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Mack and Doug

Mack sat at the kitchen table wearing oversized underwear, and greedily slurped down the last of fifteen cases of Jumbo Weight-Gainer. For over a week he'd been stuffing his maw with mounds of hunger-inducers and capacity-boosters, and now his appetite had completely overtaken him. He licked his chops eagerly, as his live-in lover, Doug, obediently heaped up pile upon pile of Mack's favorite fattening foods. The beefy twenty-four-year-old looked on in amazement as his big three-hundred-fifty-pound trucker daddy began to eat.

"Wow! Big Daddy," Doug began breathlessly, "I've never seen you eat like this before!"

"You'll be seeing LOTS you've never seen before BOY!" grunted the big truck driver as he easily demolished several large pizzas and tossed the empty boxes onto the floor. The tone of the trucker's voice was enough to convince Doug that something was out of joint between him and his daddy.

"Have I dissatisfied you in some way Sir?" Doug asked anxiously.

"No Boy," laughed the trucker between huge mouthfuls of fried chicken, "it is I who have dissatisfied YOU!" At this comment, the younger man stood pensive and silent and watched as the trucker continued to eat.

"But, you're MORE than enough...." Doug finally managed

"MORE than enough?" grunted the big trucker, "Better pass me the corn-on-the-cob and barbecued ribs Boy, I hear you like your men with plenty of MEAT on their bones!" After this comment, Doug could only watch and listen as Mack made short order of an entire serving bowl of mash potatoes with gravy. "Secrets don't last long among truckers Son, I know you've been bringin' home guys fatter than I am while I'm out on the road, and since you seem to like 'em FATTER than I am, I've decided it's time for this BIG Daddy to get himself EVEN BIGGER!"

"But what about your trucker license?" Doug whimpered, struggling to fight the dry lump in his throat, "You know the doctor's threatened to yank it from you if you don't watch your waistline."

"Slide that big fat turkey over here son." Laughed the big trucker as he continued to stuff himself, "Ol' Doc Forester can watch my waistline blowup like a great big balloon and just yank whatever he likes! As of this past Friday, I am retired from truck driving for good!"

"What?!" cried Doug overcome by emotion and confusion, "You're quitting your job!"

"Not quitting Bud," grunted the heavy trucker unable to stop himself from eating, "I'm RETIRING! I've socked away enough to take care of both you and me for a good long time!"

At this point, the younger man stood silent, as the larger one continued stuffing himself. The stillness of the room was peppered by Mack's primal grunts as he attempted to shove an entire hoagie into his mouth. Doug's eyes widened to see his beefy lover so intent on gorging himself. He struggled for words as the hoagie vanished down Mack's throat, followed by half a dozen more. The trucker's belly began to widen with the great quantity of food he had already packed away, and still he continued to eat.

"Both you and me?" struggled Doug, "Does that mean you forgive me for cheating on you?"

"Of course I FORGIVE you Sport!" laughed the big man as he licked the mayonnaise from his fingers, "I'm just here to see that it NEVER happens again!" With that, the huge trucker belched loudly and smacked the sides of his swollen belly with infinite authority. Doug reeled slightly at the sound of Mack's roaring burp, and then felt a stirring in his shorts as he watched his Big Daddy slice off a piece of layer cake and shove the whole thing into his mouth. The stirring grew to a swelling as the piece of cake was followed by another. And another. And Another!

Doug's jaw went slack, as an entire cake disappeared in a matter of minutes. Mack smiled triumphantly, as he scooped the last of the frosting into his mouth and drank a half-gallon carton of melted vanilla ice cream as a chaser. Another burp rolled out of him, and his belly pushed forward like an advancing glacier.

"So tell me about ' Tiny' Hudson." Mack began with a smirk, " I hear that guy can REALLY EAT! And ' Tank ' Murphy? He must go,,,,,, what? Around four twenty-five? Doug wouldn't have bothered answering the questions, even if he'd heard them. He was too busy watching his Big Daddy's belly grow. The trucker's firm pot belly was expanding upward and outward like a balloon inflating his big briefs.

The kitchen chair under Mack groaned fantastically as the growing fat man leaned his weight forward and reached over his belly for more food. He continued to stuff himself fast and furiously, demolishing a huge bowl of pasta salad along with a platter of sloppy joes. "And what does BIG BOB Ganther weigh?" he grunted between mouthfuls of blueberry pie, "That BIG BOB must go five-hundred at least!"

