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Big Daddy vs. the World Part One
It had been nearly two months since Big Daddy had started making all of the Mayor's political decisions since arriving in Glutton Bay, USA. Since he opened up his chili bar and grill about a year ago, business had increased exponentially! There was now a chili spot on every quarter producing his special chili.
His farm had also increased in size. Now, there were hundreds of pigs feasting and fucking at his joint producing thousands of pounds of semen every week. Big Daddy was a rich and, now, powerful man.
But the money wasn't what he was after. It was the men of Glutton's Bay and then the men of Massachusetts and then the rest of the men in the world! He wanted them all fat, hairy and sloppy; all craving for his dick.
The divorce rate was almost at ninety percent in Glutton's Bay with wives taking their children and leaving their husbands who now only found pleasure in food and a man's fat, meaty clocks. Houses were becoming abandoned as men began living in groups to have week long orgies and feeding sessions. Big Daddy was fucking a new man every night and tonight he knew who he'd be fucking...
It was time for the mayor to finally give all of his power (and his title) over to Big Daddy. This was obviously unorthodox but with the majority of the town feasting half the day and fucking the rest, no one cared. All there needed to be was a press conference.
For all intents and purposes, the mayor was Big Daddy's bitch and tonight proved it perfectly. As the newly fattened camera crew finished up getting the Mayor's office ready, the mayor was still at his desk, stuffing his face with barbeque mumbling “...so fucking good" between bites.
He had outgrown his clothes some time ago and he looked like a balloon in his suit (now covered in food) ready to explode any minute. Big Daddy went behind him and saw with delight a full view of his butt crack.
“Atta boy!” Said Big Daddy, feeding him a fat juicy sausage. Big Daddy felt his dick get hard as the mayor ate it, juice rolling down his chin and all over Big Daddy's hand.
“We're starting a new line of breakfast food. You like?”
“Yes, Big Daddy!” Said the mayor, sucking up the grease from Big Daddy's fingers. “I like everything you do, Big Daddy”
“He was clean when we started but then he started demanding food. We didn't know what to do so we caved sir,” said Germaine, one of Big Daddy's favorite grunts. Still thick with muscle and wearing the grunt uniform of black shirt, black pants and black boots, Big Daddy wondered what he would look like obese. “Not yet,” he thought to himself “I need all my grunts fit. They'll need those muscles to lug all these fat men around.”
“No worries, Gemaine. I like him like that. Most of the population won't care anyways,” he said. “Start rolling.”
The camera crew jumped to and in five...four...three...two...one they were rolling.
For an instant, the mayor looked up from his dinner and said “Big Daddy is our new mayor now cut the fucking camera off and GET ME MORE FOOD!”
The thought that all those viewers, the ones not affected by his chili and were still sane, just saw their once powerful and fit mayor belching and covered in food, fatter then he'd ever been turned Big Daddy on more then everything else. He commanded everyone to get out.
When they did, Big Daddy got behind the mayor, pulled what was left of his pants down and fucked him harder then he'd fucked any man before.
“Yes Big Daddy!” Cried the mayor. “More cum. I WANT YOUR CUM!”
Big Daddy shot a huge load up the Mayor's ass. He then made the camera crew and a few of his grunts (not Germaine of course. He was protective of Germaine) fuck the old man too. By the end of the night, the mayor was too full to move and would spend the rest of his life gorging in bed.

The following day, his first act as mayor was to institute a new law mandating that all men over the age of eighteen must weigh over two-hundred pounds by the end of the year and they must maintain or surpass that weight the following year and so forth so long as the law remained active. Under 'Fatty's Law’, members of the police force or those acting under the Mayor's express orders may take whatever means necessary to help any adult male in Glutton's Bay to make weight.
The law passed unanimously amongst the very fat, male congress and the police chief willingly obliged (between mouthfuls) and the public said not a word against it. Despite his rampant popularity, Big Daddy knew he still had some detractors so he decided to have Germaine pick out one that he would use as an example to all the others of Glutton's Bay still rebelling against his will.
“This one's name is Roy Parm,” said Germaine, giving Big Daddy the first report of this kind. “He's a professional bodybuilder weighing in at 185lbs of muscle at the age of 25. His body is incredible.”
Germaine tossed Big Daddy a photo of Roy posing at a competition. Roy had golden skin (from the spray tan, of course), large biceps, triceps and thighs so big that they had to rub against each other when he moved. But what really caught Big Daddy's eye was his prodigious ass! It stuck out big and round, just begging to be spanked.
“How do we get to him?”
“Roy is a huge power bottom and slut. Word around town is he can't get enough dick. His pussy is already so loss and wet any fat, ten inch cock could just slide in it. I say get a warrant to infiltrate his home. When he sees five or six of us, he'll cave in no time!” Said Germaine.
Big Daddy watched with glee as the excitement grew in Germaine's pants.
“Well, go get him!”exclaimed Big Daddy and, in a flash, Germaine was gone.

