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Fat Pig
I was the jock, big man on campus, the thug dominant alpha male in high school. But as I graduated and moved on to college that changed.

I thought I was going to be the tough guy and for the most part I was. I had a scholarship and was still one of the biggest men on campus but I still was the freshman and you know how it is when you move from top of the rung to the bottom things change.

I signed up for my classes and since I was on the football team, red shirted, I just went through the motions of going to class and going to practice. I was so damn bored with this period in my life.

I hit all the bars in town even though I was just 18 I looked like I was in my early 30’s. And that fake ID sure looked good.

Spent all my spending money on crap like CD’s, a flat screen TV, Blue Ray. I was just bored and spending gave me something to do until I ran out of money and mom and dad wouldn’t give me any more and the scholarship money was out till next year. I was screwed now.

I had to get a job. So I did. All the bars needed bouncers. That didn’t pay much but it was something to do and I just had to sit at the door and check ID’s and people brought me drinks.

Not quite legal but hey I wasn’t arguing. I just kept my mouth shut. Not many would dare to try anything with me. Shit I was 6’ tall and almost 250 pounds of muscle. So many it turns out are regulars. I guess they just didn’t really like change so they would go to the same place over and over.

I am more interested in variety so on my days off and before I would come in I would hit several of the other places.

Occasionally I would see one of them out at one of the other bars but they usually looked out of place. Like they had been dragged there and were just waiting to get back to normal.

Damn boring people.

I made friends with some of the guests at my bar and occasionally someone would buy me a drink or a shot or two. Some I knew by name others I just knew by face.

Thomas was one of those I new by name. He would buy my tequila shooters all the time. Some of the nights he would come in I would be so wasted I slept through to the next shift.

My tolerance became greater and greater as the weeks went on so it took more and more to get me toasted.

One night when Thomas was buying me drinks all night I had downed almost a half bottle of tequila and was still pretty steady when the bar closed. Now Thomas was a 5’10 195 pound bear of a man. Furry, muscled and very hansom but I just was interested in the drinks and I was still thirsty. And that was the night Thomas and my relationship changed. 

Thomas asked me if I was doing anything after the bar closed and wondered if I wanted to go back to his place and have some more tequila.

I wasn’t thinking of anything other than drinking and I jumped at the chance.

When things were all cleaned up at the bar I met Thomas at the back door and headed to his car. I didn’t have one.

We sat and watched a movie and Thomas kept pouring shots.

I am not sure if Thomas passed out but I sure did.

Wake up Thomas bellowed.

He had a big stack of pancakes and bacon and yelled for me to join him at the table.

My head was pounding I needed something to sop up all that alcohol.

How ya doing boy?

My head hurts.

I sat there eating and holding my head trying not to throw up.

Good boy that will do you just fine.

I didn’t see Thomas for a week and he got me drunk again. This time on rum and when we went back his place we had more run and mixers and I passed out again.

This was becoming a habit with him and me. A big binge drinking fest and a nice breakfast in the morning.

It got to be almost every night well at least the nights that I worked.

When it got to be almost every night I moved in with Thomas. We weren’t sexual just enjoyed drinking and movies with him. He seemed to treat me more like he was my dad than my dad did. Maybe that was because the only dad I had had adopted me when I was under a year old. He was all I knew and still so distant.

Mom died that year from a car wreck and I fell into a depression. Thomas was so wonderful being there for me. And my Dad became more distant. Eventually losing contact all together. He had my cell number and I had his but I never got a call from him and I had other things going on in my life.

Thomas though just being in his early 30’s was very much my Dad at that point. More dominant and more in charge of me and my life unlike any other time in my life. I had never let others tell me what to do. But it just felt right.

One night in particular after a movie fest and a pounder I was once again drunk off my butt and passed out again.

When I woke the next morning I wasn’t greeted with my usual breakfast but was instead firmly secured to a large bench. Thomas wheeled in a large tray of breakfast and he grabbed a handful of the pancakes stuck a stick of butter in the middle of it dipped it in a trough of syrup and stuck it in my mouth.

What are you doing Thomas I tried to say.

He just squeezed my nose tight and I opened my mouth and he shoved the first bite into my open mouth.

Over and over he stuffed me full. I had always had big breakfasts with Thomas but I was stuffed when he finished.

So you fat pig you like that?

I want out of here!

Look boy I know you have no where to go and a big fat pig like you needs someone to control you so you don’t go getting yourself in trouble.


Not going to happen so might as well stop yelling boy.


Thomas left and shut the door that was when I looked around and realized I was in a room in the basement. Steel door no windows and cement on all 6 sides.

I couldn’t move and out the lights went. I couldn’t even see with the lights out so I got as comfortable as I could and went to sleep.

When the lights went on I was shocked awake. I had pee’d in while I was asleep and I could smell the acrid smell of my pee in the room and and Thomas hosed me down with a garden hose that just shot cold water.

