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Return to Big Daddy's Farm
Jason was a rather thin man who weighed about 160lbs of lean, athletic meat and today was just like any other day. He wore tight fitting black dress pants, tight white shirt, black tie and long designer black shoes.

He was hired by the Farmer's Association as an auditor and today he was to go to Big Daddy's Hog Farm located a few miles outside of Gainesville, Pennsylvania.

Once he arrived, Big Daddy greeted him at the front door with a hearty smile and a strong handshake that quickly got Jason's attention.

"Well, look at you, Mr. Jason! If I had known that you'd be dressed so spiffy, I would have put on a shirt under my suspenders," he said. "My ain't you a skinny one. Need some meat on them bones, boy."

"No I'm fine thanks. Let's get this started."

Big Daddy let Jason in the front door but Jason had to squeeze to get down the hallway. Big Daddy weighed about 300lbs and Jason found it off putting; wondering how a man could lose that much control of his appetite.

As they walked past the kitchen, Jason smelled bacon.

"Would you like something to eat before we head out back?"asked Big Daddy smiling.

"No thanks. I'm on a diet."

"Well, okay. Let's go then"

The barn out back was immense; twice the size of Big Daddy's house. But just outside of it was a smaller shed.

"What's in here?" Asked Jason.

"Step in and find out, little guy"said Big Daddy.

The shed was kept cold and was padded on every side to keep the cold from escaping. There were three vats of steel about seven feet tall, churning some liquid. Each vat had a familiar smell to it and when Jason leaned over to see in one of them, he saw a white liquid.

"What is this?"

He felt Big Daddy come up from behind and lift him up so that he could get a better view.

"Put me down..."

"Go ahead, little guy. Stick your finger in a taste a bit."

Cautious, Jason stuck his finger in and smelled the tip of his finger. It was semen. Aroused, he sucked it off his finger. Oddly, he wanted more so he leaned over and lapped some up with his tongue. Before long, though, Big Daddy put him back on the ground.

"Can't have you drinking up all my product, can I?"

Jason wanted more for some reason but followed the big man to the shed. Once he stepped in, Jason was awestruck by what he saw.

Four extremely obese men were gorging themselves at troughs situated on either side of the barn and one was fucking another one while they both ate greedily.

These men were over 400lbs of fat and rolls. They were squealing like pigs while they ate, mouths dirty with some dark meat. Their anuses were wet with cum.

Jason turned to his left and saw a fifth man lying on a table, sucking hungrily at a tube that seemed to be feeding him. His chin was wet with saliva and he was fidgety with anticipation, moaning louder than anyone else. He was enormous! His mountain of fat reached up high and he had developed breasts.

"What is this?"asked Jason appalled.

"The food keeps them hungry and horny," said Big Daddy.

It was then that the men finally noticed Jason. Two of them waddled over as fast as their fat legs would let them, got on their knees and started licking and sucking on Jason's shoes.

He tried to get away but Big Daddy quickly got behind him, pushing his belly and his dick up against Jason's backside while another fat man came up and began massaging Jason's hard on.

"Want to get fat, boy?" whispered Big Daddy.

"No! Please, no!" Begged Jason but he was becoming aroused. He was smelling the sweat of the men around him and he wanted more.

"Yes you do. I can tell, fat ass. You're my new piggy,"said Big Daddy as he stepped aside letting the fourth obese man come behind Jason, rubbing him and humping his ass.

It wasn't long before Jason's clothes were soaked in sweat and his mouth and chin were covered in saliva as two of the fat men stuck their tongues into his wanting mouth.

Jason's pleas for help turned into moans of lust. He craved more. He was surrounded on every side by fat and he loved it. He had came in his pants twice already but the stickiness just added to the sweat of the fat men.

Eventually, the two men suckling his shoes took them off and began sucking his toes. They then took his shoes, found their dicks underneath their rolls of fat and began pumping the insides of the shoes furiously until they came, filling up the inside of his Italian made shoes with their cum.

"I want more!" Moaned Jason. The fat men then led Jason over to the fifth man, still on the table. That man removed the tube from his mouth and stuck it into Jason's and laid their while Jason was bent over the table and fucked by one of the men.

It wasn't long before Jason was bloated, the buttons of his shirt straining against a new gut but he still craved more.

His cock stayed hard and was dripping a string of cum while a second fat man fucked him smearing his ass with more cum and sweat.

Two men came up from behind and for an instant, Jason panicked as they removed the tube but it was only so that they could feed him his cum from his own now worn and dirty shoes. He gulped it down hungrily from both shoes and licked the insides clean before the tube was returned to his mouth and a fresh gallon of food was forced down his throat.

Jason didn't even notice how much of a pig he had become but all he wanted was food and cum.

He ushered out a tiny "no" as he was pushed onto the ground on all fours by the third man that was fucking him.

While still fucking his ass, the third man made Jason crawl to the nearest trough, leaving a trail of cum still oozing from his dick behind him as he went.

Jason stuck his head in and began gorging hungrily, barely noticing as the third man came and the fourth man stuck his dick in and began pumping. Jason didn't care about how much his back ached under all that fat and kept eating. His ass was wet and his hole was dripping with cum as the fifth and final man fucked him for the third time.

Afterwards, they all went back to eating until sunset. Full and fatter, most of the men fell to sleep where they were last eating, just five piles of lard so large that they could barely be called men.

Jason, however, was still hungry for cum. Now filthy with cum, sweat and food, Jason had a big bloated gut coming out from beneath his shirt. He went to the shed that housed the men's cum and heaved himself onto the edge of the first vat he saw, sticking his head in and drinking as much as he could.

By next morning, Big Daddy awoke with the urge to see his new piggy.

"He better be eating! No good having a thin piggy," but when he opened the barn door, he was angered to see that Jason was not among the fat, dozing men.

He stormed out of the barn and, out of the corner of his eye, he noticed that the shed had been left open. A smile spread across his face as he looked inside.

It was Jason slumped over against one of the vats, filthy like a pig should be! Face covered in food and cum, snoring loudly and with a hand resting on a newly distended gut.

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4 foxxfur   (2017-09-08 05:57:24)
Man Im kinda jealous of Jason XD

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3 Alex   (2015-01-05 06:53:48)
cum and fattening are two of my biggest turn ons

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1 Alex   (2015-01-04 08:49:10)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MORE!!! This got me off about 5 times.

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2 gainerboywonder   (2015-01-04 11:35:02)
That's what I like to hear!!

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