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150 Pounds Overnight (Part Two)
Greg woke with a start, another nightmare. He couldn’t shake the feeling, he had been having continual bad dreams that he would wake up one morning and he’d be back to how he used to be. Greg wasn’t sure why, his fat made his life considerably more difficult, but he couldn’t help thinking that perhaps… No. Don’t name that thought. Greg checked his clock, 4am. Shit he was hungry. Greg turned on his side with considerable effort and made a grasp towards a bag of cookies with his fat fingers. He ate all six and then went back to sleep. He dreamt instead that he was in bed, but this time unable to move. He looked around to find out why. It was his fat. He was so fat that he couldn’t get up from his bed. All around him lay mountains and mountains of food. He saw someone enter the room, Pietro maybe. He walked up to Greg with a tube, inserting it into his mouth, he began to pump a thick, greasy liquid into his mouth, lard. Greg woke with a start, he had came in his pants.
Since Pietro had first found himself hard at the sight of his friend’s stomach in late September, him and Greg had grown closer and closer. It was now March, and Greg had still not been able to return to school, he’d been unable to lose any weight, in fact, he had gained some weight, partly due to his parents spoiling him further, but mostly due to Pietro’s concerted effort to fatten up his friend. Greg knew nothing of Pietro’s plan, he ate greedily and wilfully as Pietro cooked, Pietro had been downplaying his weight gain, not that it mattered, Greg was virtually at the point where he’d never want to look at a treadmill again. Pietro rang the doorbell, grasping a huge bag of greasy doughnuts in his hands, Jake answered, himself looking rather a lot bigger than he had just six months ago, Jake drooled, “They for me?”, Pietro laughed as he stepped inside the warm house, “Nope, for me and your pig of a brother”. Jake was annoyed that Pietro wasn’t sharing, “Don’t you mean your boyfriend?” he said, half joking. Pietro shook his head and flicked one of Jake’s nipples. Pietro didn’t need to ask where Greg was, he spent most of his time in his room now, playing video games and watching television on his bed, all the while he grazed on whatever snacks his parents put next to him, yelling to Jake for more if he ran out. Greg smiled as Pietro entered, trying to sit up slightly, he gestured for the doughnuts. He pulled apart the bag and smelled their calorific glory, watching the plume of steam that they still gave off, taking in their almost erotic scent. He began to push them into his mouth, something was missing. “Get some cream”, he demanded of Pietro, “Good idea”, Pietro said, running down the stairs to get his pig some whipped cream. Pietro jumped from the last step with a heavy thud, his shorts straining as his bulging ass threatened to pop out. Pietro entered the room again, clutching a bottle of Coke and a tub of cream. Greg ate and ate, and Pietro had almost a dozen doughnuts himself. Pietro watched, his cock throbbing, as Greg shovelled mouthful after mouthful into his fat face.
Greg grew red and sweaty, physically exerted by his own gluttony, Pietro noticed, and said softly “You look hot Greg, why don’t you take off your top?”, Greg removed his t-shirt and Pietro drooled over his huge belly, wobbling as he threw his shirt on the floor. Greg had grown so squishy with Pietro’s help. “Pietro, why don’t you take your top off?”, Greg said playfully, between a mouthful. Is he flirting with me? Pietro thought, but soon obliged by removing his top. Greg saw his friend topless for the first time since his transformation and began to laugh. Where Pietro had once had bulging pecs albeit covered in fat, his pecs had now turned to big, round, wobbly tits. Where his belly had been thick but taught, it was now a soft, hanging globe of fat, his hips were covered in stretchmarks and his arms were heavy. “Shit man”, Greg said, “You’re fuckin' fat!”. Pietro was very proud of his strong, almost Godlike physique, and despite always having more fat than he should have, worked hard to keep his muscular body looking strong. Okay, Pietro hadn’t really exercised much over the winter, he’d had to make sure his piggy was always full, and okay, he had maybe been eating slightly more, but it was only a few pounds that he could easily lose.
“How much do you weigh?”, Greg asked Pietro, “About 240”, said Pietro. “No fucking way are you 240”, said Greg. “Okay, maybe 250” Pietro replied defensively, “And besides, who knows how fat you are bro, I’ll prove it, I’ll weigh myself”, Pietro said. Greg hauled himself up and followed Pietro to the bathroom. Pietro pulled out the scale and stepped on it, “No, no, I can’t be that fat”. Greg began to laugh, “Almost three hundred pounds! You’re getting huge!”. “Am I really?” said Pietro, “Come on then fatboy, lets see how much you weigh”. Greg reluctantly stepped on the scale, “Four hundred and two pounds”, Pietro pronounced smugly, his dick growing harder and harder. “What? I can’t have gained eighty pounds in six months?!”. But oh yes, this piggy had gained, and boy it showed. Greg was very, very fat, morbidly obese, his walking was slow and difficult, he got out of breath at the slightest exertion. He was a pig. The two young men looked at each other’s fat, saggy bodies, both of them were hard. They stared into each other’s eyes, trying desperately not to climax from the sheer pleasure of their obesity. Pietro let out a deep moan and grabbed Greg’s huge love handles, massaging the fresh fat between his sausage fingers. They kissed passionately, rubbing each other and enjoying their gigantic bodies. Then, in a seven hundred pound union, they climaxed in a calorifically huge erotic moment of pure pleasure, it was what they had always wanted. The boys fantasised about where the future would take them.

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