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Fat Friend
It started off as a normal day, until Brad was told to go to the headteachers office. "What have I done now?" said Brad as he walked in to the office. Brad was quite skinny, but hated it. "Brad meet Greg, you are going to look after him for the next few weeks as he is new. "Hi brad" smiled Greg. Why did they choose me, thought Brad, I always get in trouble! "Hi" Brad smiled back. Greg was very fat, about 300 lbs, his shirt was snug on him and he had a visible double chin. "We thought, Brad, that we should trust you to look after Greg." smiled the headteacher, who had a belly himself "we want you to know that we care." Brad was showing Greg around school, but he didn't mind as he was missing Maths. "This is or form room, where we get registered in the mornings. And finally, the Dinner Hall, with unlimited free food!" Explained Brad, Greg smiled. Brad and Greg began to become better and better friends with each other. "Listen" said Brad "My dad is going on holiday for 3 weeks, would your parents mind if I stay at yours?" "Sure! My mum always loves when I bring friends round! Friday at 7?" "Thank You Greg!" Friday came and Brad was quite excited, he couldn't wait to spend a whole 3 weeks with Greg. It was also summer so they didn't have to go to school! It turns out Greg lived only down the road from Brad, so he said goodbye to his Dad and walked over to Greg's House! He knocked; when the door opened he could smell a giant whiff of lovely smelling food! Greg was in sweatpants and a t-shirt which was a bit too small! "Hi Brad, come on in!" "nice house!" Brad said with excitements "HI BRAD! YOU MUST BE GREGS NEW FRIEND!" shouting Greg's mum. Greg and Brad decided it would be a good idea to unpack and start playing video games. Whilst Brad was unpacking, Greg brought a MASSIVE pile of snacks to eat. "Thats alot!" Exclaimed Brad "This is just yours!" replied Greg. Soon after that, Greg's Mum shouted "DINNERS READY!" "Just to warn you, my mum cooks BRILLIANTLY!" Explained Greg "and there is lots, that's probably why I'm so fat!." And boy, he wasn't wrong! There were pizza, chips, burgers, sausages, potatoes, steak, pork; and there were lots off it. Greg's mum came through with GIANT plates; no sooner than she put it on the table was she loading my plate full with enough food for 5 of me! I tried it and it tasted sooo good, I felt so full however she loaded it up with more! and more! Then came desert, she put on even more than she did with my dinner! After dinner, Greg was eating some chocolate and I was laying on my bed in pain! "you weren't wrong!" I said to him "I'm probably going to explode!" Greg laughed and continued eating. I had to take off my shirt because it was so tight, I caught a glimpse of my self in the mirror, I ran up to it in shock "Oh," said Greg "Your growing a belly like me!" I stood in shock at my slightly chubby belly. I stood on the scales and it said "205lbs" I was only 180 when I came here! Greg came up to me and took his shirt off, he said "Your going to be like me soon, up to 300 lbs!". I actually started liking having the belly, so I told him to "bring it on" and dived mouth first into all the snacks. I was stuffing my self all night, and I weighed my self in the morning "220 lbs". I kept eating lots of snacks, day and night and don't forget Greg's mums food! By the end of the first week I was up to 250 lbs! Greg also gained a bit to, up to 310! We stood infornt of the mirror together and I said "Boy, I HAVE grown!" My dad sadly died of a disease in Niger, where he was staying, so I had to stay at Gregs house. We kept on stuffing and stuffing, and by the time we were back at school, we were both up to 350 lbs! Today, at 25, we are at 550 lbs, we live together and are called "The Big Boys In Town"! *TRUE STORY!*

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1 Joe Turner   (2014-09-10 05:08:20)
Wow. That is cool! I wish I could meet a fat friend and grow to 550 lbs or more. You are one lucky dude. biggrin

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