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Fattening Max
Max stirred from a restless sleep. He had had a myriad of crazy dreams, and had spent the whole night feeling half asleep and half awake. He struggled now to open his eyes. Squinting, he looked up and saw a blaring fluorescent light. Dazed and confused, he tried to stand up, but he couldn’t. Panic set in and he snapped awake. He was sitting up right, his hands and legs bound to a chair.

“Morning Max,” came a voice from the shadows in front of him. “ We’re so glad to have you here. The man stepped into the light. He was big, maybe 6”6 or 6”7, with an enormously fat body His stomach stuck way out in front it him, his thighs were each the size of Max’s waist. Sat on top of his huge gut sat a big pillowy chest. He was completely naked save for a pair of briefs, though it was hard to tell since they were almost completely enveloped in his fat body, and further obscured by the shadows formed by the harsh overhead lighting hitting his mounds of flesh. His whole body quivered and shook as he stepped forward. Max felt his cock spring to life as he took in the full image. He recognised the man…

“We’ve been waiting for this Max, all of us.” As his eyes became accustomed to the light, Max became aware of more men standing around the outside of the room. They were a mixture of huge doughy fat men like the one in front of him, stockier muscular men with firm round guts protruding from their torsos, and little twinkly boys. They were all striped down to their briefs. The skinner men were standing with the fatter ones, gently caressing their fat belly, squeezing their puffy moobs. Every one of them was staring at Max, grinning.

The huge man at the front stepped up to Max, who was now shaking with fear but was also more aroused than he had ever been in his life. “We’ve ben watching you for years Max. You’ve messaged each and every one of us, told us how fat you were going to get, telling us how much you’d eaten. But it wasn’t true was it Max?” The fat man reached out and pinched Max’s small flabby belly. For years he had posted photo’s on gainer sites. He was an expert at pushing out his belly, getting the right angle so it looked like he has a big swollen beer belly. “You said you wanted to be like us. I can see you know Max, looking at us, and our big beautiful bodies that we’ve worked hard to make. You’d sit there with your dick in your hand, getting off on our big doughy bellies. And the second you’d spent your load you’re gone again. Too afraid to give in and be like us.” Max cringed. It was true. It was all fantasy for him. He came from a wealthy family and he worked in fashion. There was huge pressure on him from all sides to maintain his looks. Becoming morbidly obese like these men would have meant the end of him. “But that’s not all is it Max? How many men here have you made plans with? How many have you ghosted? How many of us have you left waiting for you in bars?” The men around the room all gave a sinister laugh. “Well enough is enough Max. It ends now.”

“If you want to be fat, you’re going to be fat.” One of the smaller men approached now. He held two syringes in his hand. Max struggled in fear, but it was not use, he was completely bound to the chair. The Twink lifted the first syringe and poked it into Max’s arm. “A growth hormone,” explained the fat man. “This is going to reprogram your body. All of the food you eat over the next three to five days is going to be converted to fat, and stored in your belly, in your love handles, in your tits, in your thighs, in your ass, in your fat little face.” The Twink poked him with the second syringe. “An appetite stimulant. You’re about to become hungrier than you’ve ever been in your life. Even if you cold escape now, with these fluids running through your body, there’s no way to stop yourself from turning into a huge superchub, just like me.” The fat man put his hands on the sides of his belly and gave it a jiggle. Max’s stomach was in knots from the nerves, but his cock was throbbing now, he felt like the slightest touch would make him cum.

The other men now approached with trolleys stacked high with food. It was like the biggest buffet Max had ever seen. Mountains of doughnuts, eclairs, cakes, gallons of ice cream, stacks of sandwiches. The men all stood, watching poor little Max, waiting for a sign. He sat there quivering with fear over what was about to happen to him, watching this mix of obese chubs and their admirers staring down at him. Then it happened. A loud groan came from Max’s stomach, and his face scrunched in pain. He was starved,

