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Nick And Sam
Here's a back round on Nick. Nick is 160 pounds and is a Jock at school. His biggest secret is that he wants to be a gainer along with the rest of his family, but he would end up having no friends.Nick is very outgoing. Now a back round on Sam. He is 350 lbs. Unlike Nick's parents Sam's Mom and Dad want him to loose weight but he Just Can't. Sam is very shy unlike nick.
"Hey Sam, how are you?"
"Good I Guess"
"Do you want to come over to my house for dinner?"
"I will ask my mom"
"OK cool"
Nick has a huge crush on Sam but Sam has no idea.
Nicks Family is a very large Family. His Dad being 700, Mom is 600, Younger brother at age 11 is 300. All gainers. At dinner Sam eats By Far more then All of them. He eats three xl pizzas. After Dinner they eat Dessert. Each Person gets Half a cake. Sam Asks for another.
After dinner Nick and Sam go into his room. Nick asks Sam if he is Gay. Sam says Yes. Hey, can you take of your shirt so I can see you belly said Nick. Sam said Of coure. As soon as Sam takes his shirt off Nick gets a massive Boner. Sam says What about my Pants. Hell yeah. So Sam takes is pants off and he has a massive boner too. Nick takes all of his clothes off as well. Should I continue?
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1 Growrnshowr   (2016-01-05 10:57:00)
ADMIN MESSAGE - If this is the same character as in your previous story I have to delete it as we do NOT allow under age characters on this site in gaining situations. Sorry. 
Please reply within 24 hours or I will delete the story anyway.

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