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The Bacchus
Hadrian walked quickly through the forum. At the far end a large crowd had gathered to view his latest sculpture - the Bacchus. He smiled and nodded as the Senators and young roman men congratulated him on his achievement. But Hadrian was not happy. He looked at the work. Yes it was finely sculptured, perhaps the finest marble produced in Rome since the formation of the republic. But it was the concept he was disappointed with. 

"A beautiful body” said Marcus, "a tribute to the male form.”

"Yes, that’s the problem,” replied Hadrian, "Bacchus is the god of wine, of food of good times of revelry and indulgence. I’ve sculptured an athlete.”

"It’s the finest Roman work ever produced” replied Marcus. "Perhaps even greater than the work of the Greeks.” 

These comments only highlighted the problem. Hadrian was getting agitated as he realised the last years work had come to nothing. Bacchus could not look like that. How could his stomach be firm and muscled, his torso taught and defined. after living a life full of earthly delights? 

In the weeks following the display of the Bacchus in the forum, Hadrian’s fame spread. Rich senators and Roman merchants visited his studio commissioning new works.

On a hot spring morning the senator Vespasian arrived with an offer. "I want a Bacchus, in marble. just like the one you sculptured for the forum for my private pleasure palazzo.” 
"I can’t do another Bacchus," Hadrian stated indigently. "I’ve already failed once.” 

Vespasian would not take no for an answer. He handed him a pouch of gold coins. 
"Try again. My palazzo in the countryside will have a new garden completed in one year. I want the Bacchus ready by then." 

"Well, I refuse to sculpt it the same," replied Hadrian. 

"You are the finest sculptor in Rome. I trust you to produce an even better Bacchus.” Vespasian turned and left.

Hadrian’s first step was to find the right model to draw and sculpt from. The last model, an 18-year-old Etruscan boy, would not do. He needed to find his Bacchus.

He went down to the Caracalla baths. As usual in mid-spring the baths were crowded with naked boys and men exercising, bathing, arguing, socialising and discussing politics. Hadrian sat in the corner with his sketch paper and drew from the wealth of human nudes. But things were not right. The Roman fashion for the male body was based on the Greek ideal proportions, and boys spent many hours in the gymnasium perfecting their form. All around him the bodies were fine and beautiful with muscled forearms and chests. 

As was the habit the gossip had already spread that Hadrian was looking for a new Bacchus model and some of the finest boys in Rome paraded past him with the hope of being chosen. But none inspired Hadrian. 

Augusta approached him from the pool. His long curly wet locks dripped onto his muscular shoulders. His body was perfect as if carved from marble. 

"I’d like to model for the Bacchus." 

"Impossible” replied Hadrian.

"Am I not beautiful?” 

"You are indeed beautiful." 

"Then why?” 

"This athlete is not a suitable Bacchus," Hadrian thought to himself. "He is too firm, too taught. Maybe when he’s lived a little and his body has changed to reflect a life of pleasure.” Then Hadrian had an idea. 

"How much do you want to model for the sculpture?" 

"I'll do anything.”

"We need to do some work on your body.”

"Fine. I work out daily”

"Yes. But I have a different routine in mind. Come and stay with me in my studio. You'll live with me for twelve months, do everything I say and I’ll immortalise you in stone as the greatest Bacchus ever produced.”

Hadrian decided his studio was not large enough for the project and arranged with Vespasian to have sole use of the Pleasure Palazzo for 1 year. After setting up he sent word for Augusta to come.

Augusta arrived dressed in a tunic and leather skirt. He paraded and posed his lean muscled form, but Hadrian wasn’t watching. 

"I'll be in the garden; remain here in the courtyard till I call for you.” 

But Hadrian did not call. Instead lunch arrived, a pheasant baked in honey. It was a huge meal but Augusta had a good appetite and finished it off. Soon it was dinner, but still no sign of Hadrian. Dinner was even larger than lunch and Augusta didn't want to eat it all. 

Hadrian walked in. Augusta flexed his stomach muscles and tightened his large biceps in an effort to impress. Hadrian ignored him and said, "You must eat everything served to you. You’ll need it.” 

Augusta was excited and was keen to oblige. He assumed the workouts would be grueling, perhaps marathons and weight training. He guessed the huge meals were a preparation for the strenuous workouts ahead. He gorged himself on pork and goats milk followed by rich barley beer. 

Hadrian smiled, Augusta, realising that this pleased the master sculptor, quickly finished off the desert and a jug of wine. 

Augusta was full. His stomach felt like bursting. He groaned under the pressure and sat on the chair unable to move wondering what would happen next. An hour later a late supper arrived, He really couldn’t eat any more but Hadrian frowned so he forced it down.

From the following day a routine developed. Breakfast was served early followed by a huge snack mid-morning. Lunch, consisting of 3 courses, bloated Augusta to the point of immobility requiring a lazy afternoon siesta. By mid-afternoon Augusta, becoming accustomed to the huge quantities of food and wine, was ready for a snack. Dinner was a true Roman feast consisting of five to six courses accompanied by fine wines and beer. After dinner the revelry began. Young slave boys and huge quantities of wine kept Augusta busy till he fell asleep in a pleasurably drunken, bloated state.

As for exercise there was none, Augusta was confined in the palazzo walls. He was allowed to swim in the bath and amuse himself with a constant supply of young boys. Hadrian appeared only at meal times. He simply sat and watched his model, only showing satisfaction when Augusta had forced down the final mouthful. 

