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College Life

When Shane started college at Whitmore, he had heard all about the "freshman 15," but was determined not to let it happen to him. After all, he was tall and athletic, and a committed jogger.

At 6'1", Shane maintained his bodyweight at a trim 165 pounds. He specifically put in a request for a "athletic and fit" roommate in his housing application, and made sure to include his tennis racquet, roller blades, jogging shoes, swim gear, and baseball mitt in the suitcases he packed for school. His parents drove him up to Whitmore a few days early, so he would be sure to lay claim to the more desirable part of his freshman suite; two freshman lived in a one bedroom suite, and the first one arriving got the bedroom. Imagine his surprise when he opened the door to his suite, and there sitting in the bedroom was a man who must have weighed over 300 pounds!

"Who are you?" Shane asked.

"Oh, you must be Shane," the man said. "I'm Frank, your roommate." Shane was in shock. What could he possibly have in common with such a tub of lard? After he got over the shock, he said goodbye, and went out to dinner with his parents.

"There's got to be some mistake, darling," his mother said.

"I specifically asked for an athletic roommate!" Shane said. "How could they do this to me? That hippo couldn't have ever lifted a finger in his life!"

"Don't worry about it," his father said. "You just go right down to the housing office on Monday, and demand that they switch you."

As he watched his parents car pull away, Shane was certain he was going to get a new roommate the next week. When he went up to his room, there was surprise in store for him though. Frank, that "tub of lard" had set up a bench press in the middle of the living room! Not only that, but he was in the process of pressing what easily looked like more than 300 pounds!

"What are you doing?" Shane asked, incredulously.

Frank pushed the barbell off his chest with a loud grunt, and then brought it back down to rest on the press, and exhaled loudly. "I'm getting ready for the Olympic trials," he said.

"Olympic trials? In what?"

"Power lifting," Frank said. "Heavyweight class. Last year I won the power lifting championship of California, with a bench press of 450 pounds. This year I think I can do 500 if I work hard. That should be good enough to qualify me for the trials."

Shane was flabbergasted. How could this fatboy be an Olympic athlete? It just wasn't possible! "Shouldn't you also be doing some kind of aerobic exercise?" Shane said. "Wouldn't it help with your training?"

"Not necessarily," Frank said. "I do ride a stationary bike. But aerobic training conflicts with my muscle building program. The last time I started training aerobically, my weight dropped under 250 pounds!"

"What's wrong with that?" Shane said.

"Well at 250, I didn't have enough heft to lift 450 pounds in the clean and jerk. I couldn't swing the weight up to my chest -- you need to be big to get the weight in motion. That's why I like to keep myself at 320 pounds, at least."

Shane found himself speechless. How could he ask for a new roommate now? They had given him an athletic roommate after all -- in fact, a possible Olympian. He felt stuck.

"You know you should try weight training yourself," Frank said.

"Why?" Shane said. "I don't want to get muscle bound."

"You don't have to worry about getting big like me!" Frank said. "Most men can't get as strong as me no matter how much they train. My father was a power lifter, and I've inherited his genes. But you could build up 25 or 30 pounds of muscle. You'd look a lot sexier to the guys -- no matter what they say!"

"Hmmm." Shane said. "What would I have to do to weight train?"

"Well, first of all," Frank said, "you'd have to eat a proper diet.

Plenty of protein, and carbohydrates, and easy on the fat. If you get serious, you should probably work out 2 hours a day minimum. I can give you a taste of what it's like tomorrow."

Shane agreed to give it a try. Sure enough, bright and early the next morning, Frank woke his up, all dressed in sweats.

"Ready to go?" Frank said. "Let's pump some iron!"

Shane dragged himself out of bed, showered, and put on his sweats. Shane noticed that Frank was actually very solid. The huge gut hanging below his pecs gave him the appearance of being fat. But, even though he was enormous, Frank was also very energetic!

Frank gave Shane the workout of his life. By the end of the two hours, almost every muscle in his body was aching. He was also incredibly hungry. They went back to the dorm for breakfast, and Shane found himself having three helpings of breakfast, more than he'd ever eaten in the morning in his life!

"Coming along tomorrow?" Frank asked.

"Sure," Shane said. "If I can move!"

