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Spring Break
Spring Break I was so excited to start my freshman year of college! No parents, no rules; I could do whatever I wanted! My name is Jordan and I was going to be attending University in Minnesota that fall, two states over from my hometown. There was only one downside to my freshman year; I didn't have a car. After move-in weekend I got right into the swing of college life! Classes, homework, meeting new people, and of course eating at the dining hall! The year went on I made a few friends in some of my classes but they were more like acquaintances. It was now late January and the Sunday after Holiday break, and I had just gotten dropped off at the dorms by my parents. It was a long drive to my hometown so my parents told me that Christmas break would be the only time they would come get me other than at the end of the year. I carried my bags into the elevator, pushed the button for third floor when I heard someone yell, “Hold the elevator!” I stuck out my hand in front of the door as a guy from my floor hurried into the elevator. His name was Dallas Johnson and he lived in the dorm room across from mine. I had seen him on the floor a few times but had never really talked to him before. Dallas was an alternate for the rugby team on campus and was a big guy! He was huge and tall. He was probably around 6’0 tall. You could tell that he had a decent amount of muscle on his body from playing rugby but it was buried under huge pillows of fat! He had nice thick calves and huge meaty thighs with a round, wide ass. He had a very noticeable belly that you could see through his tight shirt. His belly was nice and wide with thick love handles on each side, and slightly hung over his basketball shorts. He had soft, perky man boobs and thick sausage-like arms with a super cute round face and a slight double chin. He didn’t look obnoxiously fat because he was very well proportionate and carried the weight well. My guess was that he probably weighed somewhere between 260-280 lbs. I had always been attracted to bigger guys but Dallas was by far the hottest guy I’d ever seen! “Thanks for holding the elevator, man!” he said as he breathed deeply to compensate from his shuffle to the elevator. “Yeah! No problem!” I said in a cheerful voice. “So, you have a good Christmas break?” he asked as his dark blue eyes looked down at me, I was only 5’7. “It was really good! I haven’t been home since classes started in the fall. I don’t have a car up here so I really haven’t left campus at all,” I said with a slight laugh, “How was your break?” “Pretty good! I only live like two miles out of town so it really wasn't anything too special,” Dallas explained with a smile, “So got any plans for the first night back on campus?” My cheeks started turning red as I stuttered, “I was just gonna unpack I guess, why, what are you doing?” He laughed a little, seeing that I was obviously nervous, and said, “Ya wanna come over to my room and play video games later? My roommate won’t be back till Wednesday so I have the room all to myself.” I really was never too fond of video games but I wasn’t gonna pass up the opportunity to hang out with Dallas so I said, “Yeah sure! I’ll be over in like 15 minutes!” The elevator door opened and we both walked out carrying our bags to our rooms. I walked into my room and threw my bags on my bed. I then went into my closet and unbuttoned my jeans. They had gotten a little tight over the first half of the school year. I had gained the ‘freshman fifteen’ but it never really bothered me much. I mean, everyone else in the dorms had put on some weight, plus all my clothes still fit and I still looked skinny so it really wasn’t a big deal. I had started the school year at about 165 lbs. and due to the dining hall food and little exercise I had filled out to about 180 lbs. I changed into some comfy sweat pants and a T shirt and knocked on Dallas’s door. That night we played video games and chilled till two in the morning. After that I started hanging out more and more with Dallas! We would walk to class together, eat at the dining hall together, and hang out in his dorm room since his roommate was never there. I had finally made my first real friend at college. Pretty soon it was March and it was time for spring break! We had a whole week and a half off from classes and I couldn’t have been more excited except for the fact that we had to leave the dorms for the break and I had no place to go since my parents didn’t want to drive all the way to get me. So I asked Dallas what he was doing for spring break. “I was just gonna go home for the week and chill. You wanna come with?” He asked. “That would be awesome! Ha, cause I really have nowhere else to go,” I said with a laugh. “It’ll be great! We can just hang out and play video games the whole time! Plus my mom is an awesome cook!” he said with a huge grin on his face. So that Friday, after classes were over, Dallas drove me out to his house. It only took us a few minutes to get there. It was a nice big house that was out in the country a little ways. Now that Dallas was living in the college dorms