It had been another long, lonely day at the gym again. Roy was the only one left. He wondered how the place even staid open and, every day he went, there was the same desk clerk. A guy named Tony who,a couple of months ago was skinny as a rake but now was sporting a pot belly and moobs.
The same thing was happening all over town. Men were eating non stop. The women and children had all but disappeared and, whenever he walked passed someone's house, he heard the most disturbing noises. Like grunting and hips smacking.
Well, Roy would never end up like them. He would continue to work out like he always did and stay away from Big Ron's chili, even though they had just built one around the corner from his apartment.
“It's something to do with that chili or the mayor or both,”he thought while toweling himself off after a thoughtful shower. Then, he turned around and looked in the mirror. Instantly, he started flexing his biceps, loving how big they had gotten over the years. And then he turned around to look at his back side.
“Oh yeah!” He said as he gave his right ass cheek a slap. Damn! He was as hard as a rock and with no one to fuck him. “Oh well", he thought. His finger was always his favorite dildo anyhow.
Just after turning off all the lights and hoping in to bed that night, Roy barely got started masturbating when he heard his front door open. He went to the front door and watched as five large figures in black stepped in the room.
He had no time to act before they were on him, grabbing him, groping him.
“GET THE FUCK OFF!” He yelled. “POLICE! POLICE! Someone HELP!”
“Cry out all you want, Roy. No one's coming,” said the man grabbing him from behind. “We've got a warrant to come into your home. It's become known to the Mayor's office that you do not intend on complying with Fatty's Law, is that correct?”
“That's a shame,” said the man who happened to be Germaine. “Well, for you not for us. Hold him still.”
Two more men held either side of Roy while Germaine admired his ass
“What? No... stop,” Roy tried to protest but his knees were getting weak.
SNACK! Germaine had wonderfully big hands and he was glad he finally got to us them on this beautiful rump.
“No..please...” Roy's words were turning in to whimpers. Germaine's dick jumped with anticipation one he noticed that Roy was girating his hips a bit and moaning every now and again.
“You like that, don't you?”
SMACK! Roy moaned louder.
SMACK!! And even louder
SMMAAACCKK! Roy was moaning like a bitch and had become so weak he nearly fell to his knees but the two grunts held him in place.
“Don't stop,” he moaned but Germaine found something a little more interesting. He squatted down to get a closer look at Roy's pussy and, sure enough, it was pink and well used, glistening with sweat from his spanking.
Licking the three prominent fingers on his right hand, he then started pumping them into Roy's ass. In and out. In and out. Rougher every time.
“Ungh! Oh yeah! Finger fuck me!” Yelled Roy in ecstasy, falling to his knees.
“Just another thirsty muscle bitch. Get him in bed!” Commanded Germaine.
Once there, Roy instantly stuck is legs up in the air so all the men could get a better look at his pussy.Once they did, each and every man began salivating with anticipation.
“Well, what are you waiting for? Briggs, you're up first,” said Germaine.
And so, it started. All of the men fucked him once, then twice, then a third time. Everyone was covered in sweat, panting merrily. By the end of it, Roy's bedroom smelled like must and piss and hairy balls and Roy couldn't get enough of it.
His ass was so wet and gaping that cum flowed freely from it, soiling his bed with a big, wet strain. It didn't matter because the entire bed was stained with sweat. All of Big Daddy's grunts had commandeered Roy's beer and everyone was wobbling around, drunk with massive beer bellies jutting out from their bearish frames. Roy was force fed beer as well and he looked practically pregnant.
Germaine told two of his men to go out and get “the stuff. He's ready now.”
Roy, however, didn't notice as he played with his pussy. The last three men finally hoisted him up and plopped him down on the living room couch. Germaine bent over the sofa, messaging Roy's pussy as he made out with him furiously. All to distract him of course as the grunts brought in six beer kegs.
“More...BELCH!... beer?” Said Roy.
“Yes, and you're going to drink every last drop!”
By this time, Roy was completely subdued and would do anything any of those men told him to do. So, he sat back as two men, one on either side of the keg, lifted the first keg up to his mouth. But, it wasn't beer that Roy tasted it was...chili!
Roy tried to protest but the first bit had already touched his tongue and the craving for more already started in his brain. Even still, he tried to resist but, by the time the keg was half way gone, he had forgotten why and the urge to need more took over.
One keg then two then three went down his throat and into his burgeoning belly
“BBBUUUURRRRPPP!” He let out before starting on the fourth.
While two of the men continued to feed him chili, Germaine had the other men stock up his kitchen with more fattening foods from Big Daddy's Farm. He stuffed milk and cake and chicken, etc. Into Roy's refrigerator until it was full to capacity. He stocked the cupboards full of cookies and pies and, of course, fat cans of Big Daddy's chili.
Once he was done stocking the kitchen, and Roy was done eating, Germaine went back to the coach. The damage done to Roy's body was amazing! Roy was dumbfounded and drunk. His abs had disappeared under his newly bloated gut.
“Still hungry?” Mocked Germaine.
Roy nodded sheepishly.
He was put on his knees, still in a food coma, as the grunts gathered around him, took out their dicks one last time, and came on him, one after the other. Drenched in cum, Roy cleaned off each one of their dicks before letting out another huge belch and falling back against the coach, messaging his gut.
“That's only a bloat. We'll be back every night to make sure you ate all of your food and to give you more,” said Germaine as the grunts began to exit. “You'll make weight in no time but Big Daddy wants you fatter!”
After Germaine slammed the door, Roy grabbed his cock and pumped it like he never did before until he came. Cum spewed out all over the living room and he endeavored to lick it all up.

