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Koreys new high school
Korey was a regular high school boy, except he was gay, and into bellies. It was his first day at his new school. He was 16 and muscular. He had a 6 pack you could see through his shirt and biceps that could rip the seams of his sleeves. He had jigantic thighs covered in muscles and calves any man at the gym wishes they had. He was 5'9 and just over 200pounds of pure muscle. He had a crew cut and smooth brown hair, and puppy dog blue eyes. His jawline and cheekbones could cut glass. All girls at school want him but no one knew he was gay. He even turned some of the straight guys gay when he walked in this morning. All though the attention from the cute guys he was getting was great, Korey wanted a older man. He knew he wasn't happy with his body but he didn't know what he wanted, something was missing.

After attending all my boring classes of the day, I walked into the locker room to get changed to my PE uniform. I didn't realise many of the other guys' eyes were on me, but I didn't mind at all. I walked out of the locker room out to the gym. Half of my class was out here already waiting for our teacher to show up. After what seemed like forever, the rest of the class had arrived and joined the other half when our teacher walked in.

"Hey sorry guys I was in a staff meeting sorry I took so long. As some of you may know my name is Mr Kesicki, I don't mind if you call me Aiden, just as long as we get our class work done. We're supposed to have a new student.... Oh there he is, you must be Korey?"

"Uh yeah.. that's me." I don't know why I sounded so unconfident, probably because I was so busy checking out Mr Kesicki! He was purely gorgeous!! He had beautiful short black hair which lead down to beautiful face scruff. He had brown eyes and a chiseled face. He had strong biceps and it was obvious he had a great body under his t- shirt. His legs were pure muscle and he was probably 6'1 and 190pounds. His body wasn't amazing but he was making my dick hard in my pants. I didn't realise he sent the class of for a warm up until he came over to me, obvious my dick was swelling in my pants.

"Korey, you planning on warming up?" I felt like I was going to cum!
"Oh ah yeah sorry sir.."
"Call me Aiden" He said and walked away winking at me. Was he flirting with me? I started running laps around the gym like everyone else but the whole time I was thinking about Aiden.

I caught the bus home and when I got home no one else was there. Which was usual, my father passed away when I was 4 and my mother works out of town so I don't see her much, I'm also a only child. She sends me a resonable amount of cash for my allowance each week, which I usually start saving up for college or something.

I go straight up the stairs and sit on my bed. I start thinking about Aiden again and get hard, I strip down to my briefs and look at myself in the full length mirror. I have a great body for my age but I don't know what I want. This doesn't feel right. I start imagining Aiden standing behind me rubbing my abs, and become hard again. I take off my briefs and lay down on my bed, my 9 inch dick in its glory. I cup my hand around the base and stroke my way up and down. After a good two minutes, I start to cum. Thinking about Aiden really gets me off, he's so hot. I do a but of the homework I recieved in history and decide to have an early night.

The next morning I wake up and get ready for school. I have my usual breakfast of a protein shake, and walk to the bus stop. The bus pulls up on expected time and there is no one from school here, just an old lady in the back and .... OMG, Aiden sitting by him self looking out the window. I accidently let out a quiet squeal and he must of heard me because he turns to look at me and invites me to sit with him. I sit down next the fucking hottest guy I have seen in my life and he greets me.

"Hey how are you?"
"Oh uh I'm great.. how are you?" I want to explode.
"I'm great too, did you enjoy your first day?"
"yeah is was fine I guess.." It was great because I got to perve at you! I can tell he's thinking of something to say so I cut him off and say.
"What are you doing on the bus?"
"My cars getting fixed and it's too far to walk and my boyfriend dumped me about a month ago so I have no way to get there." He says calmly. So he's gay!! Yes!!
"oh... you're gay?"
"Yes, is that a problem? because if you want I can arrange a different PE class for yo-"
No no no no no it's okay." I cut him off. "I was going to say.... I'm gay too."
"Well, you're certainly a very attractive young man!" Is this even real? what the fuck.
"And you're a very attractive young man, how old are you anyway?"
"Nice" The bus suddenly pulls to a stop and the old lady is already walking before we get up, so we wait for her to walk by. After she passes us I step out of my seat and start walking down the aisle of seats. Aiden gives me a pat on the shoulder and says
"Wanna walk in together? No point in separating now when we're going to the same place" He says with a smile.

"So do you have a boyfriend?" He asks while we're walking down the street.
"No.. I don't really like any of the guys at our school, too gay stereotype."
"Yeah understandable. My boyfriend broke up with me because he said that my relationship goals were weird." Wow, talking to him is just like talking to a friend, not a teacher.
"What we're you're relationship goals?"
"This will sound weird but I wanted him to gain weight for me, to have a belly and man boobs.."
"That sounds interesting." I had no idea what to say, I'd never heard of anything like it. We kept walking until we reached the school and said our goodbyes.

Today's classes seemed to drag on forever, until I got to PE. Aiden was standing there, early, and gave me a flirty smile after I came out of the locker room.
"Okay everyone doing another warm up, everything is set up, except Korey stay back we need to speak."
I waited around for everyone to go then I walked up to him, asking what this was about. He asked me if I'd like to come over to his apartment after school, with him. I couldn't decline.

Aiden and I got onto the bus and made our way back to his apartment, the drive was silent which I didn't like. When we got to his building he put in his key and we stood in the elevator together, silent again. We walked into his floor, he put his key in the door and unlocked it, welcoming us into a small one bedroom but very clean apartment. I could see the swelling bulge in his shorts and it was obvious mine was visible. neither of us could hold the tension anymore as he walked over to me and we passionately made out, tearing off eachother shirts and he pulled away and said.
"To the bedroom?"

We walked in together still kissing and lost in eachothers embrace. He takes off all of my clothes and it's my turn to do the same to him. I lay on the bed and he gives me the best head I have ever gotten, I was in heaven, I was close to climax and he knew it, so he said turn around. He slid his 10 inch monster into my ready ass and after we both reached climax we both lay on the bed looking at eachother, our dicks touching.

"Would you ever considering get fat for me?" He asks, sort of desperately.
"To be honest I'm not happy with my body, it's not what I want. I will try it for you!"
"Okay great! I'll go make you a gainer shake!" Aiden got up and left the bedroom leaving me alone to wait for his return.

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1 centralboy927   (2015-02-06 07:15:03)
not bad, interested to see this continue

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