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The growing project part 4. (updated)
Ryan had felt like Andy loved him in the short time they knew each other. Ryan was just being used and now he was going to die a fat blob. Ryans monitor would keep track of everything. ryan sat there scared for minute and then the screen hit 40,000 and the fluid stopped. Then a camera panned around Ryan showing up on screen. He was swe1ling quickly and he was very tight. His Ass was the size of a double wide trailer, he didnt have a over hanging belly as he was now just a ball all the way down to his growing yet small in comparision cock and his his chest was two big wrecking balls. Ryan couldnt help it he felt his body (what he could) and instantly shot tons and tons of loads of cum. Andy walks in and Ryan screams,"Look what you've done to me! Im a freak! I thought you loved me but your just using me! Just like every other guy in my life!" Ryan cried.

" Ryan, I do like you and thats why Im doing this. I wasnt honest with you though. When I first saw you It wasnt on the trail it was when you were laying in the woods playing with your gut that I knew this is what you've been wanting. You've been more than a test subject. You cant deny this, I mean if you didnt like it how would you get so much pleasure from it? I mean you look like your loving it!" Andy laughed. Andy was to right and Ryan knew it. 60000lbs the screen stated. "Okay fine I'll do the tests but its not going to be just gaining. I want you Andy. I've never met someone like you. You know me more than I do myself. Now turn it back on!" A few minutes later Ryan was up to 80,000 and Andy was pleasing Ryan. Ryan was finally happy. He loved the fat, he had his dream guy and he fell in love with another thing... Eating!

One week later and Ryan had become a ball. Everyday he had received one to two hours of feeding. by the end of the week he would cry for more. Ryan was sucking it dry by the end of the week finishing in seconds. He wasnt 600,000lbs he wasnt even 2 milllion. The now surprising ball of fat was 10million pounds. The machine stopped one day and when Andy turned off the machine Ryan sucked so hard the seal just came off. Ryan couldnt see anything now and his body had vanished. The new screen still showing his weight when it could keep up was up in the 35million zone when Ryan started drowning in his own weight. The building was tight and the roof was opened. Further and further his weight climbed and he would cry for food. 40million and he could only see the sky and his belly. Now outside he was growing still. no planes were able to fly over the area so no visitors or news reporters.

A rumbling began down below eventually. He hit 60million a day later. And 75million by the morning of the next day. His face which never felt tight was really sore. 80million and the rumbling was louder and kept going. Then 93million..... and BURST!!! Ryan blacked out....

"Good morning Modesto CA. Todays weather partly cloudy and the weather a nice 85 degrees! Perfect for running!" Ryans clock alarm on the morning news. Ryan was at his house again in his bed and was a tiny 180lbs. "So I was... dreaming?" Ryan said sadly...

Part 5 next!

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1 Hans   (2014-07-10 19:20:23)
I'm still hoping part 5 will be posted smile

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