it was just his mother that lived there. As we pulled in the driveway Dallas looked at me and said, “Home, sweet home,” in a high pitched, joking voice. I gave him a shove and then opened the car door. We grabbed our bags and went right inside to the basement. In the basement there was a huge living room with a giant flat screen and some couches, a small bathroom, a storage closet and also Dallas’s bedroom. We went to Dallas’s room to unload our stuff when we heard his mom yelling from upstairs. “Come on up boys, it’s time for Dinner! I cannot wait to meet your new friend, Dallas!” “We’ll be up in a minute Mom!” Dallas yelled back at her. Then he started to unbutton and take off his jeans. “What are you doing Dallas?” I said staring at him puzzled. He pulled out some sweats from his duffle bag and replied, “Just changing into some sweat pants for dinner. I told you, my Mom is a great cook! You should put some on too, bro” I figured I had better take his advice so I put on a pair of sweats. And boy, Dallas wasn’t lying about his mom being a good cook! When we got upstairs to the dining room she had prepared a huge feast! There was fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, corn, mac n’ cheese, and tons of other things, not to mention the three different desserts waiting in the kitchen. I was shocked that one woman could make all this food in one day! We sat down at the table; I sat across from Dallas while his mom sat at the head of the table. She grabbed both of our hands and said a prayer then she exclaimed, “Let’s eat boys!” Dallas dug right in and started piling his plate with food like he hadn’t eaten in days. I stared at him for a minute before I went to put some food on my plate, but before I could get anything his mom grabbed my plate away from me and said, “Oh no, the guests don’t have to serve themselves! I’ll get it for you honey,” she said in a sweet little voice. “Oh! Why thank you Mrs. Johnson,” I said with a half stunned look on my face. “No problem dear! I’m just going to give you a little bit of everything,” she said. However a ‘little bit’ was not what she put on my plate. She piled my plate full with everything until she couldn’t possibly fit any more on it. I looked down at the mountain of food before me, and then over at Dallas who was already feasting away on his meal. I was really hungry so I figured that I could probably finish all the food on my plate. So I dug right in! The food was outstanding! Dallas really wasn’t kidding; his mom knew how to cook! It was the best food I had ever tasted! When I had finished my plate I sat back in my chair and rested my hand on my tight, full stomach. “Thank God I wore sweat pants,” I thought to myself as I took a big gulp of my milk. It was 2% milk, which I loved. Then Dallas’s mom asked who wanted seconds and before I could reply she grabbed my plate and started filling it up again! Dallas also piled his plate with seconds. I already felt like I was going to burst, but I didn’t want to seem rude by not eating more, and after all, the food was delicious, so I started eating again. I was barely able to finish my second plate, and now I was practically in pain I was so full. Dallas filled up another plate and continued eating. Then Mrs. Johnson made her way over to where the dessert was sitting and started cutting the pie and brownies while she nibbled on one of the cookies. She asked me some questions about myself and we small-talked from across the kitchen. Then she asked if we still had room for dessert. I was about to say no because I physically couldn’t fit anything else into my stomach when Dallas chimed in. “No, thanks Mom. I think Jordan and I are gonna go down stairs and watch a movie or something. Can we just take the desert downstairs for later?” Dallas asked his mother. “Absolutely Dallas, there are chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and coconut cream pie. Please take it all down stairs with you and I do not want any leftovers, okay boys? I’m going to head to bed.” We thanked Dallas’s mom for dinner, grab the desserts, and waddled down stairs. We put the desserts on the coffee table and plopped down on the couch. “Wow you weren’t kidding about your mom’s cooking Dallas!” I said rubbing my tight and bloated stomach. “Told ya you would need those sweat pants!” he chuckled. “Her cooking is probably the reason why I’m so fat,” he said as he grabbed his belly with both hands and gave it a gentle shake. My checks turned red and I laughed kind of awkwardly while trying to hide my swelling erection. “Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if you ended up packing on some pounds after eating my mom’s cooking over the entire break,” he said in an almost sexual voice while giving me a slight grin. Honestly the thought getting fat had never really crossed my mind until then. I had always just been a normal, skinny guy, but the thought of letting myself go over spring break seemed kind of fun to me. After all, I was definitely gonna put on some weight, whether I liked it or not, after eating Dallas’s mom’s food for a whole week and a half. So I placed my hand on my stomach and said, “Bring it on!” Spring break was the best week and a half ever! Dallas and I just hung out in the basement playing video games and watching movies. We were constantly eating! