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Forced to his limits
Kevin was your typical high schooler. Typical in the sense that he went to school each day, did his school work and looked forward to going off to college to get away from his parents and live life a little. He wasn't typical when it came to his figure and his habits. At 18 years old and 5'11 and was already over 280lbs. Kevin was never an active person. While growing up, he preferred to stay inside and watch t.v than go outside and play with the other kids. His parents didn't really care about his lack of social activity growing up. They both worked full-time jobs and had very little time for themselves, let alone their child, which leads into Kevin's diet. With parents who didn't have much time on their hands, they gladly got take-out a lot.

Growing up, Kevin's diet wasn't the diet that most nutritionists would recommend for a growing kid, but he nor his parents cared. Kevin enjoyed the food and his parents enjoyed not having to cook every night something healthy. These childhood habits stuck with him all his life. Each year, Kevin, would get a bit chubbier and a bit lazier. Once he got his license, he went to town on fast food drive-thru's after school. His car was filled with fast food bags and empty wrappers. After hitting up the nearest drive-thru, Kevin would go home, quickly do his school and then log on to his PS3 to play hours and hours of mind-numbing games, with snacks nearby of course.

In the back of his mind, Kevin knew that he had to lose weight if he really wanted to live the college experience like he saw in the movies he spent ours watching. So the second week of summer break, Kevin got a gym membership in hopes of shredding of the baby fat he was never able to rid off. Kevin headed to the gym after eating dinner with his family, which was just their usual order of pizza from the local pizza shop. He thought it was a good idea to jump right into working out and went for run on the treadmill . 5 minutes of running and Kevin had to stop and catch his breath, he was really out of shape. After sitting down for a good half hour, he opted to take it slow and decided to just walk on the treadmill. While he was taking a brisk walk on the treadmill that made him feel like he was pushing himself to his limits, someone else was watching him from a distance.

After a long 2 hours at the gym, most of which was spent on his phone in the lounge area, Kevin decided to treat himself for all his hard-work. He got into his car and headed straight to the nearest McDonalds. Kevin opted to eat inside this time rather than the drive-thru. He walked up to the counter, feet aching and asked for his regular order of two double quarter pounders with cheese, two large fries and 20 piece nuggets with a large drink on the side. Once Kevin got his food, he sat down in and started digging in. Unbeknownst to him, the same stranger who was keeping an eye on him at the gym followed him to the McDonalds. The stranger ordered a cup of coffee and sat in the back of the restaurant where he could keep an eye on the gorging teen. Kevin has a tendency to let his inhibitions go when eating, which can cause a scene in public, but there were only a few patrons at the McDonalds. After his binger on McDonalds, Kevin realized that it way past 9pm and thought it'd be best to head home. As he struggled to lift his body full of greasy, junk food the stranger watching from a distance thought that this would be his moment. As Kevin was waddling to his car, he felt a strong arm come up around him and place a cloth over his nose. He tried to struggle, but the combination of just getting done eating and chloroform left him unable to fight back, and so he passed out.

Kevin woke up, head pounding and confused, in an unfamiliar place. He tried to get up, but found himself restrained. Panic began to set in, he tried to struggle and break from his restraints. A good few minutes of struggling he found himself out of breath; panting and sweating. After taking a moment to calm down and catch his breath, he noticed that he was naked; well almost naked, he still had his underwear on. Kevin began screaming for help. Screaming at the top of his lungs "Help!! Help!!". All to no avail. The worst began to run through his mind, "Was I kidnapped and now forced to become someones sex slave? Will someone kill me and use my skin as a suit like in the movies?!" Kevin decided that it was best to not think of the worst and decided to lay back and take in his surroundings to have a better idea of his current predicament. He noticed that his arms and legs to tied to ropes, which came from a wide, black tarp that was hoisted in the air and hung from the ceiling. He looked up and saw monitors in front of him. Three in total and nothing on the screens. "Am I going to be taped and forced to watch myself?" thought Kevin. He looked around and saw that the walls were concrete, he deducted that he was in a basement. Panic began to sink in again.

