real quickly. He's a bit of a tease. I know a lot of guys that have
tried to get him in bed and he
doesn't go. Maybe his standards are to high."

"Yea well he probably wont look twice at me." I'm not an ogre but not
the most hansom man. 
Average looks average build. Nothing very memorable about me. At
least that is my perception.

Derek motioned him to come over, I begged him not to. "Thomas I have
someone who would like
to meet you." I blushed noticeably.

"Hi my name is Steve."

"I think that I have seen you around."

Well it wasn't cold but it wasn't the most memorable greeting that I
had ever had. "So what's up
for the nights events?" I thought I would try a little probing
question to see if I could get a little
more out of him.

"Not much. Thinking about going home soon. Bunch of posers here."

"Some might think that you were one of them with your good looks." I
Think I hit a cord because
he smiled.

"Nah just haven't found the right guy yet."

Well at least he was looking. "So what do you do beside working out?
That's rather apparent."

"Not much. My grandparents left me quite a mint when they died and
then my Mom just died a
couple of years ago. I'm pretty well set."

"I'm sorry to hear that but I wasn't fishing for job references. Just
wondering what you do for fun. 
I'm a fanatical shopper. Wish I had some of your money I would be an
even better buyer but I
guess that When I can finally afford something it means more to me."

"Being able to buy what you want isn't all that it is cracked up to
be. Sure it is nice but I would
trade it all for someone that I loved and he loved me. Not like all
these posers just want to get
their hands on the money. I have been looking for someone real, someone
that loves me for me."

"I hear that." Thomas was really thoughtful, not like most of those
body builders. Head as thick
as a rock and morals of an ally cat.

"I like you. There is a lot more going on in your head than I
thought. Sure you look good but
even more important once you scratch the surface there is something
more there."

The night ended uneventfully. We chatted off and on the rest of the
evening. I would need to
make the rounds and see who else there and then Thomas would see some
friends, at least I
assumed they were friends. We would then catch each other and exchange
notes about the others
in the bar. I guess I made a short night of it leaving about
midnight. Thomas was standing near
the door talking to another great looking man. My guess was that they
would go home and have a
little fun.

I didn't see Thomas again for a little over a month but there he was at
the Barnes an Noble book
store. I was going up the escalator and he was going down. "Hi Tom."
I smiled and gave a
clipped wave.

He smiled and said, "What's up Steve." He remembered my name.

"Not much." I offered as we passed each other figuring that we
wouldn't see each other again for
another month and a half or more. I watched as he went down to the
bottom of the escalator and
then he did the most peculiar thing. He go on the up escalator and
started coming back up.

I was just about at the top so I got off and stepped aside to let
everyone else by hoping that he
was coming back up to see me.

"I was hoping that I would see you." He said as he got off the
escalator. "I really enjoyed talking
to you the other night. Wish that you hadn't left so early. I was
caught buy that bonehead at the
door otherwise I would have walked you to your car."

Am I dreaming? This never happens. "Are you sure that you wanted to
talk to me?"

"Sure silly. Your the best listener that I have ever met in the bars.
You let me blow off my steam
and then gently set me back on track. I have thought about everything
that we talked about that
night since. You really have a good head on your shoulders."

"God are you good for my ego." I was stunned. "I wasn't doing
anything that I wouldn't do for
anyone else."

"I know that is why I really enjoyed talking with you so much."

"Lets go get something to eat and talk some more. My treat."

I never could let someone take me out and pay for my dinner. I always
felt that I owed them. So
my standard line came out. "No let me take you out."

"No really I want to."

Reluctantly I agreed.

We went down to a nice restaurant and ordered. A nice salad each and
hor's dourves. Tom had
the T-Bone steak and I had the shrimp platter.

As it turned out Tom had gone to Europe for a couple of weeks and the
other weekends that he
was in town I hadn't been at the bars.

"I have been looking for you at the bars."

"Well I got bored with it and haven't been for a while. Same old
thing over and over."

"Yea but I really wanted to talk with you."

"I was wondering if you wanted to be my guest on a trip to Egypt. I
was thinking about going
about the middle of February and it's not a great place to go alone."

"Well I do have a couple of weeks vacation time coming, but I just
don't think that I could afford

"I'll pay all the costs."

"No. No. No. I couldn't let you do that. If I go you have to let
me pay my own way."

"But you would be doing me a favor."

"Don't try to fool me. We either do it my way or not at all. I am
not going to be obligated to
someone that I barely know."

