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A True Gainer
I was 21 years old, pretty active, I played football twice a week. But there was something missing from my life, I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew there was something missing.
I had always liked big men, even though I never considered myself to be gay, and I often wondered what it would be like to be a big man, have a big gut. It was time to make a life changing decision.
Should I continue how I’ve been going, playing sports, being slim, or should I try and gain a bit of weight to see how I like it. I went for the second option, to gain the weight.

It was my 22nd birthday in March, I decide to start then, at least I’d remember the date I started. With any money that I had got for my birthday I bought junk food, there was a lot of it. I remember going to bed each night and eating for an hour solid, all types of junk food, chocolate, crisps and sugary drinks. Within a month I was around 200lbs, this was the biggest I had ever been. I stopped playing any sports and my new hobby became watching TV and stuffing myself.

When I eventually got to 250lbs my parents used to ask me why I’d stopped being active, why had I gained so much weight. I just told them that I was sick of playing sports and that I wanted a change in my life. I started going out to bars, beer was a very good gaining tool. In one of my local gay bars I met a man, he said that he liked big men, and that he would like to see me get even bigger. But I would have to be serious about it, the only way I could do it would be to move in with him. So I did.

When I moved in with Neil he weighed me and measured me, my stats were:

Height: 5’7” (same as usual)
Weight: 254lbs
Belly Standing: 42”
Belly Sitting: 46”
Waist: 38”

Neil said that within 6 months he would like to see at least another 50lbs on me. I was astounded, I didn’t know how big I wanted to be, but 300lbs at 22 seemed a bit big. But I did whatever Neil told me to.

Every night after I got home from work all Neil would give me to drink was gainer shakes, the first few times I hated them, but I grew to love them. It was amazing. I would drink a shake and my stomach would feel like it was ready to burst, then Neil would feed me for the rest of the night, I was kept eating all the time. Neil didn’t like me smoking, so he told me that he wanted me to stop. I didn’t want to, but again, I did as I was told. Whenever I got a craving for a cigarette Neil made me a snack or gave me a gainer shake, my stomach was beginning to run away with me.

I now seemed to be getting bigger every day. It might have been my imagination, to me I seemed to be swelling.
My trousers were now cutting into me, they were getting too tight really. Neil told me to push my waistband lower, and wear them under my gut, which I started to do. That solved my problem, but it also made my belly look twice as big as it actually was. When I couldn’t lower them anymore, and they were still digging in, Neil took me to buy some new clothes. He measured my waist before I went, it was the biggest ever, I was in shock, and it was 42”.

We went to a clothes shop in the centre of town, just an average clothes shop. When I walked in the shop assistants turned around to look at me, I was beginning to feel really uncomfortable. Neil asked one of the assistants to check what waist I was, Neil was wrong, the assistant said I was in fact 44”, and that was the biggest size trousers that the store stocked. We bought the trousers while we were there, and also bought a couple of t-shirts, they were XXL, again, the biggest the store had.

The bigger I got the more and more I began to feel like a freak. Inside I was torn between wanting to know what it felt like to be bigger and doing what I though was right, which was to lose the weight. Every time I went to see my parents they would ask me to lose weight, and any food that I had while I was there was just salad. I went to see them less and less.

We got up early one Saturday morning, I was now 23. Neil was pleased with my progress. He weighed me and measured me, we only did this once a month now, because it makes the gains seem bigger. I had gained 20lbs since my last weigh in, my stats were:

Weight: 312lbs
Belly Standing: 48”
Belly Sitting: 54”
Waist: 44”

When Neil told me how much I was, I just cried, I didn’t know whether they were tears of joy or not. I looked down and I couldn’t even see the numbers on the scales. My gut was now hanging over my belt. Neil told me not to worry, we would soon sort it out, I’d soon be bigger still. I cried some more.

My new XXL shirts were getting skin tight now and my 44” trousers were far too tight, I was worried about the next step that I would have to take. There’s one clothes shop in the town that caters for larger men, so we decided that we would have to buy all my future clothes from there. I didn’t think that I would ever have to go to such a shop, so I was a bit worried about the sort of looks that I would get. We had a look around the shop first, I wasn’t too desperate for clothes at this stage. I was pleased to find that it was just like a normal clothes shop.

Every night for the next few months Neil kept me well fed. In the back of my mind I was secretly worried about what I was turning into. Every waking hour I had to be eating something, my colleagues at work wondered what had got into me. My boss had to buy me a new, re-enforced office chair. Neil just saw this as another milestone, the day Paul got a new chair. Every night more and more gainer shakes were drunk, every night I went to bed with chronic stomach pains because I’d eaten too much. My whole stomach was covered in red stretch marks, which I hated, but Neil said was sexy. My skin on my stomach was constantly tight like a drum, I must admit, I did like it like that though.

