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The dominant feeder 2
I felt a cold sensation on my left nipple. Johnathan’s tongue traced the outline of my nipple while his index finger teased my belly button sliding in and out then around the circumference. I moaned in pleasure and felt my body jolt. Having only been touched once in the last month I was gagging for sexual release, my dick hardened in the piss tube. He removed the blindfold and I saw his warm smile of the first time in over a month. My eyes required some time to adapt to the semi-lit room. A video camera on a tripod was facing me. ‘Time to make some money to keep you well fed! Let your fans see your progress’ Johnathan remarked. Johnathan removed his shirt to reveal his meaty pecs and bulging biceps and then slipped out of his chinos to reveal a well-rounded arse and thick thighs, the outline of his hard cock through his briefs really got me going. ‘Got to make sure we put on a show’ he said with a smirk. Johnathan walked over to the video camera and hit record. He returned to my chair with a stick of butter he had smothered in Nutella. Pulling my hair and propping my head back he said ‘eat fat boy’ through gritted teeth. I did as I was told. I felt my teeth sink into the soft butter and it coated my mouth. Halfway through I started to struggle Johnathan brought a jug to my mouth, ‘keep chugging, you’ve got four more sticks to eat’ he said reassuringly. After two and a half sticks I really started to have difficulty chewing the salty butter so Johnathan melted the rest and I chugged them down. My gut stuck out in front of me beginning to fill my lap and I noticed my newly acquired stretchmarks for the first time. Johnathan smiled, ‘you like those? Plenty more of those in your future!’. He traced the deepest stretchmark with his finger and leaned in to kiss me, his hard cock pressing against my full stomach making me grown in pain and ecstasy. Johnathan brought the feeding tube to my lips and whispered ‘start sucking’ while licking my ear with his tongue. He got up and walked to the door leaving the video camera recording ‘see you in a week’. He left the blindfold off so I could see what all the gainer shakes are doing to my body. I could see my thighs, they were now thicker, closer together and softer. The days merged into one and I had lost all concept of time. I could see the weight gain chart on the wall so I knew it wasn’t September yet. My mind turned to my future and my dick hardened. Johnathan appeared in his tight pants, measuring tape and scale in hand. He was true to his word; he didn’t come into the room over the week. ‘Holy shit, you look huge’ he exclaimed. He stuck his finger in my deepening belly button ‘will be getting my dick in there soon’ he said with a smirk. He removed all my restraints and I began to explore my newly acquired lard. I could grab it with my hands now. I felt my arms; soft, thicker and flabby. I stepped on the scale after grabbing Johnathan for support. 221 flashed onto the scale and Johnathan’s face lit up with excitement. Both of our cocks shot up. Johnathan tilted his head to the right trying to draw my attention to the four cheesecakes lined up on the floor. ‘On your hands and knees then’ Johnathan said. Johnathan pushed my head into the first cheesecake and I began to eat. His fingers teased my arse hole and I began to eat with more conviction. On the third cheesecake he slipped his hard cock into my arse and I devoured the final two deserts. Johnathan then tilted my head up and began pouring a creamy mixture down my throat. His hips rocked back and forth as he pounded me, my gut shaking back and forth. I shot all over the underside of my hanging gut. A few minutes later Johnathan shot all over my arse and helped me back to my chair. ‘Damn! I should have recorded that!’ Johnathan said laughing. He put me back into my restraints, placed the tube to my lips and left the room. The coming months passed quickly and my weight increased just as fast; September saw me reach 245; October 272; and November 294. I could hear two voices getting closer and closer to my room. Johnathan walked into the room with his usual smile, ‘here he is! Go on, have a closer look’. The mystery man was younger than Johnathan, about 25, with blond hair and a toned physique. He began to play with my fat; prodding it, grabbing it, licking it. He began to rub his hard cock on my gut that now hung over my crotch. ‘That tube must be really hurting your fat pad now eh?’ Johnathan remarked as he removed it and started stoking my cock. ‘Shawn’s here to help me with the next stage of your growth’ Johnathan said. ‘What does that involve’ I said sheepishly. ‘Now that would be telling fat boy’ Johnathan said with a cheeky grin.
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2 junior-bertolin   (2016-03-07 01:53:26)
Please tell me there's more. biggrin

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1 haroldpatrick400   (2015-11-10 05:17:46)
Excellent! What a great story! Please tell me there's more.

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