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The Influential Roommate
The Influential Roommate I answered the ad with excitement. This was one of the first I’d seen that didn’t appear to be posted by an absolute psycho or pervert. It was a nice and spacious 2-bedroom apartment in downtown Chicago. The tenant was young. He was only a year older than me. The place was nicely furnished and the rent wasn’t bad. After setting up a time to meet, I went over to his place. I was a few minutes late, being that I was new to the city and hadn’t quite figured out traffic yet. I was buzzed into the building and took the elevator up to the fourth floor. As I walked up, the door opened to reveal a young man much different than I expected. He was a 25 year old brunette with sparkling blue eyes, polished hair, and a nice smile. But what threw me off guard was the disproportionate body. He was about 5’10, the same as me. And he had to be at least 400 lbs. He wore a skin tight polo and cargo shorts. The shirt clung to his belly, revealing a massive overhang that fell over his waistband. His love handles were two huge mounds on his sides. He also had breasts larger than most women I’d seen. They were plump and they sagged and drooped down towards his stomach. You could tell he wasn’t muscular in the least. His fat seemed so loose and soft, based by how much movement his body was making with every step. When he turned around I saw he had a major bubble butt. I was surprised by how shapely it was. Most men, fat or skinny, don’t have an ass like that. He was very friendly and greeted me as he took me through the apartment. His name was David. “It’s a pleasure to meet you, David,” I said to him, “My name is Clay.” We shook hands. “That’s a firm grip you got there,” he said in his raspy voice and smiled. I noticed the dimples on his cheeks. “I’m sure it’s from all that working out. You’ll have to give me some pointers.” He laughed at the irony of his own joke. It was true. I worked out daily. It wasn’t out of a major desire to look good or to fit in. I just always felt like it was necessary to society. I was raised to be fit and healthy. I guess most people would say I had lucky genes. I was blonde with a nice jawline. Most girls were into me, and I had very muscular arms and chest. My abs weren’t extremely defined, but they were there. I was pretty confident in my appearance. “The place looks great. You’re pretty good at designing,” I said. “Yeah, I took a few college courses on it,” he replied. “What did you end up getting a degree in?” “Culinary,” he answered, “I work for a cooking magazine. So I may have you be my taste tester, just a warning.” I laughed and nodded, “I wouldn’t say no. I’ve got a great appetite.” He showed me my bedroom. It was completely empty other than a twin size bed that he offered me if I wanted it. I had planned on buying something bigger. But I wouldn’t turn down free stuff. I handed him my application and he looked it over. After chatting with him about moving to Chicago, and my new job as an administrative assistant in an accounting office, he asked me if I’d be interested in the place. “Absolutely. You seem like a great guy. You’re very friendly and I love the place.” “Perfect. Since we’re halfway through the month, don’t worry about paying any portion of the rent. You are free to move in as soon as you like,” he said. I was very excited. David stayed home the next day to help me get settled in the apartment. He held a small welcome ceremony by making fried chicken, scalloped potatoes, green bean casserole and a few baked pies. A couple of his friends stopped by. A straight couple named Stephanie and Alex. They were Latino and on the chubbier side. A gay friend of his, Anthony, and a lesbian couple, Trish and Courtney, also stopped by to meet me and have some of David’s cooking. I was surprised to see that all of them were on the larger side. None of them were as big as David, but I began to wonder if Chicago was the land of the chubs. That night, after his friends had gone, and I had somewhat settled into the apartment, David stopped by my room with a half of apple pie left. “Hey, would you mind polishing off this pie? I’ve got to do a ton of baking tomorrow to test out some new recipes and this is just gonna end up going to the bottom of the barrel if its not eaten tonight.” I laughed and welcomed it, “Ummm like I’d turn it down. It was delicious!” I stepped over and grabbed the pie. “Cool, I’ll grab some ice cream for you to put on top.” Three weeks went by. I’d work my 9-5 shifts during the week at work. Most of the time I’d go out to one of the nearby restaurants for lunch. About every other day, I’d also bring in leftovers from David’s cooking to snack on throughout the day. He usually had a dinner prepared every night. Lots of pastas, fried foods, roasts and baked goods. We’d hang out at night, and started binging shows on Netflix together. We’d usually go through 2 rounds of dinner and 2 rounds of dessert. I’ll admit that once or twice, I’d wake up in the middle of the night and sneak an extra helping of dessert. It was just the perfect satisfaction I needed to fall back asleep. Although sometimes