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner were always huge feasts just like the first night, and when we weren’t eating Mrs. Johnson’s food we were always snacking on other junk food in the basement. After Spring break, Dallas and I decided that we should just stay at his house instead of going back to our tiny dorm rooms. After all there was more space and better food. We would just drive to campus every day for class and then come back to his house. It was the first day back to classes, I put on my jeans for the first time in a week and a half, since I only wore sweat pants and basketball shorts all of spring break. I put my feet in the legs of the jeans like normal and then pulled them up except something different happened. The jeans stopped as I was pulling them up; they got caught on my now bigger butt. So I yanked them up over it and went to button them. I was shocked! There was about an inch between the hole and the button of my jeans even when I pulled them tightly together. “Wow! I really did plump up a bit,” I said out loud. Dallas looked over at me, as I was still struggling with my jeans, and said, “Shit Jordan! You really did get fat!” I knew I had put on a little weight from all the spring break eating but I didn’t think it was that much. I ran into the bathroom, stripped down to my underwear, and looked at myself in the mirror. Oh God! I had gotten fat. My once relatively skinny figure had changed quite a bit after the week of indulgence. I had a definite belly now even when it was empty. It was soft and jiggly to the touch. I also seemed to have widened out and I had a pair of love handles myself. My thighs were much meatier and now touched together. My ass stuck out and was starting to get ripplely like cottage cheese. My once flat chest had now grown into a pair a squishy and flabby man boobs and my little nipples had stretched out to the size of quarters. I looked up from my body at my face and saw that it too had rounded out and, I too, now had a slight double chin. I was in shock! How could I have gotten that fat in a little over a week! Dallas then walked into the bathroom and saw me standing there naked with my new flab exposed. “I… uh… I…” I stuttered as I tried to cover my body with my hands. “Wow man! Look at that gut! Looks like my mom’s cooking did some serious damage to your waistline! God and look at those tits! Looking good, man!” he said with a wink, while examining my body, then he gave me a slap on the back. “Ouch!” I wailed from the sting of his hard slap on my bare skin. “Yeah I’m gonna have to try to lose it,” I said with disappointment in my voice from the thought of having to work out. “Why?” Dallas questioned. “Just keep it! You look fine, plus you were bond to fatten up after hanging out with me sooner or later,” he said giving his own belly a slap. I watched as his fat quivered under his tight T shirt. I was so hot and then I said something without even thinking, “True that! Soon I’ll probably be just as big as you are! Why don’t you take your shirt off and let’s see that belly of yours, big boy!” I then realized what had just come out of my mouth, but before I could try to retract my statement Dallas smiled at me and peeled his shirt off. I had never seen him shirtless before; he was even hotter without a shirt on! His body was nice and flabby! His belly and love handles bulged out of his tight jeans and slightly hung over them. His belly button was stretched out wide and deep and his tits were saggy and plump with huge pink nipples. “Now this is what a real fat boy body looks like!” he joked. “You really think you can get this big, Jordan?” “Fuck yeah I will!” I said as I gazed at his plump body. My cock was rock hard at this point and I didn’t even care if it showed through my boxers. “Let’s see just how much you weigh Dallas!” I said. “Alright,” he said pulling out a scale from under the sink and stepping on it. It was a digital scale and the number started jumping around as soon as Dallas set foot on it. 210, 247, 259, 264.7! Dallas weighed two hundred and sixty four fucking pounds! Then he turned his head toward me and laughed, “You really think you can fatten up to 265 lbs., little guy?” “Oh yeah! I want to be just as fat as you, Dallas!” I mocked, “Now let me get on the scale!” I stepped on the scale with some fear as to what the spring break damage was, but also insanely turned on by the thought of getting as fat as Dallas! 