Tom seemed to mull that over in his mind and then agreed. "When will
you know if you can get
that time off."

"I don't even know if I can afford it yet. I have to go home and
figure out my budget before I can
even think about asking for the time. Say maybe next weekend."


"We'll meet back at the book store at say noon Saturday?"

"Sounds good to me." Tom slipped me a paper.

That's my number if you want to get in touch with me before then.

I gave Tom my beeper number since getting me at home is very

This was Tuesday and I got two Beeps from him by Friday.

The faithful day came. Tom was sitting in one of the over stuffed
reading chairs just watching the
escalators as I came up. He was like a school boy.

"Well you made me wait till today so what's your answer."

"It will be a bit of a stretch but I'd love to go. I got it cleared
with my boss and it will mean that I
can't go out to the bars till after we get back but lets go."

It was more than 4 months before we were to leave. Our departure was
for February 8 and
returning on the 29th.

I had a lot of things to do to get ready. Tom was over every couple
of days to talk and clear the
arrangements with me. Since I was working he was making the
arrangements and then coming over
with the news. As the weeks passed we got closer and closer. We
talked about everything, likes
and dislikes, hobbies, whatever popped into our heads.

Then that faithful night came. Tom had come over with news of the
cruse down the Nile he had
been working on. We were both so excited that we talked well after
midnight when I started to
yawn and realized that I had to get up for work in the morning.

"Look it's late." Tom said. "I better go."

"I wouldn't hear of it. I have a big bed and your tired too. I don't
want to feel responsible for you
falling asleep at the wheel."

"Ok but I must warn you I sleep in the nude."

"That's no problem with me I usually do to but not tonight."

"Why because I'm here?"


"Don't be silly feel free."

"I don't want to jeopardize this friendship. I'll feel more
comfortable if I sleep in my shorts."

"Suit yourself."

He was beautiful. Washboard stomach, Biceps as thick as his neck,
that characteristic V-shaped
body, Thighs rippled with muscles. There was no problem with his
sleeping in the nude but I tell
you I had to curled up in a ball for quite some time before I was soft
enough to relax and go to
sleep. When we climbed in bed his big arm wrapped around me and
pulled me close to him.

"I just love cuddling." Tom said. "I wasn't planning on a session of
love making tonight but do
you mind if I hold your body close to mine?"

It felt wonderful. "I love this." His hard body pressed up to mine.

We slept all night like that and in the morning I woke and showered
without waking Tom.

Just a note on the table under a key. "Make yourself breakfast and
let yourself out. I have been
meaning to give you this key but didn't think about it till now.
Talk with you later. Big Hugs

When I go home Tom was still there or maybe he had gotten back before
I had returned.

"How was your day?" Tom queried.

"Same old thing."

"I made dinner." Boy was he a good cook. Heaps of food that I
couldn't identify but all smelled
so wonderful.

There he stood naked with just the apron tied around his waist to
keep the splatters from getting
on his skin.

The last few weeks went by and Tom and I had all but moved in together
in my little one bedroom
apartment. He was here every night and most of the days.

We slept together but only had sex a couple of times. My waist line
was beginning to show the
results of his meals. I was up to 200 before we left for our trip and
Tom bought me a whole new
wardrobe since he said that it was his fault for my gaining the weight.

The trip was wonderful. The prices were inexpensive but Tom seemed to
know all the best places
to go. Only three weeks went by but I swear that by the time that we
returned my new outfits
were stretched tight. I must have weight 250 pounds by then. But it
didn't seem to bother Tom.

Upon returning home we made it official. A little ceremony and a few
friends and we were linked
at least in our minds forever. Tom had all his assets put in both of
our names and so did I. We
were together and I liked it.

Soon after our wedding we moved into a house out in the 'burbs. Tom
said it was a good
investment and I took his word for it. He was the one that was the
smartest with the money.

I kept going to work and he made like the little homemaker and set up
housekeeping. His
decorating was magnificent. So very tastefully done. Tom began to
garden, and his meals were
just as wonderful as ever.

We had gotten a large spread of land. About 120 acres and our house
was almost in the
geographic center. No neighbors for quite a distance.

Tom's constant question as I returned home was, "How was work?"

To which I almost invariably replied "not bad."

"Well what would you like to do."

"I'd love to be a travel agent. Arranging all those interesting trips
for people. That would be fun."

"Well lets do it." By the end of the week we had bought a travel
agency and I had quit my job to
manage it. Tom wasn't one to wait.

Tom was so wonderful to me. I couldn't believe that we were together.
I kept pinching myself to
see if it was true.

