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Slobbing Up Part 2
I did what he said, and he pulled the tube with the big nipple over.

"I call this the pig tit, because that's how baby pigs get big. Off their mama's tit. This will carry the liquid magic that will get ya on your way. It also moves all over the house in case ya wanna feed in bed or on the couch or on the john."
"So we'll both use this?"
"Good question. I'm going to work on my transformations at nights, going to an offsite location that will track send my progress like this house will do for you, and I will help you during the day. My transformation will be shorter, since I was a pig before. Once I'm slobbed up, I'll move in and help you finish out strong. By then, your physical transformation will be complete, and we can work on your mental transformation together hehehe. Why don't ya start suckin', Mikey?"
"Why do you keep calling me that? It's Michael."
"Not as a pig it's not. Or I could call ya Gurby?"
"Mikey's fine..."
"And you can call me Chuck. Haven't been called that since I went to college. Fuckin' Chuck."

He laughed dumbly again and lit up what had to be his fourth or fifth red. He handed me the tube, which I put into my mouth and started sucking. A thickish white liquid came flowing from the ceiling until it hit my mouth. It was the best thing I ever tasted, creamy and sweet and... It had something to it I couldn't describe. I had to keep sucking.

"It's good, isn't it kid? I made it that way hehe. Addictive enough to keep ya suckin', but you can wean off it. It'll put hair on your chest, literally, and everywhere else. You're gonna have back hair, kid, and love it. It's full of calories and has an appetite stimulator. It's also fucking up your metabolism. You'll be a stocky pig soon enough. It's pumping nicotine into you to get ya addicted to smokes, and it's building your gas for massive farts. Makes ya a bit loose to lower your inhibitions until we fix that permanently. Just drink up, kid."

I could barely listen to him, I was too preoccupied with sucking this gold down. After a few more minutes, it ended. I pulled the nipple out of my mouth, dazed. I felt pretty full and shaky at the same time. Chuck handed me an unwrapped pack of reds and the other lighter. I lit one, inhaled, and felt the shakes go away. I felt dizzy at the same time, but it felt good.

"Lighting up like a pro. Get it down in ya, kid. Only a gallon in and it's already got ya shakin'."

And that I did. I needed it so bad, and I felt better once it was gone. But then I felt this ravenous hunger drill in my stomach. As if I didn't already ingest a gallon of that stuff. As if I hadn't eaten in weeks. I looked at Chuck in desperation, and he smiled with that pig smile.

"I ain't stoppin' ya, Mikey. Dig in."

Like a wild animal, I tore into everything. I usually hated junk food, but it never tasted so good. I wasn't being clean, food was going everywhere. I didn't care I was so hungry. Everything went down so easy, even though I could feel my self getting full. I was halfway through the six pack of beer when I UUUURRRRPPPPPPP.

"Hehe atta boy."

Chuck smacked my back, which got another burp out of me. I finished the beer and most of the snacks. I eating the pizza and dipping it the mayo. When the pizza was gone, I started eating the mayo plain with my hands when I felt my stomach rumble and ripped a FFRRRRRTTTTTT.

"Bet that felt good, kid."

I was so embarrassed, but it felt great. It gave me room to finish the rest of the mayo, milk, and Coke. I burped and farted a few more times, each with affirmation from Chuck.

Soon all the food was gone. Boxes and wrappers and crumbs were everywhere and all over me. I was sticky with sauce and grease and mayo, and my belly was sticking out over my whities. The waistband of my whities felt tight but good. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, licked the food off of it, wiped my spit on my wifebeater and UUURRRRPPP.

"How'd that feel, kid?"
"So... fuckin' full and..."
"And what?"
"Good. I'm... kinda shaky."
"Then have a smoke."

I grabbed the reds and waddled over to the couch. I plopped down with a FFFRRRRTTTT and lit up. It stop me from shaking, and I could focus on rubbing my extremely full belly. Chuck sat next to and smoked with me.

"Feels good to chain after a stuffing, doesn't it? I did it all the time when I was your age, and I'm fucking gonna when I get back tonight hehe."

