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Never Full Part 1
Today started out like any other; that is until my boyfriend came home. He was so sexy, he was tall, about 6'1" 350 pounds of pure jiggly, gelatinous fat. His big belly, his chunky thighs, his found butt, and the best part his huge boobs, that fall on either side of his belly. Usually he comes home and we have a huge meal that ends with me forcing more into his mouth. That usually turns us on so badly that after dinner activities involve me on my stomach with his belly on my back fucking my brains out.

Today he came home with ten bags of groceries, that is a few more than usual, the put them in the kitchen and threw a bottle of something at me and told me to drink it all before dinner started. I asked what it was and he said it would help with our love making tonight, so I drank it. It tasted kinda funny but oh well, the odd things one does for love. about an hour later Alex came in and told me he wanted me to change into a small shirt and underwear... things were getting a little weird but whatever, I know he liked to see how small I was compared to him.

When I came into the kitchen I couldn't believe how much food was made, every counter was stacked with food, I knew he was right the sex tonight would be great with him and all of his bubbery goodness on me. I sat down at the table and loaded up my plate, I had a few bites and noticed something different, I felt kind of funny. I shrugged it off maybe I was hungrier than I thought. I saw a wild look in Alex's eyes as he looked at me. He came over to me and did something odd again, he blindfolded me, and said he was going to feed me for once.

I kept eating and eating and eating, I couldn't believe I wasn't getting full, my shirt and underwear were getting so tight, suddenly I felt the elastic of my underwear break, what was happening to me! then I felt the shirt rip and I felt the pressure eased and I felt something fall onto my legs... was that my stomach? no it couldn't be I can't have gotten that big my stomach would have burst before I got this fat, it must be Alex.

He finally told me I was all done. But I don't want to be done, I'm not full. As he took the blindfold off he told me "but we are out of food." I was so confused as I looked at all the empty trays and tins and then I looked down I was a mountain of fat.

"WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME!" I screamed.

"I thought you would like this." He said quietly.

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2 Dave   (2013-11-24 18:36:43)
I can't wait to read more! Normally I'm one for drawing things out, but this is great smile

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1 Alex   (2013-11-24 10:59:03)
more to come, part two is being approved, and three is being written, we will see how far it goes

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