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Benny's Food Truck
Andy was a runner. Every morning at sunrise, determined to keep his trim shape and flat abs, he would run around the block before work. He loved running. The feel of the cool, morning breeze against his face. The tights he wore. And, above all, running gave him his athletic figure.

One morning, however, things were different. At the end of his usual right, he spotted a food truck just around the corner. It smelled of bleakest food like biscuits, eggs, bacon and buttermilk pancakes. Steadfast in his determination to stay thin, Andy simply ran past it, ignoring the smiling fat man inside, urging him to "stop by".

The next morning was a little difficult. Remembering the smell of the truck, he subconsciously forgot to make his morning workout shake and simply started his run. By the time he arrived at the end of his route, he was famished.

"All right," he told himself. "Just one sausage biscuit and then I'll run it off."

When he arrived, the fat man greeted him. "Well, hello there! Finally decided to give Benny's a try?"

"No time to talk. Give me a sausage biscuit." The glorious smells of food were tempting Andy to get more. He had to get out of there. He didn't want to end up a fat slob like Benny with a big belly, double chins and a wide, fat ass.

When Benny was done, he handed Andy two sausage biscuits instead of one.

"I only asked for one," said Andy agitated.

"As a first customer, you get two on the house."

Andy put one on the counter. "Thanks but no thanks," he said and turned and walked away.

He wasn't too far from the truck when he took a bite out of his sausage biscuit. It tasted amazing! He devoured it in one mouthful, letting the crumbs fall down his chin and licking the grease offf his fingers. Before he realized what he was doing, he went back to the truck and ate the one that was still sitting on the counter.

"You like?" Asked Binny, grinning.

Andy didn't want to give Benny the satisfaction of being right, so he simply looked at him and walked back home, too full to run.

The next morning, Andy took his time getting out of bed. He felt a little sluggish but made his shake anyway. It wasn't enough so he made another. After chugging that one, he went on his run. Towards the end, he subconsciously began to smell the bacon and the eggs and the pancakes before even turning the corner.

Today, however, the truck was situated on the other side of the road, a bit closer to his return route home. He ran to the truck, nearly salivating with anticipation.

"Give me some pancakes, a side of eggs and sausages,"said Andy, still holding on to his pride. He needed the food and figured he'd work off the calories on his way home. He found Benny's smiles annoying. It seemed like he enjoyed this.

When Benny turned back around, he presented Andy with a plate stacked with pancakes smothered in butter and syrup, a side of two eggs and five of the fattest, greasiest sausage links that Andy had ever seen.

"I didn't ask for all of this."

"Don't worry! It's on the house," said Berny grinning and whipping his greasy fingers on his apron.

Well, Andy thought to himself, if it's free... He picked up the knife and fork and cut a piece out of the three layer ed pancake. It was delicious! He ate another and then another mouthful.

"This is really good!" Andy said, forgetting his inhibitions.

"I know," said Benny smiling down at him. "And, from now on, you'll be polite when you talk to me. 'May i', 'please', 'thank you', and you'll call me 'sir'."

When he had finished the pancakes, he moved on to the eggs. His mouth was so full that food fell out of it as he uttered "yes... sir". Then, he dropped his fork and shoved the sausages, one after the other, into his mouth, letting the grease dribble down his chin. He looked up at Benny while he ate, almost feeling submissive under his gaze. Benny wanted him to eat, he knew that now and he started to want to ablige him but his body...

He was now more full then he had ever been but when he went to his wallet, Benny said "don't worry about that. It's on the house! Here, have a shake to wash it down." He made a giant banana shake. Andy drank the whole thing right at the counter in one gulp.

As he turned and walked away, Andy remembered to say "thank you, sir" to Benny. He was far too full to run. As he walked, he let out a large BELCH that surely woke up the neighborhood. He rubbed his small, bourgeoning gut and licked the remaining grease off of his lips.

"Fuck, I'm getting fat! Must run twice as hard tomorrow," he said to himself.