195 lbs.! I had gained 15 pounds of pure lard after a week and a half at Dallas’s house and I was up a total of 30 lbs. since coming to college in the fall. “Wow, that’s definitely a start!” Dallas said as he slapped my belly, “Now come on, we gotta get to class!” As the weeks went by Dallas and I grew an even closer friendship. We continued to stay at his mom’s house and just drove back and forth from campus. I became an eating machine, and it was starting to show. By the middle of April, I had grown out of all my 32” jeans and my medium shirts became skin tight and would ride up and exposed my ever growing belly. Thankfully Dallas had some old clothes that didn’t fit him anymore that he let me wear. The jeans were a size 36” and the shirts were all larges. They fit pretty well. The jeans were a little baggy as well as the shirts with plenty of room to grow and, boy, did I ever grow! By the beginning of May I had plumped up to 220 lbs. I loved all the food that Dallas’s mother made and I loved what it did to my body. My thighs were now ever thicker and they rubbed together when I walked. My ass became massive and wide. I was started to get flaps of fat on my under arms, and my man boobs became saggy and started to rest on my belly. My love handles were pillows of fat covered in stretch marks. As for my gut, it too became even fatter and softer and now started to hang over my jeans and my belly button became wide and deep just like Dallas’s. I now had a definite double chin. I loved my new body but I still wasn’t as big as Dallas, who was still 265 lbs. So I kept eating even more, and soon I was able to eat as much as Dallas! It wasn’t long until everyone started to notice my new physique. People at school started to make comments about my weight. They would say things like, “Looks like Jordan gained the freshman 50!” and “He has bigger boobs that you now!” and “Is that desk getting a little snug for you, Jordan?” I would just joke back with them. Honestly, I loved their comments and they only made me want to gain more! Dallas’s mom started to notice how fat I was getting too. The other day at dinner I had just started my third plate of food when she said, “Oh my Jordan! A third plate? You certainly have grown since I first met you.” I looked up from my plate and with my mouth full I replied, “I just love your food so much, Mrs. Johnson! And I guess it’s starting to show!” “I’ll say Jordan! You totally are starting to become what you eat!” said Dallas from across the table giving me a wink. “Well then, eat up boys! I sure wouldn’t want anything to go to waste!” Mrs. Johnson chuckled. “Oh don’t you worry! None of your delicious food EVER goes to waste!” I said as I leaned back in my chair and gave my belly a good slap. By the end of May I was snug in Dallas’s old jeans and even the large shirts wrapped tight around my man boobs and swollen gut. I was now up to 241 lbs.! I was only twenty five pounds away from being as big as Dallas! I was getting seriously big! I was now winded after going up stairs and even after walking for a while, my belly and tits began to jiggle with every step I took, my ass would hang off the sides of all the desk chairs on campus, I began growing hair on my belly and man boobs, and even my fingers became fatter. Soon it was June and summer break had just started. I told my parents that I wouldn’t be coming home for the summer and instead I would be living with my best friend, Dallas. They didn’t care too much about it. It was just starting to get hot outside and now Dallas and I were wearing the same size clothes; size 42” Jeans and extra-large or even XXL shirts. “Damn Jordan! I didn’t think you could do it, but here you are just as big and flabby as I am,” Dallas said as I hopped on the scale. The scale read 265 lbs. “Oh Yeah! Look at that Dallas, two hundred and sixty five fucking pounds of pure fat ass!” I yelled while grabbing my big belly and jiggling it up and down. “You’re looking nice and fat, Jordan! Now let’s go show off our fat asses!” Dallas said giving me a look! That day we went to a lake that was close to Dallas’s house. Before heading out to the lake we stopped at the store to pick up two large speedos, even though we were both clearly too fat for them, so that we could show off our blubbery bodies. We arrived at the lake and we immediately started turning heads as we walked out to the water with our flabby bodies jiggling and bouncing with every step. Our speedos were so tight and so small that you could barely even see them because our bellies were hanging over them just enough. We swam out into the lake. I found it really hard to stay afloat with all of my new weight and Dallas felt the same so we came out of the water for a snack. As we walk out of the lake, water dipped down our hefty bodies as our bellies swayed from side to side. That’s when I noticed that we both had huge erections in our speedos, but before I could say anything Dallas wrapped his arms around me and kissed me. Dallas then pulled back, looked me in the eyes and said, “I’ve been in love with you since the first time we met in that elevator Jordan, and now that you’re fatter I love you even more!” “Oh Dallas! I’ve loved you since the beginning and I love what you have done to my body!” I cried as I kissed him again. We showed off our fat bodies at the lake every day that summer, and in the fall Dallas and I moved into an apartment together. We both continued to pack on the pounds and today we are married and both 300 lbs.

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Really good story, but you should paint out more details, but the whole concept is definately hot !

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