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Tricks and Treats

Todd and his wrestling buddies, Jamie and Marty had planned to play a trick on old Mr. Wright for weeks before Halloween. The old man was kind of an oddball in the neighborhood, always yelling at the kids and being a general pain in the ass.

Todd and his friends had graduated from high school the year before and now were starting their second year at college. They picked up a couple of cases of beer and drove Marty's truck out to Wright's farm. Around midnight, when the old fart finally went to bed, the young men began to toilet paper the trees in his yard. Drunk as hell, the guys struggled to stay quiet while doing the dirty deed. They also got a huge pile of cow shit from the pasture and scooped it into a paper bag. At exactly the right moment, they lit the bag and rang Wright's doorbell, running for cover behind a huge oak tree.

When the old man came out, he was furious, stomping out the burning pile of manure. "You son-of-a-bitchin' punks! I'll take care of you! You won't be able to move when I'm done with ya'!" he screamed and cursed, as the boys ran from Wright's' yard down to Marty's truck parked at the end of the driveway.

They hopped in and sped off, hooting and hollering after the old man. Jamie threw several of the empty beer bottles into Wright's yard.

"Man, I think I've had enough for one night." Todd complained, patting his slightly swollen belly. "Feels like I've consumed an entire keg tonight." he moaned, his head swimming.

"Yeah, me too." Jamie said, rubbing his own stomach.

"We're gonna have one hell of a hangover tomorrow morning," Marty agreed, driving towards Todd's house.

"Better call it a night," Todd said, now beginning to feel pukey. It was early still, not even one o'clock and he was afraid the guys would want to stay out later. He was a little surprised when Jamie turned to Marty and said, "Let's drop Todd off and go back to your place since your parents aren't home."

Todd was thankful that the two men preferred to be alone tonight instead of raising some more hell. Besides, his stomach was really aching now.

Todd got out of Marty's truck and thanked the guys for the fun night. "Call y'all tomorrow morning, okay?" he said, heading towards the house.

"Sure, but not too early. I plan to be in bed until about noon," Jamie joked. Todd waved them off and trotted up to the front door and let himself in.

Everyone was already in bed including his bratty little sister. Todd went into the kitchen and poured himself a tall glass of ice water. Someone told him once that it would keep a hangover from starting and it usually did the trick.

After the first glass, he was feeling much better. A little hungry even. He poured another glass and went into the study to watch some old horror movies on TV. As he entered the room, he noticed his sister's bag of Halloween candy on the coffee table. He peered into it, surveying the goodies she had received.

"Not a bad haul, Sis." he said to himself, sitting down in his father's recliner. Todd's stomach grumbled in response to the smell of chocolate and sugar. "I probably shouldn't." he thought. "I've got a wrestling match on Tuesday and I'm already near the top of my weight class. The coach will kill me if I show up a few pounds over weigh-in."

He removed his construction boots and tossed them on the floor beside the chair. He put his feet up and placed the Halloween bag on the arm of the chair.

Todd shrugged his muscular shoulders and thought, "Well, I'm at 168 right now, top weight is 172 in my class. A few candy bars can't hurt." With that, he found a good movie on cable, Alien and began to munch.

By the end of the movie, Todd was feeling sort of strange. All around him were empty candy wrappers and boxes. His T-shirt felt tight and was riding up over his distended belly. "Oh fuck," he said under his breath, shifting his weight in the chair. "I must've eaten the entire bag of candy."

He looked into the bag and was shocked to see that it was still full of goodies. Candy corn, Mounds, Butterfingers, Hershey's chocolate bars, Reeses cups, Tootsie rolls, licorice, M&M's, more. "This can't be," he thought, surveying all the wrappers around him.

Before he could think straight, his stomach rumbled loudly. Another movie came on, this time Poltergeist, and he settled himself back into the chair. Relaxing, Todd tore open a box of Milk Duds and began to chow. "Need some milk," he said out loud and hoisting himself out of the recliner, he padded into the kitchen, his belly hanging before him.

