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Creamery Gold

The three friends waited restlessly in the studio. They worked out together and had yet to get in their session at the gym that day. But the flier said "big rewards donated by famous photographer Enzio to the winners of the Creamery Gold Contest for male teenage bodybuilders," so here they were along with another 12 teenagers. The loose clothing most of them wore could not completely conceal the signature of their chosen obsession--pants bulging over massive thighs, thick pecs that rippled as they twisted restlessly, huge biceps that strained even the most capacious shirts, but most noticeable of all to Enzio watching with growing excitement through the one-way mirror in the next room were how loosely on every boy even the tightest pants hung over the tight hard muscled bellies that were the proud result of the disciplined care they each exercised on the diet they fed their bodies. "Or at least," murmured Enzio to his young assistant Tony, "they look in good shape with their clothes on. Let's get all their clothes off. I want to check out those bellies for myself. You got the Creamery Gold?" Tony brought out the 15 small canisters, one for each of the boys, and Enzio, nodding with satisfaction, stepped with Tony out to the studio to talk to the boys.

The boys all stopped murmuring and waited expectantly as Enzio stepped forward, smiling. "Gentlemen, I think all the contestants for the Creamery Gold contest are here and I want you to know that Creamery Gold Dairy has donated $100,000 for me to award to the winners of the contest." The boys gasped with surprise, each thinking how helpful a chunk of that money would be to their training regimens. The three friends--Johnie, Billy, and Davey--whispered excitedly to each other and agreed that they would split any winnings with each other. They were all three very similar in appearance, except that Johnie was blonde, where Billy and Davey both had dark brown, almost black, hair. By chance, they were all cutting up for a bodybuilding show to be held in a few weeks.

It was great, they whispered. Their tight muscularity would pay off no doubt for this contest too. Johnie raised his hand and as Enzio nodded to him, smilingly asked, "Uhmmm...we've never heard of Creamery Gold.

What is it?"

"Good question, boys," said Enzio. "It's a new tanning agent. As a physique photographer I am particularly interested in this contest to see how this tanning agent affects your bodies and the look of your muscles. So we'll be taking videos of each of you today--and we've got posing trunks to fit all of you. Then each week you'll come back for another session and we'll see what the effect of the Creamery Gold is on each of your bodies. I'll be making awards based on my own artistic judgment of your development each week. In this first session I will be looking for muscularity so, as you can imagine," he laughed, "I'll be concentrating on your abdominals and your butts." The boys looked at each other uneasily. Enzio continued, "Though as far as the awards of the contest, hey, all of you will get $500 bucks just for showing up and posing for the videos! OK?"

Johnie nodded, a bit dubiously. "I guess that's OK by me, but we three train together and we don't want to miss our workout. Will this take long?"

Enzio frowned thoughtfully. "How many of you need to work out today?" he asked, and whispered to Tony as the three friends and three others raised their hands. "Well, then let's take you guys first. Tony, will you help this young gentleman?" he said, pointing to Johnie.

And so he did. Before Johnie knew what was happening, Tony brought over posing trunks and started pulling off his clothes. Off came Johnie's baggy shirt, revealing his heavily muscled upper body and, before Johnie could stop him, off came his pants as he took out a couple posing trunks to measure against Johnie's slender waist.

Johnie desperately cried out, "Umm, couldn't I change someplace?" He looked around awkwardly at Enzio as Tony was already tugging at his underpants. Enzio frowned, shaking his head. "Now listen young man. Your modesty will just slow things down. Are you in or out, for Christ's sake!"

Johnie looked around. "I..I...guess I'm in," he finally stuttered submissively. With that, Tony tugged down Johnie's underpants, which caught on his massive thighs. "You'll have to help me," Tony said, looking up at him with a wink. So together they pulled down the underpants and pulled on a pair of the posing trunks. Tony turned to Enzio, who shook his head impatiently. "Those trunks are too loose, particularly around his belly. I want them tight to give the right look." So more struggling and, on Johnie's part, some grunting, as another and then a third pair of trunks were tried on. By this time Johnie was beginning to sweat, plus, what was far more embarrassing, he was unable to avoid getting turned on by way Tony's warm hands moved over his thighs. Finally, a pair of trunks were pulled on that Enzio approved of. He first weighed Johnie (who for the upcoming show had dieted down to 210 pounds) and then pulled Johnie over to the posing area while Tony, smiling to himself, moved on to Billy. Enzio scooped out a generous dollop of Creamery Gold and started rubbing it over Johnie's body. Johnie flinched once, then, as Enzio glared, stood still obediently.