Kevin tried once more to try and break free from his restraints, and again it didn't work. Tired, Kevin fell asleep, hoping to wake up and find out that this was all a dream. Hours later, Kevin woke up and still found himself in the basement tied to the black tarp. He heard a creaking sound, one that accompanies a door opening. His heart started racing. Foot steps were heard coming down from the creaking wooden steps leading to the basement. Kevin's heart was racing, he felt like it was going to jump out of his chest. The footsteps got closer and finally he came eye to eye to his captor, the stranger from the gym.

Kevin didn't know who the man was and immediately shouted at him. "Who the hell are you?! What are you going to do to me?!" shouted Kevin. The stranger was calm and didn't say a word as he looked at his captive. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" said Kevin, the stranger still didn't give an signs of response. Kevin looked at the stranger and saw that he was very muscular. Muscles throbbing as if he just got done with an intense work out. Kevin saw that the stranger was carrying a bag that looked familiar, a McDonalds carryout bag. Kevin's mouth water and his stomach rumbled, he went hours without eating, which is very unusual for him. "Seems like piggy is hungry" spoke the stranger, finally. Kevin was taken back and as soon as he opened his mouth to shout at the stranger again, a greasy burger was shoved into his mouth. "Eat" said the stranger, with a cold undertone. Kevin felt compelled to eat sensing that something bad would happen if he didn't. Burger after burger was shoved into his mouth until there was no more. 8 McDoubles in him and he felt full. The stranger turned and walked away, Kevin wondering what he was doing. The stranger returned with a cloth and before Kevin could shout "stop", he was inhaling the chloroform again and passed out.

Kevin woke up, this time with a sore throat and a stinging pain coming from his stomach. Kevin tried to shout for the stranger, but was unable to. Wondering why, Kevin focused his eyes and saw a tube coming down from the ceiling and saw it go to his mouth. The tube had a yellow, creamy substance flowing through it. Kevin was panicking again thinking of what he was being pumped with. He felt really sluggish and out of energy as he was trying to break his arms free from the restrains to try and pull the tube out of his mouth. He gave up and looked forward where he saw the three monitors, this time the middle monitor read a number, 286, the number felt familiar to Kevin and he soon realized it was his weight. The monitor to the right was a live video of him, laying in the tarp with the tube in his mouth wearing just his underwear. The monitor on the left was playing t.v, to keep him entertained. Kevin's mind was racing trying to comprehend what was going on, but he felt light-headed and just resigned to lay in the tarp and watch the left monitor, which was playing his favorite show.

As Kevin was laying in the tarp, being pumped full of some strange substance and entertained with the t.v, the stranger above him sat in his office watching Kevin from a live stream. The stranger enjoyed watching his captives from a distance, watching them get used to their new lives. The stranger was a man of refined tastes, much like the foods he would stuff his captives with. He was known in the online fat communities as "XtremeFeedr", and he was true to his name. As a fit and muscular 40 year old man, he was not one to play games. He was never one to enjoy seeing someone pack on the weight and stop at a certain goal weight. He enjoyed pushing people to their limits and forcing them past those limits. He wanted to see how fat someone could get, and the only way to see that was by pushing them over the edge, metaphorically speaking. Literally speaking, he would feed his captives to the point where their bodies can no longer handle the weight. Male or female, he didn't care, because in the end each of his captives would be too fat to distinguish which gender they were.