I shivered and Thomas wiped me down with a cloth till I was dry as I tried to get loose.

It won’t do you any good piggy. You’re going to learn your place.

Here I was locked in Thomas’ basement by a man that was much smaller than I was and I was scared to death.

Eat Thomas said as he shoved burger after burger into my mouth. I was again stuffed till I was about to puke and Thomas left and shut out the light.

Every time I tried to ask him why he was doing this he would just tell me I needed some discipline and continue to stuff my growing belly.

Cakes and burgers, all sorts of fattening foods and since I was no longer getting any exercise I could tell it was going to my body fast.

He stuck a hose shaped like a dildo with a hole in it and would fill me with liquid lard and then empty me twice a day and I would pee on the floor and he would hose me down. My belly grew and if I so much as complained he would slap me across the face and then stuff some sort of dessert into my mouth. Some times he would slap me across the face or across my belly making me shake and stuff me full even without my saying a thing.

I got rounder and rounder and I was scared to death of what might happen to me.

For almost a month this treatment continued when he released me from the bondage and fitted me with a powerful electric dog collar.

Thomas could press a button and drop me to my knees and if I tried to raise my arms to remove it a shock would drop me like a sorority girl at a frat party.

Thomas had an industrial scale installed into the basement room before he moved me in and this was the first time I had to use it since I was locked up there. I wasn’t that much bigger than when I first moved in with Thomas but the muscle tone had turned to jelly and I was now a bit under 300 but very jiggly.

Assume the position Thomas began and I looked at him quizzically and he said bend over and grab your ankles. I didn’t do it and Thomas turned the dial on the control and a wave of pain went through my body and bent me over. OK OK.

I grabbed my ankles, which was a bit of a challenge with my new found belly. He stuck that dildo up my ass and I could feel my intestines filling with lard and I started to cramp. I was sweating like a pig and I tried to stand up.

Don’t you dare.

I tried to bend over again but that hose came from the ceiling and I couldn’t tell how much was going in me but I was getting tight.

It wasn’t until I screamed from the pain that he stopped the flow stuffed another dildo up my ass and had me sit on it to keep it in.

He rolled out a cart and said eat.

It was a command.

I couldn’t hold another thing.


I tried but couldn’t do it.

He turned the dog collar on and I tried again.

A little beer and a little food and I stopped I was so stuffed.

You don’t get to let that out of your ass until you finish the tray.

He pounded the lard that was making my lower belly solid now and became more and more demanding that I eat. So I did. It was slow. But almost 2 hours later I had finished everything on the cart.

Thomas thumped my belly and said good pig.

He let me sit there another half hour with the lard and food in me before he removed the plug and let me release the contents.

I felt so empty and that was when the hunger began.

In rolled several carts of food and a keg of beer.

Fill that void you fat pig.

I couldn’t help it I ate and ate and ate. I was ravenous and I ate. And I was getting loopy at the same time.

I guess by now your feeling the effects of the pot I put in all the food it will give you the munchies.

Why? I cried like a little baby.

Because I want it what other reason do I need.

I guess I didn’t need another reason. And at that point I think I just gave in to his control.

I ate when told to I talked when allowed to and I became fatter and fatter.

It wasn’t for almost a year of this treatment that we started to have sex. Thomas would have me lay on the mattress he called my pig pen and have me raise my legs and he would **** my ass or he would bend me over and have me **** myself with a dildo set up along the wall in progressively larger dildo’s or he would hang me in a sling and stick his arm up my back end.

No matter what he did I would jiggle like jello.

I was almost 500 of quivering jiggling belly when he let me out to go to the bars. He dressed me in a way too tight set of overalls that couldn’t be snapped at the sides and no shirt showing my big tits that wrapped around to the middle of my back.

I hadn’t seen the light of day so I was particularly pale and he shaved me so I was as smooth as a baby except for the hair on top of my head. Even my beard was shaved smooth which hadn’t happened in almost 10 years. I looked like a child. I had just turned 21 so I was able to get into the bars legally now.

He found a seat at the bar and had me sit on the floor next to him and handed me pitcher after pitcher of beer. It would take a hell of a lot of beer to get me drunk now and I don’t think that was really his intension he was just filling me and would pat me on the head from time to time like a good puppy or faithful pig.

His names became my words of love. Fat pig. Tub of Lard. Hungry Hungry Hippo. All sorts were words of love any more to me.

He would unstrap my overalls and let my belly spill out over my knees and I sat there and drank looking up to my master with love.

Thomas was a good Dad to me. He took good care of me.

He had me tattooed with fat pig on my forearms and easy access on my asshole.

He began taking me to the bath house and rent my ass out to chubby chasers.

There were a few feeders that wanted some experience with feeding someone so he would rent me out for exhibitions.

I really enjoy this and never thought I would ever be in this position but I am now happy as a pig in a poke.

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