After two weeks the results of this lifestyle began to show on Augusta. "My leather skirt won’t fit,” he said to a slave boy. "Please have it adjusted.” 

When the slave left he looked down at his naked body and studied his stomach. He didn’t know what to think; whether to be concerned or delighted. A soft layer of blubber now covered his once ripped stomach muscles. On his hips he could grab the mound of flabby flesh with his hands. He smiled as he squeezed the pudge around his belly button. He liked the fat. He liked the feeling of being bloated and satisfied. He loved the decadent life style of the pleasure palazzo. But what would Hadrian think? How could he model for the sculpture in this state? 

Augusta was still naked when Hadrian walked in. "All this fine living!” Augusta said sheepishly. "I’ve had to get my skirt adjusted! I think I should go the gymnasium and do a workout.” 

"I’ve thrown away your skirt, wear this toga instead,” replied Hadrian.

Hadrian threw him a white piece of cloth. Augusta draped the toga over his body. Its soft shear folds were wonderful on his naked skin. But best of all he was comfortable without his skirt restricting his belly. He quickly forgot about the gym and got stuck into breakfast. 

Under the free flowing toga Augusta continued to grow. Augusta liked his new size. He liked the feeling of being bloated. He loved eating and partying and being lazy. He kept his toga on whenever Hadrian was around for fear that his new body shape would get him fired as the model. But around the slave boys he liked to show off his gut. When he sat down his belly would form three blubbery rolls, which he'd get the boys to massage while he masturbated. The best thing about sex was the size difference. He felt big and powerful against the svelte pleasure boys. 

By the end of summer Augusta was getting huge. Hadrian was pleased with the results, and laughed to himself at the way Augusta tried to hide his growing gut beneath the toga. Hadrian now found an unexplainable pleasure in his growing model. He'd never seen a more beautifully formed gut. It bulged out from beneath his sternum and by the start of winter it no longer formed rolls when he sat, but instead formed one huge round mound. Hadrian was turned on by the idea that he was the guy that fed him up to that size. He adored the way Augusta carried around his sexy bulk. Hadrian now spent many hours each day sketching his model in preparation for sculpting. 

From Carrara, Hadrian had ordered a large marble block, but had sent it back as the proportions were wrong. Augusta was getting as wide as he was tall so a square block was needed. This confused the quarrymen no end because they knew Hadrian was producing a nude standing figure. By the end of winter the perfect block arrived and Hadrian began the first cuts. But then he stopped. Augusta was still not the Bacchus! 

Hadrian ordered a new upholstered bench, large enough for Augusta to lie on. It was placed in the open courtyard and from now on Augusta would spend his whole day on it. 

Augusta loved the bench. He'd lie side-on, his head propped up on pillows. Slaves brought food continuously through the day. Around him the food was placed, so he simply needed to point. There were no longer discernible mealtimes; simply one long 12 hour feast of food, wine and sex. The rest of the day he slept. He didn't even need to move to go to the baths. Slave boys would wash him on the bed, and he'd simply shit or piss over the edge of the bench. 

Winter was over and the block of marble hadn’t progressed any further. Hadrian came into the courtyard and told Augusta that today he would begin sculpting. The huge marble block was moved into the courtyard. 

"Please remove the toga.” 

Augusta heaved his body but couldn't move off the bench. He'd been stuffing himself for the last hour and was comfortable lying on his side. Two slaves ripped the fabric of the toga and revealed his body. Hadrian stood and stared! 

Augusta's gut was huge. It spilled over from his frame forming a huge mound of flesh on the bench. His once taught chest was fleshy and soft. His arse and thighs were simply huge. Augusta burped and looked down at his once athletic body. 

"I don't know if I'm suitable any more?”

"You are perfect!” replied Hadrian with a grin. 

Hadrian sat Augusta up on the bench, his legs spread to allow his gut to sag down low. Around the bench were all his favourite fatty foods. Thick crusty bread, bowls of steaming hot pheasant huge tubs of cream, piles of olives, creamy sticky breads smothered in slabs of pig fat. He handed food to Augusta inviting him to start stuffing himself. Augusta grabbed handfuls of food in his chubby fingers and stuffed huge mouthfuls down his throat. 

While he ate, Hadrian slowly started massaging the huge tire of fat around Augusta's waist. As his belly started to swell, Hadrian went down on his knees and lifted the soft blubbery underbelly to reveal Augusta's now rock hard cock. As Hadrian placed his mouth around it the rolls of belly fat rested back down on Hadrian's forehead, pounding and pressing in to him as he started working on the cock. 

By this time Augusta was in ecstasy, stuffing food into his mouth with both hands, hardly chewing before gulping it down. Lard and cream smeared down all over his flabby chest and gut. Both Hadrian's hands were above his head now, folding and kneading at the rolls of blubber, massaging the smooth belly fat like a clay sculpture. 

Hadrian paused for a moment. By this time Augusta's gut was fully stretched to the bursting point. Hadrian waddled him into the spa bath. In the warm water Augusta was totally relaxed. Hadrian ordered more food to be brought to the spa. He ladled it into Augusta's mouth with a spatula. 

Finally Hadrian began to rub his hard cock over Augusta's engorged body sliding it between rolls of blubber smearing it with the lard. Augusta thought he was full but couldn't resist just a few more licks. 

By mid-spring the year was over and Vespasian arrived at his palazzo. "Is the Bacchus complete?" asked Vespasian, excited to see the new sculpture. 

"It’s in the courtyard!” replied Hadrian grinning. "He's my most magnificent creation!”

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