But the next morning came and it took him thirty minutes to get out of bed. He was feeling extremely lethargic but, when once he got up for the thrill to run, he noticed that it was Benny's truck that motivated him this time. He didn't even shower before putting on his tights. And, when he put on his running tee, he noticed that it was a bit tighter and his thighs were beginning to run together as he walked.

"What the fuck? It's only been three days!" He said, as he walked outside, forgetting his shake altogether.

Halfway through his run, he was surprised to see the truck across the street. He ran right over, forgetting the rest of his route. This time, there was a large stool situated in front of the counter.

"Hello Benny,"he said a bit sheepishly. He wasn't used to being polite to people. "May i have a..."

"Don't worry! I know what you need!"  Benny turned and went to work.

Before long, he produced two large plates stacked with five, thick pancakes smothered in fattening butter and covered in so much syrub, it was running off onto the counter. He then made another plate of about fifteen fat, brown sausage links and piles of bacon. The smell made Andy salivate. He whipped his chin.

"Benny, i can't possibly eat all if this,"Andy said.

"You can and you will. All this free food is costing me more then it's costing you anyways. Besides, you fucking love my food, don't you boy?"

Andy mumbled a "yes sir".

"But where are the utensils?"

"Ain't got none. Use your hands like a man,"said Benny.

And without further ado, Andy grabbed the first layer of pancake and started eating, letting the buttery syrub run down his hand and chin. It was so good that he ate it in seconds, moving on to the next layer. He was so fucking hungry!

Eventually, with a mouth full of pancakes, he grabbed a long, fat sausage and stated licking off the grease like it was a big,fat cock letting the saliva dribble down his chin with the syrup. He began moaning like a fucking bitch in heat. He could feel his cock getting hard in his tights but paid it no mind. The food was how he was getting off.

He was eating everything without order. Moving from pancake to fat sausage or sausage to pancake. He had completely lost control, cramming a handful of bacon in his mouth. Saliva was running down both sides of his mouth and his shirt was stained with syrub and grease..

Once he was 'done', Benny produced a huge glass of beer which Andy downed in seconds letting some of its contents dribble down his chin as well. Once he was done, he slammed the glass back on the counter and leaned back, messaging his new gut. His sticky shirt was riding up to his navel and his tight shorts were sliding downwards, revealing a little bit of butt crack.

"Now you look like a fucking man, boy!!" Exclaimed Benny, sporting a fat hardon himself. Watching Andy eat made him so horny that he drooled. He licked his lips, pulled Andy closer and kissed him hard. They then started making out. Berny licked all the syrub off of Andy's face. He started drooling so much that both their chins became so wet with saliva that a line a spit oozed out of both of their mouths and onto the counter top.

Andy didn't even care that his ass was out as he leaned over the counter. The saliva, the syrub the musty smell of Benny made him want more. He came in his tights already once but he was still humping the counter. "More!" He moaned in between breaths.

"YOU WANT MORE?!? I'LL FUCKING GIVE YOU MORE!" Benny said, lifting up his apron and forcing Andy's head down into his fully erect cock. He then, using his free right hand, produced three apple pies from the oven and sat them on the counter. Andy tried to get up but Benny held his head still, fucking his throat.

"To think that only last week you were a slim, athletic piece of shit that ran around this neighborhood like you owned it. NOW LOOK AT YOU!! FUCKING BEGGING FOR MORE FOOD UNDER THOSE GAGS AREN'T YOU BOY? THAT TURNS ME ON MORE THEN ANYTHING ELSE! THE FACT THAT I TURNED A FUCKING JOCK INTO A FUCKING PIG IN THREE DAYS! ALL THAT PRIDE AND ALL THAT SELF-CONTROL GONE BECAUSE OF ME! FUCK YEAH!" he screamed as he shot load after load of cum into Andy's wanting mouth. "DRINK THAT FUCKING CUM, BITCH! GET FAT OFF MY SEMEN".