XtremeFeedr, was one to kidnap people in the beginning. He first began with feeding people in person, whispering into their eyes as they ate, telling them how fat he was going to make them. The people he helped gain would enjoy the ride, but found his methods to be far too much for them. He would feed his feedees anything to pack on the weight and make them weak. Melted butter, beef fat, junk food and sugary drinks, and everything in excess. After his feedees would gain a lot of weight, and rapid at that, they would leave him. He was sick of being casted away once he got to be too much for his feedees to bear. "Spineless pigs" he would say to himself. Then one day, he decided that enough was enough, he was going to make his feedees as fat as they could be, one way or another. And so it began, 10 years ago with his first captive, a young 24 year old girl he met from an online fat admiration site. They went out for a dinner date and had a good time. As cold as he may be with his captives, he was still a kind man, which was just a coy to lure them in. After dinner, he walked to young woman to her car and as she turned around, he did the same as he did with them all, drugged them and kidnapped them. She woke up in the same predicament as Kevin found himself in. She panicked and asked why he was doing this to her, and all he said was "Because, I can". And so the young woman found herself spending the rest of her life in that basement, which was only 3 years. This young, 200lbs chubby girl was fed to death in just 3 years.

Back to present time, he found himself drifting off in front watching the live stream, thinking of the ways to fatten up his new captive and play with him. Oh how the ideas began flooding into his head…

A month has passed since Kevin was kidnapped. The number on the middle monitor went from 286 to a whopping 328. 42lbs in just a month and yet there was just so much more to come. It hadn't even come to his mind if his family has been looking for him. The mixture that was being pumped to his ever growing stomach was mixed with sedatives and appetite stimulants. A mixture that his captor has perfected over time: pure lard, butter, weight gain powder, appetite stimulants, sedatives, blended up fast food and fryer grease. The perfect concoction to make any feedee grow like a farm animal. Kevin would let out belches frequently and get a little taste of what was being pumped into him, and it tasted like what one would think pure fat would taste. As Kevin was laying there, entertained with the t.v, his captor came downstairs. Kevin didn't pay him attention, the sedatives kept him drugged and unaware of his surroundings. His captor shook his belly. Mesmerized with how it jiggles so easily and how there were more stretch marks than the last time he came downstairs. He had brought down with him a bag of fast food, as usual. The contents of the bag were unwrapped and placed in a plate.

Kevin kept his eyes glued to the tv when suddenly the channel changed. Kevin saw it was the news, and on the news were his parents, both crying and pleading to the tv asking that if anyone had seen their child to please call immediately. Kevin was shocked to see that a month was passed already. The realization that he was kidnapped and help hostage hit him once more and he tried to struggle free, this time he only moved his arms a little bit and resigned when he got tired. His captor returned to Kevin with a plate full of burgers with globs on mayo added onto each one and oozing grease. He placed the plate of artery clogging food on Kevin's belly and removed the tube from his mouth. As soon as the tube was removed, Kevin tried to speak, his vocal chords not used to talking much weren't able to speak fast enough before the man shoved a burger into his mouth. "You see that piggy, you parents tried looking for you. But they'll never find you and even if they did, I'm making sure that they won't be able to recognize you". The monitor paused when the news was showing the last picture taken of Kevin. Kevin saw the picture and quickly glanced to the right monitor where he saw just how fat he'd gotten in such a short time. A tear ran down his right eye as he made eye contact with his captor, "It's alright piggy, no matter how fat you get, I'll still be here stuffing your face because you'll never be to fat for me" said his captor with a wicked smile as he pushed another burger into Kevin's mouth. Kevin resigned and ate like the good pig he is.

A year has passed since Kevin was kidnapped and forced to gain weight against his will. He was no longer restrained as his captor noted he was too fat to go anywhere. In just a year, Kevin went from a chubby high schooler to a 648lb captive pig made of pure fat. HIs body was covered in stretch marks, his old ones were fading in tone, but the new ones were red with anger and wide. Cellulite accompanied his stretch marks and added to his piggish figure. He had more bulging rolls of fat on his body than he could eat, and that's saying a lot. A belly hanging down to his knees, weighing down his legs leaving them unable to move, again, not like he could move. His chest had ballooned bigger and left with a pair of tits that couldn't be restrained with a bra. His arms were puffy with fat and his hands looked to be unable to grab an object. Chins were hanging down his face and so were his jowls. Kevin was too drugged to care about the changes, yet in the back of his mind, he didn't enjoy it, which is why he did his best to not look at the left monitor.