His meals were extravagant and massive. I soon crested 300 pounds.
My tits were soft and hung
like ripe melons. My belly button was lost in a mound of flesh. My
penis had been a rather good
sized one when I had met Tom but was now down to 6" but still fairly
thick. But Toms food
wasn't just affecting me. Tom also had begun to grow soft. He was
still about 200 but the
washboard abs weren't there. The definition in his pecs were gone
but still fairly respectable.

After I had hit 300 we went out and bought new cloths and as always
Tom carefully took all the
clothes that I had outgrown and marked them with the weight I was at
and their size and put them
in to a plastic storage bin in the attic.

"Now its my turn." Declared Tom as he finished his ritual of marking
the old wardrobe. But this
time he came down with a box of clothes that were the smallest I had
ever been.

"What do you mean?"

"You're a nice fat boy now and I have always wanted to be fat too.
And you are going to help
me. That's why I have kept all of your old clothes. I want to feel
what it has been like to gain all
the weight that you have."

Tom had been cooking an especially large meal that day when I had come
home and it was just
about ready to eat.

"Sit down. We are going to start now." We ate and ate for hours and
when I was full Tom had
also slowed down. My belly stretched my clothes but Tom's buttons
were about to pop.

"You can't get much more into yourself Tom."

"You'll never be able to gain with that attitude. Now I am going to
need your help. Feed me. 
Keep forcing that food into my mouth until its all gone."

"There's too much. You'll burst."

"Just try me."

I did. for another hour I kept forcing all that food down Tom's
throat. First one button popped
about mid way down his belly. About 15 minutes later a second one
popped. When the third one
popped that was all she wrote. The others ripped open like you were
unzipping a zipper. The
only button left was the one around his neck.

"We've got to stop now." I pleaded with Tom. "You're going to hurt

Tom agreed. I helped him up and tried to steer him into the bedroom
but he insisted that we go to
the bathroom first. I thought that he wanted to puke or at least go
to the bathroom. Tom climbed
up on the scale and read out 225.

"That's a good start. Lets go lay down and let this one settle before
we start again."

There was an absolute glow in his eyes. I do believe that he was
truly happy.

Tom and I went into the bedroom and I massaged his belly. I oiled it
down and rubbed every ounce
of tension out of it. How could he have eaten so much.

"So how big do you want to be?"

"At least as big as you are now."

That astonished me. I just couldn't picture Tom at 300. He had been
the only man that I had been
attracted to that was any where near the "perfect" model. And here he
was wanting to get huge.

As I massaged his belly his dick began to grow. It was already stuck
out from all the pressure
placed on in from his over extended belly but it began to grow even

"May I?" I asked motioning down to his crotch. Tom just smiled in
that familiar way and I
climbed on top of him careful not to place to much of my bulk down on
his belly. The grease on
his stomach allowed my legs to slide easily around his body and
allowed my belly to rub his. I
began slowly at first and then picked up speed. My bulk on bended
knees sitting on his cock as it
rose and fell in my ass. The mass of fat in my legs rubbing against
his belly and my hands
rubbing what ever else was exposed.

It wasn't long before he exploded inside me. It was wonderful.

I lay down beside him and asked. "So how long have you had these
desires to be big?"

"I've always want ted to be big but until I saw you at the bars
making way for the big men I didn't
really see them as sexy. My stereo typical view of the world was well
planted and I just couldn't
break out of that mould. I had wanted to talk to you for months but
you never seemed to notice

"Oh I noticed you. Who couldn't. I have always admired a nice
looking body. In some ways
they are aesthetically pleasing but when it comes to arousal I like a
big man. That's my ideal. But I
began to really like you and thought that my perception had changed."

"You know I don't mid how big you get don't you Tom."

"No I really didn't until now. I was so excited when Derek called me
over to meet you. But I
was still very guarded even then. You could have been just as stuck
on physical beauty as all the
others were. Of course you version of physical beauty was a little
different than most."

At that I grabbed hold of Tom whispered I love you and snuggled with him
for hours.

In the morning I found Tom had already gotten up and was again making
another huge meal. 
Pancakes, butter and syrup, sausages and milk mounded on platter on
the table. Tom was
retrieving his latest stack of pancakes in his usual cooking attire,
naked with an apron on, when I
came up behind him and wrapped my arms around him. The mound that was
so noticeably there
last night had gone down considerably.

