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Jiggly Josh Part Two
The doctor, only about 24, heard a knock on the door, swivelled around in his chair and said, “Come in!”. Josh walked in after Dean, blushing as the doctor’s eyes made connection with his monumental midsection. The doctor gasped, stood up and greeted them both. “Dean!”, he said, “How’s the wrist?”, before moving on the Josh: “Wow”, he said, “Coach wasn’t joking”. Josh and Dean sat down, and the doctor pulled out a file and assumed an official tone, “So Josh, it says here that you were 189 pounds at the last weigh in, near the beginning of June.” Josh nodded, “You were told then that you were overweight, which is generally an advantage for a prop, but as you would only need to gain ten pounds to become obese, you were also told to reduce your food intake over the summer, given the fact that you’d been gaining weight recently.” Josh nodded again and looked at his fat thighs. “Something tells me Josh, that you are no longer 189 pounds, or 200 pounds. Something tells me Josh, that you’re obese. However! I might be wrong, if you’d be so kind to step up to the scale.” Josh grunted as he pulled himself up, moving onto the scale as if it was a mountain. The doctor read off “two hundred and fifty pounds”. “Jesus” said Dean, “I knew he was fat, Doc, but I didn’t know he was a whale!” The doctor pulled a chart out of his file and traced his finger to a dark red zone, “Do you have any medical conditions, other than obesity?” he asked. “Nope”, said Josh. “Well, we’d better refer you for some tests, but I must stress that you’ve gained 61 pounds in four and a half months, that’s three and a half pounds a week! Anyway, you’re only 37 pounds away from morbid obesity now, so watch yourself”. The doctor continued, “If you can maintain this weight until adulthood, and grow a few inches taller, you’ll make the perfect prop”. Josh was surprised, “Wouldn’t I still be fat?”. Both the doctor and Dean grinned, “Josh”, Dean said, “You’ve always been fat, that’s why you made such a good prop, but now you’re just…” The doctor looked Josh directly in the eye and said “A pig”. Dean laughed as Josh looked at himself, wondering why he’d let it get so bad, and refusing to name the thought which came to mind whenever he did this. “Seventy pounds too heavy for a prop now”, remarked Dean. The coach told him that he needed to reduce his calorie intake by eating more healthily, and told him that if he wanted to eat more than three thousand calories a day, he’d have to exercise. Josh told him that 3000 calories was loads, after all, he had never counted a calorie in his life. Dean smiled and asked Josh “Be honest, if you have a McDonalds for dinner, what do you have?”. Josh looked down, going slightly red on his big round chubby cheeks, remembering the McDonalds he had had the night before. After a summer of eating like a pig at the trough, Josh and his brother, home alone, ordered without judgement, three BigMacs for Josh, and two large fries, as well as a large chocolate milkshake to wash it all down. Josh confessed what he had eaten, and the doctor and Dean looked at each other. Dean began “Josh, that there is about 3000 calories.” “More”, the doctor said. Josh couldn’t believe it, but the others could, judging by how massive Josh’s stomach had swelled. The doctor clapped his hands and stood up, Dean followed, as Josh hoisted himself from the chair. “Here” said the doctor, handing Dean a lollipop, “Oh”, he said to Josh, “We haven’t got any left”, Josh felt genuine disappointment and a pang of fat-fuelled anger that he wouldn’t be getting fed, but was saved when the doctor said, “Oh, I’ve got a bar of chocolate in my drawer, you want it?”, Josh nodded profusely, his stomach and his plump boobs jiggling as the doctor pulled out a large, family sized chocolate bar. Reece had spent his summer relentlessly fluctuating in weight. He started the summer weighing around 190 pounds, about ten pounds above what he should have weighed to be the perfect prop. He had then lost weight for the first time in his life, about five pounds, before gaining another fifteen through pure greed and laziness. Reece weighed about two hundred pounds and had gone from being a fat rugby player to an obese couch potato. After the game, him and Josh met up, and Dean came with them to McDonald’s. Reece had spent most of the game on the bench after being too winded to continue after the warm up. The coach had had some strong words with him about his weight gain during the game, and Reece’s face still burned red, with a mixture of exhaustion and embarrassment. Reece pulled three bags of giant chocolate cookies out of his bag and gave them to Josh, “Here, I got you these”, Reece also pulled out the Oreos he had intended to keep for himself, but knew he couldn’t eat if he wanted to stay on the team. Josh took them all immediately, opening a bag of cookies and shoving one into his greedy mouth before saying, “Hmm, I shouldn’t Reece, the Doc says I’m far too fat”. Reece shrugged and replied “I haven’t noticed a difference”. In fact, Reece was shocked at how grossly overweight his friend had become in just one summer, how he struggled even to walk without some difficulty, and how he longed for sugary grease to fill his big fat gut. The lads approached McDonalds, and Dean went up to order, he ordered Josh what he had told the doctor he ate, and he ordered Reece two BigMacs and a large fries. Dean pondered for a moment and ordered a BigMac for himself. He brought the tray back, piled high with six hamburgers and three fries, as well as a large chocolate milkshake. Reece thought for a moment, Josh had always been a better prop than him, heavier, stronger and faster, Reece needed to make the team next spring in order to get a sports scholarship at university. If Reece got too fat and Josh lost weight, there was no way he’d make the team. If Reece lost weight with Josh, Josh was better, so Reece still wouldn’t make the team. Reece realised that his only option was to fuel Josh’s weight gain as much as he could in order to guarantee a place on the team. He looked at the pile of fast food in front of him, and realised a second thing, he could still eat what he wanted and put on a little bit of weight, as long as Josh gained it faster than him. Reece smiled to himself, and offered Josh one of his hamburgers, Josh accepted gleefully, and wolfed down his 3500 calorie snack, to the delight of himself, Reece and Dean. Dean walked Josh home, on the doorstep, Josh invited Dean in. Dean entered, and Josh led him into the kitchen. “You hungry?” said Dean, “Sure”, Josh replied, not actually hungry but his body would not permit him to refuse food. Dean opened the fridge and looked through the cupboards, amazed at the plethora of unhealthy, fattening foods that were contained within. Josh lumbered to the sofa, and took off his top, the walk home had made him all sweaty. Dean returned from the kitchen with a tray, piled high with all manner of fattening foods. He threw his top off the ground, cramming a doughnut into his mouth, then leant down over Josh and kissed him. He grabbed handfuls of chocolate, cheese, chips, cake and cookies and shovelled them down Josh’s throat, after twenty minutes, Josh began to groan, in severe pain from the sheer volume of food he had been stuffed with. Josh’s vision clouded as Dean began to kiss him aggressively, a coating of chocolate sauce in Dean’s mouth providing the last straw; Josh was so full that he lost consciousness. Dean was surprised, and placed his hand on the Josh’s massive chest, he was ok. He looked at the rest of the food, only a small amount was left. Dean had built up quite an appetite, so finished the food. He washed up, cleaned food from Josh’s mounds and put back on his top, before smearing chocolate sauce overJosh’s belly so that he could read it, it spelled “FAT”. He kissed Josh on the lips, grabbed his thigh and his love handle and whispered, “Goodbye fat boy”, before leaving the house. He couldn’t wait until after the next rugby practice. Comment suggestions or how you liked the story!
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1 rosedavecam   (2017-09-28 23:20:48)
I love this volume (and the first). I must have read them both numerous times. I hope there is a third volume in the pipeline

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