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Feeding Machine 3000
When the package arrived, Tom was very excited. The package was huge, even as tall as Tom was. Tom felt like it was Christmas and his Birthday when I opened the box. He saved a long time to buy this machine. Last week he ordered it and he counted the hours till it was delivered. Two big men carried the package into Tom’s bedroom, Tom gave them an unusually high tip of 20 dollars each. As all the paper had been wrapped of, Tom stood in front of his new property: The Feeding Machine 3000. It consisted of a barrel, a hose and attached to the hose a feeding gag. Moreover, there was a bag with 50kg of gaining powder. The powder had to be filled into a container next to the barrel. Furthermore, the barrel had to be attached to a water source through another hose. The great thing about the feeding machine was, that it was able to mix a gainer shake with ease – 1kg of gaining powder would sum up to 100 litre of gainer shake. 1 litre of gainer shake would contain 1000 calories. So with only one bag of the gaining powder, Tom was able to produce 50 000 litre of gainer shake, which would sum up to 50 000 000 calories. Now he could lay in his bed and get fed without even leaving his bed. Tom wanted so badly to become a fat blob, but it took him too much effort to prepare all the meals. Right now, he was about 70kg, on a size of 170m, but actually he wanted to have like 200kg or even a little bit more. With the feeding machine he was sure that he could reach his goal very quickly… Tom put all the powder into the container, attached the hose to his sink to a water tap and made himself ready for his first feeding session. The barrel was mixing already gainer shakes. There was a display attached to the machine where he could see, that already 2 litres have been produced in only 5 minutes. The display showed several options to choose: - Self-control - Training - Other-directed He chose self-control. He could choose the required amount of calories which was for today 3000 kcal. Whenever he put the gag into his mouth, and close it behind his head, it would be locked until Tom had gulped enough shake for 3000kcal. With his teeth he could tell the machine to make the feeding session slower or faster – if he bit into the gag, the machine would stop feeding him shake. If he left his teeth loose, more shake would be fed to him. Tom laid down on his bed, attached the gag and locked it behind his head. The feeding started, and it started more aggressively than he thought. So he bit into the gag and suddenly the feeding stopped. Tom touched his lock behind his head in order to try to open it – but it was impossible. He grinned and was glad, that he now had to be forced to be fed while he could lay in bed, watch TV and relax. After an hour, Tom had reached the 3000 calories. The gag unlocked himself, and Tom was free again to speak and in control of what will get into his belly…He felt quite full, but he was curious, what the option “Training” meant. He chose Training and he the display screened: “Level 1. 2000kcal. 30 minutes”. Tom was too full to start the training, but the machine started to peep loudly and suddenly shake was coming out of the gag. Tom was shocked and he didn’t want to make a huge mess in his bed but he didn’t know what to do. He tried to hold his hand against the gag in order to stop the flow but it didn’t work. As he couldn’t help himself, he attached the gag to his mouth again, and the gag locked itself behind his head. Now Tom had to complete the training, although his belly was bulging! After 30 minutes Tom was exhausted and too full. But for some reason he didn’t felt like he had to throw up or something, he just felt his gut was bursting… Tom fell asleep… He woke up after some hours of sleep, and it was then already late in the evening. He touched his belly and had the feeling that it got bigger. Although the last feeding session was intense, he felt hungry. But he didn’t want to eat anything different than the gainer shake. Somehow, he felt like the gainer shake was the most delicious thing in the world, and that only the gainer shake could still his hunger... Tom was curious what the option “Other-directed” meant, so he pressed this option. Suddenly, he could see his own face in the screen – that was the point, in which Tom noticed, there has been a camera attached to the machine. The screen asked him, if the setting was alright, and if Tom was viewable. Tom pressed Yes. A list appeared with several levels: Level 1: 2000kcal Level 2: 5000kcal Level 3: 10000kcal Level 4: 15000kcal Level 5: 20000kcal Level 6: 25000kcal Level 7: 50000kcal Level 8: 100000kcal Level 9: 200000kcal Level 10: unlimited Tom chose Level 2. For a while, nothing happened… But suddenly the display showed him several Nicknames like: Feederaddict91 Hogfarmer Chef222 … Tom was able to choose one. But which one should he choose? Maybe, it wasn’t that important. He chose “Hogfarmer”. A warning appeared: “Please mind, that with your confirmation, the user ‘Hogfarmer’ is able to control your feeding session.” Tom got a hardon with this sentence. He pressed “Continue”. Again, nothing happened for while. But after 10 minutes, Tom was on the screen again with a notice: “Please attach the gag to your muzzle”. Tom did so, laid on his bed, still seeing him with his gut on the screen. He hoped, that he might see his feeder, but unfortunately, he didn’t appear. For some reason, Tom felt attracted to the thought, that some stranger was now seeing him and is now in control of his feeding… The shake started to flow into his mouth, and Tom wanted to be a good hog for Hogfarmer and gulped…At some point, Tom felt, like it should flow a little slower, so he bit into the gag. But the shake just kept flowing into his mouth as before. Nothing changed. Now he got the point: the feeder could decide on how fast the feedee was fed. Tom thought “Shit! How shall I do that?” and he wanted to get out of here, but there was no option available on the display and the gag was locked. Tom tried to make signals with his face and his hands in order to show his feeder, that it is too much. But instead of a slower flow, the feeder had decided to punish Tom for his resistance and the shake got faster and faster into his mouth. Tom could no longer make anything else, than gulping very fast and concentrated….After a while, his feeder was kind and gave him a short break. In only half an hour, Tom drank 5 litre of gainershake and achieved his goal…He was glad and tired and wanted to unlock the gag – but it didn’t work. On the display there was still a locked sign. Why would his gag still be locked? Tom got the Users manual. On a page there was written: “With the achievement of every level the feedee can unlock his gag”. But why was it not working? He wanted to call the Hotline but when he dialled the number, he realized, he couldn’t even talk…Tom paniced and screamed into the gag, but his screaming was made mute within a second, when more shake was entering his mouth. Tom gulped and gulped…. When he gulped another litre of shake, he was released with a short break. He looked over to the screen in hope for some option to stop this nightmare. The screen displayed: “Hello Hog. I hacked the system. Now you are mine. I will feed you in order to make you the fattest blob you have ever seen.”
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1 kblueberryninjawaffle   (2015-11-09 18:56:27)
I thought this story was really hot! I really wish the The Feeding Machine 3000 was an actual thing you could buy! biggrin

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