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Project G2

Rob reread the ad before he went into the post office. The ad read "I need 3 young men between the ages of 18 and 32 to take part in a government sponsored project on nutrition. Applicants must be in good health, weight under 160 pounds, and be willing and able to relocate for 3 months. You will receive room and board, and on completion of the project you will get a cash payment of $15,000.Interested parties reply to Boxholder, PO Box 556,New York, NY, 01095."Rob was pleased to find many envelopes in the box. He took them back to his office and began to read them.

The first was from a 19-year-old student at New York University named Joey. He described himself as 5'8" tall and weighing 145 pounds. He was sure that he would do fine, and called the number to set up an interview. His second choice was from a 32-year-old businessman named Barry, who had recently lost his job. He hired Barry right over the phone, giving him the office address and telling him to report the following Monday at 9:00 am. The last guy he also hired over the phone. He knew he was right by the picture he had sent. He was tall and very slim with dark hair that framed a face that held lots of promise. Tomorrow he would see Nick, and if he was the right one, he would start getting everything ready for Monday.

All morning long Rob was fidgety waiting for 10:30 when he would meet Nick. When he opened the door in response to his knock he knew right off that he would be perfect. He had thick black hair, perfect angular Italian good looks and a 29-inch waist. Nick sat in the chair he offered in complete ease.

Rob explained to him that the project was going to see how different men metabolized food. Each member of the team would be housed in their own room for the duration of the project. He went on to say that whey would be given carefully measured and nutritious meals through out the day, and that they would be both photographed and videotaped at various times during the project. And he told him that possibly there might be some weight gain. This last statement he knew was a lie, because he was sure there would be a great deal of weight gain.

Just as he expected, Nick agreed to the project just the same as the other two had. The idea of the big payoff at the end sold each of them. Rob told Nick to report at 7 am Monday and escorted him to the door. After he left he started to make his preparations for the project. He carefully went over menus, feeding times, outside stimulus, etc. The whole weekend was spent in staff meetings.

Nick showed up right on time Monday, and Rob showed him to the processing center. Here he was weighed and measured. He watched as the information was entered into the computer.

Height: 6' 1", Weight: 158.8 lbs., Chest: 36.6 inches, Waist: 29 inches. Basal metabolic rate 14.75 calories per pound.

Calculated maintenance calories 1545.8 per day. This was all very important to the future course of Nick's part of the project. After he was finished at the processing center he was taken to him room. He would have gone with him, but the second member of the project arrived and Rob was anxious to see him. He watched the terminal as him information was entered.

Barry was 5'7" and 150 pounds, and extremely muscular for his size. He measured Chest 40", Waist 30" and showed a very low rate of burn of only 6 calories per pound. Rob tapped a note into his terminal that Barry would spend the last 60 days on the machine

All three men were now in their rooms and Rob watched the monitors of each in turn. The three rooms were about 15' by15' and furnished with a large soft bed, a color TV, and a table that would roll over to the bed so the men wouldn't have to getup to eat. Nick was lying on the bed watching TV. Each channel he selected; had a different commercial for what at first glance looked like a weight loss product, but as he watched more of them he saw that they were backwards. In the one he was watching now, the chunky stud was standing by a blow-up of a skinny guy saying, "That was me before I discovered Ultra-Cal. I was so thin I could hide behind a phone pole. But now that I started out on the Ultra-Cal program, I have gained75pounds, and my phone never stops ringing. "Nick laughed out loud at the idea that anyone would actually want to get fat, but at the same time the image of the obviously happy guy played in his mind.

Rob switched the monitor to Barry's room. He was sitting on the bed reading what he thought were your average fitness magazines. Each one he looked at though featured some very fat, and very attractive models, and stories like "I threw away my diet books and found my lover" and "The Big Man's Guide to getting Him to Bed. "There were recipes for many rich and fattening dishes. Barry started reading a story about a young student whom after dieting down from 225 to 165poundslost his lover. While he got deeper into the story, Rob noticed that Barry was absent-mindedly rubbing his flat belly. He was about to check on the third guy when his buzzer went off. That meant they were ready to try the feeding machine for the last lab trial before it was put into use. He shut off the screen and hurried down the hall to the lab.

When he got to the lab, his assistant Jim was standing there with a huge grin on his face. "Well, we have all the bugs worked out at last," Jim said. "We have had the chimp on a steadily increasing diet, and he is now ready for the Automated Gorging Machine."

