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The House
"Mike, wake up."

I opened my eyes, meeting those of my father. Dark circles surrounded his eyes.

"What?" I answered, my tone irritable and annoyed. I was having a good dream, for once.

"We're here."

My father drove into a yard of an old abandoned house that looked like it was made hundred of years ago. Its windows were all dark and curtained and the autumn tree leaves danced around the house, as if it were possessed. The house was so covered my the autumn trees, it was kind of hard to spot every part of the house, for the sunlight didn't come in as much. I groaned.

"Welcome to the Crappy New House, Everyone." I said, annoyed as I pulled up my backpack from the car and walked towards the house. I felt a tug on my hoodie.

"Big Mike," my best friend said, face as pure as that of an angel's, "Don't say that. It's a pretty house, look"

"Maybe you're right, Eddy. Now c'mon, let's choose our rooms." I said, then looked at my father, "Where're the keys?"

My father locked the car and looked at me. We didn't have the best relationship in the world.

"The house owner said they'd be here at 2pm. It's already 2:30. Maybe they're in the house." he answered, as we walked towards the house.

I felt a cold breeze brush my hair and neck, creating this chill that made me shiver. With every step I took closer to the house, I couldn't help but hold Eddy' s hand tighter. This wasn't right.

*Knock Knock*

My dad knocked on the door, its golden door-knocker looking as if it were going to fall off. What a piece of crap. He knocked again.

"Look Daddy!" I said, pointing at a little toolshed deeper into the woods, "I wonder what's in there."

He briefly glanced at the toolshed and nodded, not really paying attention. I rolled my eyes.

"We'll check it later, okay, Eddy?" I smiled as he sucked on his thumb, quiet and hurt by my father's response.

The door opened.

"'Ey Welcome!" an overweight man who seemed to be in his middle ages said, smiling as he looked at each one of us as if we were aliens. We didn't look that bad, honest, "You must be the Pettlesons. Where's Mrs. P?"

I found it very rude to ask about personal information like that. I glared at the fat man, holding my anger and rage back. My father wouldn't speak.

"Mommy's up there." Eddy said, his voice small. I looked at him, holding back my tears as he pointed to the sky.

The fat man's expression changed, but only for a moment. What an idiot.

"Well, I apologize. Let me give you a tour of the house." he said, smiling again, this face looking strained and forced.

We followed him into the house and into the living room, which looked old-style and dusty. I sneezed, which helped my observation. The coach looked worn-out and broken and the table and decorations were just dusty and terrible-looking. What the heck?

"This house was made in the 1880's, by Mr. Hanklette and his wife, Mrs. Hanklette. This place was used as a business to many travellers and such. It was also a shelter during the Civil War. Interesting, eh?" the fat man continued, "And when-"

` "Excuse me," my father interrupted, "But can we just continue on into the business? My kids and I are really tired and had a long trip."

"Oh, yes, of course." he said.

"Go choose your rooms, Kids." he nodded at Eddy and I. I took his hand gently and we walked upstairs.

"Let's see what rooms we like best, Eddy. Isn't this going to be fun?" I forced a smile to him, unable to force the bad feeling off my mind. We walked down the hallway of all the rooms, the wooden floor creaking with every step. I rolled my eyes, unsatisfied with the house so far. My dad was an idiot.

I opened the first door to the right, which was the bathroom. It was moldy and dark, the light flickering as I turned it on.

"Okay, next room." I said, pulling my silent friend to the next room.

The next room was a small room with a small bed, it's wallpaper red and black. Ed's eyes brightened, obviously already in love with the room.

"Okay, Ed, I'll be back. I'll check the other rooms, if you need anything, just tell me. Keep your door open." I said as I walked out of the room and into the other one.

The second room had a dark theme to it, it's wallpaper brown and blue. The bed was a two-person bed, held up and looking very comfortable. There was a window, but the curtains were closed, just as the other windows. It was so dark, so I decided to open them.


I turned my head towards the bed as I opened the curtains. A strange noise produced from it. I rolled my eyes, maybe it was my imagination. Sunlight shined through the windows as I felt satisfied with my deed.


"What the..." I looked towards the bed, the noise obviously coming from under it. I rolled my eyes, maybe it was an animal. I got on my knees and looked under the bed, which was dark and dusty. Though a dark object took my attention. It looked like a black box, it's edges worn out and thin. I reached for it, black marks on the floor around it. I couldn't reach it and pulled myself more under the bed, "Almost there..."

Suddenly a deep-pitched scream, catching my attention as I pushed myself out of the bed.

"Ed!" I yelled, running to the next room. The door was closed as I tried to open it. It was stuck!

"Help! Help!" He yelled, screaming and screaming.

"Eddy! Open the freakin' door!" I said, beating myself up with the door, kicking and punching it. I yelled, the doorknob stuck as I grinded my teeth in anger.

Suddenly the door, opened, but felt more like it pulled me in. No one was there...

"What's going on here?" my dad called, entering the room, the fat man following behind him.

"Ed has gone missing!"

"What? Let me have a look around." Said my father in reply.

(Scene 2: Discovery)

The next morning me and my father went out to look for Ed. "Arthur? Can you look in the house while I go look in the toolshed?"

"Sure thing dad." Arthur replied heading towards the house. After a few hours of searching I decided to go and find my father. When I got there I was in shock...

The door was actually open! And from inside I could hear muffled grunting. Strangely I was drawn towards the door and for a minute I was reluctant to go in. The temptation was just too much and I entered.

When I was in I could see a staircase leading to a dark basement. I know I shouldn't go in but I did. I regretted it.

At the bottom of the stairs was a massive dark and wet warehouse that contained of; a lot of equipment, a load of inhumanly sized muscle men, a tubby version of Eddy, and two large spheres of men that looked like my father and the landlord.

My father was pink like a pig and the landlord was blue like a blueberry. My father was cumming what looked like blood through a ten foot long cock and it was inside a vacuum cylinder. The landlord on the other hand was cumming blueberry juice from an equally large cock down another vacumm tube. Eddy had turned around by now and his bright red eyes stared straight at me.

"Go get him here boys!" Commanded Eddy as he began to walk towards his big spherical men. Eventually they cornered me and brought me to Ed. "Hello arthur. How kind of you to volunteer to become my new demon ball. You will supply the whole world with my brand new spicy chilli sauce. The big muscley men laid me down next to the landlord and put the vacuum tube over my cock and some tubes came out of Eddy's mouth." You better be ready boy, cuz your about to get thrice the size of these two midgets over here. Suddenly the tubes began to approach me and they entered me. Ed came up behind me and said, " You may fell a slight tug at your ass in a sec." He pushed me to the ground and I felt a huge metal dildo slide up my as so far that it pushed my prostate out of the way. Then it began to vibrate and chilli sauce exploded out of my dick.

"Thata boy Arty, just like your father but bigger." At that moment I realised I could never go back to normal life...

Credit to these pages for giving my these ideas for the story:

Muscle men:http://www.deviantart.com/art/Super-Muscle-Freak-Two-314413122
Tubby demon:http://emortal982.deviantart.com/art/Tubby-Demon-512889002
Size of men:http://prisonsuit-rabbitman.deviantart.com/art/fatastic-mr-fox-part-8-566551662

Should I turn this into a series or no? Leave your feedback in the comments.

Thanks for reading!!!
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