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Charles - The Making of a Superchub
Today I have reached another milestone; I am over 700lbs. 702 lbs to be exact.

Have I always been this big? Do I like being this big? How is it like being this big? I am sure all those questions are going through your mind. Some of you may feel disgust for me and for my size and label me as a lardass, a fatass, a lazy idiot or whatever name you may wish to call me. Trust me, I have heard those and other worst ones before… but do I care? No!

I am a gainer! That is, someone that prefers his body to be bigger. Someone that puts on weight on purpose. Imagine that, uh? By now I suppose the word freak is also going through your mind. Why on earth would someone want to be fatter and risk their own life? Gosh this earth really is full of freaks isn’t it?

To be quite frank, I don’t know why I turned into a gainer. I have always craved being bigger. I had this desire in me. And, as soon as I could do it, I did start my path towards hugeness and, as you can tell, I have made it!

Is it easy to be this big? Of course not! My mobility is very diminished. I walk everywhere still, but I will have to admit, I don’t know how much longer for. Does that thought scare me? Yes it does… but at the same time reaching such a state thrills me too… again, hard to explain. I have to say that recently there was this one instance I found very hot, I was in my local supermarket doing my shopping and by the time I’m done shopping I am in desperately ready for a rest! Now, it’s very difficult for me to get into the store, walk all over getting the food I need, walking it out to the car, driving home and then walking it into the house and then putting it all away. For many of you it would be just a normal thing, for me it is a workout!

How is my daily life like? Well I have a fairly normal life you know. I get up and yes I do manage to get up all by myself, it does take me sometime to roll out my several rolls of flab out of my nice cosy, reinforced bed, but I do do it every single day, at 7.15 am, without failure. 

I take some time to let my heart beat go down to a slower pace again and breathe in a few times and then I waddle to the bathroom. No, I can’t take baths, I have to do showers, or else I would not be able to get up from the bathtub… in any case I have outgrown the bathtub… I think that was around 2 years ago.

You must have guessed by now, but my belly is gigantic and it really sags very low, almost as far as my knees. You can understand that there are certain physical details that I no longer can do myself, like having a wank, so I depend on my partners to help me out with that one, I gotta admit. It might shock you but there are plenty of men out there into guys my size. I can tell you this much, I have never had as much sex when I was a thin guy.

I will also admit that wiping myself is well a challenge, it takes some delicate manoeuvring, but I won’t fill you in on all the details, am sure you don’t really wanna hear them. 

So, anyway I do my morning hygiene and then I get dressed. Yes, they do make clothes for people my size. You just need to look in the right places, they’re not the trendiest nor cheapest but they are available.

You will be surprised, but I am not much of a breakfast sort of person. I have very little in fact. I have a piece of toast, some orange juice and the occasional yoghurt. Sometimes I eat healthily you see.

Ah now, you ask about my health? Well how healthy can a 702 lbs man be? Well I am not doing too badly. Yes, I do have hypertension, for that I take some pills, my cholesterol is quite normal and my diabetes are also under normal values. I of course have pains in my joints and back. It is inevitable, I do drag around a whole load of weight, so my body of course does complain. But that is the biggest drawback on my health so far. My doctor has clearly warned me about all the dangers of being someone of my size and I have clearly warned him that though I do not want to die tomorrow, I will not be losing weight. I have promised him that I will keep active as possible and that I will do my 5 days of swimming a week, as I have been doing for years now. I love swimming and I really do flow well in the water. Now, the part about getting out of the water isn’t has agile, it does take quite some effort to leave and raise myself back up to solid ground.

Do I have a job? Yes, I do. I have to pay for the life I live. Trust me, food is not that cheap when I have to shop to feed a house of 5 on an income of 1. I do work from home now a lot of the time, it is just easier for me of course but I do go to my office at least once a week. I have a very respectable job and deal with rather wealthy people. I am a personal account manager in a bank. 

One of the greater advantages of working from home is being near the fridge so I make sure I get my fair share of snacks throughout the day! Now you probably your snacks are rather different from mine, but then again, you are not 702 lbs, or are you?