It was now summer, the sun was constantly beating down. It was too hot for me. Neil decided to give me a new test. I would pass it if I was born to be a gainer. He took me to the clothes shop and asked the assistant to measure me for a new pair of shorts. The assistant did as he was asked. I walked, no, waddled out of the shop wearing my new 48/50” shorts and a new XXXXL t-shirt. I was in shock, I’d never had any idea that I was going to get this big, and I had no idea that Neil would help me get this big. My new t-shirt was near enough skin tight, you could clearly see my round, solid gut underneath. Then my test came. Neil told me to take my new t-shirt off and walk around with just my shorts on, I thought I’d be too conscious of the looks, but I wasn’t, I did it.

As I walked my gut swayed in front of me. People we staring at me and sniggering, but I didn’t care, this was how I wanted it to be. We went to the pharmacy to get me weighed, the scales here were more accurate. It had been nearly 6 months since I was 312lbs, I was very anxious to find out what my new stats were. I climbed on the scales and closed my eyes. Neil called out how heavy I was, I was 359lbs. I had gained 47lbs in less than 6 months. To celebrate Neil took me to the pizza hut, I had to put my shirt back on. It was an amazing experience. The tables were pretty close together inside the place, and ours was near to the back wall. I had to squeeze past all the other tables. My gut was knocking peoples glasses and drinks as I squeezed past. People were giving me disgusted looks, and when I sat down Neil patted my gut, which made people even more disgusted. That day I ate more pizza than ever before, each one was washed down with a few beers, I can remember thinking that I was the happiest man alive.

By the time I’d finished eating my shorts were well and truly under my new ball gut, and Neil had to help me to my feet. The more I ate the harder it was becoming to manoeuvre myself. Every night I’d sit in front of the TV eating my snacks and drinking my shakes and Neil would be out in the bars and clubs, having a good time. But I didn’t mind, I was happy enough stuffing myself. The number of times Neil would get back at 3am and find me passed out in my armchair. On the odd occasions when we would go to bars together Neil would take me to the quiet places, where not many people knew him. I was beginning to feel like he was ashamed of me, but I didn’t want to confront him about it. I was stupid like that!

A couple of weeks later I hit 375lbs. My gut was the biggest it had ever been, when I was sat down it was nearly 70”. I had to buy yet more new trousers, these one’s were size 54”, and still I had to wear them under my gut, otherwise they were far too tight. At work my boss asked me if I would like to change jobs. Even though I was only sat at a PC all day it was getting increasing difficult for me to type. I could type okay but my arms had to reach around my gut, which made my arms ache. My boss had a new job for me on the telephone enquiry desk, which was a lot easier to do.

That day I decided to go home early, I was beginning to wish I hadn’t. When I got home I saw a strange car outside the house, I didn’t think too much about it. I opened the front door and I could hear laughter in the front room. I wandered into the room and saw Neil sat on the sofa next to someone else, who I had never seen before. As soon as I walked in this other person jumped up, said his goodbye to Neil and rushed out of the house. I asked Neil who he was, all Neil would say was that we needed to talk.

We sat in the kitchen until past midnight talking about our relationship. Neil said that he couldn’t handle it anymore, it was as if he had created some sort of monster. All I did was eat, drink and sleep. He said that he had met someone else, the same person that had been in the house when I came home from work, and that he was going to go and live with him. Neil said that he himself wanted to grow bigger, but nowhere near as freakish as me. He had turned me into a freak and when it came down to it he couldn’t handle it. Neil had moved out within a week. My weight gain finally began to slow down.

That’s about it, that’s my gaining story. I haven’t found anyone else to take Neil’s place, he left me when I was nearly 25. I’ve just had my 28th birthday, I’m very happy being single, and I’m also very happy being 415lbs. I speak to my parents once a week on the telephone, and they visit me every couple of months. If I hadn’t have met Neil I probably wouldn’t be as big as I am today, I’m eternally grateful to him for pushing me. I saw Neil a couple of weeks ago, he popped in my office especially to see me. He was looking great, he said he was well over 350lbs, and he planned to stay that big, or grow bigger, he is certainly not going to get smaller. Even if I wanted to I couldn’t get smaller now, my life is as a superchub, and I love it. Oh, and my stats as of my birthday last week:

Weight: 415lbs
Belly Standing: 69”
Belly Sitting: 74”
Waist: 60”
Chest: 63” (XXXXXL)

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Best if you've provided pictures smile

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Love this story! biggrin

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