Under the hot lights, with Enzio barking commands, Johnie was forced through an exhausting series of poses, which exposed every inch of his body to the camera's unblinking scrutiny. Alone on the stage, Johnie proudly, even complacently, flexed his abdominals. No one he knew had a smaller, tighter muscled belly than he had, not even Billy. In fact, Billy had never placed ahead of Johnie in a contest due to just that fact. Then Enzio motioned Billy to get on the stage next to Johnie. And then they were compared to each other, side by side. Johnie and Billy found themselves even competing unwillingly, trying to impress Enzio with the striations of their pecs, the flat hardness of their abdominals, their small tight muscled buttocks. But Enzio wanted more and forced both boys to run together in place- the camera sucked up images of musculature so hard and tight without the slightest trace of fat that the two bodies were like iron. Not a hint of any jiggling or softness as buttocks clenched, as muscled thighs flexed. Only their pectorals, which the boys had in recent months pumped with great effort into massive mounds, while not actually jiggling, did bounce noticeably.

Neither boy could run smoothly, since their hard bulging inner thighs rubbed against each other, uncomfortably slowing them down. They were both breathing heavily and dripping with sweat.

But soon it was over. Back on came the clothes and out they went with some final instructions from Enzio as he handed them each their $500 bucks. "If you follow my instructions, you'll all get more. Be back next week for the second round, and don't forget in the meantime to rub on the Creamery Gold each day, starting tomorrow morning. Some people find it soothing after a workout, too." He shrugged engagingly. "Kind of like killing two birds with one stone." He looked at Tony and laughed.

The three boys hurried to the gym. Johnie looked at his friends doubtfully. "What do you think?"

Billy shook his head. "There's something weird here," he stated.

"What do you mean? At least we got a little cash out of it, which I for one can really use to buy food with. How about you?"

"Yeah, sure, but I'll tell you one thing, I'm washing off this stuff when I get to the gym. I don't need a better tan."

"Yeah, but Enzio said..."

Billy shook his head. "You do what Enzio says if you want, Johnie. Me, I'm doing what Billy says," and he looked at Davey, who nodded in agreement.

Johnie looked confusedly at his friends. Finally he sighed. "I don't want to disobey Enzio," he said, looking down.

Billy shrugged. "Suit yourself."

So back to the gym where Billy and Davey took quick showers, carefully washing off all traces of the creamery gold, while Johnie slowly pulled on his gym clothes, uncomfortably aware of the thick coat of Creamery Gold still smeared on his belly. With an effort, he turned his mind to the workout and joined his friends in the gym.

The next morning, Johnie, who normally woke around 6:30, slept until close to 8:00. Somehow, he felt just a little sluggish as he stumbled to the bathroom to take his shower. He normally had his first meal of the day- a protein shake- at 7:00, so was hurrying to put on his clothes when he noticed the canister of Creamery Gold. Suddenly he remembered Enzio's command and, sighing, he pulled open the canister and looked at the Creamery Gold glistening. He did feel a little sore from his workout after all, he thought. He stepped to the mirror and gasped. His formerly white skin glowed a light gold in the morning light. "Wow!" he grinned.

"It must be starting to work," he thought, hurriedly rubbing on the second coat, again smearing it extra heavily over his belly and looked in the mirror, twisting his torso to bring out the abdominal definition, then pulled on his gym shorts and went down the block to meet his boyfriend, Trevor, for breakfast.