I let out another FFRRRRRTTT. Chuck smacked my belly in admiration."

"Good kid! You're building up you're gas base. Once you're on the tit for about a week, along with all of the other food you're pounding, you'll be burping and ripping ass non-stop. You'll have to rip whenever one comes, and eventually you'll be proud to do it. Just enjoy how good it feels to relieve that pressure for now."

I did. I got through over half the pack of reds, burping and farting a few more times, before I felt that same hunger grow inside of me.

"How am I hungry again?"
"Because it's time for your nightcap. You get the tit before each meal and right before you go to bed. The night tit also has a sedative to help ya sleep while your bones shift. It'll hurt like mother without it."

Chuck grabbed the tit from the kitchen and pulled it to me. Like an actual baby pig to its mom, I grabbed the tit and started sucking. Down same the sweet milk again, and it was even better the second time. It tasted a little medicinal, but I guess it was the sedative. After not nearly enough time, the milk stopped coming. Chucked rubbed my belly a few times then smacked it.

"Time to conk out, kid. While ya sleep, I got subliminal messages playing for ya. They'll kick in when we start your mental training hehe. Anyway, I gotta get on the tit myself, so I'm heading out. Night, Mikey."

The sedative suddenly kicked in. I could barely keep my eyes open for him to get off the couch. I was out.

The sunlight woke me up. That or the massive FRRRRTTTTTT that kept going after I was awake. I felt sweaty, groggy, kinda hungry, and suddenly really shaky. I grabbed the reds from last night and lit up. I felt so much better, but kinda scared how I could smoke a chimney. I was blowing out clouds of smoke like a pro, and I only started yesterday.

Still smoking, I got up and started walking around the house. Immediately I noticed my gait felt funny. It felt wider, more bow legged than before. Kinda like I was waddling.

I kept smoking while getting used to this new gait. I saw all the doors to the bedroom and bathroom were now gone off the hinge. I walked in the bathroom to see what I looked like.

My head was rounder, fitting the buzz cut better, and I definitely looked shorter, not by much but I just knew I was. My legs are definitely more bow legged, and I was more muscular. Not in a ripped way, but solid muscle was all over me. There no longer was a thin part of me; it was all think. I saw the start of a belly, sitting about half an inch over my whities. I checked the scale to see what I weighed, and it said 185 How was that possible? 10 pounds in a night? I guess my new build didn't hurt.

I lifted up my wifebeater to see to look at my belly, and was surprised by the hair that hadn't been there before. Black hair covered my belly. I turned around and saw the hair was all over my back too. Big bushes sprouted out of my pits, and they stunk. I had a beard too. I used the clippers to make it uniform with my buzz cut. I couldn't believe I was so hairy now. I felt sticky and decided to at least rinse off. I turned the shower faucet, but nothing happened. I guess Chuck shut the water off. Having nothing else to do, I kept smoking while checking myself out in the mirror.

I just finished the pack of reds when I heard the door open. I watch a very different Chuck come in. With a red in his mouth, he set five bags of McDonald's, a gallon each of milk and OJ, and a big bulk box of reds on the table.

Chuck's head and face was buzzed like mine. He ditched his nice clothes for the outfit he wore in the old picture: wifebeater, jean shorts, and Chuck Taylors. His nice physique was gone, replaced with a body stockier than mine. And he also had a bigger belly. It was hard to believe he looked like Clark Kent yesterday.

He saw me, gave me that dumb grin, and lifted his leg to FRRRRTTTTTT for a long time.

"Aw fuck, that felt good. I almost forgot the joy of ripping ass. Hold on."

He took off his Chucks and shorts, showing a pair of whities like mine.

"No more boxers either. They feel good don't they, kid?"

They did feel kinda good around my balls and hugging my belly, but I snapped out of it.

"Where are all the doors?"
"I had a busy night after you were out. I could hear you snoring half a mile down the road by the way."
"I don't snore!"
"You do now. Anyway, before I left I took off the doors and shut the water off. You're a pig. If ya gotta go, you don't care who sees. And pigs don't shower. Gotta build up stink."