His captor came downstairs, which to Kevin meant feeding time. The mixture had stopped flowing into his stomach for an hour now and he was hungry! "Happy birthday, pig. Can you believe it's been a whole year since you've been here and you've gained well over 300lbs?" Kevin grunted like a pig and wheezed. "Seems like someones hungry" said his captor. "Well I've got a whole sheet cake here ready to celebrate and a lot greasy burgers. 300lbs isn't good enough for me, pig" said his captor as he tore into the cake and shoved a chunk of it in his pigs waiting open, waiting mouth. "But it'll never be enough for me" was whispered into the pigs ear.

"Just one last stick and you'll be done!" shouted Kevin's captor as he was shoving a stick of butter into Kevin's unwilling mouth. "C'mon pig!" Kevin's captor shouted as he pushed the butter down Kevin's throat with his finger. Kevin grunted and squealed as the butter went down his throat. "There, was that so hard" and with that, a whole sheet cake, 6 baconators, 6 baconator fries, a whole jar of mayo and four sticks of butter were forced into Kevin's stomach and stuffed him to capacity. Kevin was panting, wheezing and barely able to stay conscious. Kevin's captor decided to give him a birthday present. Using his strong arms and muscle strength, Kevin's captor lifted Kevin's belly and reached deep into Kevin's fat and found his lost manhood. It was pathetically small, but yet hard and leaking pre-cum. Kevin's captor used two fingers and started to jerk the pathetic little cock. Kevin started jiggling and thrashing about as much as he could as his manhood was finally being played with after so long. Kevin's breathing got faster and shorter, his face turned red and he was soon covered in sweat. "This is probably considered an intense workout for you, huh pig" said Kevin's captor as he poked his head aside to see Kevin's face. "This is your birthday present for being such a good pig. Will it be your last birthday present ever? Guess we'll find out" said the captor with a toothy, sinister grin as he started picking up the pace. Kevin's whole body was jiggling and moving, his heart was racing and then..."What a good pig! Seems like your too weak to even have a proper orgasm. It all just leaked out" said the captor as Kevin finally came. He felt light headed, a tight, sharp pain in his chest came and the Kevin blacked out with the last thing he saw being the face of his captor smiling as he was wiping his hands clean. "Goodnight piggy"...

Days later Kevin woke up, feeling weaker and heavier than he remembered. What Kevin had experienced the day of his one year anniversary of being captured was a heart attack. The high fat diet his captor had placed him on and the forced immobility caused his body to become extremely unhealthy. The heart attack that Kevin had experienced wasn't his last nor his worst. As Kevin was fully come to, he saw his captor in front of him, wearing nothing but a speedo and that frightening cold smile. He saw that his captor was sweaty and seemed as if he just got finished doing an intense workout. They're bodies were on two separate sides of extreme. Kevin's captor was all muscle and toned. Kevin on the other hand was all pure fat and would jiggle at the slightest touch. "Seems liked you survived this one, pig" said Kevin's feeder. "I hope you know this is only the beginning" said the feeder with a serious tone in his voice as he started unwrapping sticks of butter and placing them on Kevin's chest. Kevin started to whimper, too weak to speak, in protest to the idea of being force fed all that butter. "Oh shut up! Don't act like you crave this shit. Besides, butter is supposed to make arteries slick and allow for better blood flow, right?" As Kevin's captor finally wrapped the 8 stick of butter and put the first stick in front of his mouth, Kevin instinctively opened his mouth and started to eat. Kevin had become a true hog at this point.