Doug began to recognize the names of all the huge men he had brought home with him while Mack had been on the road, and he blushed with embarrassment at how easily their enormous weights and midsections had made him forget about his loyal loving Daddy. He remembered literally creaming his shorts the day Bob Ganther had leaned back from that very same kitchen table, and had admitted to weighing five hundred forty-seven pounds. The number had echoed for weeks in Doug's head. Bob was easily the biggest man he'd ever made love to, nearly two hundred pounds heavier than Mack. He'd never dreamed of asking his Big Daddy to grow to such a size, not when he had a hard-ass company man like Doc Forester weighing his butt every six months. Now the prospect of Mack growing heavier began to entice him.

Suddenly, Doug was jarred back to reality by the seismic force of a patented Big Mack power-belch, a real contest winner. Doug wondered how long he'd been daydreaming. He focused on the kitchen table in front of him and was surprised to find the mountain of food he'd delivered had been leveled to rubble. His eyes scanned the kitchen area surveying the extent of the damage done. There was debris everywhere! At the head of the table, sat a great mound of belly, topped by large heavy pectorals, and a broad, round, smiling face. Mack suppressed another immense burp as he sat contentedly picking his teeth. "How 'bout pulling up another chair Boy!" he grunted stoutly.

Doug obeyed immediately, but as he prepared to sit, the enormous trucker scowled at him, "Not for YOU Boy, for ME!" Doug's eyes widened as Mack lifted his considerable bulk from the table, and abruptly pointed to his rear end. Instinctively, the younger man positioned a pair of chairs under the heavier man, and then stood in rapt amazement as Big Mack lowered and repositioned his weight onto both chairs. The rump on Doug's big trucker daddy had widened considerably. " That's how the big boys at the truck stop do it! Right Doug?" Mack said flatly, still smiling and picking his teeth as the two chairs groaned underneath him.

Doug looked again at his daddy's face and noticed the broader cheeks, and bigger double-chin. He noticed how Mack's neck and shoulders had thickened, and the massiveness of his upper arms, the ham-sized forearms. Even Mack's fingers had gotten fatter, like big Cuban cigars. " I'd like to see the ol' Doc try to weigh me NOW!" the big trucker erupted. And Doug laughed in spite of himself at the thought of Big Daddy overloading the Doc's office scale. As phantasmagoric as it seemed, Mack was now enormously fat, a good hundred pounds over his trucker weight. His face beamed with an impishness that belied his size.

"So how much does BIG BOB weigh?" Mack asked again insistently.

Doug stood surveying the bulk of his now wider and heavier trucker bear. "Is Big Bob's weight really THAT important?" he finally managed after a prolonged pause.

"Hell yeah, it's important!" Mack barked, "That's what you like, great BIG fat guys, and now that I know that, I'm gonna get BIGGER than ALL of 'em.

The tone of Mack's comment both startled and excited Doug. Mack was already heavier than either Tank or Tiny. Could he possibly be serious about surpassing even the size of Bob Ganther? Mack made the toothpick in his teeth flick up and down teasingly, then he shifted his considerable weight and coerced an even more impressive groan out of the chairs beneath him. He smiled intently at the bulge in Doug's shorts. Already, Mack could feel his butt and thighs swelling bigger

"Yeah, that Bob is one HELL of a man all right!" Mack bellowed as more and more poundage piled onto his frame. "The last time he rode shotgun with me, I swear the whole cab tipped to his side! I'm surprised he didn't BUST any of my CHAIRS when he stopped by to see you."

"I pulled the hassock into the kitchen for him." Doug responded rather sheepishly.

"Smart move Boy, Smart move!" Mack chuckled, "Maybe you better pull the hassock into the kitchen for Big Daddy!" The huge trucker's playful wink made the sexual game plan crystal clear, and Doug happily padded off to the living room to retrieve the wide, sturdy hassock that Big Bob had sat on during his visit. Mack grinned with anticipation, then suddenly bore down hard on the table with his elbows as he felt the kitchen chairs weakening underneath him.

Big Daddy regally raised his mammoth backside as he heard Doug reenter the room. The sight of Mack's immense rump stopped Doug dead in his tracks.

"Where's that HASSOCK boy?" Mack grunted as he genuinely struggled to balance his weight over the chairs.

