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Never Full part 2
Part 2
"How did you do this?!"

"Well that drink I gave you makes everything that enters you turn straight to fat, hence why you never got full... nothing goes into your stomach."

"When does it wear off, I have to eat and get some food in my stomach!"
There is another drink that makes it wear off, don't worry, it will be just fine"

"Good, do you have a scale? I want to see how big I am"

I tried getting up but couldn't, Alex had to pull me to my feet. I was huge, my arms were so heavy, it was difficult to move my arms. My tits were huge! I made Alex look small. it was amazingly sexy, I loved my thighs rubbing together, the way I felt my belly, ass, boobs, chins, thighs, arms, EVERYTHING jiggle as I walked. I patted my belly and it shook for a good 20 seconds before going back to normal. I finally made it to the scale, I was about 147 lbs, now as Alex read out the number (I couldn't see over the mountain that my stomach was) I was 489 lbs!!!

Alex and I ran, figuratively speaking, to the bedroom, I flopped down on the bed and heard something crack. Alex put food in front of me and told me to start eating while he got everything ready. I felt my ass expanding in this position, I saw my tits getting bigger. I just kept eating and eating soon my stomach, which was already on the bed was pushing my arms and legs further apart, and I was being raised off the bed. Alex finally got back and was so excited he pushed the food aside and came in my mouth. he just kept cuming and cuming when he was finally done I realized that only my breasts grew when he did that, it was exhilarating to see that, I was about to cum. I told Alex to catch it I wanted to drink it to see if my breasts grew again. I caught it all in his mouth and snowballed me, only this time my boobs didn't grow my ass expanded tremendously. I felt it shoot back as my entire body rippled.

Alex gave me a hard smack in the ass, it felt so good, I started eating again. He took a tape measure out, and he measured from the from the top of my ass crack to the bottom. It was three feet long, then he pulled my ass apart and put it between my ass like a thong. He got so hard that he shot a load into his hand when he saw it was a foot and a half long. He fed me his cum with one hand and cupped my tit with the other. The fat enveloped Alex's hand, my boobs were growing painfully large. When I was finally done licking the cum off of Alex's hand he took one of my boobs in his hands (it now took both to lift one) and looked at my nipples, they were at least 5 inches in diameter, and wet. Alex squeezed it and milk came shooting out. This time I came. he lifted my tit to my mouth and told me to start drinking. I felt everything grow this time, but mainly the fat above my dick. it was slowly disappearing. I rocked forward and felt my dick rubbing on my fat. I told Alex to go get a bowl so I can catch my cum, he ran fast and I kept drinking my mild, it was so sweet, it tasted like buttery sugary milk.

part three coming soon, let me know what you think

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3 Bill M   (2014-09-04 00:50:48)
Love your story! My dick goy hard and i rubbed my belly and tits.

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2 DaeMan   (2013-12-18 15:17:09)
Really great story! I love it! I can't wait for part 3! Actually I've been wondering when exactly part 3 will be posted. I've checked this site for the past week & two days. No rush or anything lol But I hope you post part 3 really soon!

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1 Dave   (2013-11-26 20:04:31)
Fast paced, but hot. Really want to see where this goes smile

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