He sniffed his hairy pit, and I swear he got hard in his whities.

"Then I went back to my place, got
on the tit, pounded food, got on the tit again and slept. Then I woke up and got ya breakfast. Ya hungry?"

My belly rumbled to answer him, and he grinned.

"Atta boy. Now get on the tit. Once you're done, you can smoke or dig in or both. You're the pig."

I was angry to agreeing that money, but hunger won out over the anger. I grabbed the tit, sat on the couch, and started sucking. I realized it tastes better and better each time. I even let out a FFFRRRTTT but didn't care. It was so good. After a bit, it was gone again. I opened my mouth to UUURRRRPPPP and felt the shakes again. Chuck I guess anticipated this and handed me a fresh pack. I sucked a few down before the hunger came back. I waddled to the kitchen table and made the food disappear. I was even messier than last time, and I burped and farted a few more times than last. I could feel Chuck's gaze burn into me from behind, but I didn't care. I just needed to eat.

Soon it was all in my belly again. I leaned back and UUURRRRPPPPPPP loud. I lit another red. Chuck came over from behind and rubbed my back. I could feel his hard on poke into me while he did it, but I was so full I couldn't move.

"That's a good pig. You got me horny, kid."
"How are you UUURRRPPPP horny? I thought that was an end side effect."
"It was for Rusty, but I guess it's hitting me different since I used to be a pig. I haven't been this horny in ages. I used to jack off all the time when I was your age. Usually, I'd like a full belly, but when ya gotta do it..."

He lit a fresh red, sat facing me, and started rubbing his hard on through his whities. He started grunting and snorting like a pig, never breaking eye contact. I felt so disgusted, but I was so full and terrified I could move or stop looking at him. Sweating through his wifebeater, he finally came in his whities, grunting and swearing and snorting. Done, he slumped into the chair, wet spot in his whities and grin on his face.

"Fuck, just like the good ol' times. Aw heres comes a good one."

He lifted his leg and FFFRRRRTTTT. He laughed.

"Now it time for my breakfast, kid. I'll be back with UUUURRRRPPP lunch. Smoke a few and rub that meal off while I'm gone."

He smacked my thigh and stood up. He put on his short and shoes and waddled out the door, but not before ripping another FFFRRRRTTTTT.

And that's how lunch and dinner went. I waited while watching TV and smoking. He'd come in, strip to his whities, and give me the tit. I'd suck, smoke, and then I'd eat like a hog. And then he'd jack off into whities right in front of me. It never got less creepy.

It was finally time for my nightcap. I sat on the couch and started sucking on the tit, feeling the medicinal taste of the nightly mix. Suddenly, Chuck's hands started twisted my nipples. I moaned while sucking. It hurt but kinda felt... good? The more he did it, the more I liked it. Eventually I was moaning in pleasure when he grabbed my bulge, and I widened my eyes.

"Loosen up, kid. Let Chuck work one out for ya."

I relaxed my body and let out a FFRRRRTTT, making Chuck laugh. He kept rubbing me until I was hard from the stimulation. I was moaning again. He walked in front of me and knelt. He whipped my dick out and started sucking on it. I snorted in surprise.

"Yeah, keep snorting, Mikey. Let the pig out."

He sucked harder, and I grunted and snorted while sucking down the mix. I didn't last long and shot in his mouth. I grunted really loud and FFFRRRRTTTTTTTTT, and I felt him swallow it. He pulled up my whities and stood above me with that dumb grin. That felt really good but was terrifying. I'd never been with a guy before like that; it was so rough, so...

Suddenly the flow stopped, and I felt the drowsiness kick in.

"Thanks for that UURRRPPPP, Chuck..."
"You're welcome, kid."

I was about to pass out.

"Why did you do it?"
"Because you'll do the same for me soon, kid."

He farted in my face as I passed out for the second time.

