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The Big Boss
I was bored. So I loaded up my gay dating website to see if I got any replies to my advertisements. I HAD A REPLY!!! He said that his name was Robert and he was interested in my description. He said to meet him at his place in Chubbsville. Later that night I appeared in front of a massive warehouse with 2 armed guards waiting outside. They asked me what my name was so I said Liam. They led me through into this dark room and shut me in. Suddenly I realised I was stuck here and I smelt a strong odour of musk and cum. Out of nowhere a gas was released into the room. I blacked out... I woke up to me being strapped down to a large stool and a man standing in front of me holding a tube. "Hello Liam. You are now my piggy and you will do as I say or you will be punished. Look up piggy!"
As I looked up my eyes widened as I saw a Circle of 50, 1 ton men each with a 12 inch tube lodged in their mouth pumping brown liquid down their covered up throats. They also had tubes attached to their (what looked like 3 foot cocks) sucking out a constant thick stream of cum into a massive vat. I looked back down and accepted my fate of becoming the 'big boss'. The 12 inch tube was inserted down my throat and I felt the cum fill my belly.

1 year later.

I now weigh over 3 tons now and I have had a tube put over my penis to enlarge it. My penis is now 5 feet long. I have no eyes, ears or nose just my mouth and penis are left uncovered the rest being long gone under the many layers of fat.

9 years later.

I have been here for 10 years now and my dick is maxed out in size being a huge 20 feet long. I weigh 14 tons of lard and I am now being fed by 200 men's cum.

5 years later.

25 tons and all I do is eat,sleep repeat. Slowly seeing white spots appear.... R.I.P

I hope you enjoyed my first ever story please comment what you would like to see next
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1 sismith5691   (2015-10-05 15:28:23)
A really interesting idea! Would like to see your story fill out some of the ideas and maybe be a little longer?

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