My employers have been very understanding with me or, rather, they’ve realised that whatever I do, I do very well, as such, despite my physique they have had no intention of doing away with me and have been rather accommodating with my needs. It is all about educating society really. If you tell society you are not going to bend through all their rules and do it your way, sometimes they actually listen to you and stop dicing you into conformity.

Today I actually need to go into the work, so that involves yet another piece of well choreographed exercise, how to get into and out of my car. Now, I do drive a big SUV, at my size you have to, but even though it is big, so am I and more importantly so is my belly and my thighs, so there is only so much space I can have. I have changed cars about 3 times in my life. Every single time because I had outgrown the car! I still got some space in this one, but does my belly touch the steering wheel, oh yes it does, big time, even if I have now moved it as high as I can possible deal with and yes, I have rolled back the seat as much as possible!

You know I actually have stairs in my house? And guess what I can climb up and down those stairs, without the need of a stair lift (maybe I should get one though!). It takes me time and I waddle carefully, especially going down, but I manage.

By now you have realised I have talked about taking time. Gaining is all about timings. I take a lot more time to do the tasks than a normal sized person. 3, maybe 4 times longer, but I do do them. Being big is about adapting to the situations and circumstances, planning ahead and taking your time. We all live too fast lives, we need to calm down, and waddle away happily!

I have told you that people have called me all sort of names. Not to my face, of course, that is rare, but behind my back, I have heard them. It doesn’t hurt me, I got used to them, if anything it makes me happy because I am noticed and well I have worked on wanting to be noticed. I do take up more space than most, I do walk slower than most and I do find it a real turn on to bump into things in shelves. Way before I arrive to the shelf, my tummy is already there! I keep forgetting about it, it is so hot! 

Turning into someone that weighs over 700 lbs does not happen overnight! I am sure you want to know how did I end up turning into such a porker. Well I always wanted it, I found big guys attractive from early on. No one in my family was all that big really. At most they were chunky. I remember watching Wrestling on TV not because of the sport but because of the men, they were so hot and so big and so cute in their tight spandex outfits. Another one of my overall favourites was the weightlifting competitions. Those huge muscular men again, all tightened up inside colourful spandex uniforms. That would give me instant hard ons.

I was a normal size until I was about 22. From then onwards my weight increased and increased. It started off with difficulty. I was alone, did not have all that much money and didn’t really know how to gain weight. I just thought if I ate a lot, I would just manage it. Well my metabolism did not agree with me and although I was eating loads and loads of food I did not make those many gains until I was 27. At 22 I was about 180-190 lbs. come the age of 27 I was only a mere 230, yes I was pudgy, but you can’t really call a gain of 30-40 lbs in 5 years much of a success.

At 27 I met my first feeder. We had even chatted before online, but never had had much chance of meeting up and I guess I wasn’t all that much of a gainer to him anyway as I wasn’t packing on that much weight. But for some reason as I got to 230 something clicked and he got much more interested in me. We agreed to have some fun with feeding. Neither of us wanted a relationship, we just wanted to explore the gaining side of it. Gaining without complications. We moved in together for a year, he fed me almost every night and after a year I had gone up a whopping 100 lbs. Everyone was in shock, what on earth was happening to me? After 330 I stopped being able to look down and see my feet!

After that one year, he got fed up, he wanted to move out and I let him go. We did stick to the arrangement, no tears, no sorrows, no complication. It was time for him to feed someone else. He clearly thought I was done with gaining. Boy, was he wrong!

I was now 28 and my metabolism had slowed down considerably, unsurprisingly, I had after all spent one year of my life being fed almost non-stop every night, it had to take some sort of toll! 

I was going to continue to gain all by myself and I did that until I was 31. In those 3 years I went from a rather impressive 330 to an ever more astonishing 460 lbs. Not bad for someone doing it alone is it? 

It was around this time that I stopped doing malls – all that walking? Are you nuts? It is not for a man my size. I already made some stops at 460 crossing a mall, now I am stopping every 5 minutes. I am built for comfort, not for speed!