"Hi Johnie," Trevor smiled as he sat down. They had only met a couple of weeks before. Johnie had noticed Trevor down at the bars for a couple years, although Billy had seemed to know him quite well. But suddenly Trevor had taken an interest in him, and although they weren't have sex right now, due to the fact that Johnie was getting ready for a contest, it had been fantastic that first few nights. Trevor was already digging into a big stack on pancakes oozing with butter and maple syrup. Johnie shook his head grinning. "Gee, Trevor, I don't know how you do it. You eat like a pig and never gain an ounce. Guess that's one of the reasons I love you."

Trevor laughed, his dark tousled hair falling in his eyes. "OK for you, Mr. protein shake," he grinned, than asked, "Want me to get it for you?" At Johnie's nod, he jumped up, revealing his tight, slim hardbody, went to the counter and gave the order, then came back and looked at Johnie.

"Billy called me last night and told me about this contest you guys went to yesterday. He said there was $100,000 involved." He paused again thoughtfully. "It's a lot of money."

Johnie looked at him. "Kind of weird, but I did get 500 bucks. So did Billy and Davey." He pressed his lips together and looked out the window thoughtfully. And as he breathed, his nose flaring, he became aware, little by little, of something different, something very strange. He had never liked pancakes, he stayed rigorously away from butter, and yet now he sniffed something that smelled wonderful. Trevor caught Johnie looking at his pancakes.

"Oh, you," he grimaced. "You make me feel guilty looking at all these calories. I'll have to do an extra session of aerobics to work this off but," he grinned, "it tastes sooo good!" Suddenly he pushed over his plate. "Come on, Johnie, just smell."

Johnie breathed in deeply, savoring the aroma. He started to push it back like he always had before. That stuff was pure fat, he thought, looking down involuntarily at his belly.

Trevor reached over and patted Johnie's stomach encouragingly. "I mean, Johnie, don't get me wrong. You look great. I tell all my friends that my boyfriend has a body like this Greek God. But don't you ever want to relax and loosen up?" Trevor took his hand back and looked at his fingers. Johnie had never used tanning lotion before. Then Trevor nodded. "Is this the goop that Billy told me about that you guys got last night?"

Johnie nodded.

"Funny," Trevor said. "You guys always train alike, so how come you're using it and Billy and Davey aren't?"

Johnie looked down, aware of the film of Creamery Gold covering his flat belly. "Oh, I don't know. We were told by this guy, Enzio, what to do.

I'm not," he stopped, "I'm not sure I want to disobey him," he whispered.

Trevor raised his eyes, thoughts churning in his head. Johnie felt confused. What was happening to his will power? Desperately he pushed the pancakes back to Trevor and changed the subject to his exercise routine. Raising his massive arm, he asked Trevor to check out his biceps. The conversation drifted off to a detailed subject of whether Trevor thought he should continue to emphasize seated concentration curls or whether he should switch back to another exercise to keep his arms growing.

That afternoon he met Billy and Davey at the gym and the three friends went through their arm workout together. As they spotted each other for their seated concentration curls, Johnie underwent another change.

Before, he hadn't minded when Billy--it was always Billy--screamed at him to work harder. After all, Johnie screamed back just as loudly at Billy. But now, Johnie felt a wave of fear as Billy screamed at him.

"Come on, you pussy! Three more reps." Johnie was tired, his arms were pumped, the veins bulging. But he lowered his head. "Yes, Billy," he whispered submissively, and lifted the weight tremblingly.

After the workout the three boys went to the juice bar for their protein shakes. They all calculated their caloric intake carefully. But after their meal, Billy looked at Johnie, who was greedily scraping up the last of his shake.

"Man, you busted your ass tonight. I mean look at those arms." Johnie looked down at his arms, still pumped and swollen. He paused, a thought coming to him after recalling Johnie's change in attitude dufing the workout. "You know what I think, Johnie? I think you earned yourself the rest of my shake, don't you?"

"But, Billy," Johnie protested. "You know I'm in training for the bodybuilding show next month." He paused. "Like you." Billy looked at him until Johnie lowered his eyes. "OK, Billy, I don't feel like arguing somehow," he whispered.

Billy moved over his half eaten shake and looked at Davey. Davey raised his eyes and nodded slightly and excused himself to make a phone call.

Billy watched as Johnie swallowed the rest of his shake.