Rob watched as the chimp was seated in the scale chair. The read-out said 45 pounds. The chimp greedily took the nipple-like device from Jim and began sucking happily. "The machine has been loaded with compacted gorging jell for a 45 pound weight gain, also mixed in is an appetite stimulant," Jim continued, "Unless the chimp becomes really unco-operative, there is no force involved, but the volume of product increases with the amount of suction applied by the user. So if the chimp draws 3 ounces in the first minute, 6 ounces will be delivered in the next, and then12, 24, and so on, until the machine is empty." Rob was only half listening. He was busy watching the scale's steadily rising numbers: 45,55,70,85,90.The chimp began to complain when the machine ran out, but after doubling him weight, was taken back to his room. Rob couldn't wait until he could see the results on a real man.

Rob hurried back to the monitor area and switched over in time to see Joey finishing a small snack that he had brought with him. His room was decorated with wallpaper showing all the of Ruben's glorious fat studs. He watched as Joey walked around the room looking at them and some times tracing their outline with a slender finger. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door. He watched as one of the lab assistants opened the door with the lunch tray. He placed it on the rolling table and left. Joey sat on the bed and uncovered the tray. It didn't look like much: a large hamburger, French fries, and a chocolate shake. He could handle this no problem.

Joey started in on his lunch, and Rob changed to look into the other two rooms where each of the other men was duplicating the same event. They would spend the first week getting normal sized meals, with only one percent appetite stimulant added, and then the size and number of times they would eat would be increased.

Afterthefirst2 weeks the changes in the men were dramatic. While all three were still slim by any standards, when Rob compared the stills and videos, Rob could readily see where each guy was starting to fill-out as a result of their active overeating. Nick's 29-inch waist now measured 32 inches.

Barry's face had taken on a soft, rounded appearance. Joey, when Rob watched him on this morning's video, couldn't get his 501's buttoned despite his struggling and laying on his back. He finally gave up with a sigh of resignation and put on a loose sweatshirt that did little to hide his perky little ball belly. The meals were also getting larger, and more frequent. After the first week they were being served on request, and they were requesting more often. Rob was certain that the first one would be ready for the machine in another two weeks.

Rob made a note that he would try Barry on the machine on Friday, with the other two to follow at the end of the next week. He called the lab and told one of the assistants to get the machine ready for a 25 pound gain for the next morning. After hanging up he looked at the most recent print out on Barry. In the past two weeks he had gained 12 pounds, and added to his frame: 4" on his chest, 3" on his waist, and 4" on his gut. By the time he got off the "Growth Machine" tomorrow, he should weigh nearly 190 pounds and sport a nice, bulky figure. A shiver of anticipation ran up his spine.

Rob entered the lab and walked to Barry's side. He told him that he would be strapped into the chair only to protect himself from injury, and that in no way would he be harmed. He also explained that the machine operated on a demand basis, in that the more he took, the more product would be delivered.

Barry nodded his head in understanding as the helmet, and feeding tube would not allow him to speak. After a final check, Rob switched on the machine and turned to watch Barry's progress.

He sucked slowly at first, maybe a half-ounce a minute.

After the first few minutes, the stimulant started to take effect, and he could see Barry sucking greedily on the feeding tube. He watched also as the scale started to climb. 162..164..168..176...At the end of a half-hour the machine was empty and the scale read 188 pounds. Barry's denim shorts were torn to shreds, and his ribbed tank top was stretched to bursting trying to contain his 46 inch barrel chest and round, ripe belly. He was asking to stay on the machine for a while more, and was only removed when one of the lab assistants brought him a black forest cake and promised another when he got back to him room. Rob watched as he waddled out, stuffing cake into his mouth. "Who should be next?" he thought.

His thoughts were interrupted by a tap on his shoulder. He turned to see Nick standing there, a bag of cookies in his hand and dab of chocolate on the corner of him mouth. "I'm sorry I snuck in here," he said, "But I was bored. I got so hot watching what had happened to Barry, I was wondering when it would be my turn. "Rob was shocked. "You mean you want to go on the machine?", he stammered. "You Mummph bet," Nick said around a mouth full of cookies. "As soon as I can. "Rob walked him into the lab and fastened him in the chair. He would have to do this himself, because the rest of the crew was off for the afternoon, having been successful with Barry.