The next few weeks went in a blur. Every day I'd get up to see how much fatter and hairier I got. It never was as much as the first day, but those days added up. In a week, Chuck proudly brought me a large wifebeater and pair of whities to wear. And by the end of the month, I had to wear XL's. My hair increased too. Soon, I had a black, curly pelt that covered my body. Except for my head and face, which I regularly buzzed with the clippers. The body hair, smoke shakes, and constant gorging made me sweat all the time. And since I couldn't shower, I really built up a stink.

Not helping the stink, at first I only had to burp and fart occasionally, but like Chuck said after a week or two I couldn't stop. I did it constantly much to Chuck's pleasure. My smoking increased to 3 packs a day, and I'd shake without one constant in my mouth.

My appetite increased like crazy. By the end of my time on the tit, I could eat twice as much as I did on the first night. And I wouldn't even be full. I'd only stop when I couldn't physically eat more. I craved the junk food I gorged on everyday: chips, pizza, burgers, beer, soda, milk, mayonnaise. Hell I'd eat mayo plain from the jar between meals, and I hated mayonnaise before. A few weeks in, Chuck brought in a healthy meal that I'd eat before: a salad, grilled chicken with veggies, and an avocado. It made me almost retch to smell it. I had to beg him to bring me McDonalds so I could really eat, crying because I was so hungry and because I'd changed so much.

But Chuck changed faster. I couldn't believe how fast he was packing on the weight and hair or farting and burping and smoking non stop. Two weeks in, he proudly announced he was off the tit and onto his conditioning. And that took hold quick. Every day, he'd come in cruder, farting and burping on me in various ways. Rubbing me with his hard on while I wanted to retch. And he got dumber. He'd usually add up the calories after each meal, but a week or two after his conditioning he could barely read. His eyes became dull and would cross whenever he burped or farted. But he was happy, always. And in more ways than one...

He was horny from the start, but it got worse and worse. He'd constantly jack off and bring his own grub to eat while he did it. And he always did it into his whities. Loud and always louder than the last time. Sometimes he'd be standing and taking a whizz and he'd just start going at it. He'd get a boner while sniffing his pits or burping or farting. Or while looking at me.

That blowjob he gave me the second night was the first of many. Whether during my nightcap or while I was taking a dump. And I couldn't resist when he started; I'd make noises like he did and couldn't stop. Or he'd jack me off into my own whities. He loved doing that. He'd constantly smack my ass and belly or run all of the above. He loved to work over my tits when I was eating or sitting a meal off. His hands were on me a lot. It was disgusting, but I could feel my body start to enjoy it.

When I got off the tit, I was 5'9" and 230. I was a stinky, sticky, hairy, gassy, smoking, big eating slob. And I hated it. My body's cravings were what drove everything, and I was revolted at it all. Even when Chuck got me off, I felt disgusted and ashamed of who I was.

By that time, Chuck's conditioning was done. He was back to his old, dumb, slobby self. That day, which was my last day on the tit, he came in just his whities and wifebeater. He literally wore no clothes driving to the house! He announced he was moving in now to help complete my training. That day he made me eat and smoke more than I ever did before, even feeding me by the end. And he ended the day with a congratulatory blowjob during my last nightcap. He talked while he sucked, which sounded disgusting.

"Congrats, kid. You're off the tit. And you're lookin' UURRRPPPP like a hot fucker."

The burp on my dick made me snort in pleasure, so he did it for minutes straight, driving me to the edge.

"Tomorrow's when you begin to appreciate the pig you are, kid. You'll be a slob and be proud. No shame, just lust and gluttony. A dimwit like me. Now shoot your load, I'm hungry."

Chuck burped UURRRPPPP on my dick again, making me snort and shoot a huge load. He sucked it all down and pulled up my whities right the tit shut off for the last time. I felt the drowsiness kick in.

"Sleep tight, kid. Tomorrow's gonna be a fuckin blast. Speaking of a blast..."

Chuck farted in my face FFFRRRRTTTTT, and I swear I felt a boner tent my whities as I fell asleep.
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Make part 3!!!!! Love love love this story

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Great story! Can't wait til part 3!!

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