Soon after, who should appear at the gym but Trevor. He looked at Billy, who smiled and nodded slightly, then he turned to Johnie. "Hey Johnie, thought I'd come over and watch some TV at your place tonight." He paused and looked at Johnie's arms. "And from how Davey told me Billy pushed you on your arms, I prescribe a nice massage."

Once more, Johnie knit his brows in confusion. "But, Trevor, this close to a bodybuilding show you know I need to get to sleep early." He flushed with embarrassment. "We went over that."

Trevor rolled his eyes and looked away, and Johnie sighed, relenting.

"OK, OK," he mumbled, putting one massive arm around Trevor's slim waist and walking him out, nodding goodbye to Billy. Back at Johnie's apartment, one new thing quickly led to another. Out from Trevor's backpack came a video cassette which turned out to be X-rated--a new Kevin Dean movie. Then out came another canister of Creamery Gold--Trevor said Billy had given him his, and off came Johnie's gym clothes. This close to a bodybuilding show they never had sex--Johnie wouldn't hear of it. But tonight, Johnie felt too confused to argue and, anyway, he told himself as Trevor calmly stripped off his clothes, he had an obligation to service Trevor's needs too. First the massage, which started, to be sure, at Johnie's arms but quickly moved elsewhere as Johnie leaned back, feeling Trevor spread what was the third coat of creamery gold to soak into his body. Trevor took him into the bedroom, brusquely pushed his nude body down on the bed and climbed on top.

"Hey," Johnie protested weakly.

Trevor pushed him back down masterfully. Johnie, just lie back and don't fight me. I don't want you wasting any," he paused and grinned, "any energy." Johnie stopped struggling and looked up at him. It was important to obey him, Johnie decided, and besides, he really did feel horny. Which was a good thing, since Trevor was in fine form over the course of the rest of the evening, and Johnie ended up cumming 4 times until, totally exhausted, he fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning Johnie didn't wake up until 10 AM, but there was Trevor, all dressed to take charge; drawing him a nice warm bath; putting on the fourth coat of Creamery Gold and taking him down to breakfast at the same old place. This time, he waved away Johnie's attempt to order his protein shake, commanded two orders of pancakes, carried them over to the table and announced that Johnie was to eat both of them.

Johnie laughed uneasily and tried to reason with him. "Trevor, please," he cried. "I mean look at me." He got to his feet and looked down at his perfectly muscled belly. "You can't keep a body like mine if you eat stuff like that." He paused. "Besides, I don't like it!"

Trevor shook his head and looked Johnie full in the face. "Don't you? I saw you smelling those pancakes yesterday. Don't tell me you don't want them."

Johnie took a deep breath and smelled the aroma. He licked his lips and looked away. "What about my body? I'm afraid of putting on any fat before my contest." He looked down, then desperately tried to get up, to get away.

Trevor stood up and pulled Johnie back down firmly into his chair. "Now, don't change the subject. I told you to eat these pancakes, didn't I?"

Johnie hung his head. "Yes, Trevor," he whispered. Obediently, Johnie opened his mouth. After all, he rationalized, what was a few hundred calories to satisfy his boyfriend. The incredible taste burst upon his tongue, sending a warm sensation throughout his body.

Trevor pushed the plate over and pressed the fork into Johnie's fingers.

He slowly cut out a second bite of the pancakes and smeared it thickly with butter. It tasted so good that Johnie hardly noticed Trevor getting out of his seat. He went over to the kitchen and murmured to the chef, "I think Johnie would like a pitcher of buttermilk on the side."

The chef raised his eyes. "Trevor, are you sure? Johnie has told me never to serve him anything fattening."

Trevor smiled. "Well, that was the old Johnie, wasn't it? Look at him now." Johnie was hunched over the pancakes, wolfing them down.

An hour later Johnie leaned back in his chair groaning, his hands on his belly. Trevor looked at his physique, memorizing, as if for the last time, the perfect muscularity. While the body displayed not an ounce of fat, the huge fattening meal had stuffed his belly tight as a drum. It strained against his shorts. He looked slightly queasy and Trevor solicitously helped him stagger back to his apartment, enjoying the feel of Johnie's distended but as he put his arm around Johnie's waist. Off came his shorts, on came the fifth layer of creamery gold, but this time he spread it only on Johnie's stuffed belly, gently stroking and loosening his abdominal muscles. Little by little he grew passive, and, finally, Johnie drifted off to sleep.