After feeding his pigs little snack of butter, the feeder put the tube back into Kevin's mouth and headed upstairs. This left Kevin to his thoughts, not that he had many. Kevin's eyes focused on the middle monitor and saw that the number had changed and he was just barely over 700lbs. Kevin found himself no longer if the number rose higher and higher. The heart attack had make him weak, and also made him realize that this is his life now; Well, only until he has another heart attack that puts him out of his misery. Kevin wasn't happy having to wheeze constantly for breathe, he wasn't happy always being full of fattening foods, he wasn't happy with being unable to move any of his limbs. He was in a living hell that only got worse the fatter he got, and with his weight being in the hands of someone wanting to make him fatter, each day would get worse and worse for him.

Going on his second year of having Kevin as his captive pig, he realized that his pig wouldn't be able to survive another year. He aided in trying to help his pig live longer by providing him with oxygen, but Kevin's weight is still too much of a burden for him. Although, the feeder found satisfaction in only giving his pig oxygen and still filling him to the brim with food that will only keep destroying his body. The oxygen was more of a way to ease his pig, not a way to help him live longer. The feeder thought that it'd be best if today was the day that he finally forced his pig to his limits and pushed him over the edge. The feeder headed his way to the basement with a duffle bag full of fattening treats that his pig would enjoy, a camera and a sheet cake.

As he reached the basement and got closer to his pig, he heard rasping wheezing coming from the direction of his pig. The very sound of such struggling breath around the feeder and brought him joy that his pig was essentially fighting for air. "It's been two whole, long years pig and we're finally here" said the feeder as he set the duffle bag down and placed the sheet cake on Kevin's chest. The added weight on Kevin's chest caused him to gasp and fight even harder for air. "Judging by your breathing, you won't live for long. But there's plenty of other things to judge from" said the feeder as he grabbed a roll of fat and jiggle it. "Let me show you just how of shape you are, pig" and with that, Kevin's captor turned left and middle monitor, which have been turned off for awhile now. As Kevin struggle to see past his puffed out cheeks and his almost squinted shut eyes, he saw the middle monitor and it read 1,286lbs. Kevin was in complete shock. His heart started racing, even more so than before. He thought of how it was possible for anyone to be this fat, let alone himself. Kevin then shifted his eyes to the left monitor and finally saw himself after so long. All he could see was a pale, pile of human flesh. His poor vision prevented him from truly seeing himself, which was a pale, pile of human flesh riddled with deep angry stretch marks and cellulite, which caused him to look like cottage cheese. Rolls sloping down his body like a waterfall. Tits so big they look like huge water balloons that laid across his chest. Thick, fat arms that harbored even more rolls. He was unable to move his arms, let alone his fingers, which looked like encased sausages. The main part of Kevin, and the biggest, was his belly. So huge and wide that it was about to overflow from tarp that he laid on. Stretch marks all across his globe of a stomach. You couldn't even call his gut a gut anymore, but instead a mound of fat that engulfed his legs.

"It's feeding time pig. For the last time too" said his feeder with a devilish smirk. The feeder removed the cake from Kevin's chest, which gave him a moment of ease. However, the feeder reached into the duffle bag that he had brought down and took out bags upon bags of McDonalds. He found it fitting to feed his pig his favorite meal for his final meal. He shoved burger after burger into Kevin's open maw. Kevin was used to his fast paced feeding and would take a few bites, swallow and then open his mouth for the next bite. 16 McDoubles later and Kevin was feeling a little full, but this was only the beginning. His feeder then took out two full jars of mayo and tipped the first one into Kevin's mouth. The disgusting, white slop was filling his mouth and Kevin tried his best to swallow as fast as possible. One jar down and his feeder teased his pig. "Jesus, just look at you. All those burgers and now a jar of mayo. You're fucking sick" said the feeder as he jiggled his pigs belly. "Bet this thing isn't even half-way yet though" Kevin whimpered in return and let out a moan. "Does piggy want more?" cooed the feeder. "You just can't get enough of this shit, can you?" And with that, the feeder opened the second jar of mayo and placed it in front on his pigs waiting lips.

