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Tyler's New Job Part 1
It was 8am, and Tyler woke up eagerly to go to his new job. He was tall and fit, with a nice and tanned muscular frame. He was going to be working at a fast food restaurant. It wasn't really the kind of job he would enjoy to take, since it required him to stay there most hours of the day, and it was all about food that he wouldn't enjoy, but it offered very good pay. He arrived at the restaurant half an hour earlier than he should, so that he may recieve indications from his boss. He noticed all the other employees there were all very large, and it disgusted him on how much of pigs they seemed. He greeted them and walked to his boss' office. "Morning boss!" Tyler greeted as he walked inside. "Ah, Tyler, your here already? Well, it never hurts coming earlier!!" His boss chuckled. He himself was a large man. "Can I get the uniform and recieve my indications?" Tyler asked, still cheerful. Tyler's boss gave him his uniform, and shortly after he began to work. It was all normal, and there were barely any clients all day. He seemed to get along with the other employees though, and on their lunch break they gave him a short guide through the whole restaurant, except one part. They said it was just basement, and that it didn't matter. Tyler's shift was over but he decided to stick around the restaurant for the rest of the day. He was reading his newspapers quietly on one of the restaurant's tables, and he seemed to notice that Adam (one of his co-workers) was offering a "buffet" to the client for being the 100th client of that day. Adam lead him to the "basement" and quickly closed the door behind him, only to leave sometime after, going back to work. The client quite likely stayed in the basement. Tyler payed no real attention to it though, and just let it slip by. Now it was already night, the restuarant was closing. Tyler's boss came downstairs. "That was a good day of work, now Tyler, may I ask you to close off the restaurant for tonight?" His boss asked. "Aren't Adam and Sam still here though?" Tyler asked "No no they have already left, thats why I asked you to close the place up. Well, im kinda in a rush, so I will leave it to you, cya tommorow" His boss said before leaving the place in a rush. Tyler was odded out since he hadn't seen them leave. While Tyler was closing down the place his eyes focused on that door that seemed to be the basement. He was very curious of what was in there, so he decided to check it out. He opened the metal door only to find a large corridor that on the end seemed to have what looked like a door. He walked down the corridor and was a little weirded out by the sounds he heard from the other side. It almost seemed like grunting and moaning. He decided to open it, and as he did, he was amazed. It was a huge room, with lots of devices all around the room, each one having a large tank behind it and many tubes coming from them. Even more amazed he was as he saw both Adam and Sam, the client from earlier on, and a couple other men he didn't recognize all naked, some with tubes in their mouthes. Adam and Sam were very obese, like 400 lbs each, but there was a man he didn't know who seemed well more than 500 lbs, and he had two tubes in his mouth. The client was on the floor being fucked by Sam while he was being fed by a tube. The client was also alot chubbier than his former slim self from earlier that morning. Tyler could only look in shock, at all the horny men feasting on the strange liquid coming from the tubes... (I really hope you enjoy the story, part 2 will come soon if you guys like this one. Comment on what you would like seeing happen next too!)
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2 davideveleigh02   (2015-08-30 21:29:41)
Make him get fed by a lot of tubes, get his dick extended and all the men fuck him *evil face*

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1 wubwubbie212121   (2015-08-30 07:16:40)
Please put up part 2 ASAP!!!!! Love it so far!

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