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Zac and Big Ron's Bar
Zac was pleased. He looked in the mirror and smiled, feeling his cock grow harder in his crotch. It was Monday. A day that made many people groaned and complained about because it meant that they had to go back to work. Zac didn't complain. He loved Mondays!.It meant that he got to wear a suit and show off all of the work he had done in the gym over the last couple of years.
Today, he looked in the mirror and saw how tight his pants had gotten around his thickening thighs and how tight his jacket was around his bulging biceps. And his ass was amazing! Zac wasn't a tall man (he was just under six feet) but he dared anyone to mess with him now as buff as he was. His clothes were so tight he felt that he might burst at any moment-and he loved the feeling! His dick was so hard, you could see the bulge and that made him feel even hornier. And his abs were his pride and joy; a hard six pack.
"Breaking news: there has been a reported increase in food related fights and disputes- must surrounding Big Ron's sloppy Joes. Our field reporter, Trisha, tried to interview one man about how he liked his joe but the man simply ignored her, only asking for more. Women have all but vacated the streets..."
Zac turned off the news on his way out. He never listened and couldn't remember why he had it on in the first place.
There was a bus stop not far from where he lived that Zac walked to every morning. There was some new pub down the street causing a bit of raucous but Zac didn't care. He sat down, having to open his legs wide, to give his crotch some breathing room. It wasn't long until Zac noticed the man beside him, munching away at a bag full of chili dogs.
The man was moaning and growling and whimpering like a pig, getting chilli all over himself as he ate. He shoved each one in his mouth, chewing madly and not caring about how dirty his face was getting Zac was disgusted.
"What the fuck is your problem, dude? Take that shit some place else!"
It was then that the unspeakable happened. The man was so big that his thighs were nearly overlapping Zac's so, when he opened his full mouth to apologize to Zac, a thick wad of chili fell out and hit Zac's crotch and his leather shoes.
The fat man was instantly on all fours, licking up the chili that fell on Zac's shoes like a ravenous animal, not stopping until the shoe was shiny with his spit. Then he moved on to Zac's crotch.
"What the fuck..." Zac uttered until he realised how good it felt. The man lapped up every last bit of chili on Zac's bulge but he kept going; wanting every last molecule of it. It wasn't long before Zac's crotch was wet with saliva but Zac just leaned back, enjoying every second of it, feeling his cock grow bigger in his tight pants. Then he felt a button pop.
But the man was slowing down. He needed more chili. Zac reached over into the man's bag and found a big glob of residual chili at the bottom. He then smeared it all over his bulge, driving the man wild!
Zac was so close. He felt another button on his crotch pop.
"That feels so fucking good! This is what they need at every bus stop-a fat pig with bitch tits to suck your cock while you wait on the bus-FUCK!!" Zac came without even undoing his zipper.
"Fuck you stupid bitch! You made me cum in my fucking underwear!"
Zac had to find the nearest bathroom. As soon as he got up, though, the fat man tried to hold him, still licking at his crotch.
"More" he uttered.
"Get the fuck off me, faggot!" Yelled Zac as he pushed the fat man off of him and made his way to Big Ron's.
Once inside, Zac was mesmerized by all of the fat slobs inside. A few were sitting at the bar with there pants so low that their entire ass crack was visible. The men were so fat that there was no room between stools. The men sitting at booths throughout the bar were no better. They were so fat, Zac doubted that they could get out of each booths with their bellies being so big.
Zac spotted the bathroom but noticed that all eyes were on him, most smiling approvingly. Others giving a look of lust. Filed with confidence and a newly growing cock, Zac went to the only empty seat at the bar, squeezing in between two massive, sweaty construct workers.
"What the fuck happened to you guys?" asked Zac. "How'd everybody get so fucking fat?"
"The same way you're about to,"said the one on his left.
"Look at this flat tummy, Jim. Little guy must be malnourished or something," said the guy on his right, rubbing Zac's abs mockingly. They both laughed.
"Get the fuck off me!"
This triggered something in both men as they started getting more aggressive. When Zac got up to fight, the one on his left grabbed him from behind and held him in place. The one on his right got up and, while still messaging Zac's stomach, said: "got 'em" over his shoulder to no one that Zac could see.
"Get the fuck off..." Zac began before his mouth was clamped shut.
It was then that a fat man dressed well and wearing cowboy boots came out the back and approached Zac. He was a tall and imposing man, constantly grinning.
With horror, Zac realised he was surrounded on all sides by fat, sweaty men.
"Open up wide little man. Time to get some meat on them bones, boy!" Said Big Ron.
A big can of chili was brought to Big Ron.
"You like chili, boy?"
"Fuck no! Let me go or I'm calling the fucking cops. Do you know who I am?"