Johnie slept through the day's workout, as Billy didn't call from the gym. Missing his workout routine, Johnie decided to take a long jog to sweat off the pancakes. On the way to the front door, he noticed four boxes stacked on top of each other that said "Creamery Gold, lemon chiffon pie." Involuntarily, he bent down to smell. He carried the pies to the couch, deciding on a taste--just a taste--before his jog. First he smelled, soon he nibbled, then he ate. Trevor came in and saw Johnie stuffing himself. Softly he tiptoed into the bedroom. Better, he thought, to leave him undisturbed.

The next morning when Trevor woke up, he looked over at Johnie sleeping on his back. Carefully, he pulled back the sheet. Johnie's abdominal muscles were still there. But now they were coated with a thin but unmistakable layer of fat.

The next week, Enzio and Tony were waiting at the studio as the bodybuilders filed in. Once again Johnie came in with Billy and Davy, but this time it seemed like he was being shepherded. And Trevor came along.

Enzio pulled out Johnie and four other bodybuilders. He motioned Johnie over to where Tony, smiling, held out the same pair of posing trunks.

Johnie hung his head, rubbing his hand absently over his bulging gut.

"I've broken training a little bit," he mumbled, embarrassed.

Enzio raised his eyebrows. "Well, get on with it!"

Johnie stood obediently as Tony pulled down his overstuffed pants, and Johnie pulled off his coat and shirt and stood nude, his skin now glowing from head to toe a golden tan.

"Ah," said Enzio, almost triumphantly, "now here's a young man who has followed my orders. Look at that tan, gentlemen." He turned to Tony, grinning. "And, my, my, I do believe he's put on weight, too! Get the tape measure." Tony ran over and got the tape measure and his clipboard.

"What did this young man's waistline measure last week?" Enzio asked.

Tony quickly ran down his records.

"28 inches," Tony read.

"Well," Enzio smiled, "Tony, measure him now and weigh him." Johnie stood humbly on the scale and felt the tape slide around his waist.

"32 inches and he's gained 20 pounds--up to 230," Tony stated with a sly grin.

"Well, well, well," smiled Enzio. "20 pounds in a week." Johnie bit his lip, looking down with dismay as Enzio squeezed the slight roll of fat on his belly, then turned Johnie's body around to check out how his buttocks had spread. "Well, let's see if Tony can still squeeze you into those posing trunks, shall we?"

Johnie struggled to get the skimpy posing trunks on. They had been snug a week ago; now they were painfully tight, and they emphasized his protruding belly even more. Johnie went through the poses, and once again Enzio had Billy step up to go through them side by side. Billy raised his arms to display his still matchless abdominal definition proudly, each muscle outlined under the hot lights, while Johnie was uncomfortably aware of how the abdominal muscles he had long displayed so proudly had disappeared beneath a protruding layer of fat. His belly bulged over the waistband and the posing trunks now had to visibly stretch to encase his buttocks.

And then they jogged again side by side. Both bodies were still awkward, even ponderous, but Johnie's hard-muscled body was gone. Billy had gotten even harder and more muscular for the bodybuilding show, his pecs striated. But Johnie's pecs were different now, the striations smoothing visibly, and displaying to Enzio's expert eye the beginning of a very promising sag.

One by one, as the remaining 4 bodybuilders disrobed, one could see the pattern. All seemed fearful; all were joined by their girlfriends or boyfriends; and all, like Johnie, had put on weight, their bellies noticeably thickened.

Enzio smiled. "Now boys, all 5 of you have really improved your tans and I declare you the winners and remaining candidates. You've been posing under those hot lights. Don't you think you've earned just a little treat?" Johnie ran his hand over his belly nervously. Enzio smiled again, nodding to the attendants, and out came a cart loaded with plates of pancakes oozing with the butter, Creamery Gold, that Johnie was finding, day by day, so difficult to resist. Enzio nodded to Trevor who promptly served Johnie a plate of the pancakes and lifted a forkful to his mouth.

