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Letting Loose
It finally happened. My brother moved back home after finishing his master's degree. Now I am finally alone, with a few time zones between me and everyone close to me. I can finally live my life without the eyes of judgement. I am 6' tall and 175lbs. Over the time I had lived with my brother, I tried to live in a "healthy" way. I exercised everyday, drank water, and ate small meals. As time ticked away, my urges got stronger and harder to restrain. My waistline was shrinking when I wanted it to be ripping through every pair of pants I own. But now I can turn that all around. My size 34 waist won't stay that way for much longer. I did experience a freedom similar to this when I was still in college. I was debating gaining for a while and shortly into my second semester, I decided to say, "Fuck it" and just started increasing my girth. I started gaining pretty quick, gaining a total of 25lbs by the end of the semester. I was going to the dining hall as often as I could. I would cram burger after burger, chicken patty after chicken patty. I would eat as many cookies as I could without people noticing me clear the tray. i would also wrap a bunch in napkins and sneak them out to stuff my face with later. I was taking pictures to show myself the progress. I could see my body getting softer and rounder all around. I started seeing a little hang come over my waistline. It was incredible. Over the summer I tried my best to gain, but it was harder without a constant flow of immense amounts of food. I still managed to push out another 10lbs. My clothes were getting pretty tight, but I could still manage to wear it all. My size 36 jeans were getting harder to button, though. Over the next two semesters, I really pushed myself. I was getting paid a decent amount of money between two jobs was really helping me to get fattening late night delivery. I was eating large cheese pizzas all to myself along with a two liter of mountain dew. I gained another 35lbs over that time. Because of that, nothing old was fitting. I could barely get my old 36 size jeans over my ass. also my 38 size jeans weren't really happening much anymore. I was feeling so big with a larger gut that would stick out of old shirts. I was loving it until family started interjecting. I felt bad for enjoying myself in this way, so I started losing more and more weight until I ended where I am today. Now that I am free and have a great paying job, I can support myself into obesity. It was January of a new year. The next time I would see anyone I cared about wouldn't be until November. So I had over 10 months to get as fat as possible. I decided to making an eating schedule for myself. I would go out for every meal time, but lunch time. I would skip lunch in order to lower my metabolism and really get these calories to stick. My job was a desk job so I wouldn't be doing much physical activity. I stocked my desk up with a bunch of candy to eat throughout the day. Then before I would go to bed, I would have a carton of ice cream. When I first started my new diet, I was struggling to fit it all in. I was getting appetizers every time I went out and of course every meal was huge. Every day started as a struggle, with me unbuttoning my pants to try and make room for everything. Eventually, I found the meals to be easier to take, but my clothes were beginning to struggle to take it. After my first week, I had already gained 15lbs. I knew I would gain fast at first, having been so large before, but getting so big, so quick was making me pretty hard. Trust me, that hard on wasn't going to go down any time soon. The diet was doing wonders to me. My face was filling out with a nice double chin. My toned arms became rounder and softer with my fingers becoming more pudgy by the day. My pecs lost their definition along with my abs and just pushed out. I was getting bigger boobs than I had ever imagined and a belly to rival. My ass was huge. I had to get a bigger desk chair just to be able to sit down at my desk. I became quite the big guy. This was by September. Every week before I was gaining so much, about 10lbs a week. By the end of February I was beyond my fattest at a staggering 255lbs. People at work were definitely noticing, but tried talking around it. The way they would obviously talk about how fat I got was pretty hot. They would say how I looked different and was bulking up. Some said I was filling out nicely. Some were more forward about it saying that I had put on quite a bit of weight, but would follow with how good I looked. I didn't expect to have such nice feedback from co-workers, but it was nice encouragement to keep pushing. Time pressed on and so did my fat against my belt. It was getting harder to make it to my car without being out of breathe. It turned me on so much that I would have to get to my car early to rub one out before work. That was getting harder to do too. I would try to reach around my expanding girth, but as time went on, and I expanded further out, it became harder to reach my throbbing dick. By the time November hit, it was too much energy to reach my dick. Thankfully, there was a looker at my work that could help me out with that. He came over to my place that night and i brought him to my bedroom. He enjoyed my impressive curves as he kissed his way down my fat face, further down my mountainous belly. He went back to suckle my nutritious nipples. He got back on track and burrowed through my immense fat to find my thick cock. His mouth was so tight and warm. I felt the pleasure erupted from my cock with incredible feeling I never knew I could experience before. I never knew I could be so happy in life. To think I used to be under 200lbs. Now, in less than a year, I have pushed myself hard and stuffed my belly further and tighter than I could ever hope to do. I watch my scale soar higher and higher as I got fatter and fatter, with clothes getting tighter and tighter. Button popping down my shirt, jeans ripping at my crotch and beginning to struggle passed my big ass. This and watching the scale rise 175.190..220..255.295..310..335....375.......415.......465.......amd ending (for now) at my massive 505lbs, has been the turn on of my life. I wouldn't change it for the world.
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