The men wasted no time at all. The first fat man started the charge. Taking a plate of doughnuts off the trolley, he shovelled them one right after the other into Max’s hungry mouth, barley giving him time to swallow before following immediately with another. It was all Max could to do stop himself from choking. After eating about 15 doughnuts it what couldn’t have been more than five minutes, Max’s stomach felt swollen and bloated. But there was no let up in the stuffing. Just as well, because Max still felt an overwhelming pain from hunger. One of the beefier ball bellied men stepped forward next, lifting a huge chocolate cake off the trolley. He dug his hand straight into it, grabbing a handful and shoving it into Max’s Mouth. He felt the beefy stud’s hand covering his face, pushing the cake down his throat. Tears welled up in his eyes as he tried to swallow it fast enough and grab a breath between handfuls. The bald beefy stud smiled gleefully as he watched poor max tumble to his will. In no time at all the cake was gone. Next in line was one of the twins. A gorgeous little dark haired beauty, with devilish eyes, and a big round bubble butt. He lifted two litre’s of cream from the trolley and straddled max’s thighs. He held the carton up to Max’s mouth and started pouring it in. With his spare hand he gently rubbed Max’s swelling belly. When he thought Max wasn’t drinking fast enough, he would give the carton a squeeze sending thick cream streaming straight down Max’s throat and into his swelling belly. When he finished the carton, Max let out a huge belch. He felt like there was so much food in his belly now that he might explode at any second. The pressure was almost unbearable, added to the continued pain of the hunger he was feeling. The next fat man was approaching him with a tray of chocolate eclairs, and Max felt on the verge of giving up. There was no way his gut could handle another tray of food. Tears streamed down his face as the man lifted the first eclair towards his mouth. But at that very second, something changed. The pressure in his gut started to subside. He looked down at himself in awe, as he saw his taut bloated belly slowly relax, becoming soft, and doughy. The fat man smiled as he began shovelling eclairs one after another straight down Max’s throat. No more did he feel any bloating in his belly. All he felt now was hunger.

Max had no idea how long this continued. He couldn’t see any daylight, it could have been days, or weeks. The feeding continued ceaselessly. He sat there helpless as his stomach grew and grew, spilling out onto his thighs, eventually pushing them apart. He felt his tits growing bigger and bigger, amazed at the feeling of them stating to sit atop his mountainous gut, and starting to spill out sideways pushing his arms out as it went. His ass grew wider and wider, and soon he felt his fat spilling over the sides of the chair that he had been tied to. His love handles too became bigger and bigger, pushing hard into the back of his chair. He couldn’t see himself, but he knew his face was getting fatter He felt as his chins began to become joined to his newly formed tit fat. His thighs stole so much that they began to push each other apart. Eventually, his hunger started to change. He no longer felt the crazed urgency to eat, but he still felt extremely hungry. “Your appetite stimulant has worn off. Your body is no longer tricking you into thinking you're hungry. You just are hungry. And what’s more, you’ve been starved of calories. Every single morsel of food we’ve fed you has been transformed into the beautiful fat that’s now surrounding your body. You need to eat to survive now Max. Welcome to life as a fat man, where you’ll be hungry for the rest of your life.” The men continued to feed hi, but they became slower, more relaxed and sensual. Deep within his fat, Max felt his cock spring to life again.

When this hunger finally subsided to manageable level, the men finally untied Max. Two of them took his arms and hoisted him to his feet. His muscles weren’t at all used to carrying what must have been at least 350 extra lbs of fat. He swayed back and forth, trying to find his balance, and grateful for the support of the two men either side of him. “Lets get you cleaned up.” They led him towards a door. He struggled to lift his legs, and and navigate his huge wobbling thighs past each other. Through the door was a shower room, with a single waterfall shower head in the centre of the room. Two of the pot bellied muscle chubs stood him under the head and let the water start. The warm water felt spectacular on Max’s newly stretched skin. The men began washing in all of Max”s folds, lifting up mounds of his fat to make sure no stray crumbs remained. His body was so sensitive now, in places he had never imagined. He writhed in ecstasy as he felt the mens strong arms exploring his massive frame, and as he felt their own glorious ball guts pressing up against him. One of the men sank to his knees and began burrowing into Max’s groin, in search of his buried cock. The other approached from behind, using his cock to explore between Max’s juicy ass cheeks. He stood rubbing his huge belly as the men worked him from both ends, feeling the warm water pour off him. He gasped for air as he finally came for the first time since this ordeal began, while the big bellied sud behind him unleashed his load into his asshole.

The Men dried Max off, making sure to again get into each and every crevice of his body. They then led him into another room, where the other men were waiting. The lay him on a huge bed in the centre of the room. The first fat man that had spoken to him stood over him, taking in all 500lbs of his hands work. “Years of standing us up, of leading us on, using us for your own sexual kicks, what do you have to say Max?” Max stared up at the huge man “I’m.. sorry.”

“Years of pretending to be a fat boy Max. Of sticking out your tiny little belly. What do you have to say to us for giving you this new enormous body?”

“Thank you.”

One by one, the men took their turn to explore Max’s fattened body. The Twink boys rode atop his stomach, digging their cocks deep into his fat. The muscle chubs with their big round ball bellies took him from behind, penetrating his fat ass with their long cocks. The Huge obese men, sent his face deep into their fat pads to suck them off. Finally, they all joined him on the bed. Someone on his cock, someone sucking his tits, all of them exploring his huge fat body.

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