Despite some soreness, Shane did come along the next morning, and for the next six months, they worked out together regularly. Although results came slowly at first, by the end of the third month, Shane found himself lifting almost three times as much as he had initially. From 50 pounds, he was now pressing over 100. He had also gained a substantial amount of weight --almost 20 pounds. By the end of 6 months, he was pressing 150 pounds, which was close to his weight of 185. By June, he could press almost 200, and his weight had ballooned to 218, more than 50 pounds more than he had weighed in September.

By that time, he and Frank had grown quite close. The sex was the most incredible Shane had ever experienced. They had even brought food to their lovemaking. It was very hot for both of them. They decided to go out for the Tau Beta Eta fraternity. Tau Beta Eta was known as the "porker frat," because so many of the men in the frat were overweight. The cooking at Tau Beta Eta was absolutely superb, and it was quite common for men to gain 100 pounds in a single year. Frank explained as he caressed his enormous gut, ÒI want to live in a place where I won't have trouble keeping my weight up!"

One of the rituals of Tau Beta Eta membership was the hazing retreat, which all the new members had to attend. The hazing was a three-week retreat held at a big house in the mountains, and was kept a big secret by the fraternity. When Frank and Shane got to the retreat house, they were blindfolded, and led to the center of a room. They could feel other bodies brushing up against theirs in the crowded room, as they waited in anticipation.

"Welcome, new members," a man's voice stated. "You are now about to be initiated into Tau Beta Eta. Or as we call it --You Beta Eta Lot!" Several of the men laughed. "During the next three weeks, you will each eat more than you ever thought possible. If you are skinny, you will become plump. If you were plump, you will become fat. If you were fat -- you will become very fat."

"Each of you will be assigned your own personal feeders for the three weeks. Their job is to make sure you are continuously supplied with luscious, high calorie, extremely fattening food.

Your job is to eat all of it!"

"You will be eating for at least 18 hours a day a diet which should be over 20,000 calories. Most of you will gain over 25 pounds per week. Some will gain over 30 pounds, depending on how much you burn. At the end of the three weeks you will be weighed, and the one who has gained the most weight will become the kitchen supervisor."

Shane couldn't believe what he was hearing. Adding another 75 pounds to his weight of 218 would leave his weighing nearly 300 pounds, almost as big as Frank had been! And Frank could get to nearly 400 pounds!

The next three weeks went by in a blur. Frank was kept separated from Shane. Shane spent the time eating almost non-stop, mostly pies, ice cream, and chocolates. His belly was so stuffed most of the time that he had to let it hang over his sweat pants. His feeder would awaken him in the morning by massaging his huge belly to make room for more food, and then the stuffing process would begin again. During the three weeks Shane felt himself grow larger day by day, until he lost track of how much he could eat, or how fat he had become, and just stuffed himself until he was too tired to eat anymore. At the end of the three weeks, they got Shane on the scale. As he looked in the mirror, he could hardly believe his eyes. He was enormous! The scales tipped at almost 315 pounds. A gain of almost 100 pounds! He had won the fattening prize!

When Shane saw Frank for the first time in three weeks, he instantly got a hardon. Frank was weighed in at 389 pounds! A gain of 77 pounds! Shane had beaten Frank by nearly 25 pounds! With a combined weight of more than 700 pounds, the two men when at it like two huge porkers in a pen!

Shane spent the year as kitchen supervisor. On his first day as kitchen manager, Shane was introduced to Jimbo, the head cook. Upon meeting Jimbo, Shane immediately understood why all the boys at Tau Beta Eta were so fat. Jimbo's belly was so large that even his tent size tee shirt could not keep it from spilling over his humongous sweatpants. As he sat on a stool with a cookie cutter making cookies, it was difficult for him to reach around his huge belly to get to the dough. Shane wondered how a man that big could possibly make love -- he doubted that he would be able to straddle his enormous belly to go down on him, especially with his own steadily increasing girth. On the other hand, if Jimbo were on top, he would be afraid of being crushed under his massive weight.

As he approached Jimbo, he swiveled around to greet him, and his massive belly jiggled back and forth.

"You must be Shane," he said. "I have heard great things about your appetite."

"Oh," Shane said, instinctively putting his hands around his own protruding belly. "I guess I really porked out during the retreat."

"You gained more weight than any boy in history!" Jimbo said. "Imagine -- 100 pounds in only 3 weeks! With proper feeding, imagine how big you could be in 6 months!"