He knew he shouldn't, but he added enough gelatin for a 100 pound gain and switched on the machine. Nick sucked and gulped at the feeding tube with a frenzy. Rob looked at the gauges: he was taking almost 10 ounces a minute. He watched Nick grow before his eyes. He looked like a balloon that was slowly, but steadily being inflated. After the first few moments his jeans exploded from his growing form, and his T-shirt could no longer contain his furry upper torso. Rob walked to the chair, trying to hide his painfully large erection form Nick's view. Rob walked slowly around the chair, admiring Nick's growing form. He had been on the machine only about a half-hour and already the scale showed a 40-pound weight gain. He gazed longingly at his thighs, now thicker and starting to press against one another. At his double chin and dimpled cheeks, made more prominent by the feeding tube and his sucking motions. He had removed the arm straps because the fat on him wrists had started to overlap the leather. Rob looked at Nick's handsome face, eyes closed in ecstasy.

Rob was about to turn and walk back to the control console, when he felt something brush his leg. He looked down to see Nick's fat fingers brushing his pulsing erection through his slacks. He knew what he was about to do was unprofessional, but he couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to.. Rob unzipped his fly and took out his rigid man hood. Nick took him in his fat hand and began stroking slowly at first. Then his tempo increased to keep time with him sucking motions on the machine.

Rob looked at him and imagined that it was he that was filling him up, causing him belly to fold over itself. Fattening his arms, broadening his hips, padding out his gut. Behind Nick's closed eyes he saw the same images. He saw his body being sustained by Rob's huge prick. The gallons of cum he was swallowing were making him gloriously, fabulously FAT. The machine finished it's load at the exact moment both Nick and Rob reached an earth shattering climax.

Rob looked at the scale to see that Nick now weighed over 265 pounds! He was nearly double the guy that entered the project a few short weeks ago. As he helped him form the chair, he was again getting aroused by the sight of his jock strap that was almost transparent due to the amount they had stretched to cover his growth. His hands sunk into his soft flesh as he steadied himself when he stood. While he walked Nick back to him room, he promised him a big surprise the next time he went on the machine.

Rob was still shaking from the experience he had had with Nick when he sat back down in his office. He knew he still had to get Joey on the machine, but thoughts of Nick filled his head. He wrote a memo to the lab crew instructing them that they would be in charge of Barry and Joey, and that he would personally handle Nick's growth. He planned to put him on the machine again Sunday afternoon, when everybody would be out of the lab. He switched on the monitor and tuned into him room. Nick lay on the soft bed on his side. His large, round belly pushed out by the mattress underneath, sound asleep. He changed to the other two guys, who were busy snacking and watching TV. Rob make a few notes and left for the weekend, planning to be in early Sunday to prepare for Nick's next bout with the growth machine.

At 9:00 Sunday morning Rob was in the lab working to get ready. He had already re-designed the chair so that it would fully recline, and added a pair of stirrups, the kind you would find in a doctor's office. He filled the machine and went to get Nick.

He was not prepared for the sight that greeted him when he got to him room. Evidently the gel had continued to work during the past 40 hours. When he left him he had weighedabout265 pounds, but now he guesstimated him to be at least 300 pounds.

He was dressed in black spandex body unitard that stretched over him ripe form. Nick smiled at him when he entered, and told him he was ready for another go at the machine. Rob helped him from the bed, astounded at just how big he had become. His belly now started in to a second fold that he found lovely, and his pecs jiggled as he waddled down the hall to the lab. "If he waddles now......," he thought.

Rob strapped him onto the re-designed table and turned on the machine. When Nick began feeding, Rob spread his legs, and strapped them into the stirrups. He then began to slowly run his tongue up him soft, hairy inner thigh, until he found his fat cock. As Nick gulped down the contents of the machine, Rob massaged his flowing belly, and fastened his lips on his cock. He sucked greedily with the same intensity as Nick fed. Nick was moaning loudly now, over come by the double sensation of the food stretching his stomach, and of Rob's oral manipulations.

After several minutes of this, Rob could hold back no longer, and mounted Nick's fattening ass with a loud groan. As he pumped, Nick gulped. They both had the sensation that he was plumping him up with every thrust.

Rob couldn't believe how large Nick was growing. He could no longer hold one of his huge pecs in his hands, and he had to constantly change his position as his body was forced back by his expanding belly. Nick's upper arms were now the size of Barry's thighs the day he left the lab, and he couldn't get his hands around his fat ass. He glanced at the scale, and subtracted his weight to find that Nick now weighted over 400 pounds, and the machine had not yet finished. When the spandex tore away with a loud rip, that was all he could handle, and Rob came with a groan. Nick also came at the same time, but continued sucking greedily on the feeding tube.

At 475 pounds the machine finally shut off, and Rob looked at the new Nick. His round, Italian face, framed several chins that blended into his monstrous chest. His belly spread out two feet on each side of him, and his thighs were multiple folds of fat, each one blending into the other. He knew at that moment he was in love.

