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The Adventures of Jim- Part 2
By the time the car stopped, Chase had spanked Jim's ass raw and had him completely cowed. He didn't let Jim suck his cock; he only let him lick, smell and rub the bulge.

"You want that cock, don't you boy?" Chase asked.

Jim murmured a yes sir. He had become so crazed with anticipation for Chase's cock. He barried his face in Chase's crotch, licking furiously as if he was trying to get to his dick from the outside.

"Good boy! Keep wanting it. Crave it. Because you won't get it until I'm ready for you to."

Chase pulled up Jim's pants and they exited the limo. Jim took a glimpse at the large palatial estate before them. Chase put his right arm around him, ushering him forward and undid his suit button. Underneath was a white designer dress shirt and large pecs with huge, appetizing nipples that made Jim salivate even more.

Chase pointed at his right nipple ( the one closest to Jim's face). Understanding perfectly, Jim starting sucking it and licking it furiously as they walked, moaning in ecstasy.

Jim was so hooked on Chase's nipple that he didn't notice that they were now inside. His mouth and chin were wet with saliva and he could see Chase's large red nipple underneath his now damp shirt so he began sucking even more furiously, Humping Chase's leg like a dog in heat as they walked.

"You stink of piss, sweat and cum, I like it but you'll have to earn a shower and clean clothes," said Chase. "Mmmm... yeah.. Suck that nipple. Worship it."

Chase pulled Jim's face closer to his mile, holding it their. With his left hand, he began massaging his wet crotch.

"Good boy! Now it's time for your treat."

They had stopped. Jim heard a door open and the most wonderful wave of scents drew his attention. They had reached a cellar and inside was a room full of every food imaginable!

There was a long table in the center of the room ladled with big, fat turkeys and big bowls of yams, greens, biscuits, pies, gravy, etc. On the walls there seemed to be an endless supply of large cubby holes filled with pasta in some and a few had large pizzas crammed into them. Along the furthermost wall, there were three taps: one labeled "water", one labeled "grape juice" and one labeled "beer". They were so low to the ground that Jim would have to crotch under them, back against the wall while someone realised each fluid into his mouth.

" I'm thirsty. Get under the grape juice tap," demanded Chase.

Jim obeyed and got underneath the tap, putting his mouth firmly on the open part. Once Chase turned the knob, a luscious grape juice began pouring down Jim's throat.

"Good boy. You like the taste of that, don't you? I can see it dribbling down your throat. I used to like grape juice. It was my favorite. I could eat everything in this room but I won't. I want to stay in shape and you're going to help me stay that way," said Chase, messaging his crotch with his left hand while he watched.

"You're going to eat everything I tell you to. Later on, my friend's will be coming over for thanksgiving. They're on diets too so you'll have to eat for them as well. 7 full grown men with big appetites and you'll be eating their meals!"

Jim kept guzzling the juice, the buttons on his crotch stretching to hold his hardon as it grew. Before long, he noticed that he had to pee but Chase never let up on the juice so he kept drinking. Jim started to squirm.

"Do you have to piss? So piss! Take your cock out and piss on the floor like the animal that you are," said Chase.

Eventually, Jim couldn't hold it in anymore and started undoing his pants. Chase turned off the tap and let Jim piss on the floor where he sat.

Chase went over to the table and took a big whiff of a pecan pie.

"Come eat this," he said. Jim walked over and without any utensils had no choice but to stick his face in it and start gorging. Chase went behind him, rubbing his crotch against Jim's ass crack and began whispering in his ear: "you like that don't you, you fat pig! Keep eating!"

He then reached down and felt the buttons on Jim's crotch.

"You're starting to outgrow these jeans. Good! I want to see those buttons pop! I want to fuck a fat ass!"

Once he had finished, Chase wouldn't let him move and grabbed a nearby turkey leg, putting it on his lips. Jim grabbed the leg and began eating it.

Chase was now fully bent over Jim, his face now so close to Jim's that his right cheek was touching Jim's left.

"That smells so good! Eat more! " Chase grabbed a handful of dressing from another plate and shoved it into Jim's mouth mid chew. Jim swallowed it all and Chase whipped the remains on Jim's mouth and head.