Andy drank as if he could get fat off of it. Once he was done, Benny stuck Andy's face in the first pie and he started eating. Once he was done with all three, he was fed another glass of beer. He was so full! He grabbed the sides of his new gut and belched right in Benny's face. That made Benny cum in his apron.

Andy's tight shorts were groaning under three loads of his cum and sliding down his ass. But, when he asked for more, Benny said: "go home and come back tomorrow you fat fuck!" And closed up.

Covered in filth and with a face shiny with cum, saliva, syrup and butter, Andy went back home dejectedly, not even bothering to go to work.

He tried to go to sleep that night but couldn't. He had gotten hungry and horny at the same time so he ate nearly everything in his refrigerator. He found three large cases of chocolate, grabbed them and threw them on the bed. He then lubbed up his fattest dildo and began fucking himself with it with one hand as he stuffed his face with chocolate with the other. At some point, he fell asleep in a food crazed stupor, still wearing his dirty clothes from the day added with chocolate pieces, his own cum and a fat dildo up his ass. Long gone were the days when he thought about running.

When the sun came up the next day, Andy's nostrils flared at the smell of Benny's truck and when he went outside his front door, he saw it sitting in his front yard. The counter part was closed but the back of the truck was wide open.

Andy peered inside and saw Benny furiously making food. There were plates stacked high with mouth-watering pancakes and the fastest, juiciest sausages that Andy had ever seen! Benny's counter was overflowing with large, juicy burgers with fat meat patties covered with milted cheese. "For lunch," Benny said as he turned and saw Andy. The sight of his new pig drove him fuckimg crazy with excitement.

"Still wearing the same filthy clothes as yesterday? Good! Just like a pig should! I want to see how you're growing anyway," he said. "Get in."

Andy obeyed and let Benny close the medal door behind him. Now, all of the sounds from the outside world were extinguished and Andy was surrounded by the smell of all the delicious food around him. Benny had months worths of food situated all throughout the back of the truck on plates stacked almost as high as the truck's ceiling with food.

"Sit on that stool," commanded Benny. Andy obeyed sliding right into it as it creaked a little under his weight.

"You're going to sit in that stool and eat until it breaks," Benny said, moving the piles of food closer to Andy until he was surrounded on all sides by food. The sausage links were pushed in front of Andy so Benny grabbed the juiciest one and rubbed the end of it around Andy's mouth. Andy stuck his tongue out, trying to lick it, moaning like a fucking bitch and getting his chin wet with droll.

"You want it?"

Andy moaned, "yes sir," in a high pitched squeal.

"Beg for it pig!"

"UNGh!! Sir, may i.. have it... Please sir! I want it... So bad, sir! Please, can i..." Droll was rolling down his chin at this point. He wanted it so bad he was nearly in tears.

"Good boy," said  Benny, as he crammed the sausage down Andy's throat, getting an explosion of grease all over his hand.

"Attaboy! Now eat the rest of this. Eat so much that you feel like you're going to explode and then eat more! I want you so fat that this truck groans under your weight! Understand me boy?"

"Yes sir!" Andy mumbled as he shoveled handfuls of food into his mouth.

"Good,"said Benny as he waddled up to the steering wheel, his massive gut resting on it as he turned the key and put the truck in drive. He didn't care where he took them as long as Andy kept eating. The sounds and the smells made Benny cum several times in his apron as he drove.

But what really excited him was his main idea. That, when Andy reached 400lbs, Benny would teach him how to cook his food. Andy would then take Benny's place, driving around the country while Benny gorged until he reached 400 and they'd keep up the trend until they reached 800 and beyond! The thought of two fat bastards eating and fucking in a truck filled with food, the truck groaning under there added weight, made Benny cum all over his non-steering hand. He licked it all off with delight as Andy's moans caused his boner to grow once more.

"We'll keep going until we make this truck collapse under us!"

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Thanks for this amazing story! All of your stories are incredibly sexy and thrilling!

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