"Hold his head still," said Big Ron but Zac only wiggled harder.
"Doesn't matter boy, you ain't gonna eat yet. Just smell it," Big Ron brought the can up to Zac's nose. Zac tried to turn his head but he was stuck in place. After awhile, Zac caved and let open his nostrils. The most satisfying smell came from that chili! Like...manhood and delicious food and beef and...cum! Zac wanted it more then anything but he knew he'd get fat just like the rest of the men there.
"You ain't gonna get me fat bitch..." was the last thing Zac said before Big Ron upturned the can in his mouth. Zac ate submissively, having no other choice.letting the access chili fall down his chin and...he loved it! The chili was so delicious that it was turning him on. He felt his cock grow larger and larger, straining the buttons on his crotch more and more.
The men in the bar began getting closer and closer and growing more horny by the minute. The man that was holding Zac began humping his ass with his hardened cock.
Zac could feel himself getting bloated as he emptied the can and when it had finally been pulled away from his face, he let out the loudest belch he had every had! The men cheered as another large can was brought forth.
"No..." uttered Zac meekly. "Can't get...fat..." Zac said these words but as soon as Big Ron brought the can to his mouth, Zac chugged it greedily. As a joke, Big Ron tipped the can too high up while Zac was halfway through eating. The contents feel all over Big Ron's belly and cowboy boots and into the floor.
With much laughter from the surrounding men, Zac fell to his knees, licking and eating every morsel off of Big Ron, paying a lot of attention to Big Ron's boots.
"Boys, get him over to a booth. We're going to feed him until he can't get out!" Ordered Big Ron.
General applause erupted as Zac was drug to the nearest booth sporting a large bloated belly
A heap of chili was dropped onto the table. Not a plate. Not a bowl. On the table! And then another heap, and another and another until Zac had one large pile of chili as long as the table and taller then he was sitting down. A fat man named Joe sat next to him on the bench, cramming him in so he couldn't run.
Strange as it seemed, Zac didn't want to run. The smell of that chili made him ravenous and horny. He stuck his face closer so he could get a better wiff and when he did, he came so hard it leaked trough his pants and dribbled out onto the floor.
A big spoon was brought in. Joe took a big scoop of chili. Panicking, Zac looked down. He was already so bloated and full of gas. He grabbed his belly from both sides and let out a huge fart. Everyone laughed.
"Piggy's gettin fat!" He heard someone say.
"No more!" He tried to say, but his head was held steady from behind while Joe crammed the entire spoon full into his mouth. It was so fucking good! Zac wanted more but...but what? He was staying to forget why he didn't want to get fat in the first place. He was staying to think that he might actually like it!
His face was shoved closer to the pile in front of him, making it easier for Joe to shove spoonful after spoonful into his mouth. Eventually, Zac forgot all inhibitions and began shoving handfulls of chili into his mouth. It wasn't long before he felt the buttons on his pants pop. With a mouth full of chili, chewing vigorously, he looked down and noticed that the buttons were straining against his new belly, getting bigger and bigger.
His belly still wasn't big enough to touch the table yet however.
"MORE!" He growled as he shoved his face into the barely touched pile, eating like a madman.
"It don't seem like he has enough hands. Feed him boys! But don't take any for yourself. He needs all the help he can get!" Commanded Big Ron.
Men started grabbing handfulls of chili to stuff into Zac's mouth, with him whimpering like a bitch for more. His suit became covered in chili and sweat. He felt his ass grow wider and the fabric on him stretch as he got more and more bloated.
When the pile was halfway gone, he noticed with delight that his belly was brushing up against the table as he ate.
"MORE!" He demanded.
Men from behind him pushed his face deeper into the pile of chili forcing Zac to eat faster. He munched away, not even noticing how quickly his body was digesting everything. He couldn't stop! He found himself squealing and grunting and before long he felt his pants rip up the ass. The feeling made his cock surge with cum, leaking out of his already soaked crotch.
It took two hours but he finished it: the entire pile was gone. The pig had finished his trough. And, when he leaned back to belch, everyone was astonished to see that his new ball gut tipped the table up. His once clean, white shirt was covered in chili and he liked it! He leaned back like a fat hog, messaging his new gut. He liked having to spread his legs to let his gut rest on the bench beneath him.
Zac realised he was wrong before. Strength wasn't power; size was power and he wanted more of it.
Big Ron approached and pointed at the table.
"There's still some crumbs left. Better lick em up boy! But first..." He made Joe stand up and drop his pants right over the table. Big Ron then got behind him and started whispering in his ears as he messaged Joe's massive tits. Joe instantly started jerking it and came on the table in no time. It smelled delicious! Zac instantly fell on it, lapping up Joe's cum like it was the last drops of water on earth.