"Got to get back to work. I'm just about ready, just let me get this
last stack of cakes." He
placed them on an already filled platter and carried it over to the
table right in from of his place. 
there were already several sticks of butter melting in between the
stacks and Tom grabbed up the
syrup and emptied two bottles over the stacks. And away he went.
Bite after bite the stacks
began to disappear. The mound of sausages were also beginning to get
smaller. But Tom's tummy
sure showed the difference. He untied the apron and allowed his
belly to relax for a few minutes
and then he began to eat again. I couldn't believe it he was able to
eat even more today than he
had last night. And just as last night he began to slow down and
motioned me over to stand
behind him. He leaned back in his chair allowing his belly to expand.
Slid his chair so that he
was sitting sideways to the table leaned his head back and looked up
into my eyes and said feed

Did I want to do this. I don't mind him getting bigger but I had
never been involved in someone
trying to force feed himself. How big will he get? How much can I
safely stuff in him and not
hurt him? Will I be attracted to him when he is as big as me? All
these thoughts ran through my
head and more as I picked up the next spoonful and feed it to my
growing butterball.

"Ah." The sound  began to grow as I fed him more and more.
I did like this even
though there were so many other questions I had.

It was nearly 10 when I finished and the platters were clean. Not
like the night before. He had
made about the same in mass as he had for dinner but today it all
seemed to go down him with
ease. We had left almost a quarter of the food last night. So where
was it.

"Tom what happened to the leftovers from dinner?"

"I had a little snack in the middle of the night."

He was doing all the typical things that a makes people fat. I loved
it. Tom laid stretched out in
the chair for another couple of hours or so I was told. I had to get
to work. Even being the owner
and manager I still had things that I needed to do. I guess that my
hours might begin to very a
little more than usual. I came home at 5 as normal and found Tom
spread out on the sofa. And a
wonderful aroma coming from the kitchen. I swear that this dinner had
to be bigger than last
nights. Over the next week his belly began to stretch out but his
weight barely gained an ounce. 
It was a month before he showed even a five pound gain. But he wasn't

"I just have to slow down my metabolism and increase my intake." So
mater of fact it sounded
so normal.

Tom began scheduling his meals one at 5am the next at 10am another
at 1pm and again when I
got home at 5pm and then another at 9pm and he would wake up at
midnight for another snack. 
He was up to 5 meals a day and was still just beginning to gain. It
was slow going those first
months. I was still at my 3 meals a day and I was up to 350. He ate
almost constantly.

We had two freezers and two refrigerators stocked full constantly of
all sorts of food that was
mostly going into Tom. Our shopping trips consisted mainly of Sam's
Wholesale where we
bough in bulk.

Toms belly had been stretched out and his weight had gone up to 250 by
the fall and that is when
it really began to show. Tom no longer went outside to work in his
garden he just sat in the house
and ate. By Christmas he was 350 to my 400. At this rate he would
soon pass me up. I had been
pretty steady at 400 for about 6 months now and didn't see myself
growing much bigger.

But Tom just ate and ate. Soon I would have to be wearing his hand me

That hard flat stomach a thing of the past. There were mounds of
flesh and fat where his pectoral
muscles had been flowing down into a crease under his arms. His arms
had always been huge but
now they were soft and huge rather than hard and huge. His thighs
were so filled with fat that the
separation between one leg and the next was only noticeable by a faint
indentation. His face, oh that
beautiful face was even more beautiful now that the chins developed
into a single layer of fat
dissolving the separation between his body and head. His mouth sunken
in a deep layer of fat only
forced open to be fed. And those sparkling eyes in that round face.
He was beautiful. Big or

He was nice and soft just like I liked my men and snuggling up to this
man was more than I could
have hoped for.

"Now lets try a little something different."


"I've been a little frustrated with my plateau. I've been 350 for
more than a month now lets try
something a little different."

"What did you have in mind."

Tom lead me up to the spare bedroom and showed me what he had been
working on. I hadn't
realized that he had been working on this for the past few weeks but
as I stepped into the bedroom I
could see a mattress on top of a platform. Heavy rings placed in all
the corners with a strap
stretched from each. From the ceiling was another large hook. 

"Strap me in."

I removed Toms clothes and he laid down on the mattress his belly
sticking up in the air. "Now
go to the closet and get the bucket and hose." Sure enough in the
closet was a bucket and hose.

"Now as I swallow stick the hose down my nose until I motion you to

"I hope you know what you are doing."

"And after you get the hose in get the bucket of weight gain mix I
have prepared and pour it into
the bucket."

