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The Sins of Gluttony: Victim 3 - Beer Bellied Bubba
Two weeks later...

Things been going well in growing my fat porkers at the warehouse. Bryan being near 800 pounds of massive hog fat and Sean slowly expanding his round ball belly to almost 60" thanks to the constant feeding I give them while there and the potent shake mix I feed them while i am away. But like my piggies, I need more...I want more fat men to blow up into huge blimps. And I think I lucked out on this one...

A guy wearing a bib overalls and a white shirt. He looked to be straight from the country by the way of his appearance and how he really dig into his food. Those fat country boys tend to have bigger appetites than that of the city fat boys.

His overalls looked snug on him from the start with a belly sitting out there round and overstuffed. And the way he chugged those beers, it was art in motion for sure. He drank the mugs of beers down like they were nothing but water.

"Hi there. My name is Roy. I hope everything been to your liking there bubba," I said almost accidentally upon coming up to the table to see the full view of his bloated belly that stretched the overalls to its limit.

Bubba just rubbed his tight round gut and let out a big healthy burp as he poured himself another mug of beer, "I loved everything in this place. Especially the beer, definitely does a big fat tanker like mine good to have some tasty beer." I assumed he didn't mind being called Bubba since he responded to it in a good mood.

I wanted to rub his tight belly so badly but I had to behave myself in public cause I knew where it would lead to with a fat porker like him. "You know..." I began to tell him, "We do get a shipment of beer every Saturday night after closing so you can easily come here and taste it yourself free of charge."

Bubba's eyes widened with excitement, "Hot damn, you mean it! I'll definitely come over here if it won't be any troubles to you there."

I almost fell in love with his country drawl and accent immediately, "For sure, I'll even give you some more food to eat cause I'm sure that tanker isn't built on beer alone there."

He laughs and slap his big bloated gut with pride, "I reckon you are right about that. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday night then."

Friday Night...

I rubbed my hands against the massive ball gut that is Bryan as he sat there in a bloated like coma. I grinned happily at the scale reading - 850.6 pounds. I looked across to see my other subject helplessly eating and stuffing himself with custard mixed with pudding by the huge bowls worth.

Sean was nearing the 400 pound mark as it was and didn't look like he was going to stop. It gave me a hard on seeing how gluttonous and huge my piggies were becoming and the plan i have for my bubba hog was going to be great.

"Keep on eating you fat slob hogs...we going to add more piggies to the farm soon enough," I said with a chuckle.

Saturday Night...

Bubba came over to the buffet as predicted and I started to set up the beer kegs for him to chug down as he stuffed himself with the food I provided. "By the way, I never gotten your name there Bubba."

"It is Bubba actually. Real name was Jason at one time but I just go by Bubba cause it is who I am...a fat bubba at that!" he slapped his gut as it overfilled the overalls he wore...they had to be size 56 since they still had some room left in them for the belly to fill out more.

I smiled at the remark he made on his girth, "And going to be even fatter than that," I said to myself as i finished up the placement of the kegs. "Well if you want we can start on this keg right here...don't have any mugs here for drinking so i figured you wouldn't mind chugging it from the hose," I said while handing him the hose.

"Sure! I've been wanting to do a keg chug in a long time," Bubba said as he placed the hose into his mouth firmly and ready himself to chug the suds down.

I started to pump the beer into the hose as Bubba started to suck it down in big gulps. His belly started to swell and bloat bigger and rounder as the suds slosh around in his gut along with the 7 pounds of food he already stuffed into his gut earlier. It was like inflating a big ball until it is good and tight...the big bubba gut began to make the shirt and his overalls tighter and overfilled with his ballooning fat.

After an hour, he drank the complete keg empty as his belly gurgled and sloshed a bit from the fullness. His size 56 overalls was near bursting at the seams and fasteners was ready to pop off. "Oof! Man I don't think I can gulp much more here. This tanker is near bursting and I feel buzzed and drunk as hell," said Bubba as he rubbed his over expanded gut.

"Oh I am sure you can handle a bit more big bubba pig," I said as I straddled on top of his big belly and pushes a funnel into his mouth. I start to crack open several cans of beer and begin to pour them down one after another as he sat there helpless to stop me as he chug them down more and more in big gulps. His belly began to stretch out bigger and bigger as the overalls grew tighter around his overly bloated frame. The side buttons on his overalls started to gap and pop off as he swell bigger and bigger with each can of beer down the throat and into the ever expanding belly.

"Yeah piggy, we going to pop those overalls off your big ballooning bubba body," I said as i keep pouring more until the cans were all gone. Then I came rolling with another keg as the ballooned bubba sat there stuck and overfilled to the point he can't move. I straddled his gut again as i start to pump the keg and pour the beer down the funnel from the keg hose.

Bubba's eyes grew wide as he helplessly chug it down as he could feel his belly on the verge of bursting from being so full, tight, round and bloated. His belly grew several inches in just a matter of minutes while the beer kept on being poured down his throat and into his now massive blown up tanker.

His white shirt began to tear at the seams as he feel closer and closer to bursting. He started to feel himself ready to black out as he hear two loud popping noises from his body - his fasteners on the shoulder straps to his overalls finally gave up as his belly finished ballooning out of control as he fell into a beer bloated stupor.

"Another piggy ready for the farm," I said as i stop the hose and pat the big bubba blimp I've made.

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