Over the following weeks, Roy ate more and more, growing fatter and fatter. He ate so much, he didn't even bath himself. Whenever the stench became too much, Big Daddy's grunts would have to bath him but they kept his room in the same messy, musty order. By now, Roy was a pig and no one ever knew of a pig living in a clean pin.
In three months time, Roy weighed 230lbs of fat.His biceps had deflated and his muscular thighs now rubbed together with fat. His belly was massive and his ass hole was always wet (seeing as Big Daddy's grunts had all fucked him by now).
Roy was fat and Big Daddy wanted all the men of Glutton's Bay to see (by this time, all of the women and children had fled leaving only fat, horny men in their wake). Their were very, very few men still resisting Big Daddy, obstinate to remain thin (the last gym in town closed down after Roy had left). And those few men, along with one hundred or so of their neighbors were standing in the town's square waiting on the Mayor's big announcement.
Big Daddy didn't want to just show Roy's massive weight gain. He wanted to do more. He wanted to let those rebellious few in his town know that their fight was useless. He wanted all the men of Glutton's Bay to know that he owned them. He was their daddy. He made them the fat, horny, disgusting slobs they were today and he wanted them fatter and hornier.
A table was laid out on a stage in the center of the square. Food was flung on it and Roy was eventually led out to feast. All the skinny one's gasped, shocked at how fat he had become. All the fat ones began salivating over all the food. Some started getting horny, rubbing their massive moobs, trying to lick them. Others began making out.
Big Daddy swaggered on to the stage, carrying his weight like a man. He went to where Roy sat, dirtying himself with bbq chicken and patted him on the head.
“This is what happens when you deny me, pigs!” He said, lifting Roy up from his seat, pulling down his sweats and fucking him right on stage.
The crowd went wild and started groping and man handling each other. The few skinny men tried to escape but each one of them was surrounded on all sides by obese men. One man was surrounded by three fat men well over 300lbs. One of these men grabbed the skinny man's head and stuck his tongue down his throat while the other two started fucking him.
By the end of that day, all of Glutton's Bay inhabitants were obsessed with food and, in two months time no one weighed less then 200 lbs.
Upon hearing this report, Big Daddy said: “good. But theirs still more to come. The presidential race is starting soon and I've already got Big Ron's Chili and Bars being built and operating in all 50 states. LET'S SEE HOW FAT THESE AMERICAN MEN CAN GET!”
To be continued...
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1 fruitinmylooms   (2015-08-12 04:17:06)
These are awesome man! The next one, whatever skinny guy big daddy changes ought to be made to not just love eating but burping and farting (especially if he hated it before big daddy got to him). That would really slob him up. Regardless these are awesome man!!!

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2 gainerboywonder   (2015-08-13 14:23:42)
Thanks for the comment fruitinmylooms! I'll keep that in mind for the next story!

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