All was prepared and the flow began to invade Toms body. There was a
strategically placed hand
pump on the hose and as Tom got use to the flow I began to pump it
harder. Toms belly grew
hard and rounded. I got the second bucket of weight gain mix and
filled the bucket again. the
pumping grew harder and harder. I kept Tom in the straps and fed him
every hour on the hour
over the weekend. I cleaned up the messes he made and pumped more and
more into him. On
Monday Tom was noticeably bigger. He must be 400 by now.

I loosened the straps and helped Tom to sit up. His belly forcing his
already mammoth legs apart. I
sat behind him and supported him till he was ready to stand and make
his way to the scale.

"418! My god you've passed me up."

We stood and looked at his massive bulk in the full length mirror Tom
had had installed.

"Your gorgeous."

Every other weekend for the next three months we went through this
ritual. With Toms Gorging
and tube feedings he was soon over 500. Gaining on 600. May came and
went and I was looking
forward to June. I was planning on taking a month off and helping
Tom grow. Tom also seem
excited. I think he was finally looking forward to having some one on
one time with me.

The weekend before my vacation started was another trip to the spare
bedroom for Tom. On
Sunday I released his bonds and allowed him to rise. He was truly
massive. The platform
creaked under his girth. I smiled as I watched him climb on the scale
and announce 600. He was
now triple the size he started out at with me. this was a mile stone
for him and me.

Tom Waddled, or maybe it was more of a strut, back to the platform and
laid down. I wrapped
my arms around his belly and snuggled up to him. I was soon asleep.

I awoke Monday morning to the feeling of straps tied to my arms and
legs. They didn't hurt but I
was immobile. there wasn't a thing that I could do. Tom was hovering
over me stroking my belly
that had a coating of oil all over it.

"What's up Tom?" As if I didn't know. "I didn't say I wanted to do
this." Although it did excite

"You got no choice in the matter Steve. You've plumped me up for
months and now its my turn
to return the favor. You've been hovering at 400 for almost a year
now and I think it's about time
you started gaining again."

I knew what to do I had been feeding Tom twice a month for several
months now and the process
was clear. I swallowed as he fed the tube down my nose and prepared
myself as he filled the
bucket. What would it feel like to have my belly filled without
having to eat. Without having any
control as to how much was forced into me. How long would he do this.
I braced myself but
Tom just stroked my belly and pumped the tube till the first batch was
empty. He immediately filled
the bucket again and repeated the process. And then once again. I was
getting use to the straps
and eventually fell to sleep. Day after day every hour on the hour
Tom filled me with more of the
mix. My sides bulged. My belly was a permanent mount towering above
me so that I could
barely see anything but my flesh and a bit of a view on either side.
Day in and day out. I only
kept him there for a weekend. Would he keep me here for the entire
month? A day turned into a
week and the weeks gradually turned into a month.. A couple of days
short of the month I awoke
to find my straps had been loosened. I couldn't move. I hadn't
moved from that spot in a month
how was I going to be able to move now. I tried to roll. I caught a
glimpse of Tom's face

"Ya want help fat boy."

"Please." It took all our effort to hoist myself into a sitting
position. As I had done for Tom, Tom
did for me. He sat behind me and supported me while I got use to the
new weight. Tom pulled a
sheet out and seemed to want to drape it around me. But it wasn't a
sheet. It was a shirt. It was
huge. How big did I get.? I looked for the mirror. It wasn't there.
I took the shirt and wrapped it
around myself and strained to button the buttons how could something
this big be tight on me. tom
then handed me some pants and again they were huge. I was more stable
now as I sat on the edge
by myself and could feel Tom hoisting my legs to put them through the
legs in the new cloths.

"You ready to try to stand?"

"Might as well." It was like moving a mountain.. Even as I stood my
belly didn't seem to get any
smaller. It stuck out as much now as when I was sitting. Steadying
myself on Tom we walked
over to the scale and I climbed on.. I had to take Toms word for what
happened next.

Tom hugged me and declared 850. "I was wondering if I could get you
to double your weight in
a month and look at you. I love it." I was scared how would I feel
being 850.

"Don't worry I love you and I'll take care of you forever." My fear
must have show because
Tom was trying to calm me down. I never could resist his smiling eyes.

"I love you."

I had noticed some sounds of working in the distance as I was being
fed but only ow realized
what it was. Al the doors had been enlarged. by my estimate the had
been doubled. The Hall
was was increased and there were entirely new furnishing throughout
the house. Furnishing that
were made for men of our size.

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