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Family Reunion
I don't like family reunions. My family is full of low-fat, calorie-counting types. Me? I eat everything I can get my hands on. And it shows. I'm quite a big guy now, buy I sometimes wonder how much bigger I'd be with a couple of big brothers to help me get even fatter. As it turns out, it wasn't until I went to college that I really got to stretch my eating capacity. Suddenly it was just me with all that cafeteria food, and I was packing my belly with three square all-you-can-eat meals a day. My gut was already growing into a real conversation piece, when I discovered a taste for beer, and watched it expand even bigger. After four years of higher education and even higher calorie consumption, I waddled home like a prize winning pig back from the state fair. My family freaked. They couldn't handle the sight of my big belly. The shit really hit the fan when they saw me polish off a weeks worth of groceries in two days. I felt like a hippo in a chicken coop. 

Feeling as if my glory days were already behind me, I drove out to the beach to regroup, but even there, old friends were shocked and embarrassed by my size. I missed my buddies from college who didn't seem to give a dame how fat I got, and I desperately needed a big buffet where I could sit down and stuff my gut. I was in the bathhouse getting ready to change back into my street clothes when a big bear of a man lumbered out of the showers with a skimpy towel barely covering the expanse of his impressive mid-section. If there was a buffet nearby he would know how to find it. He smiled and nodded to me, and I frankly admired his huge naked body as he finished drying himself and then quickly slid into a pair of white cotton briefs, before turning to look at me again. 

"So how's it feel to be home Jimmy?" he asked, taking me by surprise. 

"Do I know you?" 

"Sure," he laughed, "you used to pal around with my little brother Danny when you were in high school." 

"M-M-Mark?!" I stuttered in shocked amazement, my mouth dropping open. I hadn't seen him since I was sixteen. 

"Yup," he answered. patting his stomach self-consciously. Then he turned profile and puffed out his gut so that it hung enormously over the top of his big briefs. "Married life has really done a number on the ol' physique," he laughed, still patting himself. 

"Man, are you BIG!" I heard myself say as I sat awestruck by his rotund belly. 

"You've grown quite a bit yourself, Jim," he shot back  giving me a whack on my gut with the palm of his hand. I suddenly felt a bulging hard on filling my swim trunks. 

"You on a diet," I asked. 

"Nope," he answered flatly, and there was a long silent pause as we studied each other. "Listen Jim," he finally added, "why don't you stop by the house tomorrow. We're having a family get together and I know Danny would love to see you." 

"I don't know Mark," I groaned. "I'm not much for family reunions." 

"Come anyway!" he commanded, and as he squeezed into his jeans, I took one more long look at his bulging belly. 

Fifteen minutes later, I was sitting in my car still waiting for my throbbing hard on to subside. I could not believe the size of the man I had just seen. Mark and Danny Borden had both been huge muscle studs in high school. Danny crashed onto the scene as a two hundred and fifty pound freshman and promptly got the attention of both me and the football coach. His brother Mark was even bigger, an all-state senior tackle with recruiters visiting from the major colleges. I still remember meeting Mark at the Borden family dinner table, and watching him pound down mounds of mash potatoes with gravy, roast beef, half a cherry pie, and about two quarts of milk. When he got a summer job as a security guard, I'd come over to visit his brother Danny in the afternoon just to catch a glimpse of Mark leaving for work with his big body straining to burst out of his uniform. I quit seeing Danny when Mark left for college, and the family moved to a big spread in the country. Guys at beach had told me Danny put on a ton of weight, but I thought they had to have been talking about Mark. I guess his great big appetite had finally caught up with him. 

I Stopped by the Borden's place the next afternoon and promptly found the big buffet I had been looking for. Three picnic tables, pushed together, were piled high with food. This was a family that knew how to eat. I started filling a plate, and saw Mark flash a big thumbs-up to me from across the yard. He walked over for a moment to introduce his wife, and I couldn't help but stare at the big spread hanging proudly over his belt. He was plainly out-growing a red knit shirt that would have been plenty roomy on me, and it perfectly framed the firm, enormous, low hanging bulge of his gut. 

