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The Adventures of Jim-Part 1
There once was a man named Jim. At 25, he was very thin and only weighed 145lbs. This displeased Jim greatly. All his life, people complimented his thin frame. Some even envied him. But he wanted to be bigger. Much bigger.

He lusted after fat men. Whenever he encountered one at the supermarket that he worked at, he instantly became enraptured by their build. Their thick thighs, ballooning ball bellies, huge, sagging man boobs, double chins and fat assess always made him salivate. He was attractive himself, though, and whenever a muscle hunk tried to flirt with him, he wouldn't even pay them any mind telling them: "gain at least 200lbs and then we'll talk".

The only man he had had sex with was over 400 lbs. A dominating man that took his body and used it as he saw fit. Jim liked that. He sat on Jim's face. Made him crawl around like a dog. He even made him drink his piss but this wasn't enough for Jim because this man wanted him to stay thin. So, unfortunately, Jim had to leave him and look elsewhere.

For years, he watched fat porn to satisfy him on lonely nights. But, eventually, titles like "Hog heaven", "Old McDonald's Fat Farm," and "Overeaters Paradise" no longer pleased him. So, one day, he went on to the Internet's most highly used sex forum for gay men and wrote:

"Good evening all. My name is Jim. I'm a 25 year old, athletic man with a thin frame of 145lbs and 6ft 8in tall. I'm in need of a man. A real man. Someone who's let himself go over the years and in need of a slave boy. I need to feel like a slut. Make me your property. Own me. Make every thought in my head be about pleasing you and only you. Spank me. Gag me. Strap me in leather. Rent me out to other guys. Be my master. Make me weak when I see you, think about you and smell you. Make me your bitch!

I'm really looking for a man that can take my body and turn me into the fat pig that I've always wanted to be. Currently, I can only eat three small meals a day but if a man makes me eat more, I can eat until he tells me to stop! So, for all you men looking for a pig slave, hmu. If you can't get me up to 500lbs within the first month, then I'll be walking!"

For weeks, Jim waited for a response. One night, as he was getting ready for bed, he received an email regarding his post. All it read was: "Get to work, NOW!" Jim didn't work the night shift but, as what usually happened when a man commanded him to do anything, he became instantly aroused.

"Yes sir!" He whispered to no one as he put on some clothes and left for the supermarket.

Once he got there, the parking lot was dark and empty accept for one large Chevy truck parked in the back. When he arrived, whoever was inside blinked his lights quickly, signaling his impatience. Almost driven mad by anticipation, Jim parked his car and went to the Chevy. When he opened the passenger door, he looked inside and saw the most beautiful man he had ever seen.

The man was wearing dirty Jean overalls and a dirty white shirt underneath. He had a lot of facial hair and wore big timberland boots. The truck reeked of must and smoke (seeing as he was smoking a cigar). And, best of all, he was incredibly fat! His belly touched the steering wheel and he took up the entire driver's side.

Jim was incredibly hard and almost came when the man barked "shut the fucking door, boy! Don't you know cops come round here!"

Jim got in and did as he was told.

"Name's Bob, Jim," he said. "I don't live far from here."

He then pointed at his crotch and said "get on it".

Without further ado, Jim bent over in his seat and put his face right in Bob's lap. When he unbuttoned his crotch, the smell of musty, dirty balls over powered him which made Jim moan and instantly crave the thick glob of procum oozing out already.

Jim felt the car shift into gear as he fell to his knees, completely engrossed in sucking Bob's cock, moaning like a bitch in ecstasy.

"That's right, bitch, drink my cum. Suck that fat cock. I'm gonna get you home and fatten you up real good. Food stamps plus disability- you'll be eating like a pig in no time!"

Hearing this made the buttons on Jim's slim fit jeans pop open and Jim felt his hard on produce a wet spot of precum but he daren't touch it until Bob told him to.


He then grabbed Jim's head and held it hard as he pumped load after massive load into Jim's mouth, on his cheeks, and on his face. Jim drank every ounce that went into his mouth and cleaned off Bob's dick while the big man drove, sweating and breathing heavy.

"Good boy! I didn't know you were such a good cocksucker! Well, get used to the taste of my cum. You'll be drinking a lot of it most days. It'll be apart of your diet, boy, you understand?"

"Yes sir!"

"Good. You already know how to address me." They then pulled into what looked like an empty field with a single trailer parked in the middle of it. Bob parked outside.

"This is your new home boy"

It was a regular sized trailer but the thought of getting as fat as Bob inside it made his cock extremely hard. He could barely walk at this point and it was sticking out of his jeans. "Bob looked at it and said "the thought of being fat makes you that hard, boy?"