16 burgers, 2 jars of mayo, 1lb of bacon, a whole tub of mashed potatoes, 12 pieces of extra fried chicken a tray of cheesy mac n' cheese and a whole sheet cake later and Kevin was stuffed to the brim. Poor Kevin was wheezing, gasping and moaning. Trying his best to ease the pain of his stuffed stomach. His heart racing after all that junk food being consumed. His levels spiked to the max and yet he was still drawing breathe...for now. "Well pig, it's time." said his captor. Kevin was too high on the feeling of being so stuffed that he didn't really pay attention to the words his captor said. "Don't go and think you're done eating just yet" the feeder said as he reached into the bag and pulled out a container. He set it down on Kevin's belly and Kevin let out a groan. The container was labeled "Mason" and the contents within the container was a pale, white substance. "Just have to set up the camera and we'll get started" said the feeder as he winked at Kevin. He set up the camera he had brought down with him on a tripod. He made sure the camera captured Kevin's enormous, bloated figure and pressed play

After that, no words were said, and Kevin's captor grabbed the container, opened it and grabbed a handful of the substance and shoved it in Kevin's maw. Kevin couldn't do anything but eat, despite being painfully full. It was eat or suffocate. More and more of the lard like substance was shoved into Kevin's mouth. Halfway through the container Kevin kept his mouth shut in protest. His feeder smacked his belly so hard that it made him squeal and brought a tear down his face. His feeder shoved the slop into his mouth and Kevin struggled to eat it. Kevin's feeder then proceeded to play with his body; grabbing rolls and folds, smacking the fat and making it jiggle. After a few moments of having his fat played with, it was back to feeding. As Kevin ate the last of the slop, he let out a painful groan and moan that made his feeder smile. Kevin's feeder jiggle the protruding section of Kevin;s belly, which only brought pain to Kevin. After that, his feeder went to the end of the tarp where his belly ended. Using his strength, Kevin's feeder was able to lift Kevin's belly. The feeders muscles were working hard to lift all that fat, and it brought joy to him. His feeder then reached deep into Kevin's fat with his other hand and went digging. Kevin was too full and brain-dead to pay attention to what was going on, but then he felt a tug on his member, which he thought was long lost. Kevin felt another tug, and another. His heart started racing, his breathing become shorter and quicker. His face went blood red and sweat started pouring down his forehead. His feeder was allowing his pig to cum on last time and this time, it would push him past his limits. While his feeder was jacking off of what was left of his pathetic little cock, his feeder was smiling at how obese his pig was. The most accurate way to describe the condition of his pigs dick was to compare to a clit. Kevin's breathing got faster and faster and so did his heart rate. And then, as his feeder thug on it one last time, he came. His pathetic prick oozed out cum that wouldn't see the light of day.

Kevin's feeder took his hand out of Kevin's fat and let down his belly. He quickly got the camera and focused it on Kevin's face. Kevin's face was red, he was wheezing and shaking. Then a split second later, something within Kevin's chest erupted...his heart. Kevin's face went white and he focused his eyes to his feeder. His feeder, the man who saw him trying to lose weight at the gym, the same man who followed him to McDonalds and kidnapped him was the same man who's staring at him, dead in the eyes as he's dying from a heart attack caused by orgasm. His feeder was fully erect and smiling with a grin from ear to ear as he was watching a teen who was no older than 20 years old die of a heart attack because he's too fat to live an orgasm. Kevin felt light for the first time in a long time. No longer did he feel heavy, his hearing faded and his vision blurred. The last time he saw was his feeders lip move, as if he was speaking. And then his vision went blank as he drew his final breath…

Two years have passed since Kevin passed. XtremeFeederX has already moved on to another pig since then. A couple of weeks passed and he began his search again. Now, just two years later and he already had another immobile hog in his basement. He found this pig on a college campus, sitting on a bench snacking on twinkies while reading a textbook. The poor boy was all alone, no one but his snacks to keep him company, so XtremeFeederX decided to take the pig with him where he never be alone anymore. The boys starting weight was 310lbs and within just two years of the feeders extreme methods of feeding and weight gain, the boy went from a chubby all over 310lbs to an unrecognizable 1,068lbs blob. XtremeFeederX was very pleased with this however, the boy was not. Being this fat for him was torture. Although, the boy was fat to begin with, he never enjoyed his body. No girls would talk to him, he was always ridiculed for his weight and no one wanted to be around him. For the hog, being in the basement, forced to gain weight, was a living hell; but to his feeder, it was just another day in paradise to be able to feed someone to extreme sizes.