"I see you've found the food," he said with a grin and a wink as he reached down to pat me on the belly, and I felt a sudden warmth in my balls. He moved on as quickly as he walked over, and left me standing there with a huge stiffer in my pants. This time he had rested the palm of his big hand against the bulge of my gut and caressed it before slapping me. The feel of his big mitt rubbing my belly was all the encouragement I needed. I decided to show him that I had learned a few things from my days of watching him show off at the dinner table. I loaded two plates and found a spot nearby where I could hunker down and shovel face. I filled plate after plate, and ate like I was trying to impress somebody, which I was. It was nice to see that i wasn't the only guy making multiple trips to the chow line. Mark's in-laws were a mighty hefty bunch. The crowd of relatives were beginning to dwindle about the time I was heading up for my fourth helping of everything. I was waddling along heaping food onto my plate and enjoying the full roundness of my gut, when I felt a very large full belly pushing against the small of my back. At first I figured it was Mark sneaking up on me, but when I turned around I realized it was someone bigger and even heavier. This gut was as wide as a bulldozer, with a mountain of a gut hanging out of the bottom of his shirt and cascading over the front of his pants. He was easily the largest human being I had ever laid eyes on. 

"Quite a lot of food for a little guy," he rumbled, smiling down at me. 

"Who are you callin' little?" I responded, pushing my full belly against his. He laughed at me fondly, and then gave a firm butt with his stomach to push me out of the way. Guess I must have been staring too long. I wobbled back to my table, marvelling to myself at how immense he was, and wondering why I hadn't noticed him earlier. Just as I sat down and began to eat, a cloud seemed to pass in front of the sun. The big guy was behind me again, looking over my shoulder and watching me eat 

"Mind if I join ya?" he boomed, and before I could answer, he was lowering himself down to sit beside me. I felt his end of the bench sink two inches into the ground. The planks bent beneath his weight, and lifted under mine like opposite ends of a teeter-totter. He introduced himself as Mark's brother-in-law, and told me his name was Ben. I don't remember much of what he said after that because I was too busy watching him eat. Even compared to mine, his appetite was gargantuan. The guy carried over five plates of food to my one, and with his great expanse of belly barely tucked under the table, he leaned forward, opened his mouth and just inhaled. I sat slack-jawed, and glassy-eyed watching him shovel it in. I'd seen the largest guy on the football team pack it away in the cafeteria, but they couldn't match the behemoth who was sitting next to me now. He even started cleaning my plate, sliding it out from under my nose as I watched. He topped his performance with a long crescendoing belch, sat back, and used his belly to push the table out of his way as he stood up. 

"Let's go inside and have some fun," he grunted looking down at me as he pressed his swollen gut against my face. He headed for the house, and I followed bow legged trying to adjust the hard-on in my pants. He dwarfed everything in his path. He snatched a frosted angel food cake and a gallon of milk from from the kitchen and led me to an upstairs bedroom. 

"I haven't tried to eat a whole one in a while," he said as he lowered himself onto the bed. I stood staring in silence. Anything he sat on looked as if it was ready to burst under his weight. He leaned against the head board and rested the cake on the crest of his belly, motioning for me to come over and feed it to him. My gut pressed against his as I leaned over him shoving slice after slice of cake into his mouth. I soon found I could rest my full weight against him and feel the vast bulge of his stomach supporting me, the limp of my crotch fitting comfortably into the cleft of his navel. In a blink, he had half of the cake devoured and was shoving his belly out further to make room for more. He lunged out with his mouth as I shoved the cake onto his chest and he seemed to swallow it whole. Then he lifted the jug of milk to his lips and I watched him methodically pour the entire gallon down his throat in a matter of minutes. I felt his belly swell like a balloon, and heard the front of his pants split under the weight of it. The empty milk jug bounced onto the floor as he slid back onto the bed and his great mound of a gut suddenly rose out of his shirt. He groaned like a man bloated to the max, and triumphantly patted his belly. 

"Help me out man," he grunted. I slipped my hand under his gut to open his pants for him, and he inhaled deeply, inflating himself even bigger. Oh shit, what a monster he was! He was beached on the bed with his thighs open, and his huge pink belly hanging out in full view, puffed-out as big as he could make it. 