"I'm not sure I want to get much bigger," Shane said. "It's already tough to get used to being as big as I am."

"Nonsense!" Jimbo said. "A boy who can gain weight like you can -- well, it's a kind of a talent. And I always believe in taking talent as far as it will go. For you, gaining weight is second nature. You should be able to put on another 200 pounds next year without any effort at all!"

Shane gasped. With another 200 pounds he would weigh in at a huge 520 pounds! He would be bigger than any boy in Tau Beta Eta, even Ken, who weighed around 420.

"The job of the kitchen supervisor," Jimbo said, "is to make sure the boys get a diet sufficiently rich in calories for them to put on an minimum of 50 pounds a year. That means that a plump boy weighing 150 pounds as a sophomore should graduate with a weight of 250 pounds. Of course, many boys will gain more than 75 pounds a year, which was our average last year. The kitchen supervisor also sets a good example, by gaining as much weight as possible. Last year Ken was our supervisor. When he started that year, he only weighed 250 pounds, and now I believe he's around 420. 170 pounds is our biggest annual weight gain ever, but I think you can beat that easily."

"I have no doubt that by the end of this year, you will be bigger than Ken. But just to make sure, I am assigning Ken as your roommate. Last year, Ken's roommate gained over 150 pounds."

Shane could not believe what he was hearing. Jimbo was talking like he foresaw him weighing 500 or 600 pounds by the time he graduated. The idea was bizarre -- but at the same time somewhat attractive. As he checked into his room and greeted Ken, he found himself sizing up Ken's massive girth, and considering how much he would have to eat to exceed it.

"Way to go!" Ken said, poking Shane in the belly.

"What do you mean?" Shane said.

"You put on over 100 pounds in the retreat, right?" Ken said.

"Yes. I guess I really made a pig of myself."

"Well that's really incredible. I'm really looking forward to being your roommate this year, and REALLY putting some weight on you. I'll let Jimbo handle the main meals, and I'll handle the snacks. I'm a wicked pastry chef, as I'm sure you'll find out. I made a bet with Jimbo that together we would put 300 pounds on you this year. He said he thought we'd only do 250. We'll see who's right!"

Shane's mind again boggled. 300 pounds -- that would bring his up to 620! How could he possibly eat so much food?

He soon found out. Almost the whole fraternity cooperated in making sure that Shane gained as much weight as possible that year.

Jimbo would awaken him in the morning, feeding him a huge breakfast of 25 pancakes, a quart of real maple syrup, a gallon of whipped cream, 3 cheesecakes, 5 gallons of ice cream, 3 loaves of bread, 2 pounds of bacon, 5 loaves of coffee cake, and 2 gallons of orange juice to wash it down. Then he would take a nap, and Ken would come in with his "between meal snack" of two dozen Danish, 3 gallons of milk, 2 pounds of brie cheese, a bottle of wine, and a fruit platter. After another nap, it would be time for lunch. Shane ate 9 full meals a day, almost never leaving his room. All the other fraternity boys would go to his classes and take notes, then tutor Shane as he grew larger and larger. Shane would show up for the final exam, take the test, and then go back to his room for another massive stuffing.

By January, Shane had gotten so fat that he could no longer walk. His weight had reached 485 pounds, and was rising at the rate of almost 75 pounds per month. By April, he weighed in at 580 pounds, and by June, he was so huge that the fraternity boys had to make a special pair of shorts for him. At his final weighing of the year, all the boys made bets on how big Shane was. The top estimate was 675 pounds -- but it was an underestimate!

As Shane got on the scale, the metal began to grown. With a massive crash, it bent hideously caused to fail by Shane's awesome bulk. The boys had to go out and rent a scale from the slaughterhouse to be able to weigh Shane. By the time they got back, Shane had undergone another massive stuffing, and his gym shorts showed signs of stress.

"Let's weigh him before those shorts explode!" Ken joked.

It took 4 boys just to help Shane onto the scale. His massive gut swayed from side to side, causing the scale to be somewhat unstable. The boys had to prop up his gut from both sides, just to make sure that the scale would not tip over!

The numbers came to rest at 723 pounds. Shane could not believe his eyes --but neither could anyone else.

So far, in only two years at college, Shane had gained almost 575 pounds. That was certainly a long way from the "freshman 15!"

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