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Bad Habits
I was 13, skinny and unhappy. I hated my body, and I needed a change. I was browsing through the internet when I found out about gainers, people who gain weight on purpose. I was turned on my this and loved the idea about being fat, so I researched it some more. After a while I decided that I want to be fat. As my parents were not home, I went into the kitchen and ate most of the food, I got a nice little bit of flappy skin, and I liked it. I ran to the shop down the road and bought lots of food, and I ate it whilst looking at fat people on the internet. At school, I would get 3 lunches, and eat scrap food my friends didnt want, and I would go to the shop on the way home and get lots of food. After a while my school clothes were feeling a bit tight, and I was sticking out at the front. I was getting a belly. My Dad didnt care, and got me new clothes. People were picking on me about my weight, ALOT. But I loved it! Soon, I was addicted, if there was food, I ate it. If it was on the floor, I ate it. If it was half eaten, I ate it. If someone had licked it, I ate it. I would eat CONSTANTLY. I had to get new clothes every 2 weeks and my dad still didnt care, he had a belly himself and he blamed it on genetics. People would force me to eat their lunches and film it to put it on facebook.I would eat it. I was known as "The Fat Bum" and people would come to me in the corridor and poke my belly. After about 6 weeks I gained about 30 lbs, school wanted a meeting with me and my dad due to my fast growing size they said they were "worried" and "puzzled" at my sudden growth. My dad still blamed genetics. Once, during first lesson, 3 of my buttons popped off and my pants ripped, but I still wore them for the rest of the day. I was given more and more food and people would immitate me. I STILL LOVED IT! All this carried on until I finished school, and I was up to 350 lbs. I loved wearing tight clothes in public and the stares I got. I loved sitting on the beach shirtless and watching people laugh at my size. Love it.

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STOP posting these terrible stories.

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