Once Jim had finished the leg, Chase slid the rest of the turkey over. While he ate that, Chase's thrusts became more frantic. Before long, Chase pulled Jim's pants down completely and started Fucking him.

"Good pig! You like that don't you? Fat fuck! Eat more! I know you're hungry!"

The fucking turned Jim on more and more. He downed an entire jug of gravy and then saw a stick of butter so he ate that too. His mouth and shirt were messy with food but he didn't stop. He wanted more.

Before long, Jim had eaten half of the food that was on that long table.


Jim felt a long, hot wave of cum fill his insides. Chase's phone rang and he answered.

"They're here? Good. Send them to the dining room. I'll be in in a minute," he said, hanging up the phone.

"My friend's are here. I'm going to go change. Get some beer," he said and then grabbed Jim's crotch. "And don't touch that."

He then left the room. Jim did as he was told, and drank beer from the tap, messaging his swollen belly. His jeans were definitely tight now. He could hear the buttons straining every time he moved.

His white shirt was now almost brown with dirt, food stains and sweat. His cock was extremely hard. With the food, sex and Chase's domineering ways, he was close to cuming but he wouldn't touch his dick. Instead, he got on his hands and knees, pulled down his pants and started fingering himself.

There was a stream of Chase's cum oozing out of his ass. He whipped some of it off with his hand, brought it to his mouth and licked it all off, moaning all the while. He then went back up his ass for more.

It was then that the door opened again and Chase reappeared in a new suit same as the last; tight, black with a white shirt underneath, and long, pointed black boots.

"Get up," he commanded, grabbing Jim by the arm.

The dining room turned out to be not that far away. Only up one flight of steps and down a hall.

When they entered, Jim cared less about the large room and more about the long table full of food and the six gorgeous men; three on either side of the table and dressed in the same exact suit as Chase with similar builds.

Many of them were rubbing their crotches and playing with their nipples, licking their lips and salivating over the spread before them when Chase and Jim walked up.

Unexpectedly, Chase got behind Jim and started gropping Jim with his right hand while he made him suck the fingers of his left hand.

"Want to see something funny?" Said Chase and he unbuttoned Jim's pants and started pumping Jim's cock. The men started to laugh as Jim squirmed, moaning. Chase's fingers on his left hand became wet with Jim's saliva.

"Make that fat bitch cum!" Said one of the men.

"MMMMMMMM! UHHH!" exclaimed Jim as a thick wad of cum shot from his dick into a bowl of gravy. The men clapped as Chase fed Jim the bowl of gravy, pouring the entire bowl down his throat and making him lick it clean.

Chase buttoned up Jim's crotch.

"How much does he weigh?" Asked one of the men.

"240. But this pig wants to be at 500 by the end of the month."

"Good. But now all he has is a small belly peeking from beneath his shirt. Can he handle all of this?"

"He will," said Chase.

"Right, well come here little piggy," said a man sitting in the center of the left hand side. Jim obeyed.

The man was older but extremely fit. You could see his biceps through his tight suit jacket. His chest was so large it was straining to get out of his jacket and Jim salivated over his nipples; they were so large that you could see them sticking out hard underneath the jacket.

The man bade Jim to sit on his lap. His thighs were thick like two tree trunks. He then folded his arms, leaned back and said "eat" pointing at the large turkey in front of him.

Jim was already full, but he wanted to obey so he began eating. Before long the man had spread his legs open and Jim found himself sitting on top of his hard cock.

"Look at that bitch go!"exclaimed one of the men. And the fury started. Once he was done with turkey, another man made him eat his plate as well (stacked with chicken, ham, and yams) and then he was passed around from man to man, eating the food that was in front of them.

One man became so over come with lust that he hoisted him onto the table on all fours and fucked him while Jim gorged on a big bowl of mashed potatoes.

The bowl was so big and half his size, taking up the whole center of the table. The other six men (including Chase) came closer. They were all pumping their dicks furiously as he ate.




And, one by one, they came in the mashed potatoes while Jim ate it.

"AH FUCK YEAH!" said the man that was fucking him, filling Jim with his cum. He then backed away.

At this point, Jim was so full he could hardly move. He had come in his already filthy underwear and his face was dirtied with all sorts of food.

