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The Eating Teacher
Have you ever had a crush on a teacher before? I know I have. My senior year of high school I had this insanely hot English teacher. It was so bad that I would ask to go to the bathroom everyday for his class so I could masturbate and get it out of my system. He was a very handsome man with dirty blonde hair, dark blue eyes, big strong arms and a nice firm ass (well, at least it looks that way, I hadn't touched it then).

Things started to change in his physique, however, after his mother died. He sank into a depression that he tried to heal with food, food, and more food. You could tell that any time he had spent at the gym was now spent eating gallons of ice cream and sitting on a couch, crying. He truly was so depressed that he didn't even notice how big he was getting. after two weeks of this behavior his arms had lost nearly all their toned muscle and were struggling to stay in the short sleeves. His pants were clearly too tight for him now and he wouldn't wear a belt anymore so he could breathe more. The button on his pants looked like it was about to burst, (which ended up happening a few days later, but to his luck, it was unnoticed by everyone but me), his ass looked like is was about to erupt out of his tight dress pants. He also stopped buttoning his shirts and would just wear a plain white t-shirt underneath (which was riding up).

Everyone was too nervous to confront him about his increasing mass and so they just let it happen in hopes that he would correct his manners and get his life in order. I, however, was enjoying the show. I wanted to see him get so big that he wouldn't be able to fit through the doorway. So I decided to help him "ease his pain" with some chocolate bars. I made them to include chemicals similar to that in weed that would increase his hunger. I wanted to make it so he was not only eating to feel happy, but also to be full. It also included nicotine that would make him crave each chocolate bar. I would give it to him in the hallway where no teachers or students would notice and yell at me for aiding his gaining. I would give him 5 bars every day. Then I would sit back, relax, and watch the magic.

Originally he was probably gaining a pound a day, but now he was probably gaining 3 pounds a day. It was clearly showing as he started to take notice in his attire as it would not work with his increasing girth. He had to bump up probably from a size 32 waist to a size 38 and a size medium shirt to a size extra large. This was only a week after I started helping him out. After a month he had ballooned to a massive size. He started at probably around 180lbs and was clearly past that at about 280lbs and showed no sign of slowing down.

Month after month he would get bigger and bigger. Soon enough he stopped wearing dress pants and switched to sweats. Then he would just wear insanely large t-shirts. I truly don't think he ever really woke up and noticed that he was the size of Jupiter until he started to struggle to fit through the doorway. He asked me if I thought he had put on any weight and I said he looked wonderful no matter what he weighed. This struck a chord with him apparently because he told me to come back to his classroom after school got out. Let's just say, what happens behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors, but I'll tell you this much. I think he's finally moved past his mother's death and moved on to a great, big, and fat life.

(possibly to be continued)

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1 spirt   (2014-03-17 19:29:40)
Would really like this to continue biggrin

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