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The High School Athletes
The senior year in high school is often to highlight of a person's athletic career. This was no exception for Scott. At 6'0" and 175 pounds, he was an all-state member for the football team. When wrestling season came, the coaches signed him up -- knowing that it would only increase his abilities. He would drop 15 pounds, and win every wrestling match in the 160lb class he entered. Then track season would roll around, and he would sprint his way to victory more times than not. For the past 4 years, the coaches had molded him into an exquisite physical specimen. With a body fat percentage in the single digits, his 8 pack was defined enough to wash clothing. Possibly his only physical flaw was that he was pale skinned from head to toe. Sandy blonde hair, pale green eyes, his Celtic ancestry meant the only thing he would never achieve was a tan.

What was most peculiar about Scott was that he was lazy. He simply got by in his classes, taking the easiest set of classes and doing the minimal amount needed. He kept his 2.0 so he would be eligible, but really he had no interest in school. And while he was blessed with natural physical abilities, he hated working out and practicing. When coaches taught him a new wrestling move or a football drill, he picked it up almost immediately. His body just "got it." But he was bored at practice. He was compliant, doing what the coaches told him to do, only because he didn't have a better offer. Sports came so naturally to him, it was a shame that his whole heart wasn't in it.

Carlos on the other hand was a die-hard worker. He wanted to succeed at all he tried. He played football, wrestled, and played baseball. He was too small to me an all-star at football. At 5'7" and 145 pounds, he was strong but just too small to be a threat. He excelled a bit more on the wrestling mat. Wrestling in the 135 pound class, he won a lot of matches, but didn't ever break into the elite group. Baseball was his strongest sport. He was a catcher and/or 3rd baseman. He was only happy when on a team. He worked his tail off every day. Every victory he enjoyed was the result of hours in the gym. In his senior year, he was also an excellent physical specimen, but just missing the god granted gifts of his best friend.

In the spring of their senior year, the sports seasons were dying down. While Scott had several school interested in him joining a team, Carlos looked to be coming to the end of his playing days. As May drew to a close, the boys were enjoying the fruits of their labor. The girls at the school noticed their hard work, and loved rubbing their abs and stroking their egos. Carlos often compared the skin on his abs to the skin on the back of his hand. The only difference, there was probably more skin and fat on the back of his hand than his stomach.

As the school year gave away to summer and graduation became a memory, the boys partied hard. Frequent trips to the beach, BBQing all the time, and discovering the wonderful world of beer filled their June. On a recent trip to the beach, Carlos was laying on the sand. Scott was running back from the water with the wakeboard in his hand.

"How's the water, Scott?"

"Fantastic. But I am done for the day... I'm wiped."

"I think I can see why," said Carlos and he sat up and pinched Scott's stomach near his navel. Scott looked down and for the first time realized, there was actually something to pinch. He was in no way obese, and no one would call him fat, but there was definitely the slightest bit of something parked just above the waistband of his trunks.

"Yeah, well -- whatever. My girlfriend doesn't seem to mind, and I think I can still pull off the trunks." He flexed his abs. "And have you checked your waist lately?" He nodded towards Carlos, who was laying on his back with his elbows propping him up. The result was a small roll at just below his navel. Carlos laid back down flat on his back.

"See .. all gone."

"Whatever. Let's go get something to eat."

After stowing their boards and towels in the car, they walked to the restaurant at the end of the pier. Both ordered a burger and fries and talked about what they would be doing for the rest of the summer. Scott started, "You know, it's so nice not having coaches on my back every day. I hated practices, but I hated working out even more. It's so great just to do whatever for the summer. My parents are on me to get a job, but they said I have til September. I think I will just wait til then."

Carlos agreed, "I am still hitting the gym a couple of days a week. You have seen my parents, genes are not in my favor. I don't want to end up looking like my dad -- at least, not until I am married."
The boys finished their meals and headed out.

"Damn, I am so full." Scott stretched and then patted his stomach. He took a deep breath and exhaled relaxing his stomach. Low and behold, the arc of his stomach bowed out. His abs were there, but there was a good amount of food behind them. His muscle belly was taught.

"You better not eat like that all summer, or that's gonna become permanent." warned Carlos.

"I don't care. I don't want to work that hard. A little weight isn't gonna hurt me."

"I just don't think I could ever just not care and let myself go."
Scott laughed. "Not me! I'm gonna do it. It's July. I am giving myself permission to live it up... 'til September. If I don't like it, I will work out and get rid of anything I gain. But I doubt it will be much of anything. anyway. But I am not going to be working out all summer. I am gonna eat, drink, and be merry."

Carlos hesitated, "Really? You are just gonna stop everything and just gain weight."

"Nah. I am just not gonna try. If I feel like surfing or biking on the beach, I will do it. If friends are going out and being active, I'll do it. I am just not gonna work out on my own. I am done with it." Scott then added, "But I am also gonna eat and drink whatever I want and not worry about the consequences."

The boys headed home for the night, planning their next female conquest. When Carlos got home, he thought more and more about what Scott said. The thought occurred to him, "There is no way Scott can handle getting fat. And he's so damn confident that it won't be anything he can't handle." That's when Carlos decided that it might be time to help his bud along. He could push Scott over the edge to out of shape and likely gain a gym buddy in the process.

********* This is the beginning of the story. I am curious to see if readers think I have started a story worth finishing. Comment with suggestions for edits and your thoughts on whether or not it should continue.

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4 Dave   (2013-11-24 18:28:04)
Keep going! You have an interesting plot unraveling here, and it's worth pursuing smile Don't give up smile

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3 george   (2013-10-22 18:37:32)
keep going please

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very hot more please smile

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1 Alex   (2013-10-11 21:10:53)
can't wait to see where this goes!

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