"Yes sir, it does"

Bob laughed at his incredible luck and pushed the boy inside the trailer, locking it behind him. Bob told Jim that he wasn't allowed to leave and that the only clothes he could wear were those that he was wearing ( tight jeans, a medium white tea and a jacket). Jim had to take the jacket if through because it was hot in the trailer.

"You only speak when you're spoken to. And since I live off disability, I'll rarely leave the house except to get more food. If anything needs cleaning, you'll be doing it. And I'm not to big on showers. You'll take one when I say so."

"Yes sir"

It was then that Jim saw five greasy bags of fast food sitting on the small table. A look insider revealed that they were packed full of burgers and fries. Bob took two 6packs of beer out of the fridge and threw them on the table. Jim thought that he'd only be able to eat one bag, seeing as he was so hungry, but five? And he'd never had beer before.

"You can't leave this table until you eat all of this and drink all of these beers" said Bob. He then leaned back, put both feet on the table as he balance on his chair. Rocking back and forth as he drank a beer and glowered at Jim as he worked through the first bag, looking down on him as if he was less than him.

This turned Jim on. He ate and ate all the while being turned on by how little Bob made him feel. He came in his pants when Bob finally undid his suspenders and let his belly out, belching.

Jim was already full after the first bag but Bob sitting there made him want more so he moved on to the second one, moaning with pleasure as he felt his cock get hard again in his already wet briefs.

Whenever he started to get full, he drank a long swig of beer then kept going. By the third bag he was leaning back, face messy with ketchup and ground beef and grease. He was so full he could hardly breath. His white shirt was dirty with food and felt clingy with sweat.

By the sixth beer and the forth bag, he had to undo his buttons. It was early morning now and Bob was still glaring at him, belly bursting with beer and boots still on the table. He was masterbating for the third time. His forehead glistened with sweat. His wife-beater was stained everywhere with sweat and was rolled up over his protruding belly. When he came, it simply added to the wetness already covering his jeans.

By this time, Jim had nearly finished with the fifth bag so, as a reward, Bob walked over and smeared the cum on his hands onto Jim's ready mouth. He then shoved his hairy cock into Jim's face until he felt his cock had been cleaned.

Jim was in ecstasy. While Jim finished the last bag and the last six cans of beer, Bob stood over him, rubbing his belly and his crotch into Jim's cheek while he ate, turning Jim on even more.

Once Jim had finished, his shirt barely fit over his small but protruding beer belly.

"C'mon boy. We've got some fucking to do!" Said Bob as they went to the back of the trailer. And fuck they did! Bob filled Jim's ass with four loads of cum before he fell asleep, one massive arm around Jim. They both smelled of must and were extremely sweaty but Jim was trapped in the large indentation that Bob had made in the center of the bed over so many years.

The next couple of weeks turned out to be...disappointing. it started out great. Bob would go shopping every day and return with large amounts of fast food, pizza or other fatty foods and make Jim eat them, unloading loads of cum into his mouth and ass whenever he saw fit.

However, as time went by, Bob got more and more greedy. He ate the food he bought all by himself, slobbering all over everything and made Jim suck his cock while he ate. On an impromptu Thanksgiving day, Bob put Jim on all fours and fucked him under the table, unloading three loads of cum while he gorged on three fully cooked, fat turkeys not even offering one to Jim.

Afterwards, he went to sleep and Jim noticed with amazement that Bob had gained up to 200lbs! He messaged his hard dick as he watched Bob sleep in his chair, a long line of drool coming out both ends of his food-dirtied mouth. His belly so big that it was pushing the table forward and his thighs so thick that they were ripping at the inseam of his pants.

When he was about to undo his jeans to come, his cell phone rang with another email responding to his post.

"Come outside" it said. It was then that Jim realized that it had been a month already and he had only gained 100lbs. Without even caring about his dirty clothes or his hardon, Jim waddled outside.

There was a stretch limo waiting across the lawn. When Jim got in the back, he saw a man with chiseled features, fit and dressed to the nines in a designer suit.

"Who are you?"asked Jim unimpressed.

"My name is Chance. It looks like Bob didn't reach your goal. He was never that efficient"

"What do you mean?" Asked Jim.

"I own the plant that Bob used to work at. I give him extra money besides his benefits for his... Hobbies," said Chance. "What can I say? I like 'em thick". He laughed, rubbing Jim's full belly.

"Driver. Home." He said, rolling up the partition. He then forced Jim's head into his lap. Jim didn't feel particularly motivated to do anything until he felt Chance pull his pants down over his butt and SMACK!

"Don't ever address me without respect again. And don't ever look at me with attitude again either, you understand?"

"Yes sir" Jim moaned, becoming aroused as he spanked him again. He started licking the outside of Chance's crotch , worshipping the bulge that was growing in his tight pants.

"Good boy! You'll learn all about your new master soon enough and the treats that he has in store for you..."

-end of chapter 1-

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