"Help me out man," he grunted again, and I instinctively pressed the palm of my hand against the firm rise of his mid-section gently stroking and massaging it. He moaned encouragingly and rocked the bed as he moved his belly closer to me. I closed my eyes and sank to my knees, shoving my nose into his navel, nuzzling and licking the great expanse of his front end, until I found myself digging my face into his briefs. I wanted to suck this big guys cock, and I felt the bed move again as he shifted his mammoth bulk and fed his crotch to me. I slurped and grunted, and sucked like a hungry pig, stuffing myself with his big dick meat. He groaned with pleasure and rocked forward and back on the bed so that the weight of his massive belly slapped against my face as I ate him. The entire room seemed to shake as we swung into action together. The bed shook as if it were ready to collapse, when he started pumping his hips and forced his load down my throat. 

Afterwards, we were both covered in sweat and I sat on the bed between his thighs watching his belly rise and fall as his breathing returned to normal. Man, was he big! I had never seen a guy carry so much bulk. His belly was perfectly round and huge like some kind of monument. I put my hand on it again. It was sleek and solid as marble, but soft and warm as a giant pillow. I ran the palms of my hands across the enormous curve of his gut, measuring the massiveness with my fingers. I leaned forward, and felt him press his bulging mid-section against my crotch. I undid my pants and started rubbing my dick against his gut. This guy was easily twice my weight, and I wanted to be just as big as he was. I wanted to feel the size of his ballooned-up belly against my cock, I started humping his gut, and he rocked the bed again, bouncing and slapping his weight against me in rhythmic thuds. He was throwing his bulk into me, fucking my dick with his belly, pummelling me with his whopping girth, and I grunted like a pig as my crotch and his belly slapped together. He was turning my dick into melted butter. 

"Oh fuck, Ben!" I moaned as I shot my cum all over his mammoth stomach. He laughed, and I slid down the front of his gut still feeling him bounce against me. He swelled himself, becoming bigger than ever. 

"How much do you weigh Ben?" I finally asked him. 

"About 600 pounds," he answered matter-of-factly as he sat up on the bed and let his gut hang stupendously out of his open pants. 

"Fuck man."I shouted. "You're mammoth! 

"Yeah," he laughed, "I've been helping ol' Mark put on weight too since Danny introduced him to my sister." 

""So you guys are both into eating and gaining?" 

"Sure Jim. Why do you think Mark invited you here? He wanted you to join in the fun." 

"Oh shit!" I Blurted out as I savoured the thought of two guys as big Mark and Ben growing fatter together, and just then, I saw Mark's big frame filling the bedroom doorway. 

"Damn, I'm turning into a pig!" he burped, lifting his shirt to show us his huge bloated belly. He scooped up one more slice of pie and shoved it into his mouth before dropping an empty pie tin onto the floor, then he waddled to the centre of the room, undid his pants and let his gut hang out in all its glory. I started adjusting my own pants and was surprised to feel my dick getting hard again. Suddenly Mark walked over, and started rubbing his belly against mine. It drove me over the edge, knowing that he had purposely ballooned himself into a big fat stud. 

"I see you've met my brother-in-law," he said with a fiendish gleam in his eye as his full gut bounced against mine. "It's a shame you didn't get to see Danny." 

"Danny." I laughed, "why would I want to see him?" Mark took a deep breath and puffed out his gut the way he had at the beach the day before. 

"Danny's the one who got this whole thing started," he said smiling down at his belly and giving it a slap. 

"Danny?" I said, "but I thought you and Ben..." 

"Yeah, that's right," he interrupted, "but Danny met Ben before I did." Now I must have really looked perplexed, because Mark turned sharply away from me and stuck his head out the bedroom door. 

"HEY, BIG DAN," he yelled down the hall. "Get your fat ass in here!" For a moment I felt a flush of embarrassment. Then I heard the floor boards groan deeply and both Ben and Mark started to laugh as Danny lumbered into the room. 

"Oh shit!" I blurted out in utter amazement. Mark threw an arm over Danny's shoulder and Danny cracked a grin at me as he hooked his thumbs into the front of his pants and puffed out a belly that was even bigger than his brother's. Danny was just as fat as Ben! 

"Hey Jim." he said slyly, ""looks like you put on a little weight."
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please moree!

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