As the man walked down the basement stairs, with food ready to be forced into the pig, the pig began to get anxious as to what was awaiting him today. "I have a special video to show you, pig. Hope you like it" winked the feeder as he pressed play on a remote, which caused a paused screen to play. What the hog saw was on the screen was a huge mass of a pale quivering substance. As the camera focused better, the hog was able to tell it was another person. The hog began to understand that it was another pig, trapped in the feeders basement forced to gain to such an extreme size; just how he is now. The hog on the screen was much bigger than he was, and that translated to him that he would get much fatter than he is now. As the video played and showed the hog getting fed mercilessly, the same was happening to him. The feeder shoved burger after burger into his current hogs mouth as it's gaze was fixated on the screen. As they say, "life imitates art", and as the video showed Kevin being fed to his limits, so was the current hog. Both hogs ate and ate as the feeder shoved food into their gapping maws. As the feeders current hog finished eating his meal, the feeder looked at the hog with a grin and went upstairs. The hog kept his eyes on the video as he saw Kevin being stuffed with more and more food. When Kevin was done eating, the feeder went out of sight of the camera. The hog thought this meant that the video was done. Then all of sudden, the hog heard Kevin gasp and moan loudly. He didn't see what has causing Kevin to do such, but the hog was able to come to the conclusion that Kevin was being jerked off by the feeder. He could see Kevin's body jiggle like a sea of fat and heard his breathing getting worse. The hog was watching another boy just like him, but much fatter, being jerked off by the feeder after being stuffed to his utter limits. He knew that Kevin wasn't enjoying it, he could just tell. Then all of a sudden, the jiggling stopped and Kevin's breathing paused for a moment. The hog's heart began racing as he knew what had just happened to Kevin; he had suffered a heart attack from an orgasm. As the feeder came back downstairs, pitcher filled with butter in his hands, the video showed a close look of Kevin's face. Poor Kevin was all flushed and red, sweat dripping down his lard filled face as he had just orgasmed and is experiencing a heart attack. The feeder stood by his current hog and they both stared at the screen to watch the ending. As Kevin's face went from red to white, the feeder on the video spoke for the first time during the whole time filming. "Say "hello" to your replacement" were the words that came out of the feeders mouth, and with that, the video ended with Kevin's eyes going blank and laying there motionless and no longer breathing.

"That's going to be you in another year, hog" said the feeder as he brought the pitcher with melted butter to the hogs lips. "Just enjoy the ride" and with that the butter began being poured in the hogs mouth. And as the hog laid there in the same tarp as the previous hog, drinking melted butter and the images of the previous hogs final moments still fresh in his mind, he resigned to this life. The hog began drinking the butter faster as it was poured in his mouth. "Good pig" said the feeder as he tipped the pitcher higher. The pig knew that he was going to end up like Kevin, so there was no use fighting it anymore; he wanted it to end, so he decided to just let the feeder do what he did best, feed his pigs to death.

The end
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1 19mancini92   (2017-07-27 19:46:08) [Eintrag]
Generally I like gainer stories so I clicked on this one...oh my god I wish I hadn't!

Kidnapping and feeding stories are fine but this one goes too far.

This is a sick horrible story.

It's the family part at the end which is so disgusting. It disturbs me that the person who wrote this actually enjoys the idepa of murder and inflicting twisted emotional pain on parents like that.

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