it also just gave me the desire to jack off. Another week went by and I noticed something very strange as I was tying my shoes before work. As I bent over, I felt restrained in my chest and stomach. Like a serious pressure. And I could feel a folding crease underneath my chest. I felt a little out of breath as I quickly tied them and went to work. Sitting in the office, I snacked on a box of homemade donuts that David said I could take to work. As I sat at my computer and munched on them, I noticed a painful digging sensation coming from my belt. My pants had become incredibly too tight and the belt was digging into my gut. I secretly took off the belt and unbuttoned my pants. No one was likely to see that anyways. The release of pressure felt great. After work, I realized it might do me some good to go clothes shopping. So I headed to the mall and got myself fitted for some new clothing. Apparently I needed to move up to a 34 in pants. My shirts still seemed to fit fine, but I figured I’d just be more comfortable and move up to an xl shirt. Coming home late, David noticed I went shopping. “Hey bud, I was wondering where you had been. I made eggplant parmesan with garlic bread.” “That sounds amazing! Ahh, I just decided to do some clothes shopping. Some of my clothes were getting a bit snug.” David waddled towards me, and I watched as his belly swung from side to side. His moobs were also bouncing like crazy. He reached out and padded my gut. “Haha, sorry bud! My food tends to have that influence on people. It was only a matter of time.” I looked down at my stomach, which had clearly rounded out. I felt somewhat dizzy and had a tingling sensation. It was a weird but amazing feeling. I didn’t really understand it but David had just made me feel so happy and comfortable. Suddenly I was completely ravenous. “On that note, lets eat.” An hour later, I was so stuffed that I had fallen asleep on the couch. It grew dark and I woke up in the quiet apartment. David was nowhere to be seen. My stomach was rumbling and I also felt a bit horny. I pushed myself off the couch, feeling my stomach fold slightly over my shorts. I went into the fridge and found leftover cheesecake. I pulled the cheesecake onto the counter and reached for a plate. Something then came over me and instead I grabbed a slice and shoved it into my mouth. I barely chewed it and let the smooth creamy piece of cake slide down my throat. I moaned and grabbed another slice, forcing it into my mouth as I grinded my hips against the counter. I bent over and moaned harder, forcing another and another slice into my mouth, ravenously swallowing like a total glutton. I then heard something around the corner. I looked up to see David standing across the kitchen, wearing a wife beater and boxer shorts. He stood speechless while staring at me. “Oh my God,” I started. “I’m so embarrassed. It’s just this is so good, it’s kind of addicting.” David smiled and walked over, his belly rippling with each step. “It’s ok, I get it. I’ve had those kind of cravings too. Man, you can eat. You should consider entering one of those eating competitions. But be careful. Eat like that too much, and you’ll end up like me,” he started to laugh as he wrapped his arms around the underside of his belly and lifted it up. His belly rounded out and pushed his breasts towards his chin. I just stood and stared while trying to think of something to say. “Meh, could be worse. You still got your looks.” “Well now that I know how much you like my desserts, I’ll make sure to keep making them.” After that I went to sleep, and I slept like a rock. I didn’t want to think about what had happened in the kitchen. I wasn’t sure about my own feelings or what was happening. But I didn’t want it to stop. A few more months passed by, and David and I became close friends. He clearly had an influence on me, because my eating hadn’t slowed down. His friends came over quite often. We’d do small potluck dinners and we’d also go out to eat often. My 180 lb frame had ballooned up to 260. I was now declared a chubby guy according to all of them. They’d love to poke at my belly and tell me that I was no longer the new recruit of their group of friends. I was one of them. They were so friendly and so much fun to be around. I always felt relaxed when we were together. Being fat had literally been kinda fun. I didn’t feel self conscious, I felt welcomed. Sure I hadn’t really been dating as much, but I barely noticed since most of my time was either at work, hanging out with David or our friends, or just simply binging on food. David and I spent more time eating than ever, and I could tell it wasn’t only affecting me. He had completely lost any version of a neck, and now had a major sway in his step. When he sat down, his belly spilled over his legs and drooped in between them and over the sides. You could clearly see his deep belly button through all of his shirts. My own face had gotten very round and I now had a permanent double chin. My ass and thighs had gotten severely meaty. I hadn’t worked out since the first week of living with David. My belly was rounded out and sat on top of my crotch when I sat down. My boobs