After a pause, the metal chairs skittered sideways across the floor, and more substantial seating slid stoutly into position. Mack dropped his bulk onto the hassock with an impact that made the kitchen tremble. From behind, Doug stared at the awesome width of back, and the huge loaf-sized lovehandles shoving out from under Mack's elbows. Great trunks of thighs held up a whopping beer-gut. Mack was gaining the same massive proportions as Bob.

"Wh-What's HAPPENING to you?" Doug sputtered as he took in the full expanse of manly trucker in front of him, "Ha-How are you getting so BIG?"

With charming smugness, Mack shifted the toothpick in his mouth, smiled down at his gut, and playfully patted the sides of it as it continued to grow bigger. "How do you think those other BIG BOYS got so fat?" he asked chuckling

"AH DUNNO!" Doug answered. By now, he was franticly batting at his crotch as he watched his Big Daddy begin to exceed the size and weight of Bob.

Mack adjusted his increasing weight on the hassock, taking in the massiveness of his big burgeoning bulk, and savoring Doug's breathless attraction to it. "I did a little detective work Woody," he began, using his favorite nickname for Doug. "and I ended up talking to THE Big Man himself!"

"You mean Big Bob?" asked Doug.

"No." answered Mack, "This guy is even BIGGER!" Mack paused at this point and let the implications of his last statement penetrate Doug's brain. "The guy runs an underground apothecary for men interested in gaining weight. I paid him a visit, and told him to give me the entire Super Deluxe package -- make me as big as possible!"

Once again Mack paused. He felt his rump spreading further across the surface of the hassock, his elbows being pushed outward by the sides of his belly, his lap being overtaken by the weight of his gut. "I bought everything he had." Mack continued, redistributing his weight as he spoke, "...he said it would make me at least as big as him, if not bigger."

Doug's eyes widened with astonishment at the details of Mack's fantastic story, but even as his head spun with confusion and doubt, he could hear metal scraping against the tile at his feet. He looked down to see the kitchen table being shoved across the floor by Mack's ballooning belly. "How big was this guy?" Doug managed, glancing first at Mack's face, and then back at Mack's huge protruding gut.

"Seven hundred pounds," answered Mack with a satisfied smirk as he casually rested his forearms against the sides of his swelling girth. "And he tossed in some of his own super-sized underwear as part of the deal, so I've got something to lounge in."

By now, the reality of the situation was beginning to dawn on Doug. The huge tank-style A-shirt and enormous briefs Mack was wearing were larger than any he'd ever seen, and Mack was rapidly filling them out. The mammoth trucker flexed his big arms and happily shifted his colossal bulk on the hassock. He had long ago exceeded the weight of Big Bob, and was taking on the size of world-record fat men that Doug had read about in books. Doug marveled at the broad fullness of Mack's cheeks, and the bull-like rolls of his neck, the massive bulging pectorals and vast meaty arms, and the belly. Mack's belly was as large as a barrel resting between his lap and his forearms.

"I'd like to see Big Bob try to top this!" Mack grunted, sharply slapping his pot with the flat of his hand. Doug's swollen prong shifted like a railroad tie in his shorts at the sound of Mack's palm smacking against so much flesh. It was indeed more than Bob could ever compete with and growing wider with each passing minute.

"How big will it get?" Doug ventured, his crotch vaulting anxiously as he laid a palm against the warm expanse of Mack's belly. The huge fat mound was still growing.

"Dunno," answered Mack with a devilish smile, "read what it says on the can of stuff I've been drinking."

Doug quickly snatched up an empty can of Jumbo Weight-Gainer, and browsed the label for any info that might indicate what Mack's ultimate size would be. "WARNING," he began, reading aloud, "MASSIVE and INORDINATE weight-gain will result if taken in LARGE QUANTITY BEFORE A HEAVY MEAL ." Doug's jaw went slack, and the empty can slipped from his hand and bounced against the floor tile. He stared past the immense wreckage that had been Mack's dinner and began counting the empty can's of Jumbo Weight-Gainer on the floor.

"How many of these things did you DRINK?" Doug shouted, quickly losing count of the cans which were scattered everywhere.

Mack grunted, and shifted himself. The hassock slowly compacted under him as he continued to widen. He raised his arms, and stretched his hands forward to run them across his growing mountain of stomach. The front end bounced firmly against the table, shoving it further across the floor. His expanding belly stretched outward past his knees and rolled like an avalanche toward the floor.

"How MANY did you DRINK?" Doug begged, incredulously watching Mack's weight becoming more and more colossal.