"Come on, baby," said Trevor "just one bite." And before Johnie could stop himself, Trevor pushed the full forkful into his mouth. Johnie, despite himself, swallowed and opened his mouth for another huge bite.

And with that, the other four reached for the pancakes as well, while everybody else clapped.

It took Johnie a full hour and a quarter to stuff himself. Watching him, Trevor murmured blissfully to Enzio that he thought that in the last few days Johnie's stomach must have grown. "There's no way he could have eaten so much four days ago." But finally Johnie sat back, his eyes glazed, groaning. One by one, the five boys were weighed again (applause followed the announcement that Johnie had gained 6 more pounds to tip the scales at 236 pounds and his belly had swelled to almost 34 inches) and plans were made for the finals in one month.

The next afternoon, back at the Johnie's apartment Trevor waited impatiently for Johnie to come home from the gym. As Johnie walked in, he puffed, "I've gotta get back in shape. I'm getting back to working out twice a day. I started a jogging program today and did almost a mile," he said proudly. Shocked, Trevor stripped off Johnie's clothes and weighed him. He had lost 2 pounds since last night! "This will never do," he thought as he watched Johnie stride to the bathroom to take a shower, his buttocks jiggling slightly, a look of resolve on his face.

Trevor called Enzio in a panic, who told him he was sending over an emergency dinner. Fortunately, it was only after a long shower that Johnie emerged. He looked through his dresser for a pair of jeans that he could squeeze into and came out (with the top button unfastened) just as the doorbell rang. Trevor opened the door to Enzio and Billy wheeling in a cart with, yes, pancakes and maple syrup. Johnie backed away fearfully, looking for an escape, but of course it was too late. A loaded plate was thrust into his hands. Billy was detailed to keep Johnie eating steadily. After 30 minutes, Trevor helpfully bent down over Johnie's belly, protruding now from 5 helpings of pancakes, to unbutton the next button on his jeans. After the enormous meal Trevor put Johnie on the scale and beamed to report that he had gained back not only the two pounds he had sweated off, but a further four pounds to boot.

The next morning as Johnie woke up, Trevor was waiting, along with Billy and Davey, with more pancakes . Johnie found himself gorging once again.

Trevor told Johnie he had decided that from now on he would have to stay in the apartment under supervision. No more escapades like his silly jogging of last night. Johnie bowed his head in acquiescence.

For the next few days, either Billy or Davey stayed to make sure Johnie didn't try to escape or have any chance to do any of the weightlifting at the gym that had been keeping him, like them, so strong and in such peak condition. At first, Johnie was still so muscular and desperate that Billy suffered a sprained shoulder and Davey a twisted ankle in the struggles. But after two weeks of Billy's strictly enforced regimen of frequent full body massage, enforced idleness and protein starvation, Johnie's massive muscles began to visibly shrink and weaken. Soon Billy and Davey found it so easy to control Johnie's movements that they could get back to the main job of preparing him for Enzio's contest. Although the real reason Johnie has stopped struggling was that he finally admitted to himself that he loved gorging himself, watching his body change and his gut swell bigger and bigger. While a musclehead, Johnie wasn't dumb. He knew that Trevor and Billy had cooked this scheme up with Enzio, but he found that he really didn't mind. He discovered he loved being able to eat as much as he wanted of whatever he wanted, and the more he gained, the better the sex with Trevor became.

Cakes, pies, pastries, and order after order of pancakes-Johnie was in heaven. In 6 days, his weight had mounted to 288 pounds, bulging his belly out the size of a beachball. When Johnie once reached for yet another plate of pancakes and split his largest pair of sweatpants and popped the buttons on his largest shirt, Billy felt any risk of his escaping was over since he now no longer had access to any clothes he could fit into, although Johnie wouldn't have tried to leave even if he could. He was happier than he had ever been in his life. He found that he could forgive Trevor; he had just been helping Johnie become the man that he had always wanted. But Johnie wished there was some way he could get even with Billy. He knew that, at least in part, Billy had come up with this idea because he could never beat Johnie at a bodybuilding contest because of Johnie's previously matchless abdominal definition. Johnie started thinking about getting a little revenge of his own.