By now my family had gotten used to me being big, they weren’t even noticing it all that much, they knew I was getting bigger but they weren’t even raising the question. The last questions about my weight happened at my 30th birthday, curiously enough. They thought I was suffering from depression. Goddamn what is it with people and weight gain, you have to be depressed to eat? Hell no!

At 460 I was a man in prime demand. My tits were as big as a woman’s really. My arse had exploded in size and was talking up it’s significant space on a chair, or two and well my belly, as you know was gigantic… it just sagged so very much it was unbelievable, it was from this moment onwards that I was finding it hard to get shirts and tshirts to cover its whole length, for some reason it just wanted to peak out! 

A lot of attention was being given to me online. I was having plenty of sex. People were visiting from other countries to be with me, they wanted to be with such a big guy. I was enjoying it to the fullest. I wasn’t travelling anymore either; planes are not built for men my size, so they were the ones coming to me. And they really liked to play with my droopy belly. My overgrown boobs were sucked to exhaustion and on occasion I would get some rather tasteful encouragers who were good conversationalists and with whom I developed good friendships, friendships, which I keep until this date.

My 2nd feeder arrived just before I completed 32. He was my first boyfriend too, with this one, things worked rather differently. There were feelings involved. I removed all my online profiles and disappeared of the net. News of my death quickly spread out. After all if you are fat you will do early, so people actually believed that. I did a very quick comeback to just let people know I had found someone and for the time being was staying away from the online word. That quietened down the souls. I did keep in touch with the regular friends but I just stopped wasting my time with pointless online chatting and new people looking out for new pics of me.

I moved in with him this time. We stayed together for 3 years. It was the best 3 years of my life and it all ended up suddenly one Wednesday morning. He was driving to work. He was late and was speeding and he lost control of his car in a curve. He was 32, at the prime of his life and in seconds he was dead and my life changed forever… I miss him, until this day… he was my one guy… I really am not sure if I will ever manage to get someone like him again. I haven’t even dared look.

But… back to gaining! From 460 I went up to over 630. that was the weight I was the morning he died. I went through a period of depression and denial and I lost about 50 lbs. that was the only time I did lose any weight since the age of 22.

My body was even more different at 630. My thighs were massive. Until then I hadn’t really gotten huge thighs, but now they were developing and they kept rubbing against each other. On the contrary, my arse remained the same size. And, again, as ever my belly was as droopy as it could be, though it did enlarge forwards too. It was an overgrown, overstuffed, over noticeable masterpiece! 

Today I have just turned 39 and to celebrate my birthday I forced myself a massive binge of food all of yesterday, I wanted to be sure I would make it past 700. I have a thing for dates and figures. You may have noticed!

I still feel full from last night! The average sized person I was is gone, I eat quantities that are just massive and still want more! My belly demands it, and yes, it is sagging even more now!

I am still not done gaining. To be honest, I don’t know when I will be done gaining.

Right now, I am off, I gotta waddle to the car and get my fat arse in gear. Tons to do today and a fatty needs time to rest, huff, puff and eat!

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4 SpanishFatAdmirer   (2014-01-12 13:30:14)
By the way, when I wrote my message just have read 1/3 of your story, I regret the dead of your boyfriend, he had to be a sweet man

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3 SpanishFatAdmirer   (2014-01-12 10:57:54)
Hi Charles, I have read your story with a mix of total pleasure and devotion, as you say there are plenty of men who admire men your size, here there is one and take care of you would be my deepest dream

I would like to take in touch with you and learn more about you and your life, it turn me on a lot all about you 

My name is Oscar and live in Spain (muymuygordos@gmail.com)

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2 mrksparkyadms   (2012-12-25 05:16:04)
love your story want to be as fat as you feeling it enveoloping me fat beelly hanging we know we like it, right????

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1 Growrnshowr   (2012-10-21 20:34:37)
One of my all time favourite authors! Please write more!! biggrin

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