were round and soft. David and I would often compete to see who could eat more. Sure, he’d always win, but we felt so great afterwards. David would talk about how good it would feel to just be absolutely full of food. He was influencing me to enjoy the feeling as well. And I did. Sometimes he’d pat my stomach or give it a little rub after dinner. I’d usually close my eyes and smile, but once or twice I locked eyes with him and just gazed for a second before laughing and waving it off. The next day I came home from work early. I had gone out to eat for lunch at a buffet and eaten way too much, I was feeling a bit nauseated. I started unbuttoning my pants as I made my way to the bathroom. My small overhang pushed out and sagged over my waistband. My belly and small moobs were jiggling as I stepped to the bathroom and opened the door. David was standing in the bathroom, his hair dripping water down his bare body. He stood naked in front of me. His moobs were clearly the size of plump watermelons that drooped off his chest. He even had rolls underneath his moobs and a massive blubbery overhang that hung almost to his knees. He shouted in shock as he stepped backwards. I watched and stared as his fat rippled and flapped. I could literally hear the sound of his belly smacking his thighs. “Oh my God, I’m, I’m so sorry,” I said. But instead of closing the door or walking away, I kept looking. David looked back at me as his expression changed to some form of understanding. I could feel my heart racing in my chest. I felt like I was going deaf and lightheaded. He slowly stepped towards me, rubbing his hands over his smooth, wide belly, and then ran his fingers through his hair. “Are you sorry?” he asked. I froze, standing against the doorway as he brushed right up against me. His belly smushed up against me and his face was only inches from mine. I could feel his warm breath against me as I lifted up my hand and cupped his breast, feeling the fat spill over my palm like wet dough. I immediately leaned in and kissed him, shoving my tongue in his mouth and squeezing his moob. David wrapped his arms around me and grabbed the bottom of my shirt, pulling it off. We ran into his bedroom and fell onto the bed. I pulled off my pants to reveal my 6 inch dick. It used to be 8 inches, but now a round and plump pad of fat was beginning to form around the base of the shaft. As David lied down, I looked to see a massive ball of fat underneath his belly, with just the head of the penis poking out. I immediately drooled at the site and buried my face in his cock, pushing my face up against it, feeling his pubic fat bury into my face. I couldn’t see or breathe, but I vigorously blew him off, feeling his cum shoot down my throat. He moaned in ecstasy and I lied back in the bed. David then grabbed hold of my wrists and climbed on top of me. His belly fat spilled over my waist and over each side of me, onto the bed. He lied down, putting all his weight on top of me. I could barely breath, but the pressure felt amazing. His massive tits poured onto my face as i squeezed them and sucked on them. He then scooted down and lifted up his belly. Grabbing my dick, he shoved it into his deep belly button and pushed all his weight back down. My eyes lit up. I felt the fat trapping and encasing my cock. I dug my fingers in his soft, doughy belly and began thrusting up against him. The fat rippled and shook as my dick suctioned in his fat. Our rolls flapped against each other. My belly and moobs bounced vigorously as I almost came. David then pulled out my dick and walked out of the room. I was in shock. I didn’t know what was going on. But he came back with a carton of vanilla bean ice cream and a bottle of caramel. “Eat this,” he said, “You can’t cum on an empty stomach.” “But where’s the spoon?” I asked. He then tipped the carton forward and I saw that the ice cream was completely melted. “Fucking drink it. You’re gonna be fat like me.” A grin lit up across my face as I grabbed the carton and pushed it up to my mouth. He sat on top of me, his belly pressed up against my chest, and helped pour the ice cream down my throat. I chugged and chugged, stopping to have him drizzle sweet caramel in my mouth. I completely engorged on the entire carton. Some of it spilled down my face, neck and chest, but David licked it clean. I was in so much pain by the end, but I fell asleep from the sugar overload. In the morning, I woke up, feeling significantly heavier. My belly drooped onto the mattress as I lay on my side. My moobs were stacked on top of each other, forming major cleavage. I felt positively obese and I was in complete ecstasy. David was not in the bed though. I stepped out of the bed, feeling my belly slosh and drop over my lap as I got up. There was a major amount of jiggle added to my body. My dick was hard, not that I could see it past my gut. I started fondling my moobs as I made my way into the kitchen to see a buffet laid across the table. “I hope you’re ready to eat, you fat fuck,” he said, “because by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be a disgrace.” To be continued? You tell me.

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