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One Size Fits All
Dave flipped through the piles of clothes, looking for something to catch his eye. He loved shopping in second hand stores and op-shops, always searching for a bargain. Dave was a solid 280 pounds, and he often found good clothes in larger sizes in these places, and much cheaper than in 'big and tall' stores. Since he had started gaining twelve months before, these shops had saved him a heap of money as he continually updated (and upsized) his wardrobe.

Dave had just about given up and turned to leave, when a pair of brown cord pants under a pile of shirts caught his eye. They looked brand new and were marked $5. 

'Probably not my size,' Dave thought to himself, but he grabbed them and examined them closely. The fabric felt very soft and stretchy, but Dave couldn't find a size tag anywhere. He had nearly turned them inside out when he found a small tag that said, "Fits All Sizes". Then Dave noticed that the waist drawstring was marked like a tape measure, in inches. The little clasp was sitting on the 44" mark. Dave knew his waist was way past this, let alone his gut, but he held the pants against him, and again noticed how elastic the fabric felt.

'What the heck,' Dave thought, 'It's only 5 bucks. They'll probably stretch, and Jim loves my clothes tight anyway'. Jim was Dave's partner and encourager, and also a gainer, though he was a good 40 pounds behind Dave. Dave paid for the pants and went home.

Jim was still working and wouldn't be home for a while, so Dave stripped down to his boxers and checked out his soft, hanging belly as he passed the mirrored robe in the bedroom. He loved getting bigger and was working towards 300. He cupped his gut with both hands and jiggled it at the mirror, a smile crossing his face. Dave took the pants out of the shopping bag and looked at them again, especially the marked drawstring, sitting at 44". Dave knew the pants he had discarded in the living room were 50's, so he moved the little clasp along to the 50" mark. He looked at them again, doubting that they would make it past his fleshy thighs and butt to his waist. He pulled them up to his knees, then his thighs and finally up to his waist. The fabric felt silky and cool next to his skin, and Dave knew these were the most comfortable pants he had ever worn. He shuffled back over to the mirrored robe and checked how they looked on him. They weren't tight, but they emphasized his meaty legs and chunky ass superbly. His gut hung out over the top and blocked the top couple of inches of the pants from view. He was admiring his reflection when he heard Jim come through the back door. Dave walked out to the kitchen to meet him. 

"Hey Stud," Dave said, kissing Jim on the cheek.
"Hey yourself," Jim replied, "Had a good day?"
Dave nodded, then proceeded to do a little dance around the kitchen to display his new pants. "What do you think Jim?" Dave asked, smoothing a hand down his leg, "Found these at the second hand shop. Adjustable and everything. They're sooo comfy".
Jim eyed Dave's bottom half. "Very nice. They look really good on you," Jim replied, and pinched Dave's ass playfully. "If only they were a bit tighter, to show off that ass," Jim continued, this time gently slapping Dave's rear, obviously in a playful mood.
Dave sensed this and reached down and retrieved the top of his pants from under his jiggly gut. "I can try to bring the waist in a bit, it might help," he said with a smile. He grabbed the clasp and moved it back down the measured drawstring, stopping at 46". Dave felt something like a zap of static electricity from the pants, and then noticed that the pants didn't feel any tighter around his waist. "Is that better Jim?" Dave asked, "It doesn't feel any different!" 
But Jim was staring at Dave's mid-section. "Dave, your gut just... just... shrank!" Jim said, startled. 
"Yeah, right," Dave replied.
"I swear dude, when you adjusted your pants, it just shrank!" Jim shrieked. The look on Jim's face made Dave take him more seriously.
"Come on Jim, that's impossible! They're just pants," Dave said.
"Nup, I swear it. I'm getting the tape measure," Jim said, and hurried into the bedroom. Dave still didn't believe him, and decided to test Jim's theory. He reached under his gut again, grabbed the sliding clasp, and slowly slid it back further, until it reached 34". The pants felt tight for a couple of seconds, but then -zap- and the feeling subsided.

Jim came back into the kitchen and immediately dropped the tape measure. His lover was still standing there, but Dave was now a 170 pound guy with a slight belly poking out, but certainly not hanging over those brown cord pants. The look of amazement on both faces was nearly identical.
"Dave, what have you done?" Jim cried. "Where is that beautiful gut of yours?"
"I... I.. don't.. know," Dave stammered, obviously as disappointed as Jim was.
"Well, take off those damn pants to start with!" Jim ordered. "Maybe you'll go back to normal!" Dave slid the pants off and stood perfectly still, waiting for his fleshy gut, oh-so-grabbable love handles and ass that just begged to be pinched to grow back. But nothing happened. Jim grew angrier with each minute and eyed the pants lying on the floor. He grabbed them and was about to tear them in half when Dave stopped him.
"Wait! Jim! They might be the only way to fix this!" Dave yelled, grabbing Jim's arms. "I have an idea!" Dave grabbed the tape measure up from the floor and put it around his waist, where the pants were sitting. "Exactly 32 inches", he said to Jim. He then measured his gut, which was 34". Dave thought out loud, "If they work one way, there's no reason they won't work the other..." He grabbed the clasp and slid it back the other way, back to 46". He felt the static zap again, and then he placed his hands on his little belly. Dave felt his gut slowly expand out of his body, topped with his fleshy pecs, and could feel his ass pushing out of those pants. After a couple of seconds, the changes stopped and he was back to the way he was after the first time he moved the pants clasp. The pants, set at 46", fitted him perfectly.
Jim's face brightened considerably. "That's more like it!" he said enthusiastically. 
Dave took the tape measure again and checked his waist. "Exactly 46 inches", he said with a smile. His belly was 49" around. "Nearly back to where I should be," Dave said, and grabbed the sliding clasp again, and moved it back to the original 50" setting. He felt the fat grow and shift around his whole body until his waist reached 50". His belly was back to the 54" it was that morning, hanging gloriously over the top of the pants.
"Well, thank god that's over," Dave said.
Jim walked over and put his hands on Dave's gut. "It doesn't have to be," he said with a sly grin. Dave looked into Jim's eyes, smiled back and then nodded. Jim reached down and pulled the pants out from under Dave's gut, grabbed the clasp and slid it around to 60", then stood back. Again, Dave felt the static zap, followed by the sensation of his gut growing out and down, the fat all around his body expanding and moving. When it had finished, they both stood there in awe, both of them fondling Dave's new flesh. Dave's waist was exactly 60" and his round, soft and fleshy gut was 65". In a passionate embrace, and keeping the pants on, Dave and Jim moved into the bedroom.

Jim gently caressed Dave's huge gut and pecs as they layed on the bed. Dave suddenly sat up, with his own sly grin on his face. "I've got another idea," he said to a confused Jim. Dave stood up and slipped out of the pants, struggling a bit to come to terms with his new girth. He slid the clasp back to 55" and threw them to Jim. "Your turn, Stud," Dave said. Jim smiled, and then put the pants on. He too felt the zap and then his gut spilling further out of his body and his legs and ass widening.

Jim and Dave had the most passionate afternoon ever, playing with each others' new body. They made love, showered, massaged and belly rubbed.

Six months after Dave found the brown cord pants, they still wear them regularly. Jim and Dave still love a good meal, and especially a good feeding session, for their gaining, but whenever they feel like it, the cord pants come out of the drawer. The measured drawstring is now set to 100" for both of them, and they still fit perfectly.

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1 Pagan_Gainer   (2013-04-02 06:03:55)
It was definitely enticing! But I feel like it could have been taken further :P

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