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Did you get it?

Shit no.

That was the last button tell me you got it.

I didn’t.

Well lets shoot it again. Take that shirt off him and put Mooses on.

I couldn’t even tell what was going on I just heard these voices yelling around as my shirt was taken off and another one was put on.

Now I want a camera on his buttons.

Out rolled a cart full. It looked like a full thanksgiving feast but that couldn’t be it was several months away. School just started.

Eat was the only command I heard and I opened my mouth again. And again. And again. The pain had already clouded my head so much that I didn’t even know what I was doing.

Wandering thoughts ran through my mind. I remember going into register and seeing football players registering too. Why did we have to pay for them to play a game. A mumbled grunt came from my mouth when one of them came over to me and he asked what I said.

I said nothing.

As he walked away I said low fat pig.

Fat pig huh.

He called a couple of his friends over and I was surrounded.

No one noticed they were all focused on their own work when I was carried out, and I do mean carried out by the mob.

I don’t know where I was taken but there were two guys holding me down and others wandering around in and out and the one that came up to me was right in front of me.

So you think we are fat pigs. We will see what you think about fat pigs at the end of the year.

Let me go.

Out pulled a cart filled and he started shoving it in my mouth. I had to swallow or suffocate. Hours into it my buttons on my medium shirt started to strain and eventually they popped.

It became routine and eventually all of them popped coming to just a few moments ago where they put a new shirt on me but it was one of the fat boys shirts and even though it seemed big it was slightly tight around my stomach. I felt a stickiness at my crotch. Had I cum. It felt like it.

Please let me go. I cried.

You have a year of stuffing. We will see what a fat pig looks like. You will be bigger than any two of us.

I looked around and they were anywhere from about 250 to almost 400. Doing a quick calculation if I was bigger than the two biggest that would make me almost 800 pounds.

In the morning when I woke still seated but unable to move with that sphere in front of me two of the boys came and helped me up cradling my belly and brought me to the bathroom. What seemed like hours I emptied my stomach. It was not completely empty but it had a significant drop in size. The stretch marks were massive. And I was walked back to my chair. I wasn’t fat it was all stretching my stomach but continued eating would soon put the fat on. I dreaded it and hoped that I could escape.

There awaited a full pancake breakfast just for me.

I wasn’t stretched again I was just kept full daily. Even though I wanted to escape I was too exhausted and there was always someone guarding me. And I was getting fat.

I don’t know how they did it but as I ate I eventually came every time I was stuffed.

By the end of the year I was bigger than any two of them. I was dressed in what looked like a tent and stuffed till I was once again groggy. When I came to I was at my parents door.

I thought about calling the cops and telling everyone what had happened to me but who would believe me.

And I loved to eat now.
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1 slimemonsterform2   (2016-11-09 17:27:17)
I really liked that story

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