Rob removed the feeding tube, and helped Nick in to a sitting position. His huge belly slid smoothly over hisfat thighs. Every inch of him quivered with even the slightest movement. He sat there momentarily examining him new form. He traced a pudgy finger over him new acres of flesh. Sinking inches deep in some places.

"Do you like the new me?" he asked Rob.

"You look hot as hell," he responded, as he pulled a tape measure from his pocket. "Do you mind?"

Nick nodded his agreement, and slid off the bench to the floor, his fat shaking and rippling with the movement. Rob started with his upper arms:28 inches of soft fresh. Then he put the tape around his sizable chest:68 inches, 84 inches around his belly. When Rob got him thighs they were 36 inches each. He was a real fat boy now! Nick started to parade around the room, his flesh jiggling seductively. He placed a finger coyly in his mouth and said in a husky voice, "Nick's very hungry. Will daddy feed me some more?"

Rob couldn't believe what he was hearing. He had just gained 225 pounds in two hours, and he was asking for more. "If you have another treatment, you may well end up 1,000 pounds," he told him. Nick just smiled and rubbed his huge belly.

Rob re-loaded the machine to its full capacity. If he took it all he would be as big as any three fat men. Nick stood up and accepted the feeding tube. "I want to watch my belly touch the floor," he told Rob before shoving the tube into his mouth. Rob turned on the machine and stood back to watch.

500 - 600 - 700 - 900 - 1050 - 1200. The scales kept track of him gain. The change in him body was something to behold. By the time he weighed 800 pounds, his belly indeed touched the floor, and began to spread in front of him, shielding his huge thighs and legs. At 1200 pounds Nick was a complete ball of flesh.

Every movement, every breath, caused him body to ripple and move.

He lifted a gigantic arm and motioned to him. Rob was only able to move within two feet of him. "Please fuck me!", he implored. "Growing and eating makes me very hot!" Rob worked his way to sexual center and was surprised to find that he was able to penetrate him with little difficulty. It didn't take him long before he came deep inside his mammoth lover Rob, "he said with a smile, "Do you think I can go over a ton?"

Rob took Nick back to his room and then went to his office. He could still hear him saying "Do you think I can go over a ton?" He tried to picture this in his mind, but was unable to comprehend what a 2000 pound stud would look like.

He took the tape of Joey's first time on the machine. He was over 215 pounds when he got on the machine. He had really been packing it on from him regular meals. Joey was the body type who gained most of his weight in his gut. It must I've been about 46 inches now. Rob watched as he eagerly squirmed into the feeding chair, and allowed himself to be hooked up to the machine. As the lab man turned on the machine, Joey managed a smile around the tube, and a wink into the camera, that seemed to be just for Rob. As the minutes went by, Joey seemed to inflate just as the other two had. Where his chest became fat, his gut became solid and huge. In moments, his size 36 jeans were shreds of blue fabric. All of his fat was very firm. At the end of the feeding session, Joey got out of the chair and did a slow sexy turn. He was fat, very fat indeed. 470 pounds according to the scale, but he remained very mobile. Rob had never seen anything like it. His youthful body seemed to defy gravity. Joey was the same guy that started, except he was huge. His belly stuck out about two feet in front of him, and didn't droop or sag. His now large pecs stuck straight out, supported by his belly.

He watched as one of the technicians took a tape measure out and stretched it across him acres of gut flesh. The camera zoomed in to read the first numbers. Rob was shocked when he saw the measurement. He had to rewind the tape and put it on freeze-frame just to make sure his eyes weren't fooling him. 70 inches! Rob went rock hard when he saw this. He was crazy with lust.

"Almost six feet of firm gut!!!!" he said out loud.

"That's just the beginning! "Rob turned, startled to see Joey sliding through his door sideways. "Just wait until the project is over, "he continued. Rob was speechless, because Joey looked fantastic in person. He waddled over to where he sat, and slowly lowered him gigantic form onto his lap. He felt himself being crushed by pounds and pounds of hot stud flesh. Rob couldn't remember when he'd last had an experience like this. As Joey slowly lowered him big bubble butt onto him, he saw that his lower torso just disappeared.

He never had a chance to compose himself and came almost as soon as Joey had settled down with him full weight on him. "You like my ass?", Joey asked him sassily. "I'd kind of like it a bit bigger," he went on. Rob told him; that he could grow as big as his heart desired. All he would have to do is spend a little more time on the machine!

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