There was a little party in the apartment the day Johnie's weight gain topped 100 pounds (to 315). Everybody thought Johnie's face was filling out now most handsomely, his jowls rounding, the double chin developing nicely. And his pecs, now visibly sagging, got quite a bit of attention due to how much they had grown. As a reward for his obedience to Billy, Trevor let Johnie sit at the dining room table to eat, even though his beachball size belly was starting to make it awkward for him to get close to his food . He could still walk well enough, though after each meal, getting to his feet was becoming just a little bit of an effort for him.

Billy started spending more time at the gym again. For one thing, he was in final training for the bodybuilding contest, but the real reason was that that feeding so many Creamery Gold pastries to Johnie without himself being able to eat any of them were starting to play on Billy's mind. It all smelled so delicious and Trevor, seeing what was happening, kept softly offering to order a nice big stack of pancakes for him to eat. So Billy stayed away and stayed slim. Davey wasn't quite so lucky.

The constant exposure to the wonderful foods that they were plying Johnie with finally got to the young bodybuilder, and he began helping himself to a bite here, a taste there, and in no time his definition was gone, his gut bulging over the waist of his jeans.

Johnie's rate of weight gain increased dramatically as his love of his new life took a firm hold. When Johnie's weight neared 400 pounds, Trevor suggested ending his attendance at table. The boy was having trouble squeezing his growing buttocks into the chair. All agreed it was just easier to encourage him to stay in bed and eat.

Soon after Johnie's semi-confinement to bed, Billy brought him an order of Creamery Gold cheese pizza that really was the coup de grace. Johnie found himself totally unable to resist them. Trevor ordered huge quantities and fed them to Johnie in a steady stream. Johnie's weight mounted and mounted until at 500 pounds, his belly finally swelled so big that he could barely squeeze it through the front door, and only with a good amount of grunting and sweat. On his trips to the bathroom, Johnie had slowed to a waddle.

A few days before the final contest, Trevor fed Johnie tenderly, commenting to Billy how life had changed. "I can't believe how gorgeous Johnie has become. I'd always known I liked men with guts, but I'd always been afraid to do anything about it. Until now. Imagine, Billy, if it had been you who had kept on that first coat of Creamery Gold, rather than Johnie. Then you'd be the one sitting there eating, and having hot sex with me every night." Billy shuddered and reassuringly rubbed the flat muscled belly on his own tight 210-pound frame. Billy watched Johnie, who had his back to them, gorge himself noisily. Billy looked at Johnie's back and remembered how those wide shoulders used to curve down to an even more slender, muscled waistline than Billy still possessed. Finally Johnie pushed away the cart and mumbled that he needed to get to the bathroom. Johnie held on to the railing with one arm while Billy, muscles straining, helped him to his feet, both boys panting with the effort. The floorboards groaned under his weight as Johnie waddled slowly to the toilet, his body bulging with rolls of fat, his belly jiggling ponderously, his pecs now swaying pendulously. Billy thought that lifting Johnie, who now weighed over 580 pounds, was becoming as much of a workout as lifting weights at the gym. Johnie looked at Billy and the scale in the bathroom, then smiled, thinking he might have Trevor discuss something with Enzio...

Of course, Johnie won the contest--weighing in at 623, a full 50 pounds heavier than the next contestant . Billy had come along to watch, and because Trevor had assured him he would split the $100,000 reward. Billy had had one of his best workouts that afternoon, finally reaching a long time goal of squatting with over 600 pounds. And so it was with trembling legs that Billy came up to congratulate Trevor. And as a special treat, Billy agreed to strip down and pose side to side with Johnie one last time. Smiling, Billy flexed his abdominals, looking out of the side of his eyes at Johnie's enormous swollen belly as Enzio told Johnie that, as the contest winner, he could make one last request of Enzio. Johnie whispered to Enzio, who had four of the other bodybuilders stand on either side of Billy, and then Johnie gave his request so that everyone could hear.

"Cover Billy with Creamery Gold!"

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