He grabbed a brand new gallon of milk and unbuttoning his jeans, he settled once again into the recliner. He grabbed another handful of candy and between mouthfuls, guzzled down the milk. Oblivious to everything around him but the movie, Todd ate and drank continually from the never-ending candy bag and milk jug.

After the second movie was finished, it was nearing five a.m. Todd knew his family would be getting up for work soon, so he decided to move his little "party" into his bedroom. When he lowered the recliner's foot rest, he could feel his bloated belly slosh over the waist of his jeans. "Man, I'm getting huge,"he thought. He stared at the full milk jug and candy bag in disbelief.

"What did that old man say to us?" Todd said to himself, maneuvering his new bulk out of the recliner. "I'll take care of you! You won't be able to move when I'm done with ya'!" he heard the old man's voice yell in his head.

"I've gotta call Jamie and Marty. Let them know what's going on." But as soon as the thought hit him, his stomach growled painfully, demanding more attention. Thoughts of his friends quickly were replaced by a gnawing pang of hunger.

Todd carried the milk and candy into his bedroom and set them on the edge of the bed. He closed and locked the bedroom door and flipped on the light. On the back of the door was a full-length mirror and Todd got a good look at himself.

"Holy shit," he whispered, bringing his hands up to squeeze the new rolls of fat that had formed around his midsection. His jeans were impossibly tight and his T-shirt was stretched taut across his beefy chest. His gut pushed out from beneath the fabric beginning to hang down over his jeans.

With some difficulty, Todd squirmed out of his jeans. As he was removing his T-shirt, he heard it rip as he struggled with it. Todd began to rub his swollen belly with both hands. He liked the feel of the weight of it as he lifted it up and let it flop back down. He ran his index finger along the fine line of brown hair beneath his belly button which disappeared into his underwear.

"This fuckin' gut is turning me on!" he said to himself, amazed.

Quickly, he crawled into bed on top of the covers. He lay there in only his underwear fondling his bloated belly as his cock grew hard beneath it. He began to tug at his erect dick and reached with his free hand for the candy bag. He stuffed his face with candy as he jacked off, imagining himself growing to truly prodigious proportions!

He came almost instantly, coating the hair under his stomach and on his crotch. He absently wiped his jism on the bedspread, now using both hands to feed himself from the bottomless bag of candy. Occasionally, Todd would gulp down the milk to wash down the sweets. He could actually see his stomach swelling before him as he stuffed it to capacity. He was so fucking hungry!

After awhile everything became a blur. Constant gulping and chewing, swallowing massive amounts of food.

Todd awoke to the phone ringing. His family must've already left for the day because no one was picking it up. Aggravated, feeling the pounding in his head, Todd groped blindly for the phone. He found the receiver and put it to his head.

"Oh, man Todd. How do you feel?" It was Jamie. Todd's eyes were pasted closed with sleep and he tried to rub them to loosen them up.

"I've got one hell of a hangover, you fuck. What time is it?" Todd barked, his vision was trying to adjust to the gloom in the bedroom.

"Is that all?" Jamie sounded panicked.

"Of course that's all. What are you talking about?" Todd finally got his eyes open and almost wished now that he hadn't. His head was slightly propped up on his pillows and he was shocked to see that his huge belly now dominated his body. It spanned the width of the king-size bed and Todd couldn't see over his fleshy addition.

Jamie continued to squawk over the phone, the receiver having fallen away from Todd's ear onto the pillow. He caught bits and pieces of what Jamie was saying, "I can't believe it! Marty must weigh 500 pounds! I'm as big as he his! What's Coach going to say? We couldn't stop feeding each other! I'm still hungry! It's amazing! Actually feels kinda nice!"

Jamie seemed to drone on and on, hysterical. Todd reached over to the night stand and grabbed the full bag of candy. His stomach rumbled loudly. He grinned as he began to feed his enormous gut even more.

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