"Everyone, follow suit!" Demanded Big Ron.
And so, everyone did. Cumming one after the other, filling the long expanse of table with white semen.
"Need inspiration? Just look at what we did to him. He came here an alpha. Now, he's meerly a dickless hog. No more washboard abs for this one! Look at him! Licking up your cum. He's your pig now. Make him yours boys!"
With that, the last man came. Zac licked every once of cum and chili of that table until it was spotless.
Zac belched again. More full then he'd ever been, he lays laid back rubbing his gut.
"You want more boy?" Asked Big Ron
"Ugh...No more...can hardly breath...so fat"
"Get his ass up!" Commanded Big Ron. And with that, Zac was on his feet and following Big Ron to the back room. When the door was opened, Zac was mesmerized as he stepped inside.
Arranged in a tight circle, all on metal chairs and nearly motionless except for their mouths, were twelve piles of lard of varying skin tones that used to be men. Each man had a huge burgeoning gut so big that they couldn't even hug themselves with their flabby arms.
They each had at least three chins, wet with saliva. They each had a tube shoved in their mouths pumping some kind of liquid down their throats. Another tube was shoved between each of their fat thighs pumping what looked like their 12 in, fat cocks (they were, if course, pumped up to that size)! And their tits! They were large and pendulous with nipples so red and big that they looked made for sucking. Their were pumps attached to their nipples to.
Before long, Big Ron got behind one of the men and removed his left nipple pump.
"Want some piggy?"
Zac began to salivate. He was on that nipple in seconds! As soon as he began to suck, he tasted something stronger then milk but divine.
"I added a little milk making hormone into their formula that's why we have to keep pumping their cocks so they do shrivel up altogether," said Big Ron.
Zac wasn't listening. It tasted so good that he couldn't control himself. He could feel himself growing fatter, with his belly growing lower and lower to the ground.
"You like that piggy?"
"Mmmmhhhh," uttered Zac.
"You want more, piggy?"
"Mmmmmhhhh!" Uttered Zac.
Before he knew what was happening, Zac was torn away from the nipple and was getting ripped out of his clothes. When he was completely naked, he was thrown into one medal cushioned chair. Zac wanted more breast milk though and kept fidgeting as they tried to pour his arms and legs in restraints.
Big Ron ordered Joe to come over. Joe had giant man tits and he shoved his right nipple into Zac's wanting mouth, calming him down enough for the other men to restrain him.
"You like these tits? You'll have a set of your own pretty soon. You'll be a fat piece of shit like the rest of these guys" whispered Joe. "You'll be to fat to move on your own. You won't even be able to clean your own ass! And when the boys get horny, we'll take you of the machines and fuck you one by one. You should see these guy's pussies! Always gaping and dripping with cum. So, drink. DRINK BITCH!"
Before long, however, Joe pulled away. Zac realised that not only had he been strapped in but a large pump had been put on his dick along with nipple pumps on each nipple. Naked, Zac didn't look as fat as he felt. His belly was extremely bloated but his pecs were still firm. His thighs looked bigger but his biceps were still wirey with veins.
Big Ron came over with a tube running down from a machine in the ceiling. It was as wide as an eight inch cock. Zac took it in his mouth like it was life support. When the food/ formula came pouring down the tube, Zac ate greedily, never wanting it to end.
"I'm a selfish man, Zac. Ever since I hit puberty I had this dream where I wanted to fuck every man in the world. Well, I only get off on fat men so, I invited this formula and injected it into my chili. It's aphrodisiac derived from men's cum. Even straight men can't resist it," said Big Ron. " I love fat men so much that I live in this bar when I'm in the city and fuck every man that walks through this doors, feeding them and making them fatter all the while. Of course, I've got more fellas to fuck out at my country estate too. You see, Zac, I seek to fulfill my dream and, with your cum, you're going to help"
"And, by the way," he whispered into Zac's ear. Don't call me Big Ron. It's Big Daddy to you and all my other prized hogs!" Big Daddy laughed.
As he gulped down every ounce of formula, Zac realised that he was nothing more then a farm animal now. He was Big Daddy's property. He was his bitch and that excited Zac like nothing he had ever known. He felt like he had been conquered and he liked it. Something in the formula must have started working because he almost wanted to be impregnated by Big Daddy. He forgot about his six pack and his muscles. Fat was what he wanted. Fat was what he needed. From now on, he was Big Daddy's hog.
Out of the corner of his eye, Zac saw a door that seemed to lead down some staircase. He began to wonder where it lead before he lost his train of thought completely, only caring about the formula and Big Daddy.
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Loved it! Really wish I was zac though lol.

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