Mack flattened the hassock further beneath him, compressing it under his rump as he shifted himself smugly. He grunted from the effort of moving himself, but smiled at how magnificently his stomach was filling the kitchen. "I drank fifteen cases of that stuff before eating," he grinned, "and that was one HELL of a HEAVY MEAL! I'm still getting bigger."

"FA-FA-FIFTEEN CASES?" Doug shouted in disbelief, once again marveling at Mack's capacity.

"THAT'S RIGHT BOY!" Mack shouted back, smacking his gut for emphasis, "When I said BIGGER than ALL of 'em, I MEANT A-L-L of 'em!"

At this point, the floor creaked loudly and Doug shuddered at the sight of Mack shifting his immense poundage. The jumbo highway man simply smiled and tested the width of his belly with both hands. "I've got a ways to grow yet Woody," he rumbled, his eyes sparkling with delight, and chest heaving outward with pride, "but I'm only gonna pack-it on this way once...what say you shove the table back and bring that big tire iron over here to work on my spare!"

The trucker patted his burgeoning stomach invitingly, and Doug sheepishly adjusted the weighty hard-on that filled his shorts. Without delay, he pushed the kitchen table back as far as possible and turned to take in the full panoramic width of Mack's advancing gut. Doug stared breathlessly at the huge mountain of midsection.

"Just TRY ta bring home someone bigger than me NOW!" barked the trucker squaring himself on the hassock with a grin. "I'll eat him for breakfast!" Doug smiled at the huge man who's weight had now nearly tripled, then he spread out his hands, and grabbed an armload of Mack's great ballooning girth. He leaned himself forward and felt the vast mound of trucker gut give slightly against his crotch. For a moment, it rested against him, warm and inviting, then suddenly, it inflated outward, gaining new size.

"Yeah Boy!" grunted Mack enjoying the sudden enormous weight increase. "Ol' Bob's gonna need a heap o' side road to get around BIG FAT MACK!" By now, Mack's belly rested heavily on the floor and was as tall as Doug's chest. Doug smacked his crotch firmly into Mack's gut, and the gut smacked back, forcing Doug's butt against the table which was already pinned against the wall. Doug surveyed his predicament with a mixture of trembling and awe, then he planted his ass firmly against the table top, and flung his torso spread-eagle across the vast expanse of Mack's belly. The young lover boy nuzzled the gargantuan gut, reveling in the smell of the huge A-shirt that stretched larger and larger around his Big Daddy's equator. As he felt his feet being lifted off the floor, Doug's cock arched urgently against Mack's stomach

"He-Hey YEAH!" Mack grunted happily, as his wide butt began overlapping the sides of the hassock. With immense force, he shoved the seat backward, smothering it under his weight as he stretched to fill more of the kitchen. His belly smacked and bounced against Doug with whopping surges of growth.

"Gawd Big Daddy!" Doug groaned, helplessly plastered against Mack's sweaty stomach, "Your weight! You must weigh a TON!"

"Fifteen hundred pounds AT LEAST!" roared Mack, gleefully swatting the sides of his gut with huge fat hands. "Yer gonna need a TRUCK scale to weigh me when I get done!" The trucker's great chest erupted with a rumbling laughter that shook his belly as well as most of the kitchen. His eyes glowed with delight as his body greedily took on even more size and weight. His middle swelled outward in one gigantic surge and then he slowly puffed out to his full and final proportions. Doug's hips convulsed violently, and his dick exploded with cum at the thought of the big man's weigh-in.

When the weight had all been gained, Mack lifted his elbows and looked down at lovehandles as large as beer kegs. His forearms were big around as Thanksgiving turkeys, and his gut stretched forward a full five feet in front of him, the bottom resting at his feet and the great cresting plateau of the top rising over a foot taller than the kitchen table. He shifted his weight carefully, and felt the floor groaning beneath him. "That's BIG ENOUGH to satisfy me Woody!" he laughed, "Is it BIG ENOUGH to satisfy you?"

Doug mopped his sweat-soaked face against the awning-sized A-shirt that stretched against the top of Mack's belly. He rested his chin on the trucker's gut and flapped his arms, sliding them back and forth across the acres and acres of midsection bulging underneath him, then he bucked his hips gently and answered Mack's question with a wink and a contented smile.

"I'll take that as a YES!" barked the trucker as he forced another groan out of the floorboards and triumphantly whacked his belly with both hands. "A very satisfied YES."

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