The men then started to put their pants back on and Jim heard a chorus of belts being buckled, pants being zipped and thanks being given to Chase before he realised that he had eaten everything on the table. He grabbed his bloated stomach and noticed that it was sticking out now prodigiously but most of his shirt still covered it.

He sat up, stuck his lags out on either side of him and began messaging his belly, trying to get comfortable.

"Look at that fat pig!"

"Beautiful sight!"

And then, the men left the room. All except Chase.

"Good job, pig! They'll be back. You're going to keep us all very thin."

As a reward, Chase let Jim take a shower and he washed his clothes only to let him wear them again after they were clean.

"I want to see those buttons pop," he said.

As the days and weeks went, Jim fell into a routine of four meals a day, all before Chase's eyes and most while he fucked him. Every once in awhile, one of Chase's friends would come over extremely horngry, and he would eat their meals as well.

But, before long, Jim began getting tired of Chase's athletic frame and his hard pelvis hitting his softening ass when they fucked. Jim still wanted a fat man.

And, to make things worse, all the fucking they did was burning the calories that he accumulated from his large feasts.

He was, however, over three hundred pounds now, he couldn't button his pants anymore, so he walked around with them undone. His pants were so tight that he couldn't get out of them and they were straining at the inseems. His shirt had completely risen up over his belly but still covered his chest. He was getting thicker but he wasn't fat yet and, by the end of the month, he was ready to go but not before he did one last thing.

He knew Chase wouldn't let him escape so he formulated a plan. On the night of March 30th, Chase came to visit him in the cellar complaining of hunger pangs.

"You're going to be eating good tonight boy..."

As soon as he walked into the room, however, he was captivated by a large apple pie that Jim had resting on his lap while he sat on the floor.

"Eat it!" Commanded Chase.

Jim began messaging his belly, simply looking up at Chase.

"But, don't you want it sir?" He asked.

"I...no, I... are you disobeying me pig?"

"No, sir. I just want you to be happy. Aren't you tired of spending day in and day out starving yourself while I eat all the food that you want? You've worked hard for years to maintain your physique. Why not a little reward for yourself?"

Jim motioned to the pie in his lap. Drool began spilling out of Chase's mouth as he walked closer to Jim.


"Don't worry about that. Don't worry about anything. Just eat! There's plenty of food in here. You keep it stocked with all your favorites and it's all cooked," said Jim. "Make the buttons on that fancy suit pop!"

Without further ado, Chase fell to his knees and stuck his head into the pie in Jim's lap, gorging himself furiously.

Once he was done, he ran over to the table and grabbed a turkey leg and started eating that.

"That's right, you fat pig! There's no way that you could be my master. You have no will power any more!"

Chase ignored him as he stuffed himself with more food, practically falling to his knees as he shoveled in speggeti sauce. Before long, his perfectly tailored suit was sticky with sweat and food and he was bloated.

Once he had nearly finished with everything on the table, he had one more swig of beer before collapsing on his ass, too full to breath and messaging his swollen gut in agony.

"Now, you're a fatty again," said Jim before heading towards the door.

"Wait! Get back here! I need to lose all this weight!" Exclaimed Chase, still unable to move.

"No you don't," said Jim before leaving the room. Once he closed the door, he heard more furious eating. The sound and the sight of Chase's bloated belly made Jim so hard that he had to cum. But when he took his hard dick out, his cell phone went off with yet another email alert.

"Idk if you'll get this in time or not but my name's Rick, I'm one of Chase's friends. I own a cabin in the woods not far from Chase's estate. If he doesn't get you to 500 by the end of the month, that's where I'll be."

That's all the email said. No directions. But Jim had to try. He was at 330 and he wanted to be so much fatter. The craving was almost over powering as he grabbed his gut sticking out of his shirt and descended into the woods.

As he moved through the trees, he swore he heard foot steps behind him, so he stopped to listen. Upon hearing nothing he continued onwards. This time, he could've sworn he heard footsteps but before he could stop, something massive came out from behind and tackled him to the ground.

"I'm going to have fun with you!" Said a strong, manly voice before putting some cloth over Jim's mouth. Jim got a wiff of a strange aroma and then blacked out.

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